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I want to make a homestuck movie, but I need help. animators, creative people, people in the fandom. all welcome. lets make this real
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me as a pearl.png
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so here are some ideas I have so far. we could use this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OE0_eNIJuE8 and expand on that for the basis of the movie. we could use the sufferers final sermon as a part of it with permission, we could make it in the form of kankri's flashbacks seeing as he is the seer of blood (so he would see the dancestors) and it continuly gets more vivid. the end finishes with viewing the world through kankrii's eyes in black and white and seeing all of his friends as corpses because he saw how the dancestors died.
Where do you think you are?
I have the idea down and I have the basic dialog mentally noted. I'm thinking about who I want as voice actors. I'm currently working on gatering people so I don't make anything offical

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Hi fellas,

I have graduated from mechanical engineering, but i want to be a concept artist for film and game industry.

I am an average user of photoshop, doing drawings and clay sculpting and i can say i am above average.

Is there any school in Europe that you can reccomend me? Please consider that my background is not art related at all. Some people told me it is better to start working as an intern in a company than spending money on a school.

Whats your suggestions?

Thanks bros.

pic related, Thrall bust that i am currently working on.
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wrong board go to /ic/

this field you looking to work in is extremly overrun. there are millions with top knowledge of common software and creative skill begging for money. but if its your dream try it.
start for your own getting handy with the softwares. i think you shouldnt waste time and money for school. if youre good you will make it yourself. if not then no school will help you anyway

I thought this "overrun" situation goes for the illustration. Not conceptual design.

Thanks for the reply anyway.

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Hey guys! I just started my new job at a heating and cooling company as a marketing assistant. Im still in highschool and I have little design knowledge (currently in highschool). I created this price sheet for my company's products and was looking to get some feedback/constructed criticism!
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It depends" What is the "business proposition"?
Are you wanting to get sales by price or by need? What do competitors look like? Are you looking too utilitarian?
1.What do you mean by business proposition?
2. Im also not sure what you mean by price or need?
3. Few local companies that do the same thing.
4. I want it to look professional but informative.

Take in mind im only 17 haha
>im only 17 haha
enjoy your v& m8.

Is there anyone on /gd/ who is into UI/UX/IxD design?

I feel like most of the threads here are about graphics design (which is clear), but it is also an interesting field.
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I am a UX/UI designer. Have seen one or two threads about it one here. However, it's harder to talk about it because all of the work is usually embedded into a project that already has design guidelines or needs to work with pre-existing technical stuff that you can, most of the time, not really post on here in full detail.
I mean I like talking about it but UX is something that is really tied to all the surroundings and it's really a hassle to make it all clear.
At least when you have a paid project. And there you have to sign NDAs most of the time. A pity, I guess.
I have a few questions about UX/UI design.
I'm thinking of transitioning from graphic design to UX/UI if becoming an editorial designer doesn't work out for me as I already have a small background in web design.

>What degree to you get to become UX/UI designer?
>What are general tasks a UX/UI designer has to carry out? Is it mostly designing or do you have to code/mockup code as well?
>What books/learning material...
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I am a special snowflake... Wouldnt recommend going my way. I studied intermedia design. In theory, it is beautful. A little bit of everything and then you can truly find out what you are good at and focus on that, which is why i chose ux.
However, in the real world, people are shitting on my degree although I aced it.
Before any confusion arises, I am German so i dont know about the situation in the US. What I experienced is that people have no idea that you really need UX people who understand what code does...
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Sup ./gd/
How do I css this?
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I've seen hamburger menu icons made out of nested divs (then obviously css styles to look like hamburger menu icon)
Maybe you could try this.
But it's a lot of hassle for an ugly result if you don't mind my saying.

stacked boxes

File: IMG_1942.png (640 KB, 640x799) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Some work I've done this past week...any thoughts? -- http://imgur.com/a/8J5eH
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Great stuff mate
Like them, except the first one. How did you do it?
Idk shit about gd. Just came here out of curiosity. But your stuff looks fucking cool lol

File: v-klk.jpg (97 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ITT : Post the worst thing you've ever seen
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File: art.png (51 KB, 763x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i used to watch tons of flyers with those text effects.
All aesthetics are transmitted socially and have no basis in objective truth.

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Hi /gd/, good morning.

Can anyone enlighten me about HTML, please?

I was given the task to modify my current job website, which was made on Wordpress. I found a HTML theme that I'm gonna edit with our info but we also have an online store and blog. I'm aware that we need and admin panel, so we can easily add products to the shop, posts to the blog, content to the site etc.
I never really got in touch with HTML, and I have this doubt: if I buy the theme and an admin panel theme, how is the link between them made?
Would it be easier if I just bought...
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my dude wordpress is set up so you just buy a theme and drop it into the CMS (which is what I assume you mean by admin panel)
as for the blog, wordpress is blogging software, and really I'd imagine you could just get shopify to work for your store.
yes, it's CMS!
we already have the shop and blog set up, it's just that our current theme is pure shit, I advised them to make a new website from scratch, but for now we're just buying a new theme
do you know if it's possible to edit the theme before publishing it? If I have to upload it and remove the old site white I live edit it it's gonna be a problem...
*while I live edit

File: vgfgfg.png (309 KB, 1285x870) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I had a go at making some basic T-shirts on TeeSpring. What do you think of this one?
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just quit

you'll be doing everyone a favor

You know what to do
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Fuck off to >>>/r/ or >>>/trash/, or sexually harass this person on your own time by yourself.
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what a fag, we aren't your slaves
Ok thanks (:

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I made some panels for my twitch channel, im looking for opinions
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File: commands.png (27 KB, 320x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: support.png (11 KB, 320x120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you get the idea here, they all have these color pallet and look
I'm not against drop shadows like many people are and I use them often enough, but these are bothering me somehow. My instinct says to lighten them but I know that may make the text harder to read if it blends into the background too much without that contrast. However, for a case like >>274741 I'd say you can keep it with that exact look just for the title "Commands" but something else should be done with the body portion of the info. Maybe lighten the...
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What is this effect called?

and how can I do it?
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Looks like a cheap "thermal vision" filter you'd find on instagram or some shit. There's probably a web-app that does it.
it's color cycling (aka palette shifting)
it's called colorama in after effects

How would you go about recreating this in photoshop? The noise can be added through the noise filter, but the color distortion looks like it may only be possible through an old VHS camera, can anyone help me?
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Google tv color noise and blend multiple images in with erase tool high softness
Split the RGB channels and move them a tiny lil bit, too.
Not to sound like a total moron, but your best bet may be to display the pic on a monitor and take a picture of it with a camera. That's how the effect is actually made. If you needed to batch process images, show the images in a slideshow, and set your camera on timelapse.

File: plexgfx.png (2 MB, 1265x4133) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is a thread design for my graphics company called Plex GFX hosted on HackForums.

What are your opinions?
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>your title/logo is hard to read
>white on black not comfortable to read
>your intro text is cutting off without hyphenation. did you manually press the enter key a couple of times or something? enable justification
>previous work looks too similar and does not reflect 'as creative as possible'
>website/signature/banner design icons are not comfortable to look at, remove the drop shadow or make it darker
>available services are not represented in the previous work showcase
>you use the word 'we' in the first paragraph but then switch to 'my design' and 'contact me'. either present yourself as a person or a company
>why is your website on carbonmade?
>no e-mail in contact details
>PSD files? what the fuck are you doing
also work on your text. it reads amateurish
>hosted on HackForums.

lmao is it really necessary that I open the image to tell you that you suck ?
Really liking this typesetting. Very avant-garde. Very ground-breaking.

File: Capture.jpg (414 KB, 1700x941) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What's a fast way to transform the whole outline layer to an outline with 0 antialiasing, like just aliased. I want the black outline to be just like from MS paint, with no anti aliasing.
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Push the black level way up.
re-trace it with the pencil tool and change the settings not to anti-alias
Use the Posterize layer effect.

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