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Tell me about Saint Petersburg. I'm thinking of going there for a weekend in February, when the plane tickets are cheapest but the maximum average temperature is -3c. As a big history nerd, is it one of the best places in the world for me to experience?
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it's been about 15 years, so i'm probably a bit out of date, but i went in february and weather was cool but not unbearable as long as you're prepared for it (intermittant snow flurries and sun), and as a fellow history buff it was amazing. whole city center was built c. 1703 iirc, so it's all gorgeous georgian architecture, hermitage is stunning, canals and side streets are great to explore, and every touristy kitsch (sp?) store has (had, don't know if they still do this) free vodka samples, so just wander from one to another and get smashed. balticas...
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February is really not the good time.
Not only is it cold (and rainy!), it is also dark most of the "day".

As a big history nerd, you probably shouldn't have included a picture of Moscow in a thread about st Pt, specifically of a cathedral in Moscow that was built in the 21st century
St. Petersburg feels more European and less Russian, I preferred Moscow.

File: Karlsbron-Prag.jpg (676 KB, 1701x1276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hello! I'm planning a travel to Prague for the weekend and I need some recommendations on doing. Hit me up with anything!
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Cross Club
Nobody's been to Praha?
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what about this?

File: glory to ukraine.jpg (127 KB, 960x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
glory to ukraine.jpg
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I'm traveling through Eastern and Central Europe with my girlfriend for 22 days this summer.
Can /trv/ critique our itinerary and offer suggestions as far as switching cities, the number of days, or general recommendations in the following places?

The days in Ukraine are more or less set in stone and my girlfriend will have a visa from Slovakia so we need to visit there as well.
We also both want to visit Prague...but otherwise, I am very much open to suggestions.

>Kyiv, Ukraine - 5 days
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I've been to Bratislava for like 4 hours and thought it was plenty.

btw, Krakow is really small. Really nice but really small.
I'm interesting in something in this region.
Why not Lublin, anon?
>Why not Lublin, anon?
I actually asked about Lublin in a /v4/ thread on /int/ and I was told to skip it for Krakow.

File: turkey-road-map.gif (546 KB, 1800x938) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I plan on traveling alone to Turkey in the summer of 2017. On my journey, I want to travel to areas with large Alevi populations, the Hatay province and the city of Konya. What are the best ways I can save money on food and travel while I'm there and what is the best mode of transportation?
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pretend to be a refugee

free citizenship for any eu country

sell passport for said country

go someplace nicer than turkey with the money
I thought about this. And given my looks I could pass as an Arab, just a few problems:
1. Libyans are likely to dump you en route to Greece
2. They will send an interpreter to interview you, how do you explain not knowing your "local" language?

File: hawaiikayak.jpg (54 KB, 510x417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /trv/

I'm visiting the Big Island of Hawaii for the first time in June and I am looking for good spots to snorkel and swim. I've noticed the coast is very rocky, so I'm concerned about wasting time finding good beaches while I'm there. Does anyone know of any good beaches for swimming and snorkeling?

We have nice water shoes, so the beach doesn't have to be great, just good swimming and snorkeling. I am a strong swimmer, but my partner is not, so nothing dangerous please.

Any tips on things to do on the Big Island also appreciated.
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where on the big island?
are you going to have a car?

We'll have a car. Our hotel is in Kona, but we will be making day trips to other parts of the island, like Waimea, Hilo and the east and south parts, so we'll go anywhere on the island if it's cool.
coastal canyons on the northern tip are awesome hikes, waterfalls near hilo are cool (hilo itself is pretty shitty, ghetto and unwelcoming), seeing actual molten lava in the southeast is fucking mindblowing, stand up paddle boarding out of the kona harbor sounds dumb but is actually amazing (go on a day with no chop if it's your first time), basically any beach near kona is going to be great. google map/google earth is your friend for scouting them before the trip.

File: 20160517_230545.jpg (4 MB, 5312x2988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Getting stoned on good weed for the last time in who knows how many years (smoking a quarter, going to be good and high when I fly).

My fiances water broke 9 hours ago and is currently in labor with our first child. 3 weeks early and looks like she'll be here before I get back to Hat Yai.

Going to be an extremely hectic weekend. I'm so excited though. Going to start teaching in November. Going to spend a few months travelling with my family (my mom is flying out with me for 2 months, my dad is coming in a month for a month) once the baby can. My parents...
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Good for you!
>taking very young children travelling

Unless you are hotel stays only (probably not on a teaching job salary) everyone is going to hate you.

Just FYI. Expect some hate.
Congrats on getting stoned. And thank you for sharing that.

File: mexico.png (75 KB, 1000x571) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So, I was planning on driving around Arizona and New Mexico, and I figured out that one of my areas I would be near is the Sasabe Border Checkpoint.

This is in north Sonora, right on the border. I don't have much interest in travel inside Mexico, but I do want to get that passport stamp, and I'll be close. I'm just worried about the safety, plus what the customs might think of me driving across the checkpoint, and then right back an hour or so later.

Anyone ever been? Sasabe Border Checkpoint is the least used on the border, I've heard an average...
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I'm also going to have to contact my recruiter, but I'm going to BMT in a few months and wondering if having a Mexico passport stamp will raise eyebrows. I didn't think it was against the rules, but someone did tell me that it was forbidden for people in the military to go.
And I guess one last question; Do I need a special drivers license to drive into Mexico? I'd literally be driving in and then back.

The car is a rental, and I'd ask about it there for insurance.
Your u.s license will be fine in mexico, the car has to have a permission slip but I think that's only if you go past the states lines on the other end so you might be fine if you're just going to the border, as for the checkpoint you might be fine if you tip the guy. Traveling is dangerous at night, you'd have to be unlucky to get stopped by cartels at night and even more so during the day

I'm on my first real trip ever (28 years old) and I feel nothing. Visited relatives in South Carolina for a few days, did a day in Charleston, now in Boston. The supposedly interesting stuff is just buildings, restaurants, or museums or whatever. Kinda nice but not worth coming to see. Everything is loud, people are shitty, and I've felt like shit since I've got here. I thought I'd love diving into major American cities and seeing the culture and history and everything does nothing at all for me.

I guess I should have struck to rural travel. Or just...
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You have to get stranger senpai. Travel to some crazy exotic country instead of going to two of the most boring cities in america
Try Silicon Valley if you want to see an insane microcosm, but honestly I think you would be interested in either going rural or getting the fuck out of America. Where are you from originally?
Suburb of Pittsburgh, though i live in Anchorage now, military reasons. Prettyuch never left beforehand, aside from some childhood trips. Outside of them, I lived briefly in Texas and about a year and a half in Monterey CA. I really hate heat. Alaska and Monterey Bay both had amazing weather, though not as much rain as I'd like.

I was originally gonna drift around the UK or something for a month (max I could get at once) but it had been 2 years without a vacation or seeing family so I thought to try and...
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File: halp.png (118 KB, 621x733) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Touching down in Los Angeles airport next month. Will be spending nearly two months as an exchange student with weekends free. Basically,
>where go
>what do
>how much should I bring
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Lived my whole life in the orange.

If you're a naturefag, go to Yosemite and Grand Sequoia in the central eastern part hugging Nevada. Camp for a few days and hike around.

If you like popculture and urban stuff, obviously LA and SF. Sacramento is cool for a day trip because of the old western theme. Also San Diego has some cool shit like an aircraft carrier and a good zoo. Plus you can go 45 minutes south and check out the shit hole that is Tijuana and the border.

Northern California (past...
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That's nice, the college I'm going to is in Orange County. How much would it cost to get to Yosemite from there? Also, how much money should I bring and are domestic flights the best way to get around even within state boundaries?
Since I'm right in the middle of the coast, I tend to just drive wherever. However, since you're so far south it'd probably take 8-10 hours to drive to Yosemite. Really anything travel over 7 hours to drive is best just flown. But it really depends on your preferences (if your time is limited, fly. If not, drive. But the San Joaquin valley is boring af so be prepared). You'll be next to LAX and I can't imagine tickets for intrastate travel being over $200.

Also, if you make any friends,...
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Hello /trv/
I plan on visiting Montreal, Canada next weekend and I have a few questions:

1. Do locals mind speaking English? or do they treat it the same way people in France treat English speakers?
I know enough French to order food and make small talk, but eventually I would exhaust my vocabulary.

2. What are must-see attractions /trv/ recommends?

3. What are important norms to keep in mind? (e.g. talking on public transport, general manners etc.)

Any other suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you!
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>Hello /trv/

>1. Do locals mind speaking English? or do they treat it the same way people in France treat English speakers?

In Montreal, you will experience no language barriers unless you are way out in the suburbs. Outside of Montreal, it's expected that you make some sort of effort to speak French, in smaller towns you will be stonewalled if your French isn't fluent. So as long as you stay in town, you'll be alright.

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i thought that was celine dion
I speak French so I've never experienced 'rude' Quebeckers until I went out with my Anglo friends. It's true sometimes you'll be treated differently. Not so much rude but maybe just... not friendly.

If you're from the states you're fine. It's the Ontarians they dislike. Hard to tell the difference.

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My dad and I planned a trip for a couple days in Quebec and spent 14 hours driving up there. We stop at a restaurant 2 hours from the border to eat lunch and his passport is stolen.

I take it I can't shmooze Canadian border patrol? I have my passport and my birth certificate with his name on it and we both have licenses but I didn't wanna waste our time if it's 100% futile.
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Pretty sure Canada won't care but good luck getting back into the US.
in my experience, canadian border police were more strict than the americans. the canadians made us get out of the car so they could search and the americans were super lax.

could be because quebecois are assholes
comfirmed for know shit. Canada customs are professional tier, and don't fuck about.

File: iYOXpB3.gif (270 KB, 452x332) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Specifically the Tokyo area
>What should I check out while I'm there
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Don't post in the Japan general or anything
Japan general is just a bunch of ignorant weaboos so really if you want good info or civil discussion you shouldnt go there. Ever.
File: Hanayashiki.jpg (5 MB, 4320x2432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 MB, 4320x2432
My specialty is amusement parks, so here are my tips for Tokyo on that topic:

Tokyo Disney Resort: per hardcore theme park fans who travel the world just to ride rides (yes, these freaks of nature exist), the two theme parks in Tokyo Disney are the Holy Grail of theme parks.

Tokyo Dome City: baseball stadium complex flanked by amusement zones. One of them has Thunder Dolphin, the biggest roller coaster in the Tokyo area, which rides along and dips over the tops of skyscrapers.

Sega Joypolis: giant arcade with one ride that is part arcade game, part looping roller coaster (an actual roller coaster, not a simulation).

Hanayashiki: oldest amusement park in Japan (dates back to being a flower garden in the mid-1800s). It also has the oldest roller coaster in the country, which dates back to the 1950s. It's a very small park, though, so don't plan your whole day around it.

There are a couple of other decent parks in and around Tokyo, but these are the most notable ones.

File: tourism map.jpg (79 KB, 935x588) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tourism map.jpg
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Map related -- does this surprise anybody else?

(Map lists their source for data, I found it here: http://www.bofaml.com/content/dam/boamlimages/documents/articles/ID16-305/bofaml_transforming_world_atlas_2nd_edition.pdf
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I don't get why anyone would want to goto France
Spain is really surprising to me. In fact, I don't believe it. Even though it is a great country.
Why is Spain Surprising? It is basically the S. America/Caribbean of Europe. Everyone goes there for beaches and cheap resort vacations. Ibiza, Andalucia, Barcelona, Madrid. These places are full of tourists. Have you been to Spain?

File: greatbritain.png (4 KB, 260x301) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm thinking about visiting several places in the UK next month, and I was wondering how many days it would be worth to stay in the places I had in mind. I was thinking of going to London for a few days (which I've been to twice already), then seeing Oxford and/or Cambridge, Bath, Bristol (maybe), Manchester and/or York, and then Edinburgh. I imagine Oxford and Cambridge can be hit in a single day, but what about the others? Should I add some other places that might be better? I wouldn't mind going somewhere with some great nature like the Lakes District, either....
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Edinburgh requires at least two days, though most of the rest can be done in a day or even half a day. It really depends what kind of pace you want togo, if you want to take a few extra days to just relax in nice places then maybe stay an extra day in York and Bath

How are you travelling? Be aware that the trains are very expensive, and slow if you're going off the beaten track.
Thanks for the advice. Everything you said sounds about right to me.

I haven't really decided yet, but I was thinking about taking the bus. I know it'll probably take quite a long time travelling from place to place, but I imagine it's quite a bit cheaper. Do you agree or should I try some other means of transportation?
Oh, and also -- if I had to choose between Oxford and Cambridge, which is more worth seeing?

File: mapHistory.png (207 KB, 920x661) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Go to Google Maps (or Apple equivalent)
>Get location history

This is like a variation of the county map thread but way easier to do
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File: Untitled.png (670 KB, 1004x1107) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
670 KB, 1004x1107


Not really sure what's up with mine. It doesn't include MANY of the places I've visited. For example, I lived in Delhi and it doesn't show very many checkins, even though I had data and frequently used Google products. Literally no history for cities like Srinagar, Belgrade, Kolkata, Bangkok, et cetera.
File: Untitled.png (310 KB, 829x1180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
310 KB, 829x1180


It also doesn't show any of the road trip I just took. Does this only work if you're using an Android device?
I think your device needs to be signed in to your Google account, have location tracking turned on (the default), and probably needs location/GPS enabled as well? My wife has always had an iPhone and her history is there.

Mine is missing a handful of places too, so I'm not sure what any other requirements may be

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