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Hey everyone, I am an American who has been teaching English in Japan for 4 years, and I plan on staying here permanently. If anybody has any questions about teaching English in Japan or any general TEFL related questions in general let me know.
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How easy/hard it is to find a job there for an English teacher? What kind of degree you need to apply for a job there as an English teacher? In which city are you working in? Do you need to be fluent or half decent in Japanese to work there?
It's pretty easy if you have a bachelors degree and are white. I have a B.A in English, but you can have a degree in anything to get a job. I work in Osaka. No you don't need to know Japanese, in fact most employers will ask you not to speak any Japanese when you are at work if you happen to know how to.
What's your pay? What are your hours/benefits etc

Do you have plans to do anything more in life/Japan than teach English?

Are you a weeb? (please say no)

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China General

Old thread is at: >>1007576

General info:




Expat restaurants/supermarkets/bars:

Pleco (dictionary)
baidu maps/google maps


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Is VyprVPN reliable?
Looking at traveling to and exploring Sichuan and Yunnan provinces next year, any hot tips or must see things for those areas?
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>Sichuan and Yunnan
Those are some of my favourite places.

The backpacker trail in Yunnan is Kunming to Dali/Lijiang and up to Shangrila via Tiger Leaping Gorge. From Shangrila, you can either head back to Dali/Li Jiang, maybe whichever you didn't do the first time and then head on to Sichuan or go straight there from Shangrila.

protip: Shangrila isn't it's real name, it's Zhongdian, they just named it that for tourists. It's a nice Tibetan town...
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I am looking for small US and Canadian towns with their own unique flavors.
Help me flesh out this list. So far I have ;

Big Sur
29 Palms

Also any comments on the towns listed would be great as I have only been to a few of them.
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Kingston, Ontario is a cool town. Lots of limestone buildings and old architecture
All these places will likely very touristy and expensive.

Some places I can add to the list are Leavenworth, WA, a great german style village east of Seattle. It's incredibly beautiful but it reeks of kitsch tourism. Jackson, WY is great too, both have mountains cascading over them like in your pic. I really enjoyed Jackson but it was the slow season so everyone was local. Lots of cool looking 20 somethings and there's lots of money to be made there.

All those Colorado mountain towns are great. I really enjoyed Breckenridge and Steamboat Springs which...
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New Japan General since the old one is past the bump limit:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Travelling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza

Also info on prostitution http://rockitreports.com/category/sex-in-tokyo/

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refrain to the old thread...
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What stores in tokyo/japan (im willing to travel far if needed) can i buy these fuckers?
I assume there are candy stores that would be really likely to sell them but I was hoping to find specific names from peolle here,instead of asking random japanese people on the street.

it costs way to much to buy them online (and there is a very small variety of them) and i'd rather just buy some on my trip to japan in december and finally have the collection i've always dreamed of. i seriously love these fucking tins.
You can probably find the candy in conbinis but those tins are collectibles even in Japan
posted a reply in the last thread

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I love flying, the taking off and landing is the best part and I was wondering about your experiences flying.

What's your favourite airline to travel on?
Do you have a preferred airline you stick with or do you have no loyalty at all?
Share your airline experiences

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Have you seen the price for the eithad residence class, it costs 21,000 USD for a flight from Dubai to London, you get your own butler and a separate bathroom, living room and bedroom.
Generally I fly British Airways cause I work for them therefore get discount. I agree that landing and taking off are the best part by far, although i always love the mid-flight turbulence.
I hate to fly. I was evacuated during a hurricane and the plane was hit by lightning, causing it to free fall for a few seconds. Didn't get on a plane for at least 10 years after that, and basically I only fly to Hawaii, I'll drive everywhere else.

Stereotyping is something we inevitably run into while traveling, whether from our own preconceived notions of another or someone else's assumptions on your character. What are some stereotypes you've encountered, and how did you react?

>where are you from (home country and/or ethnic background)?
>what stereotypes you have heard about your background by other travelers?
>what stereotypes do you think are true for others?
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>where are you from (home country and/or ethnic background)?
>what stereotypes you have heard about your background by other travelers?

I've been asked a lot of questions but rarely felt like I was being accused. In Europe, a lot of folks seemed surprised that I was a gluttonous gun-nut. One of my worst memories from traveling is having a drunken Frenchman lambaste my supposed ignorance. When it became it obvious that I was more informed about world events and had a better grasp...
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>where are you from (home country and/or ethnic background)?
USA, Black

>what stereotypes you have heard about your background by other travelers?

Will only list ones I encountered directly. Americans wear baggy tshirts and jeans, and sneakers. have been told more than once by what became friends that when they first met me they did not think I was American because I wore polo shirts, slacks or fitting jeans and casual shoes

As a black I'm "gangster". It's not in a derogatory...
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>where are you from
Reunion Island, French, White

>>what stereotypes

For being french:
"Ah, l'amour!". US/UK Girls often made me fake a french accent, seemed a bit frustrating to them that I spoke a very neutral English.

Continental european gals don't give a fuck about us, but boy do british and american chicks have a romanticized view of the french.

Funnily enough most UK/US guys despise the french for being a douche, a fag and whatever.

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New Japan General since the old one is past the bump limit

As always, feel free to ask about:
>travelling to Japan
>living in Japan
>teaching in Japan
>how do I become a Yakuza

Also info on prostitution in Japan: http://rockitreports.com/category/sex-in-tokyo/

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up>>973906
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I'm from Scotland and Thinking of moving to Japan. One thing that makes me worry is the weather, is their any place that isn't extremely warm in the summer? I don't mind the cold because I'm used to it really.

Also anyone got any advise for someone wanting to move their, what jobs are easy to go for, how people act to foreigners?
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I guess mountain cities and Hokkaido region.
>have A.A
>don't know what I want to do.
Is tefl viable for a long term career. Would Japan require an education/English degree in the future?

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What's the one place you need to visit before you die?
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The Mars Colonial Transporter should be ready by 2035. Will you still be alive?

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What's Vietnam like?
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really good, it's like other parts of SE asia but more chinese influenced and less corporate (outside of saigon that is)

I would recommend Saigon though because you get treated a little better by the locals (don't forget that some vietnamese still hate white people because of the US).
Probably my favorite country. Awesome outgoing population that will try to scam the shit out of you if you let them, beautiful scenery (seriously beautiful, I've never seen better), everything is cheap and even the cheap things can be haggled. I hope I can live there some day.

Are the busses to be trusted getting between Ho Chi and Hanoi/Phnom Penh? Some dude wired on meth and awake for 36 hours isn't going to drive into a ravine, is he?

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Hey /trv/

I've got a serious question. My girlfriend is doing a solo backpacking trip around Europe in the Summer for about 3 months. How worried should I be about her sleeping around? Please no bully and serious responses.
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You should break up with her, not even joshing m8
C'mon OP only you know your girlfriend. If you're worried enough to ask this here, then yes you should be worried.
has anyone here had sex with a girl while travelling while she was dating someone else?

Is Seoul a good place to visit? I live in Australia and want to go on a short trip somewhere just cause I've been feeling bored lately but it kinda sucks being so isolated because there's basically only asian countries to visit. Don't get me wrong, they can be great but they get boring eventually.

Anyway I've learnt a bit about SK at uni but haven't really heard much about their culture or anything, to me they just seem like a really production focused place with not much to offer. Say I spent a week in Seoul what would it be like?
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it's pretty fun. if you haven't been to tokyo, bangkok, or hong kong yet though, go to those places instead.

this is coming from a guy who's been to those cities and has lived in korea (still am) for the last 3 years.

I'm an Australian and feeling bored too. SK looks pretty gay, I'd rather go to NK.

If you want to just have good cheap wholesome fun try Cambodia, they have errything.

please don't. i went to cambodia, it's swarming with australian frat boys and european douchebags wearing sleeveless shirts, getting drunk and acting like assholes, climbing on the ancient ruins and basically being an embarrassment to the west.

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Hey all, Im going to be studying for a Biomedical degree at uni in september, and after thats done and dusted im looking for a future in Japan.

Does anyone have any experiance with the JET Program? what kind of degree is needed? if a pass degree or an ordinary degree is accepted?

Anyone know what things i'll need to take with me that would be essential? thinks to know?

I have a girlfriend that really doesnt want me to leave England, or even go to Japan at all. what do I do?

Thanks for your help
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Can you read?

You should know it's extremely hard getting into the JET program--especially for British people as the Japanese want western-American accents.
Yeah I can read man, thanks for the link too. when I searched for the JET program earlier I got a crappier, "with less infomation" website. Ill have a good look through.

Im sure if I have the requirements I'll have a good chance.
Current JET here. Unfortunately it's not that easy... Many good applicants end up being rejected. I'm not really sure why.

Take it easy, though. You're years away from having to deal with things like packing, assuming you get in.

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I'm gonna have 3 days to spend in Ljubljana, Slovenia this summer.

Anyone know some good places to go? Activities and nightlife?
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I live in Ljubljana but never did the sightseeing. Anyway, from the top of my head I would recommend the following sights: Ljubljana castle (great view from the top), old part of town (nice cafes, restaurants and shops), take a walk by the river from Preseren square to Trnovo, maybe some museums.

For the nightlife depends what you like. Metelekova or Tovarna Rog are a great experince (totally safe although it looks a bit alternative / underground). Cirkus and Top Six are two big clubs where the type of music depends on the day of the week. Would also recommend Neboticnik...
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Do a daytrip to Lake Bled.
Thanks for the recommendations I'll check them out.

I'll also be going to Bled for 2 days after Ljubljana.

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My fiance left me for a manchild after seven years together, work laid me off and gave me six months severance, I have 50,000 aeroplan miles and a no interest in fucking SE Asia.

I speak three words of Russian and less Armenian. I'm taking a 22L klettersack, trusty boots, and my sense of adventure and hiking 120km through a country that doesn't exist: Nagorno-Karabakh. I understand that my killer pantomimes and high alcohol tolerance will find me a house to sleep in every night. The remaining minefields are mostly well-marked, these days.

Afterwards I'll...
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Will you report dyring the trip? What if u die, murdered, kidnapped or other stuff?
OP here, switched computers.

Reporting during will be hard, since I've no way to get pictures off my camera (though mobile data is only $15/gb). I'll probably be incognito till I get back, like OreTrain guy.

Being murdered or kidnapped is extremely unlikely, dying of alcohol poisoning from the local delicious fruit vodka is more likely.

Stepping on a landmine or cluster bomb is possible.
Will you look for girls, whores, escorts and more? Any drug intention?

Eternal Thailand Thread: Friends Guide Friends to Amazing Places Edition

Previous thread here: >>967384

Per the usual, feel free to ask about where to go, what to do, how to do it, and what it will cost you or anything else Thailand travel related. The jet ski scam, the motorbike scam, navigating the BTS Skytrain system,and other Thailand related topics such as pad thai and also thai iced coffee.
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File: Pat_Pat_Pattaya[1].png (321 KB, 936x936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
321 KB, 936x936

That video needs balancing out.
File: hate_0.jpg (106 KB, 600x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You're right. I hate Thailand video.

This video was made by the Thailand Tourism Authority, but it does have a seed of truth. As seen by my friend from the last thread who is now trying to only have "one time in Thailand". A lot of the diving instructors and such are like the guy in the video. Here's an amateur video, though. Showing more backpacker stuff.


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