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I probably have to get from Vancouver to San Francisco in a few months.

So I figured, I'll just take the train, since, being an Euro, that's just the normal thing to do…

Turns out your continent is really big, so that's over 1000km and 24h, but I'm not in a hurry, so that's not a big issue. Plus, I like going by train, as long as its on routes I dont know with some nice views or interesting engineering (I'm not a train foamer, however!).

But, is it worth it? Amtrak has two of their "famous" (at least according to...
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You have to experience it for yourself. I have taken the costal train between LA and San Diego a few times. Its cheaper than flying and its only a 2-3 hour ride. I usually would drive but a few times that wasn't an option. The trains are much slower and older than in Europe.

Taking the bus or a train is only really an option for me if flying would be much more expensive. Or if there are no airports close by.

The real American way would be to drive. Because of the distance I wouldn't personally consider any way but flying. Some people like car camping...
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>I have taken the costal train between LA and San Diego a few times. Its cheaper than flying and its only a 2-3 hour ride.
Well, yeah, that's a tad shorter. I would never fly such a short stretch, unless its a connection to a long distance flight, and its much cheaper that way. I have flewn stuff like Vienna-Graz or Stuttgart-Zürich, which is ridiculous. I guess that's one of the differences between Euros and Americans.

>The real American way...
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The bus between Vancouver and Seattle only takes four hours. You stop at the border and have to walk through customs. The train doesn't give much of a better travel experience, half the trip is going through a metropolis. The border is a lot less friendly than it used to be, but everybody gets through. You could fly Seattle-SF for about the same cost as the train.

I found the best part of starlight is the Cascades. But that's only Redding to Eugene. North of Eugene, you're in a big river valley. Lots of rivers and bridges. At least one big dam. Going north...
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Sup guys

I'm gonna go on a interrail trip through parts of eastern Europe for the next 4 weeks.
Starting of in Lithuania making my way down over Poland Czech Republic Slovenia and Hungary.
Im pretty open minded about changes in the route though

Anybody on here did something similar?
Also what are some must see places?
General advice is appreciated as well I'm slowly getting nervous
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Why are you not visiting Croatia? Dalmatian coast is something you must see. All the cities on the coast are 1 day trips so It will not take you too much time. Slovenia is great as it has top tier landscape, but since it is summer I think you will appreciate coast on par with greece. That is a fact confirmed by European commision for water or something like that. I can link you articles if you want it. This is because underwater current cleans our part of adriatic and it all goes to Italian coast. Its pretty cheap...
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I second Croatia.. and naturally Slovenia, my home country, which is really beautiful.
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Ill be posting some national parks. This is Island archipelago of Kornati near Šbenik. It is a national park and it has around 300 islands. Water is so clear you can see the bottom even if it is 30 meters deep. Ill post some more pictures of Kornati since it is a place where rich people go.

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Has traveling and living in different countries changed your personality? Do you feel more "worldly" thanks to your experiences of other cultures beyond your own? Obviously a week trip to a resort hotel won't do much but for the people who have spent months to years in different countries, how significant has that experience been to changing how you view yourself?
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I don't think travel has changed my personality--- more like it has changed my perspective on some things, confirming/reinforcing some things, altering others. And I think there is a qualitative difference between understanding the commonalities and differences between humans and cultures based on first-hand experience and holding opinions on these topics based on what you've read or been told.

I also put a lot of value on friendships made around the world, plus I've seen wonders and prodigies, and such-like.
Traveling has changed me a lot.

I know it's a cliche but it's the truth for me. I was an absolutely Robot-tier guy prior to taking my first trip. I was clueless about talking to women, couldn't make small talk with strangers, and was intimidated by any sort of social situation which didn't involve at least a fifth of vodka and Bacardi 151. The only time I'd kissed girls was when I was so plastered I couldn't remember the day after.

I made friends with a few awesome refugees the same summer I graduated high school and had to get a...
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On top of all that, I also learned to budget money, save for goals, and make do in new and strange cities. I learned how to ride a motorcycle last winter in India and loved it so much that I bought one of my own here in the States in April.

Traveling has been a huge part of my life since I started and I don't have many regrets about what I've done or where I've gone. Sometimes I wish I weren't graduating university so late, but I don't feel too old, either - one of my refugee friends...
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Hi, so basically I am sick of life and I'm wondering how realistic and sustainable it is to be one of these people who work all over the globe and can support themselves AND not live like some hippie backpacker for the rest of their lives. So I don't mean being an au pair or something.

Regarding my education I have a BA degree in pol sci (ja, I know it's shit), started MA at Zurich University but quit. I'm currently applying for apprenticeships but I don't really care about any real career. I'm not passionate being an electrician, dental assistant, poly mechanic or anything like that (these being typical apprenticeships in Switzerland).

I have a CELTA (intended to go do the teaching thing but decided nah, too introverted).
I googled this subject but a lot of dubious websites promising a lot, usually for payments for some courses, came up. Sounds kind of dodgy.

I'm in my late 20s, English is my native language, I speak acceptable German, have Swiss passport, have enough money that I can pay for any courses that will move me to this goal of mine.

So to use /pol/ language, can someone redpill me on doing jobs that allow one to be nomadic and live with some dignity?
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I'm looking for it, myself and it's hard to find. You can bartend for decent money in most first world countries but you can't do that forever.

Luckily, you're in the best situation. You can move around in Europe. But I think your best bet as someone who lives in one of the wealthiest countries in the world is to find something seasonal and leave for most of the year.

Your money is worth more everywhere else outside of Switzerland. Work extra hard for a portion of the year so you can relax for the other portion.

You can live nomadically...
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Being a translator would be easy solution, if you can find company that lets you work remote. Thankfully that's the case for most smaller ones, but good luck getting something like entry level Japanese translating job, tons of people are preying for those.
Any other kind of computer related work would also work. For example, if you're graphic designer and can get your work done with single screen without a tablet/or can carry one around it'd also work.
For this stuff only requirement would be a laptop, and planning your travelling around somewhat stable internet connection.
Bruh we get this thread like every week
A lot of folks work a couple years, then take a year off or so to travel, and go find another job somewhere else, rinse and repeat.
You are blessed as a native English speaker, you could teach all over SEA or central/ south America, maybe even Africa or eastern Europe.
Many people here have work online doing some kind of computer shit, programming or whatever and can work anywhere they get wi-fi.

Sadly with the attitude you seem to have you will never be a realtraveler

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For example, DC-Dulles has had self-checkin kiosks for your boarding pass for like 10 years now, but DC-Reagan still makes you wait in line and talk to a person to get your boarding pass
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It's up to the airline company if they want to deploy those machines in their designated spot
I honestly can't recall if I have self-checkin with Delta at DCA, because I've never waited in a single line with Delta there. As I exit the metro and come by that entrance, there's an extra small counter, always manned, much as you see at the curbside at departure level.

And, yes, it's based on the airline, not the airport It saves them personnel costs, but if they don't have back to back flights at some peak hour, they should be avoiding some 200+ line pile ups. They also have space...
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>Why don't they...

Money. They cost money.

Tomorrow morning I am starting my journey from Linz, Austria to Prague, Czech.

I will be biking 228km and I hope to make it within 20 hours. I have a tent with me, but I will try to skip sleeping and do it in one run. I am Dutch, so biking in a terrain with hills and mountains will be exicting.

I weigh 115KG (1,85cm) and have a shit condition, am I gonna make it?

Also, give me tips.
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Fat 115kg or muscular 115kg?
Have you tried biking a quarter of that before?
If it's 115kg of fat you're carrying with you, it's gonna be quite a challenge. Obviously it can be done but doing 228 in the middle of hills and mountains will make you want to die real soon.

But good luck anyway, hoping to do a long distance route to another county myself this summer.

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Anyone here ever been to Paraguay? I know nothing about this place and am intrigued solely because of that. You never fucking hear anything about it, and it's smack in the middle of South America. Gotta be some weird shit going on there that's worth checking out.
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Read this and go straight to see The Mission with Robert de Niro and Jeremy Irons
I went there with my dad.
We camped in the Gran Chaco among cows and horses.
One of the best moment of my life.

Also the food is delicious as fuck, they have one of the best meat quality in the world.
Is this not the country where the Government forcibly racemixed every one of its citizens?

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Hey guys I'm a particular good looking slim male with a beard travelling from the US, I enjoy indie musics and drinking. Will I get raped travelling Europe? I heard Europe is pretty disgusting in regards to backpackers.

How do I avoid getting raped and showing my superior US heritage?
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If you happen to get overheard, while walking alongside the River Thames, pausing, pointing to the other side of the river, and exclaiming to bystanders in a booming, nasal American whine "IS THAT FRAAANCE?", then yes. Otherwise, no.
Backpackers aren't really a thing in the US without it being the stereotype of homeless people/off the grid types. Most people travel/tourist here with a hotel + rental car kind of experience, since public transportation is kind of lax in nearly all cities, and it's how you see the US. Since it's not such a thing, yes, you make yourself a bit of a target to criminals when you wear all your earthly belongings on your back, or have people turn up your noses at your smell. It's more acceptable for youth to travel this way, esp in an outdoorsy situation, where camping and outdoors nature pursuits make it practical.

It goes without saying that in Europe, it's a more popular thing where you can save a lot of money, travel longer on less, to do the backpacking lifestyle, but it's got some of the same issues, where you don't blend in like a local when you aren't a college student going to school yet have a backpack on. Use your street smarts and common sense to avoid risk, and not do things you wouldn't do at home. Hostels carry risk, but so do hotel rooms where staff enters your room. If rape is your primary concern? Don't sleep in non-private rooms with en suite baths. Don't go to bars/clubs to pick people up. Don't accept drinks from strangers. Keep banking hours for your sightseeing pursuits, and switch to taxis for door to door rides for evening jaunts. Have a working cellphone at all times.
See you in Hostel 4

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Which Greek islands can I still go to this summer if I want to avoid all the recent refugee troubles?
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Well do you want to do anything else than avoiding refugees? Theres alot of islands without refugees but they are abit diffrent from eachother you know
Make sure you drown any that you see coming up on the shore.
I'd be interested in Samos, Santorini, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Lesbos.... For various reasons they all have their appeal, but I have no clue which are full of refugees atm..

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I'm leaving the day after tomorrow. It's the first time I do something like this and I'm a bit worried something might go wrong or be very uncomfortable to deal with. General advices a beginner might not know?
Anyway I'll be away for a month.
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Where you starting? Which direction do you intend to go?

I've done a 'tour de france' with my parents once so I've seen quite a lot.
First stop will be Lyon. Then Fougerolles (it's in the central region), Tours, Bourges, maybe Lyon again, Saint Etienne and then down to Montpellier and Marseille
Oh and I'm Italian, from Monza

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How difficult is it for a native Englidh speaker to score 8/9 for speakig and listening in Ielts? Is getting such a high mark impossible? I need it for reasons related to finding a job abroad.
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Sorry for spelling errors. I was typing really fast
The fact that I do not know what lelts means indicates that I do not know the answer to your question. But what is lelts?
Could it be International English Language Testing System? It seems to be a British/Commonwealth thing.

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Hello /trv/, I have a few questions regarding Calgary. In September I´m traveling with my girlfriend to Calgary for two weeks. We´re both from Germany and it´ll be our first visit to Canada.

Because of that I´m looking for some advice about what to look out for, what to do etc.

First of all, how will the weather be in September? Do we need our winter coats or are light jacekts enough?

Second, we´ll have a rental car and I´ll be the driver. I have almost 10 years driving experience in Germany, northern and southern Europe so I´ve seen my fair share...
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You're in luck cause I'm Calgary anon.

You don't need a parka, but you need a coat. We are far from the ocean so temperature fluctuates more than ocean based cities because there is no water to stabilise the temperature.

Driving is super polite and chill. The roads are crowded and people are polite. We don't honk unless it is "important",

The Calgary tower gives you a nice view of the city. It is $20 to go up, but it is free to go up if you buy at least $25 per person at the restaurant. The restaurant is really nice and great...
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>First of all, how will the weather be in September? Do we need our winter coats or are light jacekts enough?
The absolute coldest it will be is 10°, realistically 15-20° . It'll be enough with a hoodie, sweater, or thin fall jacket.
>Are Calgarians good or bad drivers, agressive or courteous?
They are worse than German drivers but better than American drivers on average. You'll be fine. You won't have a case of road rage, but watch...
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Thank you guys for your tips, really helpful!

After checking out AirBnB and seeing the steep prices for Banff appartments/rooms I wonder if it´d be better to not sleep there but do several day trips, each time driving back in the evening? This way we´d avoid booking two places at the same time (our stay in Calgary plus the one in Banff/Lake Louise). Though I´m not sure if that´d be more expensive because of the additional fuel we´d consume...

Also, is it a good plan to take the Bow Valley trail into Banff instead of the Trans-Canada-Hwy? I´d like to see...
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Hey trv, annyone been to killimanjaro mountain? Anny tips is much welcomed. What to pack and can you describe how hard/fitness shape you should be in?

Pic is from going down mt. Rinjani, lombok
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A cloud is surprisingly near!
It is a Beautiful.
Thanks, it's pretty far up and it is the only mountain in a few kilometers
File: DSC_0044.jpg (2 MB, 3840x2160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Annyone done some tracking in there life? Tips to mountains?

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Hey /trv/

First time on this board, but I have no clue where I should write about this.
So long story short, I would love to go and live in UK (I'm Hungarian, and currently living in Malta) but with all this Brexit happening I'm not sure anymore.

Do you think I still have a chance?
As you all can see, I can write(and speak) English fluently.
And if I'm out of luck, what other EU country would you recommend for me to go?
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What are your skills? What can you do that few British people can?
I'm a bartender. I'm making cocktails and working in catering/F&B since forever.
Other than that I'we been a stunt. But thanks to being extremely unlucky I got out of it, and it's pretty much impossible to go back. (at least it feels like that way.)

My girlfriend who would come with me is a special effects make up artist (Turning you to a zombie and shit.)
You can still come to the UK and remain here without problems for at least 2 years since the 'brexit' still hasn't even been activated yet

Chances are despite what is being said, 'some' kind of deal will be done allowing EU nationals presently here to remain, since if they don't, the 2million+ UK nationals living abroad would also be expelled (there is also the chance that freedom of movement will remain)

Do you have a chance - presently yes, it is still legal to move and...
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I'm in Laos and I found a piece of a bomb. It's the tail section of a bomb like pic related. It's not the complete bomb, just the tail fin section. I really want to keep it as a souvenir.

Can I bring this home to the US on a plane? Or will I have problems with security?
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Given it was/is ordinance it's conceivable there may be traces of explosives still attached, which might get you in some serious shit if they have the ion scan / swab things at the airport (possible given there are NGOs that fund them for poor countries).

If you must have the thing, post it, don't take anything related to explosives or weapons arouns aviation, unless the idea of being the fuckpig in a Laotian jail is appealing, or emptying your savings account to prevent thag happening.
Is this some kind of troll post or are you just incredibly stupid...

You want to bring what amounts to potential live ordinance on board a pressurized paper thin metal tube that will most like be punctured resulting in the loss of life of all on board because you think it will look cool...

It doesn't really matter what part you think it is and whether or not it may still be dangerous, you arent qualified to know and if you were you'd know how stupid your request was
Go for it, OP.
A friend of mine did it and had no problems.
Pokerface your way through customs and you'll be fine.

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