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I'm gonna be out in the Raleigh/Apex/Cary area for a few days. Any places around there worth checking out? I'm hoping to find something a little on the urban explorer side.
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a few nice parks in the college area. thats all i can think of
Yeah, I'm not sure, OP. Though i will throw in a plug for durham, which I visit every two months or so to see friends. It's much smaller than raleigh but has a pretty good restaurant and bar scene, a well known minor league baseball team, the really pretty duke campus and gardens, good local music, and some other cool stuff I'm sure. Have a good trip wherever you go.
Museum in Raleigh has the only mounted Acrocanthosaurus skeleton n display anywhere in the world, if you are into that sort of thing.

They had gotten a grant to bid on acquiring Sue, the Tyrannosaurus now in the Field Museum, and got into a bidding war for that -- Field had deeper pockets, and there sat Raleigh with all this money and here comes somebody finding a decent and fairly complete Acro. Not as big as a T. rex, but still -- only one in the world.

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I'm in Spain via Workaway ATM.
Yesterday I wasn't feeling well and today I decided to have a day off, because fuck it.
Tonight my host came home and asked what I had been doing all day, so I said "Nothing". And she answered "You should do more."
I didn't answer, because I don't care. I'm here because I didn't want to stay home, not to work. I know this isn't the most righteous thing but it's my first day off after 15 days.

What do you think?

(I don't expect you to be kind, but whatever)
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OP here. I wasn't being that specific, I don't have a contract or things like that. It was more of a "fuck you host" post.
Plus, I decided not to eat this evening and they didn't ask me if I wanted to.
That's rude but who cares I guess
Nah dude I just left barcelona after 5 days and that was 4 days and 14 hours to long , there were 9 hours that a did enjoy and that was mainly the beach and the sigrada Familia. So don't feel bad. Just do you. Ps.live mas haha

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Greetings fellow /trv/ellers!
I've come to the conclusion that travelling with a large backpack is not for me. I'm a photographer with a lot of seriously heavy gear in my photo backpack. Therefore, a second backpack for my clothes and other stuff is not exactly easy to handle.
I'm looking for a large (120L or more) suitcase for my future travels. Should be a hardshell case so any souvenirs I put inside don't easily break.
Wheels are a must. The lighter the better. Any suggestions?
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backpack desu
Just get a 35L backpack and wash your 2 changes of clothes in the sink, you stupid faggot.
Fuck you retard. I'm not a backpacker. I go full /out/ on my travels, so I need something to put camping & fishing gear in for the flight.

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Hey /trv/, first time poster. For my senior year in highschool, our french and Spanish classes are travelling to Peru. We're hitting Lima, Cuzco, Sacred Valley, and finally Machu Picchu over 7 days. I think the travel company is WorldStrides. Can anyone share some similar experiences? It'll be my first time out of the U.S.
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Ah, you're heading to Peru! Wonderful place, nice views. Especially from the top of Machu Picchu. For some cultural do's and don't's:

DO NOT carry around valuables or wear expensive jewelry.
DO NOT walk around shirtless. Dress informally.
DO NOT use "indio" or "indios" to refer to the natives. Those are considered derogatory to them.
DO NOT DRINK TAP WATER. Buy the bottled variant instead.
Here's a big one.
DO NOT, AND I MEAN DO NOT be offended by the word "Gringo" (foreigner; white person)

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Reading for pleasure before going can enhance the fun of being in the place where those books were set. Go the library and order a few of these to peruse them properly before reading or buying one.
I suggest Lost City of the Incas, since it's the travel document of the guy who discovered the ruins in the 50s. Three Letters from the Andes is also interesting. Sometimes seeing a country after someone else is enlightening, as travelers explore for different reasons...
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Afternoon guys, I have a quick question. I am wanting to travel and Ireland, I have traveled to 41 out of 50 states here in the U.S and I accomplished this by the age of 25. I am wanting to know how i could make this trip happen, what steps do I need to take and what do I need to do before hand ? Tips and advice from anyone who has traveled before will be greatly appreciated. I do have certifications here (EMT,) but I doubt they would carry over. Anyway, all advice and tips welcome, Thanks!
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Your post is confusing. Are you looking to travel or live in Ireland? Two different things, of course.

You need to rent/own a car to see Ireland properly. Too many towns to cover that only have 1 day of sights, and the trains and buses aren't scheduled right for you. It should take 1 week for each hemisphere of the country, maybe 2-3 weeks for the whole country if you're luxuriously doing it all at once. Go at shoulder seasons and you should find the B&Bs lovely and quite affordable, though the...
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I want to live there and see the country for maybe a year or so. I got several skills that I have but I am sure I have to get recertifed to work in the EU or N. Ireland. Any suggestions on income? I'm all ears. Also, I was not aware that getting employed there would be so hard. Is it just because there is smalls town scattered everywhere?
I'll check that author out, I am trying to be there within six months =/

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I wanna travel to the USA and see the beautiful landscapes like Montana. Any tips which places i should go to and how much money i should take with me.
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Here we go...

Utah is a must, pretty much every national park there is pretty incredible and worth seeing.

Drive the Pacific Coast Highway.
this is so gay and wrong

hey /trv/,

I'll be going to Rhodos for 1 week with my gf in july. Any tips on what we really shouldn't miss?
Also, does anybody know what the situation is regarding immigrants?
I know that there's quite a lot there, but does it really effect the tourist areas?
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Lindos and Rhodos City are prette nice. Falikraki has a lot of great beaches and there are some lonely beaches at the south of it. Faliraki itself is a typical tourist town, I think almost no Greek actually lives there. I also enjoyed driving through the Island there are lovely villages and beautiful nature on the way. Just take a shitton of water with you. If you want to eat something buy some fruits from Greeks you see on the way. Its cheap, they are poor so you are helping them and its fucking tasty. I bought one...
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thanks! will look into it. We'll be staying in Rhodos city. Is going out for diner cheap or expensive due to all the tourists?
It depends. You can probably spend a lot of money on food if you eat at the usual tourist traps, but it was actually easy to find a cheap dinner.
On another note, half of russia seems to spend their freetime at Rhodos. It's quite bizarre to see russian shops on a Greek Isle. I spoke to some Greeks and they told me that it was the same with Germans in the 80's and 90's. So don't be suprised when someone starts speaking to you in Russian.

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I go to Houston for some uni stuff soon, and I'll have about two weeks to travel afterwards. I don't drive, and I will be travelling alone. What cities/places around Houston are okay without a car? I'm considering New Orleans.
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New Orleans should be okay without a car. Houston is too big and hot to be waiting on meager transit. Light rail isn't that extensive. Get a driving licence at home so you can rent a car.
Cool, I probably will go to New Orleans. Amtrak and Megabus (sounds fishy, but eh) seem to be possible. During my stay in Houston I will be with other people, and we'll have a car.

Any idea about San Antonio / Dallas / Austin?
Austin and San Antonio are fun. Lots of traffic I. Austin. New Orleans is cool too. I'm about 2 hours from there. Never go, but still fun when I do

I'm going in Slovenia this summer in Ljubljana for 7/10 days, do you have any specific advice?
I saw on internet some recommendations about the town of Bled for its landscape, it is a beautiful city?
Should I book a day or two to go to the coast?
thank you.
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Slovenia is quite a small country so getting to around is very quick. If you can, rent a car for a few days and with it you can easily visit Bled and/or coastal towns. If you go to Bled, make sure you also visit lake Bohinj. Bled is nice, but there's really nothing that special about it other than the lake and the castle. You can also visit Koper which is a coastal town. From there you can easily visit Trieste in Italy or Croatia, since they're both very near.

Enjoy your time there, Slovenia is amazing.
must see:
Goriška brda
>best wine in this part of eu
>also bridge with the largest stone arch in the way there, Solkan
>small and old coastal city, Koper is crap
>metelkova street, unique underground scene
>both cites are shitty but nature is awesome also google blejski vintgar
>Postonjska jama; very noise cave
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I went to Ljubljana and Bled at around about this time last year. Ljubljana is very nice but there's not actually that much to do there - it's a great place to chill out for a little bit, but not too exciting (unless I missed out on something). From what I can remember, Metelkova is interesting and worth a visit, and the walking tour is good for learning about some of the history of Slovenia (and Yugoslavia). Other than that there's not too much to recommend.

Bled is very nice, but quite touristy. I didn't visit it myself, but I heard from others that...
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Hey there, friendo.
I'm going to visit Amsterdam in a couple of weeks, and I was wondering if there was anywhere inparticular you were impressed with if you went there. I am looking to smoke a lot of weed, so if there's a specific place that's for that, let me know.
As well as that, I'll be heading to the dungeons, and the heineken factory; but if there's anywhere that's as good, please let me know. Thank you, you'd be a great help. I can help you with your programming homework if you want(pretty much my only skill) in exchange for help...
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amsterdam is a pretty cool city but as with most cities in the netherlands, it's relatively small compared to other country's cities, which means that you can see a hell of a lot more in the same span of time.
as soon as you walk out of the central station, you should walk towards the oude kerk (old church) on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal. you will be amazed that there is this much prositution literally next to a church.
Even though I live in the netherlands I don't get to amsterdam often so I can't really give good recommendations, but here are a few...
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I am not OP and I am going to Amsterdam next week (graduation trip with my class). Do you know about any good souvenir shops that don't rip you off with cheap stuff? (Want some souvenirs for my family) and what is a good souvenir anyway? Those wooden shoes(as a keychain or whatever is all I can think of and tulips won't last that long)
Also what is your national dish? I went to London last year and a local told me that the 'tourist trap'-national dish is fish n chips which most people don't...
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>National dish
>The Netherlands
>Haute cuisine

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Any of you guys been to Georgia and/or Armenia before? How were they? I am thinking of spending two weeks in each country (from the beginning of July to beginning of August). I really enjoy hiking and nature so if anyone has any input about some hiking they did there it would be appreciated. Did you find some nice spots to relax in either Georgia or Armenia? I am just about to finish quite a stressful period of my life before moving abroad at the end of summer for a new job, so I'd like to be able to recharge my batteries a bit before leaving. What the level of English...
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Monitoring this thread as I'm looking to do the same thing in late July.
OP here. I should also add that I speak French. Do many people there speak it? I don't know if its very common there (maybe though because of the large amounts of Armenians who move to France and Quebec)
File: P9144999.jpg (3 MB, 4032x3024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 4032x3024
Only been to Georgia twice so far, haven't made it to Armenia yet.

>(from the beginning of July to beginning of August)
I hope you are like scorching summer heat then.
>What the level of English like amongst young people?
In bigger cities and more touristy places: decent. Also, while I speak French quite fluently, I haven't encountered anyone speaking it so far. German was surprisingly helpful on a few occasions, but if you want to play safe, learn some basic Russian. Almost everyone speaks it in both countries.

Several regions in the Georgian Caucasus are excellent hiking terrain: Tusheti and Kazbegi, with the most developed long hiking route being Omalo - Shatili - Juta - Kazbegi. Have your passport on you in that region though, border guards will want to check it - shouldn't be much of a hassle. Another region suitable for hiking is Svaneti - Mestia is the biggest town there, but don't neglect the smaller villages en route, or further down the road. Borjomi NP also has hiking trails, but I hear it's not quite as spectacular as the high Caucasus - it's mostly forested hills.
Considering Armenia: there's supposed to be hiking trails. That's all I know really.

Pic is near Juta.

Hi there, not sure if this is the right thread to post this in but I'm hoping it's close enough.

Basically myself and my partner need somewhere to live near London and I was hoping to hear other people's opinions on where to live that isn't in the city itself but close enough to commute in when required.
Right now Ashford (near Hounslow) is looking very promising (cheaper due to the airport) but I want to explore my options and gain some insight. Many thanks in advance
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You could look for places that will be on the new Crossrail line. A few of the stations are outside but will connect directly to London.

Some of the areas are cheap now but the prices might go up in the future when Crossrail opens.
Luton. (:
hahaha no thanks!

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587 B,
Jerusalem & Israel AMA
Been living here for 16 years, 10 years in Jerusalem. I will try giving you the best answers. I'd like to give you some tours to show cool places
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Ayyo dude what's the weed situation like mon
why do airport security treat most tourists as terrorists at the airport?
The israelis i have met in the USA are very aggressive and hostile...definitely not laid back people. I think they have a lot of guilt in becoming the very nazis that they condemn

East coast ausfag heading to WA later this winter. Never been before. What should I know about the west coast, specifically perth/maybe freemantle? Cheers
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It's real bad. City dead every single night except Friday/Saturday.
I'm from wollongong though so I'm used to it
Ok, but outside of nightlife what else is there to do in the city of within a feasible distance of the city?

I have $25,000 USD cash and other non-liquid assets, I'm fairly attractive for the area (500 matches on Tinder in 3 days in Manila as a guy), and I have experience in tech support and other fields. Do you think it would be viable for a 20 year old American guy to move to the Philippines (most likely Manila or Taguig), and start a new life? If I can work remotely from PH at a US based job I could easily make more than enough to live comfortably in a city.

Compared to where I live in the US, the people are nicer, the weather is warmer, the cost of living is about 4...
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Could be, bear in mind that while there are some advantages to operating in a developing country there are also downsides like unreliable infrastructure, different business cultures, widespread crime/corruption etc. As for the people, yeah you will always be of interest to the locals because you're different and perceived as rich, but again you may find it difficult to make meaningful friendships.

Working remotely isn't all that easy to set up, you usually need experience/reputation first but I guess if you can differentiate yourself based on lower cost you...
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Well I have a couple years experience in working in tech support over the phone and would be happy to work the night shift at a call center for minimum wage and no benefits. I'm a native English speaker and have good customer service skills. I could possibly look into work doing Photography, modeling, stripping, or something of the sort at a physical location there. With what I have saved and what I can sell off, I can easily float myself for a year or so, not that I would go out there blindly without a job lined...
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You have two options:

1) You do it. Whether you fail or succeed doesn't really matter because you will be writing a great page of your life regardless of the outcome.

2) You don't do it. Few years later you'll look back and realize you've done nothing, just wasted your life at home.

The choice is up to you.

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