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Hey /trv/!, I'm going to Europe this summer and after visiting family in Trieste, Italy, I would like to go to Budapest. Raileurope and other websites say that it would take about 10 to 12 hours with 2 or 3 train changes. Is this how it is, or is it just a mistake from these websites? I really need to know what's the fastest way, thanks!
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As far as I remember they have underdeveloped railroads in Slovenia and that's why it takes so long. I skipped Trieste during my Eurorail trip because of this.
So yes, this is how it is. You could try and make the best out of it by taking a route over Austria and maybe stopping in Graz or Vienna without losing much time.

Also consider that the major cities in Europe are often connected through overnight trains. I'm pretty sure there's a night train from either Venice or Milan to Vienna.
there should be some eurolines or orangeways buses that are quicker.
this, OP, just take the bus

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I'm thinking of going to Thailand for 3-6 weeks, visiting temples during the day, getting drunk a lot, and probably trying prostitutes at night. I turn 21 in May, and I would be traveling alone for the first time. (I'm Canadian btw.)

I was wondering how do I avoid being murdered or scammed really badly? I also haven't figured out what city I should stay in if you have any suggestions.
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Enjoy being scammed and murdered bro !
That's enough time to see almost everything. Your're going to fly into BKK so spend a few days there, then up to Chiang Mai,to include the area North, spend a few dyas in Pattaya from there, just to say you did, then go down to krabi/phuket area to decompress from that. Then hop over to Cambodia for a bit, then maybe check out Isan (Udon Thank probably best for a first time traveler) and Laos (Vientiane, which is not far from Udon Thani), then back to Bangkok to decompress and get ready to go home.

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Hey everyone first time Posting on /trv/

So I just found out work is sending me to kongiswinter Germany at the end of may.

I'm going to get 9 days paid free time while I'm there for a vacation/Holliday by myself.

So where should I go I was thinking Amsterdam than London or maybe Paris. But this is my first time going to Europe.

I have been to Mexico and central America a handful of times.

I like to go off the beaten path. But can pay for what ever as well.

I don't care how much time I spent on a train going place...
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For 9 days I would say either stay in only one place for all of them or stay in 3 or 4 cities for about 2-3 days each. What do you think you'd like the most a Paris, London and Amsterdam vibe or a Budapest, Vienna and Prague one? I believe these are the best two options for this kind of trip. Hope it helps.
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Thanks for the replay.

I'm just trying to gauge what might be the best areas to go too.

I'm only 23 and I'll get to go back to Europe so I'll dial down two places that I really want to see.
I'm thinking about scratching Paris. I just put it on the list because I could think of anything after London.

I think the next time I go I will travel East or south
I would like to see Bosnian, Warsaw, and see Barcelona

File: Rocinha-favela-in-Rio-de--015.jpg (887 KB, 2560x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Please fill out this survey to help me with my research. IT ONLY TAKES 2 MINUTES.

I am looking to find out what motivates people to visit slum areas. It is a very controversial topic and I am going to use this info to further discuss the marketing strategies used by slum tour operators.
Here's the link:

Thank you!
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>Oh look, they have repurposed some old sheet metal to make a home. How quaint.
Probably the same motivation that takes you anywhere else? New experience? People are people.
There you go, mate. I saw one about the slums in Phils. They don't seem to be as dangerous as the favelas, but twice as dirty.
The answer is "real travelers" ie people so obsessed with having a "real" experience by being with "real" people because in their heads only poor people are real yet somehow different from people in their own country

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Whats up guys! So in spring 2017 ill graduate Cal State University Long Beach and I wanna peace the fuck out of here.

I have part of my California teaching credential; however, I'm looking to head up the coast to Seattle, Washington and substitute teach and work as a bartender on the weekends while potentially going for my masters. So i have some questions:

Do we have any teachers here that can let me know what ill need to substitute teach in Seattle? Any 4 year students attending any Washington universities wanna share their university experience up in that...
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UW student here. Friends at uni's all over the state. What do you wanna know?
Dude you're not going to be able to afford to live up here
Depends on his living situation. I'm paying 710 rent and have a $175 a month food budget. Haven't seen a small studio for less than 1200 tho so good luck if you want to take that route.

File: map-sudan.jpg (19 KB, 270x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know a few of you guys have been to Sudan. It looks interesting with the Nile and the ruins, plus it's been a childhood dream of mine to see the Red Sea, and the snorkeling there looks unreal.
I don't have much money so I'd probably fly to Cairo since it's cheap, then hitchhike or whatever to get down to the Sudan, and mostly hang around the coast, then maybe take a boat down the Nile to get back to Cairo.
Here's what I like: deserts, pristine coastlines, friendly people, authentic food, visible culture. Does Sudan tick these boxes?
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Bump. Help me, Africabros.

Why not see the Red Sea from Aqaba in Jordan or Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt? Seems safer and less of a hassle than going to Sudan. I've heard it's a pain getting a Sudanese visa, and Egypt/Jordan have much better infrastructure.

Also isn't South Sudan one of the most dangerous countries in the world right now? It's been in a state of civil war for a few years now. I'd love to go to Ethiopia though.
>Is it worthwhile trying to see Ethipia/South Sudan while I'm in the area?
South Sudan is essentially impossible right now too. There's an ongoing civil war on the border. Ethiopia is doable, the border between Sudan and there is tricky too, though, at times.

I've always wanted to go to Iceland. What are some tips you could give a first time traveller?
>points of interest
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I'm planning to go to Iceland with my wife in september. We plan to rent a camper and drive the ring road
Is the weather so bad in september? we live in a tropical country, when it's 10ºC we are freezing... we got some thermal clothes
Is a week enough to drive the ring road?
Is it possible to see the northern lights in early september?
Is it illegal to park the camper on the side the road and sleep in there?

I'll be one week in Iceland, then another week in the Faroe Islands, it's a dream that soon will come true
also this

>Is the weather so bad in september? we live in a tropical country, when it's 10ºC we are freezing... we got some thermal clothes
It can vary week to week. Technically it is shoulder/off season, but you might luck out before November hits. It might be beautiful clear sunny nicely cool 50F days, might be 100% chance of rain, or might be an early start to winter. You pack windproof rain protection, like a waterproof hoodie/shell, on a 3-in-1 but most of your jaunts to the waterfall...
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I'm pushing to go through to Nagoya for my senior year for a semester and I was wondering if there is something I need to learn about Japan while I'm out there? Such as women, weather, food, etc.
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What sort of dumb fuck question is this? What sort of dim witted cock breath are you?
You need to learn everything, you fucking wanker. Living in Japan is like living on Mars, it's so different to the rest of the world. Do the Japanese a favour and stay at home and suckle on mummy's breast. The place don't need a worthless fuck knuckle like you.
You should learn everything you can about a country you're going to live in no matter what country it is. So to answer your question, you're damn right there's "something" you need to learn while there. There's many things. It's the same as anywhere.

While I agree with your general sentiment towards OP, what's with this bollocks--
>Living in Japan is like living on Mars, it's so different to the rest of the world.

Since when...
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>I just get so triggered anytime the "Japan-is-magic-moon-land-neon-robots-different-planet-muh-anime-crazy-perverted-schoolgirls" meme is projected. It's so tiring.
Agreed 100%. Problem is though, the Japanese themselves love to project this meme. Muh Galapagos.

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what's the best way to thoroughly learn the streets and landmarks of a city?

i'm moving to melbourne and even though it's easy mode i'm having trouble memorizing everything.

i want to be able to give reliable directions to tourists
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The best way for me is to use the streets. I can get a picture of the map in my head. But once I have been there that is when it really sticks. It doesnt matter how you get there, walking, on a bike, driving a car.
Use the streets, as anon said, that, landmarks and big-ass signs for hotels, bars, etc. How much are you planning to help them depends on them too. There are people in this world that can't find their arse with both hands.
Once there....review a map after you just "did something new" and you'll cement in the visual image of the layout and street names that cross intersections, with the street view images of being on the ground. It'll help with the awareness of going north, or whatever direction and make those memories longer term.

Which cards are best for travel? Should I become a loyalist and get a specific airline card? Which airlines offer the best cards and rewards? Is it better to just have a generic card that earns small amount of miles?

I'm American btw and do most domestic travel.
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Sorry op I don't know. I hope you find the answer soon though :)
Why would you need a specific card for domestic travel? Just use whatever card you use for your day to day spending. If your trying to accrue points wouldnt you want to use the card for everything?
Barclays got me a free round trip to Sweden. Spend 3k in 3 months and you get x amount of points towards any form of travel. No black out dates, any airline, boat, etc, because you spend the points with Barclays. Meaning you save up $125 worth of points? Simple deduct that from the cost of a travel expense.

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Posted this on /out/ but they told me to go here.

I need to make an emergency road trip from Atlanta to New Jersey on Saturday. Drive is about 13 hours straight without stopping, so with breaks and whatnot, I'm going to say it'll be closer to 15 hours.

I have frozen and cold food that I bought a few days ago before I knew I'd have to leave. About $80-100 worth of cold food in the fridge so I want to bring it with me. Could a foam cooler like this packed with ice keep my food safe for that long?
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Yeah it'll be fine, you might need to change the Ice at some point and it'll probably leak so keep a towel under it.
you'll be fine mate. The frozen stuff might thaw out a little bit but should still be able to re freeze.

As a cu/ck/ I can safely say there is no risk of cross contamination or food borne illnesses from your refrigeration method, even if it was frozen chicken or pork. As long as the storage stays below 5 c which it will, your food's fine.

The trip doesn't sound like a fun vacation, so I'm sorry to hear about it. Chin up, anon.
(5c is 41F)

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Howdy all
I invite you also to the English or Polish version of this www.mtkosciuszko.org.au website. You will find there a lot of information about the conquest of Mt Kosciuszko the highest peak of Australia, and about Paul Edmund Strzelecki the explorer who gave the mountain its name.
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Some fun facts for you lad, Mt Kosciuszko isn't the highest peak of Australia, thats Mt. Mawson. And even then, Mt Kosciuszko wasn't always the highest mountain on mainland australia. There was a mixup with the naming of the mountains based off the original mapping with it and Mt Townsend. Mt Kosciuszko was proclaimed to be the highest mountain of australia so they just switched the 2 names
I think you mean dayhike
Is it possible to bike up to the top of the mountain?

Hi /trv/, first time here.

In a few weeks, the situation may arise when I have to choose between being sent to Madrid for 6/12 months
on a job, or to Dubai for the same time.

I'm having a hard time deciding which to go for.

A bit of background:

>Software developer

As an Italian, Madrid would possibly be the obvious choice since spanish has a very high cross-intelligibility
with italian.

On the other hand, Madrid is...
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If you value adventure, go to Dubai. You will be bored though, there is little to do besides shop and look at expensive things. On the other hand you will have cheap flights to all of Asia at your disposal for weekend getaways.

Of course Spain will be much more fun but it may not be as exhilarating to go somewhere that is a day's drive away vs another continent. Idk your decision. Spain will be more fun but Dubai will be more "different" and is one of the only safe ways to travel to Arabia, granted

>On the other hand you will have cheap flights to all of Asia at your disposal for weekend getaways.

I didn't even think about that. Great tip.
Dubai is full of money obsessed expat cunts do if that sounds like you then go for it.

Although it's the most liberal UAE country it's still UAE so need to be careful about certain things.

The buildings are pretty amazing though.

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Hi! I'm going to Rapidcity SD This summer, and i was wondering if anybody knew some good bars, or other cool places? I'm visiting my moms friend from highschool, so i Got all the turist stuff covered. But i'm 23 and She is my moms age, so i daubt She would be ready to go to bars and stuff.
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File: 1350103736424.gif (22 KB, 490x482) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Rapid is awesome! I'm there every summer to visit my mom. I dont remember any of the name's of bars in particular but a night on the town is great. Downtown rapid is kinda small but can pack a punch with all the collages around it. Just bar hop on the weekend and take one of the painting classes they have there and have a great time!
Thanks for reply! Do you have any idea how it is for foreigners to go out? Do people wonna talk and stuff? Or is it more Like a "closed party"
isn't south dakota like the rape capital of the usa next to alaska? with rapid city and sioux falls being the worst?

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Here's the deal: I'm a 19 year old college kid who wants to have a damn fun spring break. My uncle owns a house down in Acapulco and generally wants me to come down and visit family. Considering most of my family is from Guerrero, it's meaningful to visit down there. But the dilemma is I keep up with the news and keep hearing pretty ugly stuff about the area, even for tourists. Is it still sprawling with cartels to where I shouldn't go at all? Also, I might have friends interested in coming with me, would it be too dangerous for them?
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Shameless self bump
Yeah, Acapulco basically has the biggest cartel presence that's far from the US border...and it's because of all the Western tourists who become their customers.
So I'm guessing bad vacation spot for my young white American friends huh?

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