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How would one go about getting to Afghanistan? I've always wanted to see that country, maybe pick up a trophy wife, and go see the huge number of historical artifacts there, but I dont particularly feel like dying. Is there any feasible and intelligent way of visiting Afghanistan?

I have degrees in political science and economics if that would help me secure work over there. I'm willing to do anything, it's always been one of my lifes goals to see that country.
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Join the Army.
Also curious. But I'd wait a few more years to see if the situation will eventually calm down. Until then, it'll be a place I can only admire through pictures.
can't mate, not when we're literally pulling out of there.

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Kawagebo 卡瓦格博 edition

General info:
https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/China (preferred, the 'new' one)




Expat restaurants/supermarkets/bars:

Pleco (dictionary)
baidu maps/google maps


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File: Yubeng.jpg (355 KB, 1566x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Kawagebo is an awesome (and sacred) peak on the border between Yunnan and Tibet. You can visit the area pretty easily via an idyllic village called Yubeng (雨崩) nestled deep within the valley that leads up to a glacial lake and to another sacred waterfall. It is normally not accessible by car.
You can also perform a ritual circumambulation of the mountain massif.
>Says to go to some other website
>allow a security applet you might be forced to download during the payment process.
Honestly, I don't know how that URL got into a general, but it looks like a great source of malware. Anyone who wants train tickets for China should be looking at
http://www.seat61.com/China.htm#How to buy tickets

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I'm travelling to Dubai - to visit a cousin there next month. I'm spending 4/5 days there.

I don't care much about shopping malls and all this shit (i'd never go there if it wasn't for family)... Are they some nice museums there ? Ideally contemporary art museums. I tried google of course but there doesn't seem to be anything...

Isn't Dubai like abu-dhabi or Doha with many many museums ??
I have no clue...
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Dubai, I've heard of that place. It's where people from South Asia go to take photographs to post on social media.
I'm really not asian - that's not an option then - maybe i shall go with the attitude of a zoologist or sociologist and take pictures of those asian fellows posting shit on instagram. Apart from that I still have no clue... It looks so damn fake and dull
There is no culture in Dubai. Theres one tiny rinky dink museum that basically says for thousands of years it was just a shit hole in the desert with some sand huts, then they found oil and now they're rich.

Theres a couple sort of unique things like the desert safari, but they are few and far between. Shopping, paying insane amounts for alcohol at hotels, and similar activities is all there is to do. Its a fake city

So long story short.. in a week I'll be in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka at the request of my company. Not familiar at all.

And the funny thing is I know that my services will not be needed. So I'll have 1-2weeks of doing nothing. What the hell I will spend my time doing I have noo idea.

Is anyone familiar with this country? This city? A search online basically told me every bad thing I could imagine now how about some actual feedback.
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Never been but I hear they eat a lot of fish. I hope you like seafood.

Not a particularly friendly tourist destination OP, just in terms of they dont have a lot of toúrist infastructure because its not a huge tourist destination.

There's stuff to see though, a fair few historįcal sites in Dakar and ive heard cox's bazaar and the beach around it is one of the best bëaches with fairly low tourism in the řegion.
Make sure to post on /pol/ while you're there so they can collect the flag.

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To all travellers and hostelgoers: How old were you when you started traveling & staying in hostels? How old are you now, and do you still travel? How old would you consider " too old" to stay in a youth / party focused hostel?
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first time i stayed in a hostel o was 17. hated it, 18 years later still haven't stayed in another one.

it wasn't the hostel's fault, or the people that were there-they were nice enough and it was a very nice, clean hostel in inverness, i just despise sharing my space with strangers.

but to each there own. :)
Started traveling alone once I was 14 (drove with a few friends all across switzerland from Zurich to Locarno on our Mopeds (those fucking things with 49CCM and can't officially go faster than 30 KPH well before a nice tuning)
Firs time in a Hostel was with 15 in London (that was the first time I got blackout drunk in my life)

Today I'm 32, still traveling around the world (greetings from Cusco) when ever I can and stay where ever I end up.
I enjoy to stay in a party hostels, camping or getting...
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I started travelling at a young age, but with family and going to theme park and all around California and sometimes out of state. I started my real, travel adventure and stayed at hostels until I turned 19.

I am 20 and I am at the right age range to continue to stay in hostels. I just prefer them over hotels. Even if I had money to spend a few nights, I will always opt for the hostel since the experience of meeting new people in dorms and bars is something you can't get in a hotel.

Which european city would you choose if you had to spend 30 days in it?
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Also, considering you have a budget of 400€ for hotels/hostels for the entire period.
Sorry for my ignorance, but what's the strategy here?

Hey guys

In June I am flying to Portland to do a road trip on the west coast, mostly Oregon and hopefully some of California/Washington

Trip will be 12 days

Will spend a day and a half in Portland
Then know for sure I want to spend a day or two at Crater Lake

Other than that we have no solid plans, any suggestions or cool stuff to do around the area would be appreciated
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General Oregon:
Ramona Falls
Timberline Lodge
Silver Falls/Oregon Gardens
The Gorge (Multnomah Falls & Hood River)
Willamette Valley/Dundee hills wine country
Oregon Coast (Depoe Bay, Newport, Cannon beach)
Breweries (prob not worth the drive out to Bend unless you want to go white water rafting, but Rogue on the coast, portland breweries, etc)
Oregon Caves
Crater Lake
Golfer? Pacific/Bandon dunes

Japanese gardens/Rose Gardens
noodle bowl at shanghai...
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File: s.r.s.p..jpg (474 KB, 1152x864) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Then know for sure I want to spend a day or two at Crater Lake

do you already have your camping reservations? because if not you won't be staying in the park. and you'd better hurry and find a motel before everything within an hour and a half is booked. not exaggerating.

if you like /out/ bend has a lot of cool stuff nearby-hiking, mountain biking, climbing, river rafting/tubing, lava tube caves. pic related: smith rock state park. good food in bend, too-check out the food trucks.

mt hood's lodge (forget the...
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>do you already have your camping reservations? because if not you won't be staying in the park. and you'd better hurry and find a motel before everything within an hour and a half is booked. not exaggerating.

Yeah this. Tourists think they can just waltz up and get a camping spot whenever they want, when in fact your typical Oregonian would be considered a professional camper anywhere else in the U.S., possibly the world. We book that shit up early. Your only shot of...
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File: 1462549756168.jpg (1 MB, 2048x1365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB,
What is there to do in this city? I'm from buffalo and I'm going to Toronto, Canada in a couple weeks to see a Yankees game. Ironically Toronto is considerably closer than New York City so I'm going to cross the border to see a game.
I'm coming with my brother and our girlfriends, we're considering staying a night or 2 and maybe stay for the whole series.
What's some stuff to do in Toronto? I've looked at basic tourist websites but I want some first hand info

Is the CN tower worth seeing? The aquarium? The brewery? Bars and night...
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CN tower is expensive but it's something to do I guess. If you make a reservation at the 360 restaurant getting up is free. The restaurant rotates around so you get a 360 view. If you want to shell out for something thrilling do the edge walk. Its a good adrenalin rush
Rogers centre is pretty underwhelming, the aquarium is cool, I'd say on par with the one in Chicago. Night life would be King Street west area
Also Toronto doesn't have many shitty hotels, even the 3 stars are nice
>king street West

Congrats on picking the absolute shittest, douchiest place in Toronto to go party... unless you like greasy paki dude bros from the 905, light beer, and top 40 nigger music, avoid King West like the plague. Literally go anywhere else.

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Can we get one of these?
Where have you taught? Was it worth it?

I'm currently thinking of chilling in the Philippines for a month or two before going to teach in South Korea. My problem though, is that I want to just up and do it when I'm done my vacay but I hear it's a stupidly long process, like up to 4 months. This seems insane. Anyone have experience with hiring processes? How long did it take?
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It varies.

Apply for job that starts around the time you want your holiday to end. Bring all the shit you may need for the job on holiday.

I heard Korea is a lot of bother to get in to these days... I know people who are US-based that are having to get FBI background checks for their schools. (Maybe that's only the international schools though and no-one cares for hagwons?)

Check that you don't need to do it at the Korean embassy in your country, too. It would be shit if you had to fly back home just to get the visa.
I'm going to go to the Korean embassy where I live and report back on what they say.

My big goal here was to just leave whimsically and stay floating around travelling for a longass time, but that can only be possible if it doesn't take a big long hassle to get into new countries while I'm abroad
I taught in sk. Pretty much all schools require an fbi background check and it has been that way for a while now. Make sure you dont get a shitty school. Do your research and ask to email a teacher before taking any job.

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Hello /trv/

Is there anywhere to live without contributing to evil? By evil I'm speaking of:

>Exploitation of poor people and other countries
>Killing/harming of animals
>Contributing to pollution

Both direct and indirect contributions count (i.e. taxes going to war is contributing to the war).

Basically, is there some Tolstoyan utopian community I'm not aware of?

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Go live in a kibbutz, you degenerate.
I seem to remember some hippie commune in the Netherlands, but I don't think that matches all your criteria.
Your only choice is to go "off the grid". The Russian government was giving people a bunch of money and a chunk of land in Siberia if you wanted to move there. But I doubt you could dodge taxes unless you moved to some shithole of a country.
I guess the only option is to do like Jackie Chan in "Who Am I" and join an African tribe. Even then, they are already starting to adopt the western culture and have started buying and wearing clothes,...
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File: Baltic states.jpg (13 KB, 204x248) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Baltic states.jpg
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Has anyone been backpacking around the Baltic states? I'm thinking of going for 2-3weeks and possibly including St Petersburg.

Is 3 weeks too long for the Baltics?
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I've been there in 2005, 4 days each capital, and I've been in Saint Petersburg twice. Here are my thoguts:

- Vilnius and Tallinn are really beautiful, but 4 days are too much. 2, max 3 days are enough.
- Once in Vilnius, pass in Trakai.
- Riga is boring. 2 days max.
- In Saint Petersburg, spare a day only to Hermitage and another only to Peterhoff.
It depends what you're doing. If you're hiking, or cycling and camping in the countryside that's fine, but if your just visiting the cities it too much unless you add Russia; the capitals of each Baltic country are nice but as the other anon said, two days max. Russia is a hassle to get a visa for; so look into it well in advance.
Thanks. I'm pretty interested in history so they seem like good suggestions.

How does the nightlife compare to other places in Europe?

File: stubbs-ks51-lg.jpg (57 KB, 612x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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my gf and I are planning a trip to europe to see a lot of places we always wanted to go. We are looking for a 6 month journey, how feasible is this in terms of getting it done, getting tired, interaction money? I proabably gonn save up around 5000 euros so we are most likely gonna rough it most of the time. Looking for other ppl who've done the same.
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you really think the two of you can manage with only 27€ per day? maybe in eastern europe you could but if you don't want to sleep on the streets i doubt you could do that in the west
What do you want to see and do while in Europe? What kind of travel do you prefer? When you aay you're planning to rough it out, what do you have in mind specifically?

I've travelled all western europe usually without money, so I know what I think as roughing it out, but on a 800€ monthly budget I think your anticipation and forethought on rough might be a little different than mine.
Quite impossible, senpai.

Travel costs alone (planes, buses, trains) will bleed you dry. Then comes a roof above your head. Then comes food. Then comes basic necessities and toiletries. And this is in a scenario where you can't afford to buy a pack of gum.

If you want more detailed info, post your itinerary/travel wishlist.

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how do i fly on business class or first class without paying the ridiculous prices?
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find a sugar daddy
Credit card fraud
Get rich the. The prices don't seem ridiculous

File: kurwa-inventore_slide2.jpg (302 KB, 960x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm going through the selection process for a software development gig in Gdansk, Poland.
How's the cost of living/wages in there? Can I reasonably expect to be able to tour Europe during long weekends/vacations with the money I make if I'm not a heavy spender?
I'd be going alone so I can make do with a 1-room apartment and an internet connection.

How hard is Polish? I don't need it for the job, but I'd like to learn it if I end up living in the damn place.
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Well, there's a reason all the Poles leave Poland. There's enough money to satisfy whatever basic needs you have, but not much left for luxuries. Imagine all the fun things back at home costing three, four times as much and you have a good comparison for the purchasing power you'll have with your remaining money. Of course if you get paid an American or whatever foreign wage while living in Poland, you'll live like a king. Traveling isn't a problem - if I can do it, so can you. Don't expect...
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>genders (or 5 if you count the minor subtypes)
Masculine Personal (people)
Masculine Animate (animals)
Masculine Inanimate (everything else)

The masculine split only really matters with adjectives in a specific grammatical case or two. Nothing major.

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Hey /trv/.

So I've spent the last 4-ish months in Mexico teaching kids english. I have to leave the country to renew my US tourist visa and get another 6 months of permitted time in Mexico.

I need to leave early july, and can only get a few (4-5) days off teaching. Having a hard time finding round trip flights to my home state (Indiana) for less than $375-400. This seems rather steeper than normal.

Anyone recommend some search tools or strategies to get cheaper flights? I am willing to deal with ridiculously early flight departures/arrivals.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Maybe look at getting to a Delta hub out of Mexico with their gazillion dailies, and then connecting with a cheapo like Allegiant to/from IN.

WTF working on a tourist visa in Mexico? Sounds a bit too dangerous.
>Sounds a bit too dangerous.
how so? I'd describe it more as "sketchy". The school I'm at doesnt care and technically theres some sort of loophole so apparently La Migra doesnt give a fuck that we dont have work visas, as long as our tourist/resident visas are in order (hence my need to make the journey). What makes you think it'd be dangerous?
How easy is it to find work teaching English there?

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