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How much would it cost to have a keychain made in 3-D to 3-D print?
Probably going to have a name and phone number on it
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Thank you anon
np brah

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Sites with free after effects plugins, intros etc etc





basically looking for sites that rip everything from envato
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Don't be such a cancer

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i'm doing a level 3 it course and a part of it is about animation and 3D modeling i'm using 3Ds max and i have some knowledge into 3Ds Max (not much though) however i want to create character models but i don't know how to start with them does anyone know any good tutorials?
it's the 2016 version of 3Ds Max
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I remember learning from this guy when I was starting out


Most tutorials seem to be for Maya now. Poly modeling techniques are pretty standard just look for the equivalent tools in ur app.


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anyone an oldschool openGL expert? specifically in java and using xml scenegraphs to create a 3d scene
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I want to put my skills to the test in blender and create something creative.

(A drawing would be helpful to make it more accurate)
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What is it you want?
Fishing for ideas?

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>create something creative
>tell me what to make?
Make a penis.

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What's the deal with gamma correction? It makes sense that doing linear math with non-linear assets produces wrong results, but what is the correct way to prevent this? For instance, should textures be non-linear, and converted to linear during rendition, or should textures be converted to linear beforehand and thus look dark in an editor? Does the former approach preserve more resolution?
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Resolution has nothing to do with color-space...
The answer is, let your software do gamma correction on the textures into linear space at render-time if it has the option to, like Maya does. Otherwise do it yourself.
Textures should be stored non-linear, at least if they're 8 bits per channel. Storing color-data in linear at an 8-bits-per-channel resolution will result in terrible banding. Storing textures in linear (even when using 16 bpc or more) is also somewhat impractical unless you know everyone in your team has an image viewer/editor that reads & respects the color-profile from the texture and then displays it correctly.

If you need to do any kind of math on your colors (i.e. do anything with them other than just copying them from A to B) you should linearize them...
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Hi guys! I just finished binge watching daredevil season 2! What a ride! Anyway, I went looking for some 3D models and I stumbled across and article on Kotaku:


This is the best and most detailed model of Netflix daredevil I've seen. I'm not the savviest at ripping models, so would it be possible for someone to rip it from the game? It is much appreciated! :)
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ss (2016-03-18 at 07.30.52).png
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Although I have made some guns and guitars in the past, I can't seem to model a car yet. I guess i just can't control all 3 dimensions at the same time.
I start from the side and when time comes to front/back, i realize everything is misplaced. Maybe I set the blueprint wrong.

Any tips on modeling cars? Do I make doors, bumpers and hood separately or all in one mesh?
Where can I get a scene with a blueprint set up correctly to practice? What are the "easiest" cars to model (in terms of body shape)?
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block the whole shape first then go into details by steps, don't concentrate on specific areas until near the end.
Ignore all the creases in the beginning, model your car as if it had no doors, no separate bumpers, etc
Then cut your mesh when you're satisfied with the curvature
Treat the outer glass shell of the lights as body parts, too.
Compare your model not only to the blueprint, but also to reference photos, all the time.

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I want to start the rumors of a artificial uterus existing and capable of sustain humans.
In the long run it will get everyone, can you help me?
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It seems he wants the PROFESSIONALS on /3/ to assist him with a HUGE RUSE.

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>cgpersia forum
>showing hidden links via print thread not working anymore
I no longer visit that site.
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nice pasta

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waifu render.png
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Ok, so I was dicking around and did this render.

I always wondered how those old psone looks could be archieve?

I was surprised no ilumination and just something basic like ambient oclusion and just enviroment light can make it look like an older game.

Any more tips on how to make it look like psone?
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waifu render.png
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low screen resolution
low resolution textures
no anti aliasing
shadeless materials
realtime rendering (cycles is offline render)
get pcsx emulator and iso of game with desired look from rom hustler or emuparadise and run the game with wre frame setting to see- well, the models in wire frame.
also, a lot of psx games used segmented body parts so they didn't have to deal with shape crush corrections when limbs were bent.
but i would forgo that and just stick to simple meshes and textures.

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who gives a shit.
who fucking cares

Pretty good 3d troll in all fairness. Neogaf lol.

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>pirate Maya 2016
>watch some tutorials
>the all have Polygon menu set
>I don't

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Bump, Google is of no help.
Why the fuck would you pirate any Autodesk product.

They're free FFS. And the student version comes with no restrictions.
Modelling should be the 2016 equivalent of Polygons + something else from earlier versions

PersonallIy I'm using 2014, I suggest 2015 however instead of 2016, since the UI is very different (which can confuse people new to it, comparing it to tutorials and videos using older versions)

2016 basically fucked the UI up, and it does take a few extra seconds for me to do stuff in there when I try to use it after using 2014 this entire time, and I don't think there are many on /3/ using 2016 specifically

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How can I get two particle systems to attract particles from their same system and repel particles from the other system?
I tried using charge and a negative field weight for charge, but that just causes the force to cease.
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Step 1: Kys

Nah in all seriousness tho, I'm assuming you are using blender, you can use boids particles and mess around with their settings. I don't know much, but try this tutorial

I'd prefer not to use boids, this is just to test a physics concept.
How easy would it be to modify Blender by myself to make a new particle forcefield that's like charge but with reversed effect?
This might help:


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hey guys. o today i got a job offer from a VFX studio as a 3rd artist but they only use Maya...
i only have experience in 3ds max.

how hard will it be to switch over to Maya from Max?

is maya even good for modeling, i heard its just a meme
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Yes its even faster than max if you use the context marking menus.

The only advantage max has is the stack
And Maya even has its own form of the stack, which is the dynamic history chain that can be modified through the new Node Editor or the old Connection Editor.
depends, it can be a pain in the ass depending on the level your employer expects you to be good at, but not uncommon either, plenty of people have switched softs or use several on daily basis, so no reason you can't do it as well.
If you're an animator it's easy mode
If you're a rigger i hope you love tutorials

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