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kek, anyone have any funny scale figures? i'm feeling a bit ballsy and want to incl. a funny scale figure in my sections for my final arch review this thursday.

as u can see, these are fairly normal
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reminded of this:
which would be pretty ballsy
where are the transhumanist terminators ?
manara is italian. their SF vision stopped in 1973.

what's the best way to manipulate Kantai collection 3d design?
i want to make 3d waifu ships
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kill yourself
Any other way?
How about something better... KanColle patch for Worlds of Ships? Poi Poi?

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It's possible to scale a modern engine (Like UE4) back until it looks like a late PS2 game, right?
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Yeah, just turn down/off all features. Most of the looks come from very simple geometry and low textures.

No ambient occlusion, low shadow resolutions, and have it run default at directx9. There's a launch parameter for that, if you look it up. Just downgrade everything.
100% ambient lightiing, baked shadows, no AA. done.
It's possible, don't expect the game to run on the period-correct hardware though. If the game looks like a PS2 game it damn-well better run on my GeForce 2.

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Ok guys.

What's the best way to make anime-like waifus?

Low poly (non sculpt) or sculpt (zbrush)?
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why would you wanna make a lowgaypoly crap visuals when you can do proper 3D hentais ?
make cube > cut edges/extrude/ pull verts
In literally any 3d modelling software.
If you know even the basics of 3D modelling you shouldn't be needing to ask this.
I'm asking what's the more efficient way having into account is an anime waifu, not a 3D hyperrealistic batman sculpture.

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What are one's chances for working for vidya games or movies if their main tools are Blender, GIMP and lives in Australia?
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leaving shit to chance
Just go indie, find some people to make a game with.
>leaving shit to chance

What's that supposed to mean? How is it leaving something to chance?

Where do you even find people to make games with?

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Just started working in Zbrush after having used Blenders built in sculp tools for some time.

I'm working in dynamesh and i seem to have trouble finding good tutorials on some of the basics of dynamesh.

Can someone tell me how do I copy that finger to use and scult the other fingers out of.

Also any tutorial links you might have that explains the basic workings of dynamesh will be greatly appreciated.
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Dynamesh is a tool that allows you to model your base mesh very fast.

For example, take a sphere. You want to model a head starting from a sphere. So you begin with the move brush, makiing the shape of the head.

You will notice if you stretch or squatch it a lot, you will see that the poligons of your sphere will be messed up. See with ctrl + F, or shift + F, i dont remenber..

Now use Dynamesh and see the poligons again. You will see the difference at the geometry.
add a finger as a seperate mesh
then go into transpose move tool, hold alt and move a finger and it will duplicate non masked geometry
then merge both tools when you happy and redynamesh at a high enough resolution

Indeed it is an awesome tool.

In the OP pic I basically extruded that whole body from the head and redynameshed.

What I'm trying to figure out is how to cut of a piece of mesh, the finger in this instance, copy it and re-attach it to the hand to make the next finger.

File: elastigirl2[1].jpg (141 KB, 1100x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How do I model her hair ?
This will be ingame so it has to be polygons, but high polygon count will be okay.
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its not a character for a game so whats your point?
I'm gonna make a porn game.
her hair is breddy simple considering it doesn't sashay like Violet's, just make it as a 2 bang cap that meets in the back and use alpha maps for the strands in the front.

Hello /3/
So I decided I want to make a 3D model of an armor, I have been drawing my whole life, and meanwhile, learn to model.
First I tried Blender, as I heard it mentioned often (for making Skyrim stuff for example), but I quickly got overfrustrated by its un-intuitive and annoying UI.
Then I tried Maya, and the same happened - terrible and unhelpful UI.
What would you suggest me to do, stick to one of those, and contunie learning it, until I get used to it, or should I try something else?
What I want is, for the 3D models to be exportable for anywhere (games, game engines), and for the software to have lots of options for designing.
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Button clickers need to die.
No 3D software is so intuitive that you can just open it and "get it". Stick with Maya and go look at BEGINNER videos on Youtube. Firstly how to interact with the interface and the main used modeling tools.
First, every poly model is a set of verteces, connetec with edges and three or more edges can connect into a face, therefore every poly model can be exported anywhere.

Blender is good for game characters overall as you can do everything you need to do in it.

Do you have skype or do you use irc or something I can guide you where and what to watch if you want to go with blender.

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>tfw too retarded to rip this model
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you seem upset anon

Weebo scum.

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images (1).jpg
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>All I want to do is get a premade model, load it into blender and animate it for 5 seconds
>useless tutorials surround the internet.
>program doesn't want to cooperate.
>other programs are just as frustrating.
>sfm isn't cooperating
>maya costs too much
>ive been trying multiple programs for weeks.
>end my life /3/
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>>All I want to do is get everything spoonfed to me
>>I don't want to spend time learning how to do it
>>something went wrong... It's the program's fault!
>>other programs take just as much effort to learn
>>I'm so bad I can't even figure out sfm
>>can't even afford free.99
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It's not that I want things spoon fed to me. Id like to take the time to learn a program. I just wish that the resources were better. I've followed them on point and the outcome is different. this was my problem with sfm.
The resources are fine, loads of people have self-taught themselves 3D using free tutorials on the internet, why can’t you? It’s not going to be easy OP, because this shit is hard you going to just have to put in the time and work hard to learn, you don’t get good by not putting in the effort. You can do it OP I believe in you, you fantastic disaster of a person.

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What do you think of this /3/?

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Natural evolution of 3d printing - people have already been turning out HO scale, wargames are next.

The stuff looks decent as well GW will be crying into its overpriced resin at the rate things are going.
I have done some prints for wargaming stuff and its pretty great to cut GW out.

Do you think printers will be able to handle higher detail items like miniatures for wargaming in the future?

>Do you think printers will be able to handle higher detail items like miniatures for wargaming in the future?

No reason why they shouldn't - even the I3 can handle a layer high of 50 microns and with acetone smoothing you should be able to get some good results, and if that's what things are like now, then you can only dream of what they can come up with soon.

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material ID mask.jpg
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How do I create Material ID masks in modo WITHOUT manually selecting the colors?

I know the straightforward way would be to select the faces/meshes I want to be the same material, then apply the same material to them both, but there's GOT to be a faster way....
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1. Close Modo
2. Open up 3ds Max or Maya
How do I do that in maya?
I still found myself having to assign colors manually.
theres a color ID pass you can add

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...Should alpha channel ever be non 1? Say I hand paint a texture of a blade of grass that fades out from white to black. I have to make an alpha channel, but does it fade out as well or is it always white?

If its always white, why is it this why? Why can't the alpha fade?

I'm really struggling here, pls help :)
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File: transparency.png (821 KB, 1423x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just export to png, it has alpha values for every pixel.
>Why can't the alpha fade?

But it can, you idiot
Did you even try to apply the alpha channel or even SLIGHTLY experiment, or did you decide that it's better to post a question on a really slow board and wait 3 hours for the first reply
White = 1
Black = 0
50% Grey = 0.5
And everything in between
but is it supposed to fade out in this situation? I have tried and my results were "unpredictable"

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This was a thing in /mlp/. First thread ended up getting scruffed, so I decided to post this with all the images draw friend created so that other Anons who wanted to see them could. Let's get started then, shall we?
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File: image.jpg (2 MB, 1944x2592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1944x2592
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 1944x2592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1944x2592
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 1944x2592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1944x2592

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So I'm baking normal maps for the first time. In the background is the source mesh, a briefly made corridor section, and in the foreground is a low-polygon copy with the exact same dimensions.

I super-imposed the two over each other and baked 2k tangent-space normals at the highest quality setting.
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File: Two.png (76 KB, 1110x759) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is the result. The horizontal normals are completely invisible unless viewed at extreme angles. There are strange lines on the ceiling.

I have no idea why some of the details from the source mesh is presented on the normal map, while other parts are completely omitted.

Help, please?
Run it through some normal map generation program like crazybump and be sure to set your nodesetup or whatever material setup your software provides properly.
Normal maps don't capture depth information, they capture curvature info. If you've cut lines into the surface that are completely perpendicular, they won't show up in your normal map.. They have to be angled outward like the two sides of that main section you have at the top.

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