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I just applied for a job as a receptionist in hostel in the center of Berlin. Does somebody have experiences with this? What do I have to expect?
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It's not high-brow or demanding work. But if you're outgoing, you can have fun whenever you like.
did you already do this? mind sharing some stories?
I found her standing in the doorway. Cute little thing, about 5'5" and 120 pounds. Red hair.

We ended up in a hostel private room that wasn't booked for that night. Only problem was she was autistic and her handler was looking for her the whole time.

Knew how to rub a chub though. Good for her.

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What's there to do in New Mexico? Thinking of taking a weekend trip up there (Texasfag)
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National parks. Santa Fe is touristy as hell.
>Truth or Consequences
What is wrong with these people.
Radioshow stuff. Some kind of contest.

Santa Fe is shit, fake. Unless you are an old person you won't like it.

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Why are there no cities like Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai in the US?
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Well there's Vancouver, which is near the US
why are there no asian cities in the us?
what's your criteria?
there's new york, which has similar population density but i still don't know what you mean
New York, LA, Boston, Miami

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Updated/Continuation of Thread

I currently live in Toronto, Canada as a fresh college graduate with my mother downtown and I am debating if I should start my career here or in San Jose, California.


The career I am pursuing is a police officer. Cops in Toronto start off at 58k CAD which is 44k USD. Cops in San Jose start off at 84k USD which is 110k CAD.

If I were to join Toronto Police, I would have to stay 6 years to reach 110k CAD when San Jose starts at that salary (84k USD). If I were to stay 6 years in...
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Things to think of.
If you are a police officer they may require you to live in the city you serve, the city I live in in us requires this, though there are ways around it.
Also Canada is much safer with less violence possibly why they make less money. Also have you thought about competition? I didn't think it was that easy to just get a police position in a large city, but if you are qualified then go for it. Also, the Bay Area/San Jose have many many towns and suburbs, Mayb keep checking the job postings/city websites of all of them as well.
Thanks for your input. Yes, obviously Toronto is safer than San Jose. I chose San Jose because its one of the highest paying cities in California beside the other factors.
And they're willing to pay more for another cop cause its probably a shitty area with too much violence and not enough ppl are applying

itt ur favorite ( or one of ) place in the world and where u would like to live or vacation and explore and hang out in
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>favorite place in the world
Lower Blue Ridge Mountain range, from north GA, through east TN and west NC, up to about middle VA
>where you would like to live
Same (seems like an obvious answer following the first question), specifically east NC near Asheville
>where you would like to vacation
The Swiss Alps
>where u would like to explore
Same? We'll go with the northern Rockies,...
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Western Santa Catarina (southern Brazil).
Such great people, town-like cities, mild cold weather, blonde girls, beta guys.

Now I live in a place full of smelly native indians, women here are waay uglier than south

>Where I'd like to explore
I dunno why, but that fucking chinese desert on Tibet seems interesting and unexplored enough
I would like to travel to the UK, London probably, but am really put off with the whole immigrant situation.

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Hello guys, from past lack of money or friends I never traveled in my life, always delaying it for a better time. I live in Israel and it was always my dream to visit places like Venice, Rome, Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin and a couple others that don't currently come to mind. (yeah I know, entry level places, but its a start)
Suddenly one of my friends decided to get married and have the ceremony in two months in Bled, Slovenia. Now as beautiful and interesting this place seems, it's nowhere near my list of destinations. Plus the flight there is about 1.5x more expensive...
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Venice is one of those entry-level places and it's great. So yea, go there.

If you have a bit more time, check out tickets to Milano. Not much to see tehre but it's cheaper to fly into and you can see Verona on your way to Venice.

On the way to Bled also check out Triest and Koper - they are next to each other.

train and bus tickets - a few days in advance. WIth some cheap bus companies it's worth checking a few weeks in advance .

Also check blablacar for car sharing. It's very popular in Europe. Most rides appear just a few days...
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Fist off, thank you so much for the reply, I'll check out the sites and the cities. Trieste and koper sound like a solid midway destination, but as for milano from what I see it doesn't matter as much if I fly there or Venice, will look more into it.
As a first time traveler, a paranoid one at that, you should go ahead and book all the transport, if not all your accommodation. It'll help you to relax about it all hanging over you. Summer is THE time to be a tourist in these major cities as every school kid is out of school, so expect it to be hot and annoyingly hot with high prices and high occupancy and crowds. I wouldn't go to Rome or Venice in the summer (but you could).

Is price an issue or just going to hit off your biggest favorite dreams...
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adachi time.png
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Hey /trv/. I made this thread on /pol/ yesterday and it went about how you would expect from pol.

You see, 2 years ago when I got my job I told myself i'd try to save $5000 to begin my dream of going to Japan. I picked up a second job in 2015 and worked relentlessly, about 40 hours a week. I didn't buy a car, walked home (i'm 90 minutes from work walk-wise) and cut my spending to just food and bus tickets.

Now, 2 years later, i'm finally at my $5000 personal goal. What a ride.

So, now I want to "begin" my journey. I'll...
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Don't quit your jobs until you've got another job lined up (or a place at a university for your bachelors).

Have you actually been to Japan yet? Why not travel there first and figure out if the country is the way you expected it to be.
>*Join the navy/military and hope to get stationed in japan. If not, they'll pay for your 4 year bachelor's degree when you get out
You could try this. Seems kinda like a waste of the past 2 years though. Maybe if you took a vacation there with the money then joined the military after you knew for sure you were making the right choice?

>*Move out of America and go somewhere else to get a bachelor's degree. A bachelor's degree is a requirement...
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>Why not travel there first

I was saving up for a 14 day trip.

However. Do you think I will go to japan for 14 days, spend $3000, come back, and say "Holy crap that was awesome and totally worth 2 years of suffering. Now let's do 2 more years of suffering to make our 5k back"

Probably not. I'll probably be exhausted, give up my dream, and buy a car and settle down. Right now, this might actually be a "once in a lifetime chance" to reach...
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so I'm planning my first trip to europe, hopefully to happen late august-december of this year. I'll be backpacking and mostly taking trains/public transport or short flights. I'd like some outside perspective because honestly the route looks like kind of a mess right now (to be fair this mapping program is shit) and also I have no idea what i'm doing. so, if this were your trip, what would you add/cut from it?
also just general advice for backpacking europe I guess.
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here's the actual rough outline since i realize that map is really shit
- I'd spend less time in England on this trip, London'll be enough
- Paris is largely an Arab/Gipsy tourist trap these days, just saying. (I seriously thought I woke up in Kabul last time I got off the bus in Montmartre)
- Skip Luxembourgh, nothing to see there
- For the love of god skip Brussels, any Belgian will concur, have Antwerp as your base instead, and see Bruges and Ghent, and the coast from there
- Amsterdam is fun, go to Haarlem or up north in the province to see something else of Holland,...
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Dublin is a good starting point and 2-3 days are okay. And in general there is nothing wrong with the places you want to visit. But you make the same mistake as most "first trip to Europe" guys. You rush it.
You want to spend 2 days "in a region". Sounds good. But you will end up spending one day to arrive and one day to depart and have no day left to actually see something. So better slow down a bit and at cut half of your targets from your list. Or more.
Think about your priorities. Where do you really want to go? What is essential? What is just...
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Hey Amsterdam bros!
I'm staying near the airport and am looking for good sights plus best method of travel to the city and back to the hotel.
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take the train
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if it´s Ibis hotel you need to take a taxi as it´s next to the highway and you can´t walk via the highway to the airport.

And the buses there are shit. I once stayed there 3 days for a business meeting..
The hotel is literally beside the airport, can't think of the name though.

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Thinking about traveling to Thailand for 9-10 days, is there anything/anywhere you guys would recommend or that I should avoid?
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Avoid: Phuket. There are plenty of beach places which are not ruined by tourists and scams.

Chiang mai
Almost any island
If oppossed to Thai hookers, stay away from Pattaya.

If looking for Thai hookers, go to Pattaya.

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Things to do in Bologna?
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> Find a good local restaurant
> Eat Pasta with Ragù alla Bolognese at lunch
> Visit a random church
> Eat Tortellini in brodo at dinner
> Go Home
Visiting the towers is a must, though the climb up is precarious. Also, you should take a train to Faenza, it's gorgeous, I went there with my grandad to locate the nearby war memorial and I fell in love with that little town.

I am going on a road trip with one of my best friends this summer.

We take my Ford Sierra to a distance of max 3000km from Holland. We will stay at campings and hostels along the way thus the travel itself is already cool.
Just missing: a destination.

/trv/ I need a place that holds dark secrets or is haunted or whatsoever. I need a place that leaves impressions like Pripyat or catacombs of Paris has left me.
I asked around, most of the suggestions I get are very touristic and have no real excitement like I search for. It's is kinda hard...
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Try Russia? i'm sure you will find lots of suffering there
Russia is huge, I would need a specific place or such instead of just wandering around.
File: paris-catacombs26.jpg (737 KB, 600x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>catacombs of Paris

Did you only visit the touristic, organized part or did you venture in the closed areas ?

I'm planning on bike touring Europe in October (around 40 days). I'm taking the Rhine Cycle Route up to Switzerland from Rotterdam, then going down to Marseille via the Rhone. I'll be doing it in a shoestring budget, camping/couchsurfing when possible and cooking most of my meals. I have a question though, that will have a deep impact on my planning:

Are Germany and France safe to wander around with the ongoing refugee/migrant crisis? I'm not just talking about getting pick pocketed by Romanians in tourist traps. I'm talking about accidentally...
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Amsterdam, well - if you must. Rotterdam is interesting, just chain up your bike. Arnhem is boring as fuck and literally without any significant landmarks or anything to view or do. Swap it out for The Hague.

Arnhem is right on the cycle route. I'll probably just sleep in the vicinity and depart then. The Hague is on the way from Amsterdam to Rotterdamn, though, so I'll probably check it out.

Do train stations in big cities offer lockers and bike racks to keep things safe?
Sorta, everyone dumps their bike anywhere. Just find somewhere to lock it up that is in plain sight of other people.

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I'm wanting to move to Finland and yet i have never been out side of my own country and I'm scared if i do end up wanting to live there i wont have what i need :/

so what do i need? and should i start teaching myself Finnish now?
will i be able to find work there?

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Finn here. It would be easier to answer the work question if you would tell where you are from/what is your nationality.
So if you're an EU citizen, then you can work,study etc. At least by legal issues, because then we get to the other point: language.

Finnish is weird, unique language, found to be very hard to learn by everyone (except estonians, their language is pretty much the same)
If you work as a cook/cleaner and jobs where you're not excepted to serve customers, english will do fine. And there is quite a few english speaking bartenders in the...
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i'm from Australia and i have german back ground :/
finland is a shithole desu

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Can you guys recommend any amusement parks in eastern and southern Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, and Hungary? I need places to lighten up after all of the concentration camps.
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Honestly, I don't think there are any noteworthy amusement parks in the area. Best you'll get is a decent coaster or two and than a bunch of generic rides in the vein of top spins etc
You either satisfy yourself with meh parks like Energylandia in Zator or Vidampark in Budapest, or aim higher and make your way to western Germany to visit Europapark or Heidepark.
I see. Oh well, I know there's at least a decent water park or something near Munich.
Maybe the zoo will fix the mood?

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