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I have been doing a lot of thinking about how software companies like Autodesk prove that someone has been using a pirated copy of their programs recently, because reasons. Other than the phone home and activation stuff in most of these programs, how do companies know? I'd assume other than hose two methods and reports, they'd have to rely on metadata in the files.

How can a regular user get a look at this metadata, beyond just opening the file in a text editor? Is there any sort of algorithm for encoding vertices in a specific pattern to identify the program...
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i know that registered companies are being checked by a government teams to check for legal software ,thats how they find out im assuming
Try adding a piece of irrelevant data into an OBJ or FBX file and you'll see it will corrupt the file and make it unreadable. Formats like FBX and OBJs are universal. They aren't created by Autodesk. They are very old and aren't designed to allow secret information to be hidden somewhere. If you open one you will see it only consists of vertex positions and UVmap coordinates. In the case of FBX it's a bit more complicated where it can also include rigs, vertex colors, bone weights, hierarchy groups and such. But even then any extended data added by Autodesk...
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Some software sends regular authentication checks to their database. But that only applies to registered licenses and is basically to confirm you've paid your (monthly) fee.

If you use some random pirated serial they don't know your company/location and is useless to them.

What happens mostly is that if you register a company a representative might come and check on how many computers you run their software compared to how many licenses you've bought.

Is there a program to generate a "anime" like 3d model? id like to use one for animation practice, but I don't have time to create one from scratch, nor do I want to go and use someone elses work. Some help would be great.
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Generating is almost the same as using someone elses. Just find a model with creative commons license and dont sell whatever you do with it.
Yeah using a mesh generated by someone else's program IS using someone else's work.
when people watch animation, they would rather see a common rigged character since they know what the rig is capable of and it helps them not be distracted by the model.

(not talking about finished projects) but when you are practicing

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how do I learn to rig so my animations don't look like garbage?

I read GGXRD rigs use hundreds of bones.
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You don't need hundreds of bones to make a nice rig. If they use bones for clothing then more than half of them would go into that. Just watch youtube tutorials. It really will come down to what you need the rig to be capable of.

when you consider that a typical hand will have 15 joints (without end joints on the fingers/thumb), and a face will easily have upwards of that many, it's not hard to end up around the hundred mark.
>I read GGXRD rigs use hundreds of bones.

Because GGXRD was aiming to replicate 2D imperfection via non-traditional methods of deforming the mesh, as to replicate imperfect "drawn proportions" with scaling, overextending and flattening certain poses to fit the camera better as 2D.
It's ridiculously advanced and is very specific in it's purpose, so I don't understand why you'd compare it to day-to-day average rigging.

That's like saying...
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Hi 3DCG. Im having issues with rigging my model. I'm trying to paint with the weight paint tool, but it's really annoying because the mesh is complicated. My question is if there's another way to select the mesh and bind it to bones. And i know the automatic way but it doesn't work for some reason. My preffered method would just be to select faces for binding. I've been searching for 15 minutes now for a solution but i can't find anything.
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Check out the vertex groups. Each of the vertex groups in your object corresponds to one of the bones in your armature. You can select faces and assign them to a group (=bind them to a bone) with a certain weight. Very useful for rigging machines since you just select a part and assign it with weight "1" to your group.
BTW, to make sure you don't forget any vertex groups, parent the armature to your object using the option "with empty groups", then just assign your geometry to them to make it work.
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ooh thanks man, that was amazing. great advice, mesh is fully rigged now!

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Hi, I am a contemporary Artist now!

>have I fallen for the meme?
>Is my Art any good?
>What should I do next? (inb4 killing self)
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(s)kill yourself ;^)
Goy that shit for 80 mill.

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why can't I use any split options for this subtool?

subtool was originally zspheres that were pologized and dynameshed
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fuck it i just merged from above subtool...

but I would like to make it not like this in future

why is zsphere to 3d poly not splitable?
allahu abkahr!!
it is

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What say you about the 3D aspects of this? (Or about Wedges voice)

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I hope they don't change tifa's titties. They should also make the nipples erect and a bit visible through the white t-shirt.
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lmao best reply ever

I think it shows us again the dominance of UE4 over the other game engines. UE4 really has some good tech.

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I just finished developing my 3rd game for Android, Google Play. Any feedback is greatly appreciated https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PaperjuiceInc.Fairy
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It's fun for a minute but gets boring. It would be better with different stages to clear with different shapes and movement mechanics. Also you misspelled "token" as "tokken"

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Hello. I don't really know much about blender cause i just started today. So i'm trying to make a gun :D After using bevel on that edge to smooth there is triangle hanging around and i need to get rid of it, but i don't know how. Help m8s!
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face selection and click x to delete
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Thx m8

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I have been working on this model for three whole months.

Oh god please kill me.
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How many hours does it take you to tie your shoelaces ?
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i hope this helps
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I've honestly never made a playermodel before.

I can do low-poly art pretty well, when it's not organic. But something like this was just way above me.

Thanks, I'll add it to my collection of other anatomy images. Not sure why those others didn't help, I did give it a good shot.

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so im seriously a noob but i am a painter. i feel paint can be dimensional with the right use of shadows. i have to mentally 3d model before i architect a shadow structure. do i have potential, i mainly want to 3d print these. should i print this one?
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printed this one (real image of print). comp cant handle textures but i might just paint them on manually
This looks nice. If you're handy at painting in texture you could paint in the missing facial details , and cover up the shitty texture.

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Hey /3/

I'm doing some work for someone who wants me to turn his puppet into a 3d model. I usually create human characters and thought this would be a piece of cake, but I'm having issues getting the thing to look like it does in the pictures. Could any of you offer me crits/advice on how to get this thing looking more accurate?

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use fur, done
Trying to do it without fur seeing as I don't know how to do that and the client wouldn't have any clue how to animate that.
i see the main issue, make the modles neck longer, your focusing so much on the fur beard that you havent given him a neck

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Hey guys, so this problem just started out of nowhere yesterday and I can't figure it out. Heres a set of images showing whats happening.


Basically when I click on the *white part* on the reaction manager 3ds max just shits out........idfk
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not gonna answer your question directly, but stay as far away as you can from the reaction manager. It's buggy and unpractical. Try setting up script/expression controllers instead.

Usually, what I do is i create a layer of animation with the poses i want via controller tracks, and make the control objects "wire" the weight of these tracks

for your jawbone, it would be:

1-select jawbone
2-open curve editor
3-setup a "euler list" controller in the rotation track of your slave object (jaw bone)
4-add a "euler xyz" controller to the available track of the controller list
5-go to the motion pannel, click on rotation
6-set the second track as "active"
7-open the jaw as far as it should
8-back in the curve editor
9-unfold the "weight" property of the "euler_list" controller
10-on the second track, add a float expression/script, whatever you're more comfortable with
11-add the "position_z" track of your control object as a variable ("z" for the exemple)
12-setup the right expression (typically "if (z<0,z*someValue,0)"). the goal is that when the control object is animated to the maximum, the value of the weight track is 100.

This might sound a little complicated, and maybe unclear (don't hesitate to ask more if you're interested and can't understand a step), but this is an extremely powerful method when you have to deal with complex facial rigs in max.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help on your actual problem though.
how, and also,
try not to work on autobacked files, there's probably something wrong with it if it crashed on the first place
Thanks for the help guys. I managed to fix the issue...I resized the reaction manager window...that fixed it >.>.

Sounds interesting. I really enjoy setting up facial rigs. I do see a lot of limitations with the reaction manager. Do you have a link maybe to a tutorial or anything?

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Hey /3/.
I'm trying to add a CAT Rig to a character in 3ds Max 2016 using the Skin modifier but once I do, it shifts the character over slightly and some of my bones are unaligned, such as the fingers. Does anyone know what the problem is?

>Picture is before adding the Skin.
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>Picture is after adding the CAT Rig on. Easier to see on the character's right hand.
It shifts over a bit.
I'm thinking I can just move the envelopes to fix it, but I'd rather have a real solution.
Try selecting your mesh, going to hierarchy and resetting the transform / scale. If that doesn't work, go to the tools button and reset the xform.

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If you happen to browse Facepunch don't expect it to be up after next year.

I just finished some work at a company in CA and one of the higher ups let slip that they will be shutting it down for the sheer amount of infringements they've made over this past year.
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Gmod is dead, So how can they be infringing anything?
Source Film Maker in a nutshell. WHERE DO YOU THINK ALL THE PORN COMES FROM?

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