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Hello /trv/ I'm here with the classic "I'm an American who dreams of moving to Europe" thread. I know it will be very hard, but I know for a fact it is possible.
I am 18 years old and a senior in highschool. What decisions can I make that will lead me to living a life abroad?
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Finish highschool before you make these kind of decisions (and also post on 4chan)
Well, work on your grades and go to university, it will be a lot easier to move to Europe if you have higher education. You can either move for undergrad or move there after you finish university.
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Even if you only have one Irish grandparent, then you're entitled to Irish citizenship meaning you can live and work in any EU country.

Yes, that's right - if you're only quarter Irish and have never even set foot in the country you can become a citizen.

Read more: http://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/moving_country/irish_citizenship/irish_citizenship_through_birth_or_descent.html

how do i avoid my musical instruments getting wrecked by shitty baggage handling on a plane?
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If you're like me, you get lucky. If you're a professional musician with lots of money and very expensive gear, you buy an extra seat. There are also specialist courier companies that are dedicated to international shipping of instruments that will be cheaper than a second seat.
By not bringing them
not a professional musician
not an option

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I have one free day on a two-nights Business trip to Vienna in April.

Where should I stay? Where should I go?
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Bump. Help me anons.
I'm very interested in what people have to say. I have a really romanticized idea of Vienna and have always wanted to go
I stayed near Karlsplatz/Karlschirche last visit, at Am Konzerhaus.

Good central spot just outside the ring, a nice walking distance to Cafe Sperl, nachtmarket, Karlschirche, opera house, safe university foot traffic at all hours (felt safe to walk at night, and vienna is a safe/prosperous place anyway). You can walk easily,or the tram/bus that doing the Ringstrasse as a quick "tour" without walking. Sisi...
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Luggage, /trv/

Hard-shell or soft? Favourite brands, features you've learned to love/hate? Any recommendations?

AKA I need to get new luggage for the first time in years and have no idea what to buy. Mostly fairly short city-based work trips with the occasional, longer jaunt in random places where bulky suitcases may or may not be practical.
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So you will be fine with a carry-on right?
Rule of thumb: about 200€ get you a very decent product and 450€ is the upper limit.

There're roughly 4 categories of it:
>Super budget discounter for 10-100€
You use them, they will break down, you buy a new one no fucks given
>the middle class, 150-250€.
Bit lighter, better quality, will last about 5-10 years if something breaks down it's usually covered by warranty and...
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A carry-on will probably cover two-thirds of my trips, though I'll probably also want something larger as well.

Anyone use an aluminium Rimowa (or other aluminium luggage)? I'm rather taken by how they look but that'll mean fuck all if the price/performance ratio sucks.
I absolutely love the Rimowa aluminium design but they're really heavy
At least for carry-on a concern, as the usual cap is at 8kg.

The cabine trolly weights 3.7kg empty with 35L, so you can realistically only pack 4.3kg into them before a lot of airlines will no longer allow it as carry-on.
The Samsonite light shock offers you the same for about 80€ less, weights only 1.7kg empty (so 6.3kg for your stuff) and 36l volume. Downside not so /fa/ and a bit less durable.

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FUGGGG /trv/ it has happened to me ;_;

I picked up bedbugs

I haven't seen them again ever since the first bites showed up, but there is no way my luggage isn't infested, right?

I'm going home in 2 weeks and I cannot find any decent laundromats fml

Comfort me guys, this is seriously giving me the creeps and I dont wanna take those fuckers home with me/infect other people ;_;
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This is one thing that really needs to get nerfed when Earth 2.0 comes out.
I know it's the least fun thing imaginable, but go through your belongings, shaking out your clothes vigorously and checking under all the seams in your backpack. It's fucking weird the way they hide; their body language is almost like a human cowering into a niche to avoid being seen.
Do the search every day until you can get to a laundromat.

OPTION 2: Find someone at home who has a big freezer, and throw everything in there for a few weeks. That kills bugs and eggs.
Protip, always hang your stuff when checking into hostels or seedy hotels, and sleep as naked as possible.
Aight thanks, I hope I can make do with that until I find a hostel with a self service laundry (otherwise they'll never let me check in/throw my backpack and shoes into a drier)

I swear there should be businesses dealing with this shit for travelers. Like, a place where you throw your backpack into a "hot room/sauna" and have a special room to get decontaminated yourself. Seriously, how is that not a thing in touristy countries?

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Has anyone here ridden Greyhound? I want to take a 24 hour trip on it, but I dunno if I I can sleep on it. I'd need room to do so. Plus, I can only sleep on my back, so I'd need to be able to turn over on my seat.

So, uh, is it possible to sleep on a Greyhound bus?
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>on my back
fuck, I meant on my stomach. My stomach on a surface and my back in the air.
I sleep on a greyhound all the time. It's not comfortable and a lot of time you might be crammed next to someone, but you can still do it. You can also sleep in the greyhound stations assuming you have a ticket with you that's going somewhere in the near future.
Flying is cheaper. 24hr is a stupid amount of time to travel if you aren't traversing the globe.

If you can sleep in a LazyBoy, on a couch, sitting upright in a chair...if you ever practice that...you will do it easily. So practice? Take a nap occasionally in a chair. Blow-up neck pillow will help, esp a window seat to lean on. If you never ever get that tired that you can fall asleep sitting up, then you might doze in and out only briefly, or you might wish you could, but you don't. Whatever. You'll...
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>have a connecting flight at U.S. airport in a little over an hour
>go through customs
>takes 10 minutes even though I'm a U.S. citizen
>take 15 minutes to get to area I needed to be and get my baggage where it needed to be
>TSA literally takes over FOURTY MINUTES to get me through
>sprint full force for my gate
>20 minutes late
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Unions. It's the same here in Canada. They purposely do everything slowly because if they do things fast they will be expected to do things fast all the time. Unions protect shitty workers.

When I was coming back from Panama I got my bags searched and they had about 10 people in line for questioning and searches and only 3 border agents doing anything. About 5 other border guards were just standing around, walking back and forth, getting coffee or some shit...
How were you 20 minutes late to your connecting flight that's in a little over an hour if it took you about 65 minutes to get through everything?

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I'm in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Got a full tank of gas and its gonna go up to 15 C (60 F) and sunny today, the wife's Swedish and I'm Canadian so it's practically T shirt weather for us. We also have 3 Chihuahuas who want to come for a car ride.

Where should we drive to today, /trv/?

Pic related is our dashboard
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Thinking of Niagara-on-the-lake. Anyone been?
/trv/ is way too slow for these kind of threads

relevant replies might take a while, I myself can't contribute sadly

Based on that pic and the three chihuahuas, you need to drive over the falls.

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How do you deal with clothes when backpacking?
Do you choose the "buy cheap clothes wherever you are and wear them until they're unusable" or the "buy high-quality clothes that will last longer" route?

I heard merino wool clothes are a great choice because of its thermal properties and high odor resistance but the price tag is quite steep.

So what's your choice, /trv/?
Anyone care to share some experiences?
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Laundromats do exist in civilized places. If not, a basin of water and some washing powder and get a-scrubbin'.
Merino is awesome but a bitch for backpacking. If you don't take good care of it you will have pilling all over it.
>wash it at 40°C max, use wool wash and always together with a denim jeans
That's not really practical for backpacking.
Nice to know.
But I guess it wouldn't be a problem to wash in a basin or in the shower?

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Hey, /trv I'm a 20 year old Scotsman living in Cyprus, I've recently gotten a job that would allow me to work anywhere and I'm willing to make the jump and settle for a while somewhere else.

Does anybody have any experience living abroad that they would recommend?

I am open to any suggestion, eastern Europe, India, whatever. Tell me your experiences.
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How do work visas happen for work-from-homers like you? Do you need one before you settle in another country?
I'm guessing countries like Thailand or India don't give a fuck if you want to do tech support from your hotel room, but I can't imagine places like Australia wouldn't try to jew you out of some tax revenue.

That's a good question mate, and something I COMPLETELY overlooked. Like you said, it will differ from country to country so I'll have to do some research when I have a better idea where I'm going.
Indian here; working from home can be incredibly bothersome. Travelling in a third-world country is one thing, living and working in one is another.

If you have the choice, live where you have a higher QOL.

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How does one cope with travel nostalgia?

I went to Australia for a year three years ago and it was the best year of my life. I have been back in Canada for two years now and i have not been happy since i came back. I see my friends in Australia post pictures on Facebook and i just get this terrible feeling in my heart. I feel like i should have never left and i belong there. I think about it everyday and it is hurts. I think about going back but i have no idea how. I am currently in school and i dont know how well my future career would transition overseas. Some times...
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all will be well.jpg
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There's the whole honeymoon phase and grass is greener on the other side and everything. And how you get slightly special treatment as a foreigner.

I had the same with vietnam (australian m myself) and on going back and strongly considered becoming an english teacher so i could stay there. Its just escapism. You need to learn about how to interact with your own culture and face your problems and insecurities where you are.

I might still go do the english teacher thing but it wont be because I'm running. It will be for the right reasons.

>Its just escapism
>face your problems and insecurities where you are.

Those comments and that picture really hit home for me anon.

It has been two years since i have been back and i have tried to establish a life here but i find it difficult. I tried moving to a new city here in my home country and it did nothing for me and now i am trying a career path and i feel like i will still feel like this one year from now
I went on a cruise alone last year and had a blast, don't want to go back cuz I'm afraid of having too high expectations

What backpack does /trv/ use?

I'm looking at getting this: http://www.ospreypacks.com/au/en/product/stratos-50-STRATOS50_532.html
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Bumping for interest.

I'm also looking at what pack I should buy for 4 weeks in SEA. So far my favorite is:

Have a look on /out/. If you can ignore the gearfaggotry they actually know what to look for in a backpack.

I've got the Osprey Kestrel 48 as an overnight/3 day hiking pack, the quality is top notch so I'd recommend anything by Osprey. Just make sure you try it on before you buy, some of them have fitted back 'plates' which means you have to wear it slightly higher on your back. Not a problem though, it just caught me by surprise.
The Stratos 50 looks good.
The Farpoint 55 looks horrible and a waste of money.

What you want to look in a good backpack for high load is a nice cushioned shoulder strap and a waist band.

The ATMOS AG looks even better than the Stratos but it's more expensive.
The EXOS is another option that's a bit cheaper but doesn't look that inferior to the ATMOS (still more expensive than the STRATOS).

The best option is for you to go to a physical store and try the backpack to see how well it adjusts to your body and how well cushioned the areas...
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Thailand Genera rant about:
>Beach living
>Best cuisine in the world
>Teaching English
>Joining the Yakuza
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I don't know if that picture is funny or sad.

I was thinking of going but I'm concerned that my travel agent will think I'm going to bang women and do drugs.
She looks... impatient
anyone hear of recent cracking down on the night life, and visa being harder to get

is there even any appeal to living in thailand anymore

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dog lemon.gif
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burgerlander here
i've never left the country before, but in july i'm going to greece for 20 days or so. i'll be staying with a friend. any tips or advice? my total budget is ~$2300
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is your friend a native greek and/or is your friend as inexperienced in life as you

in any case, don't blow all your money in a few days. i imagine half of that will be used for a plane ticket.
yes, she's native greek but she can speak fluent english.
i don't plan on buying anything but food and maybe a few souvenirs.

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Hey, everyone! I would like to know your view on visiting impoverished areas or Slum Tourism.
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Fuck off!
You don't need to make multiple threads!
I forgot the link. https://surveyplanet.com/56e02dd3493d480c1bf1153b

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