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I want to get 3d printer, mainly for project of mine (designing headphones from scratch using maya for model parts). And I have no idea what makes good 3d printer and what does not.

Can I get good one for £350+-? If so which one? Are plastic for all 3d printers the same?
Help newb out.

pic somewhat related.
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The answer is no, if you want good quality that will last long just buy headphones or a 3d printer that isn't FDM
try SLA or SLS but they're all expensive as fuck
There's a guy on Instructables who's selling kits you put together that prints 6x6x9 (inches, sorry for amerifag measurements) area. He only wants $250 for the kit, and it's getting pretty nice reviews. But that's only if you're willing to do the labor and build it yourself.

But yeah, this is the reason I took up Blender too. I just wanted to create things and print them.
I could get a lot of uses from 3d printer, uni related + personal projects etc.

File: t3apots_overTheYears.png (3 MB, 1977x1176) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>reflection of ourselves

A reason why I started the thread back then, to keep a log of all the talented individuals that have frequented /3/ over time.
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I also found a lot of the images that I had accumulated during that time. Did you also work on the model with the orange dress?
thanks for liking my words man.
here's a recent work
Are you making a new collage?

Arca's new album cover by Jesse Kanda.

In many interviews he declared to use Cinema 4D for his artworks.

I'm pretty new to this program and all the tutorials about modeling I found are about interior design or abstract animation.
What about something to modeling materials in this rough way?
I tried to get close to this result using tool as Magnet and Iron but I see that is not the right way to do this.

Any tips?
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Use ZBrush instead it's better for that task.
Pretty sure that was a fairly "normal" model with a displacement map applied.
Yes, I found a lot of face modeling tutorials in ZBrush but I'd prefer to focus on c4d right now :)

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tiled path.png
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So, I recently managed to make a tiled path in Blender that followed a curve by creating a couple rows of tiles and giving it a "fit curve" array modifier and a deform to curve modifier, and I've been wanting to do the same thing with stairs.
Unfortunately, it's proving far harder.

If I try what I did before, the steps get deformed.

If I try do it by creating a series of planes which each emit a step as a particle with the velocity or rotation as a tangent, certain parts of the stairs can end up being 90 degrees off of the angle they should...
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use array?
Doesn't allow me to guide it with a curve though.
File: array.jpg (79 KB, 897x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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try to apply the modifiers
or use an extra array like in this

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shitty modeller here, spent 10 hours working on a cartoon character model, lost all the work and checked for auto saves, none

sitting here feeling suicidal

trying to get good at blender so feel free to post useful links
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suicide is no joke, i lost my mom and lil bro to it. I advise you get help
andrew price (blenderguru) has a video on recovering lost blender project or somesuch. Blender puts occasional backups in various places and such, I think.
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Sadly its completely gone, sitting here rocking in my chair making occasional grunting noises.

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Hi Anons. Im learning MODO 901 and I have some questions. First question is: how to connect these verts? I want to divide this Ngon.
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use the new tool they just added, called autodesk maya
C for edge slice, draw a line between the verts you want to connect.

Also you may want to check those edges, it looks like you have a couple overlapping. You can usually tell by the darker shading on them. To check that, just hit Tab and it will proxy sub divide the mesh and reveal any hidden edges.
File: p90progress.png (225 KB, 1604x914) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here is OP

Here is small progress. This is my second day with MODO. I have to say that this is nice program, but it likes to crush sometimes.
Why you think that Maya is better?

Thank you. I found that CTRL+L is also nice.

My next question is: What is difference between filling hole with P and CTRL+B?

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Hi /3/ So I made a rookie mistake the other day of not saving the TOOL in zbrush, but i saved the DOCUMENT. This means all i have is this shitty image of what once was my model, BUT - pic related you can see that when i put new geometry into the scene it interacts with the old model which i have supposedly lost. How can the model not be retrievable if zbrush is able to recognise where the old model and the new cross eachother? If anyone is able to give me a solution that actually WORKS in retrieving the model, even if its just in OBJ format, I will gift said person a game on steam.
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I believe that the tool should still be in the tool palette if you loaded the document and it is in the socument. If not then that's not even a model but an assortment of 3d pixels.

The pain of starting over will help encode the lesson into your mind.
i thought it would be too but it isn't. How can that assortment of pixels not be retrievable though :( They are acting as a 3D model! it just doesn't make sense to me. yes i agree, and i appreciate your input. But i still refuse to believe theres no way of retrieving that as a model
Because zbrush isn't a 3d modelling program. It is a painting program that uses pixels with 3 spatial coordinates. This is one of those weird things about zbrush that makes it different because it is different, but zbrush nerds don't like to hear it.

What's happened is the 3d model was used like a custom brush stroke in photoshop to lay pixels with location and color information. Just like you couldn't extract the brush file from a stroke in photoshop you can't extract a 3d model from a 2.5d picture.

Hi there guys.

I'm looking for a affordable 3d modeler to make two mech pilots for a 6mm wargame. They are going to be printed in Shapeways in Extreme Detail.

Send me emails with your rates to karlosrolero@hotmail.com or write here though I dont know for how much I'll be here.

Pic semi-related
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The only replies you're going to get are people who can't model at all quoting outrageous rates so you can't call their bluff.

The other would be me but my computers broken right now
File: the fuck.png (383 KB, 1134x864) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the fuck.png
383 KB, 1134x864
I'll do it for a bucket of KFC I'm just really hungry and unemployed, pic related is my portfolio.

>6mm wargame
>Extreme Detail
>3D printed

Just. Don't.

yo /3/ how the fuck do people render out video turntable in marmoset 2?
there is no option for .wmv or .mp4 or anything in the capture settings it just renders out like 600... i been trying to find out how its done but literally 0 tutorials or guides, its like people are pretending it doesn't exist tho there are 1000s of turntables done in marmoset out there
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How did you even get into 3D and yet know nothing about video editing? Those are a sequence of images, just like a video is. So you know what you do? You use a program to encode them into a video stream. Adobe Premiere is a popular one for that if you don't mind pirating. Any compositing software should do it for you as well. And there are countless free programs that will encode an "image sequence" to video, but lots of them are shit.

NEVER ENCODE TO WMV, it's a fucking trash format. Only...
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thx for the tip dumbass.
but m question was how do people render out a video stright from marmoset like any other rendering software from 21st century...
having to make your own video image by image is a waste of time and extra labor for no reason... but i guess it'll have to do
>thx for the tip dumbass.
but m question was how do people render out a video stright from marmoset
And I answered your question, "dumbass", they don't, because Marmoset doesn't do that. If it did, I would have said "Go to this and this menu, blah blah blah".

It's very little labor and it's not like you're making marmoset videos on a daily basis. Any good video software will load THE WHOLE image sequence at once, and instantly make...
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Well I'm Barry. And what Have I done.
Barry Make 3D
NOW SAY it iS GOOD or die.
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File: d6.RGB_color.jpg (1 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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BARRY also mad THIS !
File: d4.RGB_color.jpg (672 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Barry Could find all pizza in CAPTCHA! Barry Know's his PIZZZA. MORE BARRY work SO Good YES it is.
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prusa i3.jpg
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Looking to buy a 3d printer. This one seems the best price, size and free gifts. Is it too good to be true? Can anyone with experience in buying 3d printers off aliexpress tell me if this is worth risking?

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3d printing is a meme.
Yup. Its real ded.

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bought myself a pressure tablet tdoay

after 2 years of mouse and keyboard

thank lord Wacom
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Does it make a big difference (presumably for sculpting)? Been thinking about buying one but I'm just a hobbyist
Yes, definitely.

>thank lord Wacom
You'll want his ass handed to you on a silver plate when your drivers start to fuck up out of nowhere.
Does anyone have any advise on when or how to buy a tablet given Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all that crap?

I mean besides "buy it used off ebay / craigslist / steal one from the nearest school"

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download (27).jpg
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how good is this config for working with zbrush,3ds max,photoshop?
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This is a baitpost and the article itself is just le epic trolle since it contains couple of typos in every sentence and le epic trolle /v/ speak, but anyways.

>AMD processor
>AMD graphics card
>some single 8gig meme RAM
>500 watt for that shitty rig

Also this board is being swarmed with shitthreads lately.
thanks for the reply anon,i'm honestly not trying to shitpost,just get honest opinions on a dubious rig that fits in my very limited budget

Well I guess its gud for the price, I didnt look at that before and just scanned the article.

But I would get atleast TWO 8 gig Ram sticks and if possible an Nvidia card.

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Quick question: How do I make this edge look smoother without adding unnecessary polys? Could this be fixed with normal maps? I'd like to have this in UE4, no idea how it handles smoothing and such, but I don't want it to look blocky.
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Are you using Blender? If so, Google "smoothing groups in Blender", it's a tiny bit obtuse and I don't feel like explaining

As for UE4 specifics, google that too; "Smoothing groups in UE4"
File: SoftEdge2.jpg (58 KB, 884x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I see what you're getting at, but it's not quite what I want, I think. tl;dr of what I found was "use Edge Split modifier with Mark Sharp", but that seems to be used more for defining sharp edges than softening sharp ones, pic related.
File: SoftEdgeBlob.jpg (58 KB, 896x913) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 896x913
If I just set everything to smooth, then it becomes a blobby mess.

I guess a better question would be, "how do I better control how smooth is smooth"?

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wolf howling at moon.jpg
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So I want to make a movie. I'll have to get better at drawing, but I think that this 3dCG is what will get me started in the right direction. I was wondering what the best programs would be to use to make the most realistic looking animals. Wolves mostly. I'm thinking about this a lot, but I don't think I'd like to go to school again. So once I get my new laptop I'll be working on this idea I have for a movie. If any of you know of programs that can produce life like animals and people please leave a reply. I really feel like a lot of you here know a...
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Read the sticky, pick a program, good luck.

See you in 5 years.
5 years, all of the skills?
>see you in at least 10 years... at the very least if you want this thing to be done all by yourself and be half decent.

modeling and topology
color grading

>1st thing
what you should do is pick one of these and try to get better at one, you will learn skills needed for...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It's not a furry movie. Thanks for the advice. I'd tell you more about it, but maybe 10 years of dedication is what it needs. A lot can happen to change the direction of the movie. It's really just a dream I had only twice. When I was very young, then later when I was in elementary school. One day I'll share it with the World. Or not.

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