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ITT: Places that you want to go but the very real risk of being murdered or kidnapped prevents it.

Here's the citadel of Derbent, in Dagestan. There's been a city here for over 5000 years, the citadel was built by the Sasanian Empire in 500 AD.

I'd kill to see this in the flesh, sadly since it's in fucking Dagestan it's more likely that I'd be kidnapped and brutally murdered by islamic rebels.
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Congo (this one is partly doable though but currently I think the hassle sets me back)
Yemen (maybe you can exclude socotra)
Tibet (not dangerous just off limits for the independent traveler)
Venezuela (though I think the tepuis and the jungle interior are not that dangerous)

I really have not given up on them. I hope during my life I will visit some of them. But currently I don't dare doing them
there's always Irbil, capital of Kurdistan.

Irbil may be the oldest continuously occupied city on Earth.
I've always wanted to see the breakway states around the former USSR. like the autonomous jewish oblast which was the first jewish state. Nagorno Karabak which is an armenian enclave completely surrounded by azerbaijan. south ossetia would be nice (in georgia) as well as Transnistria in Moldova and cechnya

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I'm heading out to Europe in June and it just struck me I have no idea what to take or how much so how about a luggage thread

>your last trip
>what you packed
>what did you not need
>what did you forget

Since this is a slow board let this be a thread for anons to recommend things to pack for other anons

Killer bugs and stuff are overrated, don't think too much about nets, a...
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Where exactly in Europe are you planning to go?
UK France Netherlands Belgium Germoney Sweden Austria Italy Switzerland

One round trip in about 1.5 months
Whatever you plan on visiting, don't come to Brussels more than a day, don't come here at all, it's not worth it.

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How much do you pay to couch surf in big cities?
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>pay to couch surf
I tend to pay about a sincere thank you and a neat souvenir/beer/chocolate from my country.
>couch surf

Wait so people let the poorest cheapest people stay in their place for free? Why?

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what's that one place that you absolutely loved in every single way and was worth every single penny?
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Hong Kong
Tbilisi (and Georgia in general)

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selfie wand.png
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So who here has a selfie wand?

What does /trv/ think of selfie wands?
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As a solo-traveler and avid /p/fag I personally hate them. Just fucking ask someone to take your photo, it's very very rare that you'll be in a location all alone that would require this. I also absolutely hate people who take photos with ipads or other tablets.

I can see the selfie sticks as being good if you're into recording videos, especially of sports and extreme activities like rock climbing.
I hate them just as much as people using their tablet. Then I saw a group of Asians with iPads on selfie sticks.
I own a selfie stick

Ask me anything

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What are some of the most obscure places one can travel to?
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Kerguelen Island

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I went and it was good. Public transport is annoyingly difficult and the food is rubbish, but when I wasn't standing by the road getting my thumb sunburnt, I was having absolute nonstop fun. Would've been twice as good with a buddy, of course.
Ask questions within the next 12 hours because I'm off to the mountains tomorrow.
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Hitched most of the way through the Western Sahara. The internet has it that it's an easy road to hitchhike but that is lies.
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Made it to the border just as it was closing; had to camp out at a truck stop. This was the queue of cars parked overnight.
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Hitched across No-man's land with these overlanders. The Moroccan gendarmerie made them use a knife to cut the Western Sahara out of that map on the hood of their car

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Anyone else shipping off to Korea with the EPIK program in the next few days? So much freaking paperwork. How's it going?

This is a Korea Thread. How is it living there? I got Busan. Pretty hyped on that. Good luck getting there. pic not related.
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Coming up on my third contract. It's pretty cool here, but some stuff can drive you crazy if you let it. It's an easy job but do us all a favor and treat it somewhat seriously.

Busan is a bit prettier (surroundings) and more laid back than Seoul but also much smaller. Extra bonus of being farther from the big military bases.

I'm up in Incheon, feel free to ask anything.
Yeh, coming up on my third contract too. Good advice already laid down. Pro tip - Never be scared to let your co workers know how "busy" and "stressful" your work is. Because that's what they're going to do. Even if they're never legit busy. Play the game brah.

Busan is awesome. I live in Incheon. But I've been down there twice. I'm probably going to head down again for a little spring or summer break. It's pretty down there.

Korea is fun as hell man. Especially if you are single and not hideous. Korean chicks are top tier.
>It's pretty cool here, but some stuff can drive you crazy

Like what?


How does it compare to Thailand and Cambodia? My wife and I are planning on going to Laos here soon and I would like to also go to Burma but I am not sure itll be feasible, since its so hard to travel in Burma and time constraints. The trip would go roughly

>Luang Prabang
>vang Vieng

Is Burma...
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I believe someone will respond to this eventually. There are people here that have been to Burma
Go to Burma it's rapidly changing and in a few years it will be as populated with tourists as it's neighbors.

(2012)I got around via bus and plane and had little to no problem. Yes it's easier to get around Thailand, if it wasn't for years of shit government, corruption, and mismanagement Thailand would be closer to KL an Singapore.
Yangon is kinda trashy, I say spend no more than a day here, the LP walking guide is suprisingly decent and you can end your day at the Strand chilling during happy hour. I took a comfortable night bus up to Bagan and spent 3 nights. Bagan by bicycle was such a chill, laid back, and wonderful sight. Personally I love temple architecture, so it was a huge bonus for me. We then took a bus to Kalaw for a staging point of a 3 day walk to Inle (¬60km). Inle was nice, but unless you really love riding a bike by a lake and taking in wineries, it's not too amazing. However I would work it into any plan. We (coworker and I) then flew to Ngapali Beach and had another few wonderful days. It's expensive over there, we managed to get into a hotel that was finishing construction for $40/night some Bungalows were $300. The beach was pristine and quiet. I really wish that I had visited Mandalay and Amarapura Bridge. Over all I believe we spent 19days there and I plan on returning soon/ You are right there are areas open to travel which are harder to get to, but the main stops are easy. The road to Kalaw or Inle is the bumpy one, the main highways going from Yangon to the North and smooth. Buses are better than trains for cost, safety, and cleanliness.
It's easier to get around Thailand, don't forget they're #2 in the world for road deaths though. Cambodia, I felt it was as easy as Burma to get around. I have little experience in Laos.
However, if your wife is worried about undeveloped, why the hell are you considering SEA at all? Delays, lack of foresight and safety, laid back "get there whenever" attitude etc. Also, stay away from Phuket.
how much of a concern is Malaria?

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>currently in America
>highschool dropout
>Got my G.E.D
> 21 college credits in Criminal justice (couldn't continue going)
>economy is shit and can't find work here
> thinking about fleeing to Thailand and teaching English

Think I can pull it off?
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Yes go now
Do it. Worse that would happen is you end up in the same place you are now.
You dont have a degree? Are you white? Get a tefl certificate and have enough dosh to survive a month with no pay so at least 1k that should be enough if you know how to spend it i would post some ressources but im in class.

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/mu/tant+/trv/eller here

Not sure how much interest you guys have in local traditional music but just thought I'd try a cross-board thread for it, see what people like?

Anyone immerse themselves in local music tradition on the road?
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Link for current /mu/ discussion


Here's some of the songs I've been spammed to death with the past time




Damn... I'm sorry.

I went on a musical exploration of Central America and the Caribbean lately and found some terrible stuff like that, can't believe people willingly choose to listen to it. Oh and Soca, just why?

I've posted this on /tv/ but as expected I didn't get shit, but are there any other movies that sum up the comfyness of travel like pic related?
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>are there any other movies that sum up the comfyness of travel?
how so? I'm not trying to harass you, but that movie didn't really light my fire. I watched primarily on the suggestion of a very Catholic friend, and religiosity was my major takeaway from it.

>inb4 someone accuses me of euphoria
I just mean the getting lost, meeting new people, some of them are weird as fuck, that sort of thing. And the shots of the country were great.
maybe into the wild if you dont know it already

Hey /trv/

Say I wanted to go across Africa in a school bus that I'm living in.

What kinds of legal things would I have to consider in regards to crossing boarders, visas and insurance?
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Own or rent the bus? Rentals may have restrictions on where you can take them.

Other than that, you'd need to know the same visa rules as anybody else, and be prepared for dicking around with customs for an extended time, or bribing to be cut loose, or both.

Insurance is a question you'd get best answers by contacting your carrier.
Aside from a valid registration and insurance (which will probably be the trickiest part since insurance that's valid in one country may not be valid in another), you'll probably be required to carry a Carnet de Passages.

It's a bond document that certifies that you are the owner of the vehicle and you're not going to sell it or use it to do business while you're in their country.

I'd also expect to get scrutinized quite a lot at border crossings, since it's a bus they...
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Also invest in a fully automatic AK and some rifle plates.

For you and a few friends.

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Hey /trv/elers

So I'm planning my next trip to Asia and not sure where exactly I will go yet but was considering these places: Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea.

I've been to Asia once, to the Philippines and Hong Kong. I'm a traveler noob and only been to Asia and Eastern Europe once. Some questions I have are out of the options which would suit a beginner more? I like to see the historical sights, also enjoy some night life but it's not my main focus. Not into fucking whores either, nope. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these...
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Burma, cambodia, vietnam, laos. Thailand is a shithole full,of lowlifes, .burma and cambodia got very nice beaches and astonishing historical sights ( bagan, siem reap for example)
For the visa, iam not sure, normally the visa lasts a njmber of days , the departure and arrival time you can possibly just file out in the documents you get on the airplane.
You can be early on a visa but not late. Being late to arrive will get you turned around. Being late to leave is ok if it's only a day or two (they don't shit themselves if you missed a train or a flight was sold-out or something, explain the story and it will most likely be ok), you get fined for a few more and fined, deported and barred for too many.

My advice would be to get the Vietnam visa in a SEA country where it's cheap and easy, same day even if you're early/lucky.

Visas are...
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>I will need a Visa if I want to enter Vietnam
So, American, then?

There are visa service companies for Vietnam who will take a scan of your passport and $50 and set everything up for you for visa upon arrival at the airport. I don't know one offhand, but they've been posted here before, maybe someone will remember one.

Taiwan, I don't really recommend it because there isn't a lot of touristy stuff to do, but if you're really wanting to see old Chinese...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Do they have anything like this in America? At least size and pricewise?
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We do indeed have both Jail Cells and Janitor's Closets in America -- not sure which one that is, though, in OP's picture.
Is that housing? I would need double that side at least honestly.
It's cheap rooms in japan for the homeless as an alternative. They are small and cheap, not really meant to be hung out in a lot imo.

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