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Been using Maya for two years now, sell me on Blender before I stick to Maya for good.
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Do whatever you want man.
Use Houdini. It can do anything
Why? If you're happy with Maya, use it. Try Blender and decide for yourself.

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Whats the best way to prepare a human model for damage modeling/texturing in a game?

Are there any resources that can point me in the right direction?
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what does it mean?
Blood, scratches, bruises, missing limbs, pieces of clothing/armor being broken off, etc.

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When animating one of the most annoying issues I run into is when the feet on my walk cycle clip through the flat ground plane. Does anyone have any tips on how to better animate for a solid looking walk cycle?

For me its the tip of the feet that always goes through the floor, when I try to animate around it and have the toes avoid the floor the animation starts to fall apart and look pretty bad.
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post a webm or gtfo scrub
It sounds like your trying to animate feet using FK which is a terrible idea.
I know that in max if you not careful about what keys you are using, when the program interpolates between them, it's possible that that interpolation will cause your object to pass though the ground plane.

I remember leaning the biped system several years ago, and that always used to happen. If you open up the curve editor and look at the z-plane for example, you can it making a curve that passes below 0 for example; even if the following key is at 0.

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Anyone ever run into this issue when smooth-mesh-previewing in Maya? Using a smooth modifier on the mesh doesn't produce these results. What on earth are those 16 "polygons" ?
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I think i've seen this video, usually followed by a crash. delete history?
unfortunately deleting history does nothing to remove this. It also doesn't crash. Thanks for your reply though.
I'd say non-manifold geo etc.

Run a mesh->cleanup.. and tick on the relevant "remove geometry" options.

Is THREE.js respected at all here?
>the javascript is coming
Hi, this is my first post on /3/ and first post on this site that is not shitposting.
I have barely begun, and not even directly on 3d. I still building my mental toolset around getting a phone to render on a page to be viewed on cardboard/oculus.
I actually do have a good question
Is there some specific maths/physics formula that I can use to calculate metrics for having stuff pop out of a page using this setup? The html is
1 "stereo effected"...
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wat chu talkin bout fgt :V
wow, a 3D nigger.

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It's called Nature Symphony


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shit texturing
I cried
That's cause there is no texturing

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last thread:
If you got the V4 hero pack from the last thread, they're giving away the M4 hero pack now.
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Also being given away this week:

You know what would improve these Poser/DS threads immensely? If someone were to post links to guides that would help people learn the software, or learn content creation for the software. Most people that gripe about Poser and DAZ Studio do it because people just pose naked chicks and render them, without knowing anything about the software really. A collection of good guides/tutorials would go a long way toward fixing that problem, at least here.

For instance, links to information about how to make your...
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Thanks for the heads up. Finally v4 waifus will have the M4 they deserve.

Also here are some celeb waifu/guyfu suggestions http://www.beammeup.net/blog/3d-celebrities/poser-celebrities-1.php

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anyone know any tutorials on how to make this type of texture.

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Is this a joke?
draw gradient
filter > distort > wave
filter > stylise > wind
filter > blur > motion blur

or maybe something like

draw gradient, new layer,
filter > render > fibers
filter > then wind or motion blur,
play with blend mode / opacity.

This or simple use a stainless steel pic, or combine both.

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Who Houdini 15 master race here?
What do you think of the soft?
Do you think it's becoming the god tier soft of the 3D industry?
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I am still just a lowly apprentice. The magicians ways are still mysterious to me.

My Master always was the Godking of the Elementals , the Lord of destruction, the one who knows and deals with all known entities in the realm.

Who will challenge him, who dares to step up?
True, there are other mighty magicians, but they are all specialized in different arcane arts.
True benevolent magicians love harmony not conflict.
The realm of 3D has many gods, kings, and demons, there is a lot of conflict,...
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Give us the benefits to using it over others.
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Well anon, at least you made your point poetically.

A very versatile package that is more innovative and empowering than others soft (when you keep in mind that it won't replace a dedicated sculpting and texturing soft).

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I've been searching far and wide but i haven't been able to find anything, of value, i know it's a similar workflow to making cars, but i'm just interested in seeing if there are any, payed ones are also welcome.
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Observation, good references. Hard surface modeling/sculpting.
i think simplymaya had an apache tutorial. its old

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Hey /3/

Just finished this Judy rig I've been working on over at /co/, and I though I may as well post it here. It is for >Blender, and can be acquired here: mediafire.com/download/5u5h59bmmifuxcx
It is also up on blendswap if you prefer.
There are some things I'll be fixing soon, but I'll wait for feedback to make other changes as needed and then update it.

Anyways, hopefully you guys have some fun with it.
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Can you do Elsa too ?
Well, I don't know, but I'd image there must be a half decent rig already by now...
I couldn't in the short term at least because I've got a backlog of homework from trying to get this done.
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Theres only one available, But...

Its low poly models from a mobile game...

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How should I go about creating pre-rendered backgrounds like the ones seen in Capcom games for the PS1?

Is there anything special you need to do to achieve the low-res, pixelated look like pic related?
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The way I'd go about it,

Render the scene, normally as you would in any other project
Push the render into a image editor, and limit the colours used
Optionally, try to match the colours to the palette available to a machine of your choice, essentially faking colour limitation
Thanks for the response, that sounds like a good idea.

Would simply compressing the image give it the pixelated look or would I have to do something else?
its just a painting, not a 3d render

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Crashes when trying to do almost anything, you want to make a vray light m8? nah imma crash fuck off cunt. Seriously why does this garbage even exist anymore?
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> has shitty computer
> i-its max guise
Max only crashed on me for maybe about 4 times in total in 3 years of my usage, and I use it at work every day.
Sounds like your computer is shit sir
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Its not the best i5-2500k, but like...I do these same tasks all the time. Then randomly it just decides..nope! your not using that tool or object anymore. I'm going to crash if you try doing something you've done a million times.

On the bright side, if I try to make a light using the Vray toolbar. I get an error rather than just a crash. Still doesn't help me though :\

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substance painter.jpg
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The future of texture creation is here. I bet you losers still use Photoshop lel, meanwhile I will be painting height, color rough and metal and emiss in one fucking layer. When I get the Fantasy Knight Moodpack I will create all the Knights. They will refer to me as the Knight guy but you can refer to me as ur wurst Knightmare.
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did they fix transformations of layers? Like ctrl+T in photoshop?
did they fix the horrible normals workflow
did they fix layer weights not having any effect on any channel except albedo
did they remove the 4k limitation
did they fix textures not updating after you re-import them
Wie sollen wir dich nennen?

Hey guys,what do you think about Steam Workshop? i really love TF2 and DoTA and i was thinking on learning 3d modeling and animation to make items for those games because i really enjoy them (and for some cash obviuosly lol),is it worth it? i want to use Blender and Gimp because they are free,any suggestion on other programs? anyone here have an item summited? how was the experience.

PS: i dont live in the US.
PS2:Englysh is my second language,so sorry for the bad english.
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Its a waste of time
ok but why?

OP here
Anyone else pissed they canned paid mods.

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