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Where are you currently traveling to, anons?
I'm chilling at the Air Canada lounge waiting for my flight to Hongcouver
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I have a flight to DC in the morning but my family is going to Vancouver in August.
Flight out to Milwaukee in a week from DC.

Which airport you flying into? Reaganfag here.
Reagan also, my dad is in Alexandria

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brugge night.jpg
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Hey /trv/, looking for some advice as I'll be visiting Prague, Venice, and Brugge over the next year.

I've been to Prague twice but it was drunken holidays with friends so I didn't get to see much apart from nightclubs etc.

Would be interested in going back there to check out the museums and other interesting shit. Basically looking for some recommendations for things to do when I'm there.

Same goes for Venice and Brugge. Beers and architecture does it for me. I'll probably be travelling alone too. Any advice is appreciated.
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I only spent a night in Venice with some guy off the street (n-no homo - me and my friend had been planning to squat, but he let us crash on his couch in exchange for a cigarette) so I don't have any crazy insider tips. However, I'd definitely recommend doing some sightseeing fairly late at night. The city is very charming after sunset, and if you go sufficiently past most folks' bedtimes, you can see landmarks like the Piazza San Marco practically empty.

That might not seem like much, but it's an utter shitshow during the day, especially in summer....
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I can imagine that mate now that I think about it. Will keep that in mind. Thanks.
For Prague and Brugge, there's a few companies that do walking tours, they're usually slickly planned out and are useful for getting an oversight of a city and for getting some sense of direction when you walk around later. Brugge tour came out from Brussels, which is probably more worth your time as a beer fan than Brugge.

Went round Venice with an Italian, so my experience was probably different to others. All I can say is that it's a bitch to navigate and a lot of the buildings are in very shoddy repair. I saw an old woman pouring dishwater not down...
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In Seoul for the next week. What do people recommend doing? weather isn't great right now (bit rainy) but i'm sure there's plenty of stuff to do.I'm only 18 so clubs are probably a no go, but bars may be a possibility? not sure. Also plan on going to the DMZ in the next few days.
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Why the fuck would you go to the DMZ?

When I was there we checked out Hongdae which wasn't too bad but it was mostly Myengdong at night, shitloads of street food and normal food options + shopping

If you really want to see how much the south koreans hate the north koreans just go to the war museum
Native here.

Don't go to Myengdong. It's all Chinese people now.

Hongdae or garosugil for the urban feel. Around Gangnam subway station for the crowded feel.

Go to palaces in downtown if you are a history buff, but otherwise it gets really boring really quick. Go to Insadong or Bukchon for the "Asian feel".

What do you mean you are "going to the DMZ". Do you mean the Joint Security Area? Not sure if it's worth your time. Unique experience, but not that...
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Most state-run museums, including the war memorial museum and the national history museum, are free, so they're worth checking out.

Also, if there's a clear day, go hiking on mount namsan. Right by myeongdong, it's beautifully preserved and has the best views in the city. N Seoul Tower is there too, but it's a bit too touristy for my taste.

I'm flying in 8hrs and I just realised that I might have fucked up:
I'm using a trekking bag as my check-in luggage.
It has loads of random straps. Like, fuckloads.
I'm realised now that these straps can get caught in the conveyor belts and get the bag torn apart...

pic related, a bag with lots of straps (though not as many as mine)
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Seram Wrap around it.
Maybe attach those straps to the main body of the bag with tape?
Put it in a garbag bag or something you twat. How the fuck do you idiots manage to keep yourselves alive when you're away from home.

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Thanks to our britbong friends, me and my mates are gonna spend some time in NI during September, hoping gbp keeps short on the euro.

Any tips on cool hidden places to visit, not the usual famous ones (pic related)?
Good pubs? Nice little villages where to book a bnb?
And finally, I need a honest ren-a-car service. I'm not swimming in money and all the cheap companies seem scams.
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What are you interested in?
Cool pubs, nice sceneries. Nothing weird, just something not inflationated, like the GoT settings, which are probably swarmed during summer.
there's a load of little things and I tried to write up a reply, but honestly nothing actually jumps out at me as something you should see. And the things people might like to see are all in the middle of nowhere and would take a whole day to get to and return home - definitely rent a car. Belfast might be ok for like 2 days max; try Kelly's Cellars, Madden's, Lavery's (also a big club) for bars in the city centre. There's a load of bars around the Queens university area too.

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images (14).jpg
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What is everyone's thoughts on bringing expensive things when travelling? Is it safer to just bring things you don't care about losing?

My dilemma is I want to bring my new S7 Edge and MacBook so I can take nicer photos and have a decent browsing experience, but I'm also aware that it would attract lots of pickpockets and muggers. Also must be a pain to leave charging at hostels while you sleep. Should I just bring a cheap phone instead?
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Buying a macbook for decent web browsing experience.
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>expensive items
>a shitty phone and a MacBook
>attract muggers
I do it but be prepared to lose it. Why not just bring an older Samsung? You don't need a minion megapixels. In most cases, 8 will do just fine.

I take my s5 edge and air with me. I've had 3 phones stolen and 2 laptops over the course of my traveling. Sometimes it's just shit luck though

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Hey you donkeys,

I'm heading up to Montreal a little bit later this summer for about a week.

What are some must do things to do in Montreal?
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Montreal has the best beer and strip clubs in all of Canada. Other than that, nothing you couldn't already do in other large North American cities, but with more charm and pretentiousness
Drink plenty of beer and eat as much poutine as you can find. Also, avoid the homeless as much as you can. They are very pushy and extremely consistant whilst panhandling
>it's the weekly tell me what to do in Montreal because I can't be bothered to do any kind of research myself thread

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China generalb.webm
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/TRV/ China General

Hu Jintao edition

General info:
https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/China (preferred, the 'new' one)




Domestic Flights:

Expat restaurants/supermarkets/bars:

Pleco (dictionary)
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Anyone doing anything special for Dragon Boat Festival?
Eat zongzi, that's the only thing there is to do.
Third for Wumao Warriors.

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Hey /trv/ ! I'm heading to NYC in August! I'm from Australia, so please, if there is anything that is essential for the NYC traveller to do, please let me know!
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Get a Time Out guide from Dymock. Read it.
Hoping to go next year. Can't wait.
You got plenty of time. Any info can be found in that guide. Get a street map of Manhattan while you're at it. Bookmark mta.info on your mobile,that takes care of your transit information.

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Hi, /trv/. I'm 'Murican, but I've wanted to go to Billund, Denmark for obvious reasons.

Does anyone here live in/around Billund, or ever visited Billund? What was it like? How nice were the people there? What are some good hotels you'd recommend?
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Legoland is the shit my man, only been to the Windsor one but shit was it good
They have legolands in the us
Billund is in the middle of nowhere, at least as much as it can be in a small country.
There's also a water park there with vacation homes.
I've been to Legoland once when I was a kid. I'm sure the people are perfectly nice.
If you're super into LEGO then go, but if you want to experience other stuff also, then I guess you could take a train to Hamburg or go eat at Henne Kirkeby Kro and see the west coast.

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I aim to stay for 2 months somewhere between January and March. Want to check out the cities and do a trek of 14-20 days.
My first questions would be, is this a good time of year to go, and what would be a sufficient budget for 2 months?
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Don't go during January and March because it is winter and the time of heaviest snow fall winter, which will make a number of treks and mountain passes inaccessible for an indeterminate amount of time.
Really? Wikitravel said March was a good time with warmer temperatures again.
It's really the only time in the year I can get a longer time off work, and by then I could have around 2500 spending money saved which according to the (minimal) research I've done so far should be enough.
Late March early April might be okay but there could still be a lot of snow left if your planning on any trekking at slightly higher altitudes. April and may are prime season, snow is gone and monsoons don't come till around June usually.

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>I don't want to visit the usual tourist spots
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The usual tourist spots are like that for a reason. Because they're the best places and the ones most worth going, and everyone knows that.

If other places were as good they'd be the usual tourist spots too
Just because a place is more famous than another place, doesn't make it better. I thought people on this board should know this.
However, categorically skipping every tourist spot is also stupid.
And that seems to be everything that needs to be said on this topic.

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I'm a Canadian that also has an EU citizenship. In university right now. Lately I've had an itch to take advantage of the free tuition in some countries.

Mostly been looking at France because they have programs similar to what I'm studying and I might be able to transfer credits.

Any /travel/ers lived in France coming from Canada/USA or studied there?

Perspective on other EU countries welcome too.
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Do you speak French? because if you don't you're fucked over there.
I can converse, but complex words are beyond my reach right now.
I can tell you one thing what we say in the Netherlands.

"France is a great country, the only problem is that the french live there"

The problem is that they often refuse to speak english. Or they will only answer you in french. This is even in the restaurants, they dont give a fuck that you're a customer.

Better study up on that french.

I have $10,000 - $16,000 to spend on a 6-8 month trip. I will likely be traveling with 1 or 2 friends for about 3 months. Where should we go to get the best value for our $? I am looking for nature, (mountains, forests, beaches) culture/history, some city time for 1 or 2 weeks max. I'm comfortable staying in lower quality accommodations like hostels for the majority of the trip, with some days at nicer hotels once in a while.

I'm considering doing a tour of SEA but am open to anywhere.

Pic is from my recent trip to Costa Rica
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Nice pic. Never got to see the volcano, clouds never lifted...
Do SEA, cheaper than most anywhere. Safer too if you're into that. Plenty of shit to explore outdoors. Won't have to pack as much if you're going in the winter months because it's so warm.
What is SEA?

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what booze should i try in america?
specifically texas
i've heard theres lots of mezcal because of how close it is to mexico, how do i get into mezcal?
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Here's a quick lesson.
Bourbon is sour mash whiskey. Bourbon is the name of the region it is made in. If it's not made IN Bourbon, you cannot call it Bourbon. That's why Jack Daniels says "Tennessee Whiskey" on the label, even though it tastes identical to many kinds of Bourbon.
The same is true of Tequila. If it's not made IN Tequila, then it's mezcal.

How to get some? Go to a big liquor store. There's some good mezcal out there, but there's a lot of good tequila...
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I live in Austin. Yes, there's lots of tequila and mezcal because of our proximity to Mexico. My experience has been craft beer. There's a lot of it here. Some of it is good. Most of it is not.
anything specific you could reccomend?
i'm not a big tequila fan but it might be because the sort of tequila you get here comes in bottles with little sombreros, i figure there must be something to it if its so popular so i'm willing to give it a go

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