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Going to Amsterdam for three days at the end of spring. I wanna plan a day-long cycling trip in the countryside nearby, where are the best landscapes ? Also cool places to hang out at without too many tourists ?
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How many kilometers can you go without collapsing? Also, are you planning to go from A to B or do a roundtrip?

Cycling past the Oude Amstel river would provide with you some nice scenery...
Be sure to include Zaanse Schans. It's about 20 km from Dam Square, so definitely doable by bike.

Other than that, what would you consider your max distance? Are you a fanatic biker who can easily do 150 km a day, or more a recreational type who's going to be dead tired after doing 60?
Roundtrip, anywhere between 15 and 35km would be nice. I don't mind riding the train to go out of the city either.

Isn't that the place with the mechanical bridge ?

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Hey folks, I have a little question... Does somebody know where is this coin from? I went to L.A last week. And found it on the floor of a restaurant.
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Looks like 10 baht coin bro
its a canadian toonie
10 baht coin.

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So a friend on facebook announced that they will be backpacking Southeast Asia for the billionth time. It's like the new Daytona Beach.

Why is this? Is it simply because it's an exotic and beautiful place? If so, why there? It seems like there's 20 people backpacking Southeast Asia for every 1 backpacking South America, and I'm sure all of them have their shitty parts. This is coming from a half-filipino who rather drive from Vancouver to Alaska and experience the beauty of his own province than fly over to his motherland.
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Ladyboys are popular
South East Asia is
1. Cheap
2. Safe
3. Easy to enter/get visa
Europe, USA, Australia is not cheap at all
South America is more dangerous and more expensive
Africa is more dangerous, more expensive, hard to get visas
Russia and CIS: not so convenient to get visa, became cheap only very recently
Middle East is mostly dangerous or closed.

Hence the reason I've always been reluctant to go to Southeast Asia. It's basically a babby-tier destination for babby-tier travelers who want to say they've been somewhere poor and exotic. Of course, half the time they just stay in a massive tourist bubble, exploit locals, and act like a bunch of drunken and drugged out bogans.

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Alright guys I'm going to Ireland next week.

I've never been to Ireland before and I have no idea what to expect.

Can I use my credit card at most places?

Should I carry cash, and if so how much?

Should I exchange it? (it's USD)

What should I do about my phone charger becoming a vegetable?
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Self-drive vacation and a new town every night is the best way to do Ireland.
Visa and Mastercard are freely accepted. Not a cash society. Charge to your hearts delight. If you use a debit (ie not a real credit card), AMEX or discover or something weird, you might encounter a store that acts like your card doesn't work a few times, because of vendor fees, they might pressure you to produce some other form of payment.
Do you need to carry alot of cash? Nah, you can use a foreign ATM withdrawal...
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It never hurts to carry cash (euro) with you, but it is not entirely necessary. Major cards are freely accepted, and ATM's are available everywhere. Get a convertor for your phone charger as well, like the guy above me said.

The best way to do Ireland is to see the countryside; it will only take you a day to enjoy Dublin. Rent a car and drive yourself around the entire country, or/and take as many tours as you can. The euro is very cheap right now, so a cheap price can buy you great long-day tour from...
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Relax, Chuck FreedomBurger, you are not going to another planet.

We use the Euroe here in Ireland, so yes you should fucking exchange the currency.

Yes you can use credit cards. Carry as much cash as you want, you can get more out of ATMs.

You can get an adapter for different plug types in the airport (which I am beginning to suspect you have never been to)

Relax, we'll take good care of you. Try not to spend your whole trip in Dublin, it's such a waste. See the countryside.

Hey gang, I'm driving across the country to New York from LA, and then back to LA from New York.

Any tips? Things I need to know? Places I need to see? This is my itinerary.
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PRO TIP: don't take interstate see the country side. take your time as much as possible. don't take the same route their and back. enjoy
nm on the same route I see you posted a returning route... should also stop at most national parks they usually rent cabins fairly cheap out of season if your doing this soon.

Hello /trv/
I have just received a job in palo alto and i am in the process of moving to the freemont/union city/hayward area. Does anyone have advice on neighborhoods? What is good and what is bad. I will most likely be moving alone looking for a 1 bdr apt. my salary is around 70K yr
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I'd stay away from Hayward -- a lot of parts are pretty scummy. Union City is better, and Fremont better still -- also Union City and Fremont are an easier commute into Palo Alto. Fremont has a high Asian population; there's a large Chinese grocery store there. You'll need to buy a car -- public transport from the East Bay to the Peninsula is a pain in the ass.
how traffic? yeah i was thinking union city mostly. I just want to live there for cheap but stay away from the crime riddled areas.
Airbnb is a great place to start if you are looking to meet others, travel around a bit, and get a cheap place.

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Soon travel to the unknown Ukraine... Any tips for do's and DONT's.
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* Visit Donetsk
* Visit Luhansk

Probably nots:
* Visit Mariupol

* Visit Crimea
If you plan on driving, bring small bills for bribing police. Applies for russia and most likely ukraine too :P

look out for fake money. Ukrainians are pretty good at recognizing them. I was given some at a bus station (buying a ticket at the counter).

I'm so depressed!

I live in Belgium and it has been more then 15 years my dream to go to Japan.

A few weeks back my stepmother started talking about going to Tokyo the first week of November.
However when she asked my father he said are you crazy? I'm not going to Japan! So that was the end of that.
We tried to convince him a few times, because I needed to know so I could get a passport.
He always said so we figured it was not going to happen.

Anyway now it turns out that my stepmother booked a flight anyway without anyone knowing.
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How old are you? Why do you need to go with your parents?

If it's your dream... make it happen!
Please check the catalog next time and post in the Japan General Thread >>1046277
I'm 28, but nobody of my friends is intrested in going to Japan.
Currently without a girlfriend so that is also not a option.

Could always go alone, but that would be a last option.
After what they did I might just do that without telling anyone and dissapear for atleast a month.

If I'm going to do that I will need to save up a little bit because as you propably know Japan can be quite expensive.

And I kinda wanted to learn some basic Japanese before going to Japan to make my trip...
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Hey /trv/

Any advice on traveling through Ethiopia? I have a flight booked next Saturday to Addis. I have family that I will meet for the first time in Bahir Dar. What are some other cities to visit? Things to do?

Ill be there for 3 months. I'm interested in hiking, camping, wildlife, eating kitfo and tibbs and smoking pot.

I would consider myself a budget traveler. How much can you expect to spend a day on food and accommodation?
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If you're a darkie, I guess it will be easier to blend in. White folks stand out, for better and worse. On the other hand, once people realize you're a "rich" westerner, it'll be the same expectation that you give them money. Often, 'white' = rich, western, regardless of skin colour.

Overall it's a poor shite country desu, but one of the better ones in the region in terms of stability and economic growth (for what that's worth). Don't need to tell you to stay...
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Sup OP, never been there myself but there's a Dangerous Roads episode on it, might check that for the funs.
How was transportation around the country? And is hitchhiking around the country a possibility?

Where would you recommend for the best nature and wildlife? I'm a bit of a poorfag and don't really wanna pay park fees for camping.

What were the consequences if caught with ganj? Did police ever randomly search you? I remember being pulled off a bus and having my whole bag searched in India by coppers.

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I don't know a better place to ask this question, so here goes.

The Blue zones of the world Okinawa japan
Sardinia Italy
Icaria Greece
Are regularly studied regarding what they eat and what they do for a living.

But I can't find anything documenting their hygine habits online anywhere.. I figure it'd be interesting to know how much these people bathe, what soaps they use if any.. toothpaste, shampoo, if it's common in those areas to clean your pooper with water rather than toilet paper. If they use mouthwash or any other products...
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Its not the food or they hygiene anon. Those are countries that have not yet been torn to bits by feminism.
its probably mostly genetic.
please just stop posting these stupid memes

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I'm going to fly with a plane, and I'm scared as fuck. Help!
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Don't be
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snow plane angel.jpg
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Planes are fun. Planes are your friend.

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Have you ever traveled to Mexico?

How was your experience?
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As a mexican who has done a fair bit of domestic travel, I think it really depends on your budget and the part of the country you want to visit. The place where I have had the best time was in Xilitla, San Luis Potosi, a little hidden gem stuck in a region that is a bit violent nowadays. Guanajuato is a nice old city, Mexico City has stuff for everyone, Cancun is a touristic shithole and Playa is a bit better. Oaxaca is a rather poor but otherwise strong in tradition state with good food(and sometimes disgusting such...
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I've been to Mexico many times. My favorite places are probably Mexico City, which I approached with terror but found delightful, and Oaxaca, which has one of the cleanest and best-preserved historical centers I've seen anywhere in Mexico (another is in Querétaro).
I spent a few weeks traveling through the southern and central states. From Quintana Roo to Jalisco. It's my favourite country that I've been to so far. I think you can find everything you're looking for in one of the regions of the country so I highly recommend going.

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'Travel' as leisure is for schmucks

Thankfully I realized this early on life as a child/teenager, having spent a cumulative year of my life in several dozen countries, but many people have never been overseas before and get lured into this scam because they hear about how great it supposedly is.

You want to experience 'travel'? Go to that local suburb you've never been to. Or go to a nearby nature reserve; there's bound to be one. Stay there a day; a week; a month - it doesn't matter.

The truth is that the world is pretty...
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The only good time to travel is with friends.
what if you just really want to experience different cultures/surroundings? i get the trope of the yuppie white 20-something instagramming every little place he goes and romanticizing poverty, and it's obnoxious. but can't a person be self-aware and just really want to see another part of the world? people have done that for centuries
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Do not feed.

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Hi /trv/,

My girlfriend and I are planning to go to Central/South America in January 2016. We have talked about quite a few different options, including Mexico, Ecuador & Galapagos, Peru or Argentina. We have three weeks, and none of us have been to that entire part of the world before. We don’t want to go too many places while we are there as spending time on going from a to b isn’t that fun. Taking the weather in to consideration are there any parts of the central and south America where it would not make sense to go?

Suggestions, recommendation and...
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Day two bump
>Ecuador & Galapgos

Highly recommend if the natural history and significance of the islands is of interest to you. One of my bet trips ever.

Can be pricey, though.

I've also had some good times in Colombia.

What sort of stuff interests you, and how heat-tolerant are you?

Experiencing the islands is something I have planned to do for quite some time, the idea is to do some diving while we are there. One thing that worries me is El Niño wont that hit around December/January? If so wont that make the weather very unpredictable?

Colombia could also be an option, i have also thought about seeing Chile and Argentina any know if that is doable in 3 weeks time?

The budget matters but not that much, we are already flying half-way round the world

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What's your power rank, /trv/? 6 here, better than expected.

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USA / tied for #1
#17, Bananaland
#4, Denmark

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