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Is CGPersia dead for good?

Is there another decent place for tutorial and software torrents?
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They are moving to newer servers. Aye aye my good pirate.

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Is it possible to reach Makoto Shinkai BGs by simply using Blender Internal w/ Freestyle?
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>Makoto Shinkai BGs
you realize thats not 3d
its animu, that's from jeanpon

Make a plane

Open texture paint


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Hello /3/!

I just started using zbrush and wanted to know how to achieve anime-ish hair styles?

I'm sculpting this character but I'm not too sure on how to make the hair.

If anyone can give me pointers or a small tutorial on how I can achieve the look of my character it'd be really nice.

I pick up really fast on stuff even with a small amount of detail as long as I know what tool to use and how to use it.

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The sticky has pointers on how to do hair.

Also, don't be surprised if at some point you want to pull out your own. Hair is not easy.
thanks lol I'll look at it.

I just thought there would be someone who would be willing to teach me some other methods
Just to give you a perspective of the task, there are people's deviant art profiles that are all about making hair. That's all they do.


check this out then. First part of the tutorial is of the face, then it talks about hair.

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Critique thread, let's all tear each others work apart.

I'll go first. Pic related
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>stylized proportions
If the handle fits one hand which is ~3.5 inches
and the blade is double that length then it's ~7 inches. Not that stylish then huh?

The hole is way too big, it wouldn't be structurally sound what so ever. The tang would have to be really awkwardly placed as well based on that crossguard and handle location.

Actually no, let's back up a bit. Why is there a giant fucking hole in your knife?

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pls hlep.png
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Anyone here who uses Vray for Cinema 4D. How can I make my lighting better and make it less noisy?
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The easiest way would be to go into the VRay settings set the color threshold to something absurdly low (e.g. 0.0001 or lower) and up the max samples to 100. The result will be noise free, but will take ages to render.

The smart way is to render out the lighting and reflection passes to see what needs fixing. Noisy reflections = increase subdivs on the materials. Noisy shadows = increase subdivs on the lights.

Once you've done that you can try fiddling with the sample rate/color threshold values in your VRay settings to optimize render times.
put portal lights in front of the windows so they let more light come in.

to reduce noise decrease the threshold and increase the max subdivisions in the "Antialiasing" tab in Vray settings. I used to go with 15 subdivs and 0.001 threshold, but the render times got too long and i started rendering in a larger resolution with 32 subdivs and 0.01 threshold and then scale the picture down so it looks less noisy.

your picture isn't that noisy tho, it looks fine to me
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Thanks for the little tips. Made some adjustments and it looks x10 better

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This is one of my first designs, I got help from a youtube tutorial
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Could you post the youtube tutorial?

Not OP, but here it is.


I really like this guy's videos. Absolutely fool proof. It's what finally got me into Blender after a lot of trying around.

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Ruin Kobold General Full.png
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I still have a picture of my first model I made... almost 4 years now.. Anyone still have images of their first post?
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this is my second, did this in sketchup which is easier than blender.
my first was just a kitchen design in sketchup i did for my parents

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So I played a D&D campaign with my older brother and his buddies, it was my first time playing and there was a fight with 4 gargoyles in an arena. It was really fun and I want to remake the fight in blender. I just started working on characters. This is a half elf druid.

I'm posting because I'm an amateur with cg and would like guidance. It is gonna be low poly and it doesn't need to be crazy polished, but if I can capture the events from the game and some of the funny moments that happened, that's all I need.
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It sounds simple right? Model then animate it, super simple! Wow!
It's really not, if you haven't rigged before in your life, prepare yourself for a new level of FUN
Concept it (which I reckon would have been established since you're getting characters from your campaign), model it, UV it, rig it, animate it, render it, composite it, then you're done. Oh also environment modelling, UVing that, lighting the scenes, deciding what passes to render, etc.

It may sound simple, and it is to...
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How do you rig, pose and perhaps also animate living slimes, jellies and other marco-sized amoebas?

What is, i nyour opinion the optimal pipeline for doing a lot of stills of an amoeba-type creature? Let's say you're making a D&D themed comic and these critters pop up constantly. Would you concede going all the way back to the modeling software and remaking the base model for every take?
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Just model a blob, rig it and animate it. If you want some dripping and melting effect you just make an animated material.
If you want it to actually change forms and such I think you have to use blendshapes.
>blendshapes on a jelly
are you retarded?

I would consider using clusters.

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I remember there was a program called "Source MDL compiler" and it was a web based service. It would turn .smd files straight to .mdl files ready for Source and would even generate .vmt and .qc files. There was no effort needed.
Now I have no idea where it went because the web domain was bought out. So either I need to find its relocation, assuming it is still around, or find an alternative that does pretty much the same.
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Just use Crowbar.
But I don't want to make .qc files
You don't have to...

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I'm gonna try blendr guys. I'm on a shitty laptop from 2008 runnin linux and I'm probably gonna fall asleep soon. Gonna try to make an art.
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squidward face.jpg
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> blender
> laptop
> 2008
> linux
jesus christ
what the fuck how do i remove a pane
shit has built in sculpting tools now?!!! it's that time of night where i think "maybe I will start a blog about how I stopped pirating software and became a true opensourcer" and then i realized how dumb that sounds and also that I would have to use GIMP and that's not happening.

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Anyone know of a good free Raven Teen Titans 3D model?

Like this one but available to download. https://sketchfab.com/models/c07fde19ce594baeb501c33abfe21207
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you doing porn?

Hi guys, can somebody model this cross in 3d file like STL? only if it isn't too hard :)
It's shaped like pic from both sides.
Maybe 5cm x 3cm.
It's from the anime to aru majutsu no index.
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Yeah I'm on it now for ya OP, keep checking this thread.
Thanks man, wanted this since a while ago.
I'm not >>508089
But, since he hasn't yet... here ya go.

Hey /3/, I'm somewhat new to all of this, and need a little guidance. I aspire to make low-poly models, like the one seen in the image, for mobile games and the like.

My main question is why are the tracks divided into tris like that, rather than using 3 polys? I just found it odd, because it seems like it's just a flat surface, so why not make it simpler and use rectangles instead? Is there any sort of benefit to either?

Othwr than that, let's have a low-poly thread.
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Will dump a couple more
File: tf2_engineer01.jpg (162 KB, 1012x717) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw you'll never be able to make this realistic 3d models
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thank god for that
coz it looks like cum

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