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I need nerdy names for my ferrets! I already am set on Pixel and Voxel but if I adopt a set of 3 instead of a set of 2, I need a third name! I found the term 'Texel' but it sounds too much like "Texas" Blech. Any other ideas that fit the theme?

Bf suggested Polygon, Edge and Vertex but wouldn't Pixel, Voxel and Polygon not quite fit themes?

Ideas please!
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I had a ferret when I was a kid, her name was Skinny and she was fat as hell. Loved that thing. Anyway:

>hating on the name texas
>must be a shitty liberal

topo(short for topology)
Not hating on texas, I just think the name sounds too much like the state and I dont want to name my pets after states. I wouldn't like montana or york either to be fair.

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jesus fucking christ.jpg
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RDNA hosts Smith Micro's official Poser forums; I wonder if SM will move to Renderosity or revive their own forums at ContentParadise since the notion of letting DAZ host their forums seems questionable at best.
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runtime sucks for modern stuff anyways
>trash 3d software acquires legacy 3d software
lmfao who cares
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get well soon.jpg
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Based on Smith Micro's recent trend the company doesn't seem to give two shits what happens to Poser.

Poser remains uninspiring, and quickly becoming useless, and neither Poser, or SM do anything but pump out promotions to buy their latest box of shit in a new wrapper.
People have been making reasonable complaints that continue to be ignored which clearly indicates the company's lack of care moving forward.

You literally cannot expect anything from Smith Micro, or Poser, as they obviously...
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What would you charge to do a simple VR video about 1 minute long. To give people a view of the inside of an artery. I have no idea what to quote for that.
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I don't do anything for under $1k, so at least that
Depends on the quality, care to explain more, I'll do it for 200$, tell me more.

This is more realistic, if not a little expensive.

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Just won a bunch more awards for the VFX in Vikings season 3. Any of you guys in the industry?
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the what now?

> Any of you guys in the industry?
which industry?
try harder next time
vfx is just greenscreen / bluescreen and after effects / nuke. Its looked down on here

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Hey everyone, need help really quick
I need to open a box like this on Maya, what`s the best way to do it?
(note i`m not even a 3D artist i`m helping someone with UV mapping and realized the box should look this way, they are not replying and my friends deadline is today, plz help)
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Help? thats going to cost you, since your desperate its going to cost you more.
dude don`t be an ass i just need to know if dividing the face would break the geometry or what would be the best way to do it, this is for a friends thesis and he feel asleep and i mapped and i got no idea how to do this shit
bump, i truly need to figure out how to do this , been trying to look online but found jackshit

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Anyone here used spPaint3D before?
Tried to install this plugin but it doesn't want to work when I try executing it.

The files should be in the correct spot based on the installation instructions however when I try to execute the program I get this message:

// Error: "spPaint3d"; //
// Error: Line 1.11: Syntax error //

Here are the installation instructions for ref:

*Close Maya.
*If applicable, delete the files from an earlier spPaint3d version (both .py and .pyc files of this script may need to...
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Are these folders in /my documents/maya ??

Because you have to put these files at the maya folder in my documents, and not at the original maya folder
Its shit. Use ICE or Houdini
Yeah I definitely put the folders in documents/maya.

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what programs does /3/ use for face modelling?
And are there any that can mimic human expressions?
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Bumping with random image. I wanna know that too OP.
I use modo for my organic work
autodesk 3dmax

I made a shit game. Tell me how stupid it is. Also, you have to pay for it, so it's even shittier.

I'm a gigantic faggot as well.
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Fucking gay, retro is going out. It's so done.
I thought so too, but AppStore didn't let me name it Gay Butthole Simulator, so...

I want to make some fantasy style towers similar to the gothic style of architecture. Id like to watch some documentaries in my spare time in order to expose myself more to the design style while im not active.

I cant find any good documentaries in HD. Does anyone know of some good full length high definition documentaries on ancient architecture? All I get is old history channel stuff on youtube with piss poor quality.
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I should note it doesnt have to be Gothic style. Any kind of design related to spires/towers with a similar aesthetic, the more fitting of a fantasy theme the better.
good luck man, that shits hard to make look good unless u know zbrush or are really good with modular parts
I know PBS NOVA did a cathedral episode like 2-3 years ago. Watched that one in 1080p.

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So I've been wanting to get into 3d animation for a long time but I also know it's going to take me a while to get better at it. I have no problem pirating some software to hold me over. I'm not really looking to make money off of things just yet. But I've been tearing out my hair trying to decide if I should bite the bullet with completely learning Blender or Maya?

Seems like Blender has gotten better over the years but it looks like it's more headache and work over Maya.

I've read the sticky and I've been lurking for a while...
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Nigga you don't have to pirate Maya, get a student license. As far as pros, well Maya is widely used among studios as far as 3D Animation goes.

You CAN make awesome work on Blender as well I am sure, these are all tools to get a job done. But yeah, the amount of Online resources, job requirements, plugins, render engines, integration with other software, etc etc will vary on every software.
One last thing: while you can make quality work on almost every package, it WILL be easy to do modelling on x, while rigging is easier on y, and animation on z, and so on......
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You'll never do even decent 3d animation until you master the fundamentals
blender will run better if you have a shit/average computer.
far as animation goes its completely up to you, there are amazing animations done in both maya and blender
if its for job purposes start with maya, if your intention is to just dick around with whatever get blender

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Detailed Rigged Clothes. How do you do it? Any tips?

Usually I make a low-res version, rig, then subdvide and add minor details.
but it's much harder to rig or add/fix things after it's subdivided. Because of this, my clothes are always average.
Copying weights from low to high polys also results in a bad weighted mesh.

Should I really just go through the slow process of rigging the high poly version of my clothes?
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>rig or add/fix things after it's subdivided
>Copying weights from low to high polys
>rigging the high poly version

dont do this
you simply rig the lowpoly then apply the highpoly normal map onto the model in your game engine or what have you
try xnormal
Ok I won't, but what should I do then????

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Is this one worthy watching twice?


tell me how much I suck, I know you want it !
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Needs more frames per second. Textures/lighting could be a lot better.
It's 25 fps, textures mostly are phong or lambert materials with different colors, so it's kind of flat, there is no bump. You said it, could be a lot better.

Besides these things, how's camera, scenes?

Talk to me about billboarding, brehs. Do you billboard grass or instance them? Do you billboard...leaves? Do you billboard entire trees?

Or, is billboarding mainly for smoke / particles?
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If you wanna make something like a vast forrest with tens of thousands of trees a billboard system is the only way you are gonna make it happen on current hardware.

Here's a rundown of how these things works: You have a mesh with several thousand quad polyogns with all their 4 vertices condenced to a single point everywhere where a tree is located.
These are used by a mass billboard shader that uses some smart code to displace these 4 corners of the polygon based on their UV coordinates and the viewing...
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So you're saying that your billboards just have a 2D picture of a tree as an alpha cutout that use the camera up/right vectors to look at the camera (and constrain to horizontal rotation).

I get that.

Are you saying that the billboards themselves don't accept 3d lighting information and just be the input tree texture? Are you saying that only near trees should be real 3d and thus have real 3d lighting calculations on them?
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...is the only way...
Not true. Here is an Forrest rendering with 47 Billion Poly, GI and DOF, rendered in 207 seconds on my I7 (with 1GB of Ram used).

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Should I buy a "professional" graphics card if I'm using software like Max and Zbrush and UE4? Are these cards aimed towards CAD and other technical programs? I'm never doing any real heavy lifting in max, no scene renders or anything, sometimes baking normals from a highpoly.

My old card (radeon 6870) died and I don't want to lower my graphics settings in the few games I play to add some rendering power that I won't use.
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not a techfag, but a good gamer pc usually does the job
get a 750ti to hold you over until pascal
thanks. the old card did pretty much everything I wanted except zbrush would lag sometimes at higher poly. Are professional cards rubbish for games or just not as good as tailored gaming cards?

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Hello everyone, I post here because I have a project to create few medieval fantasy 3D scene (Dungeon and dragon universe) in order to make nice illustrations or short animations.

I have no skills in creating beautiful 3D models, but I know how to build scene and make animations in blender.
So my first idea was to look for nice (and free) 3D models of medieval fantasy character. I've found some but there is some big issue.
Free .stl file are easy to find (there is nearly all the monsters off D&D 3.5 for free) but it's only the meshs without texture....
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File: dragonslayer.png (1 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1280x720
another exemple of scene in DAZ
search for medieval game characters and similar
File: ohhai.jpg (191 KB, 1000x1300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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