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Anyone went through the catacombs under dubrovnik? i got a key to them somehow and got to a part which is flooded not sure what to expect later on.
The entrance is full of trash, i hope it will be cleaner later on
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File: paris-catacombs26.jpg (737 KB, 600x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If you want the real catacombs experience with rapes and skeletons you should go to Paris catacombs
300km of tunnels at your disposal to get sacrified by a weird cult and your body forgotten somewhere under a random street
Yeah that would be interesting to go to one day with muh buddies, but until then ill have to settle with what i have back home. Ill post a couple of pic of the catacombs tomorrow, nobody went further from the part which is flooded for years already so it will be interesting atleast
totally worthwhile experience. one of the only things in paris worth waiting 4 hours in line for.

you see it personally and then still see shit on the internet that dwarfs what you saw in comparison and makes you want to go back. holy fuck

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Does anyone else here carry knives and/or pistols with them when traveling, especially through less-than-safe places?

I'm a keen photographer and have sold several photos for travel journals and websites for a decent amount of cash (usually just enough to cover my traveling expenses) so I carry about $10,000 to $15,000 worth camera gear and accessories. I know my life isn't worth the gear, but I'd rather protect myself and the gear than go through years worth of bureaucracy of insurance claims (which I pay extra for anyway).

I'm also a keen...
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Let's spray blood and hate around YEEEEEHAAAAWWWW

Hopefully they will know better than you how to use it and then you will die <3
You sound mentally ill.
Are you talking internationally? If so, how the fuck would you get a gun in another country.

If you're a burger, check concealed carry reciprocity.

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Learning a Language.jpg
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I'm looking to exchange language lessons with someone nearby but the problem is, neither of us are teachers so we don't know the proper structure for the process.

Has anybody ever done this kind of thing that can offer any advice on a type of lesson plan of sorts for people that have zero teaching experience?
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Checkout the syllabus online of a nearby uni. They usually post them. Basically just start with the essentials. Basic words and sentences that you use throughout the day. If you're looking for more detailed instructions check out an English for dummies or grammar book at your local library. Also, the internet. There really is no end to resources available to you, it's a matter of how you use them.

Fair point but I was looking for someone to point me to a guide that already existed
Bump for the hope that someone else has been through this type of situation before

Getting into SF for a morning job interview, is there anywhere I can get a shower and freshen up?

Would like not to pay much if possible.
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Go to a gym, they probably have ad-hoc rates.
Also good luck. If it's a tech interview remember to talk out your thought process while you're coming up with the algorithm
Don't be cheap; if you are traveling for a interview you might as well do everything you can to be successful. If you have a car then stay at a cheap motel outside the city and get good rest and have a shower and then drive in the morning of.

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Have you guys ever done it ?

Got some tips or stories ?

How is it compared to normal travelling (ie : bus, plane, train) ?
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Looking to get my license next year so also interested in this
>Have you guys ever done it ?
moved to another country & bought a motorcycle specifically for it, and been trying to do as much of it as i can for about a year now

>Got some tips or stories ?
1) if you wanna ride > 4-5 hrs per day, consider investing in an aftermarket touring saddle.
2) your bike's fuel economy may be drastically different on a country road compared to a highway. for me, its the opposite to a car (highway economy...
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>>1131811 here again with a grain of salt for ya... the guys in OP's pic are going *way* harder than i ever have. so if that's what you are aiming at, leave my rambling shit in the dust & god bless you. i'm a weekend to week-long traveller through fairly well-developed regions, not a hardcore cross-continental voyager.

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download (2).jpg
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Is visiting California without a car worth it? what will i be missing out on if i do this
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they dont have buses or trains?
You trying to get around a city, or get around the state? Getting around the state sans car is, to my mind more trouble than it is worth, Within most cities, you're fine.

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Be honest. Good places to eat in New York NY that summarizes the culture. Bonus points if modest prices (city scale of course). Pic not related
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As a local i love k town bbq
Katz's Deli. If you're in manhattan, it's a subway transfer or two away, but well worth the trip out. Get the Pastrami on rye and go directly to heaven
File: qline27f-1-web.jpg (48 KB, 635x423) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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(718) 258-1367 · 1424 Ave J Brooklyn, NY 11230 · Pizza

I'm thinking of visiting Romania for a week or two at some stage in the next few months.

What's the food, nightlife, women, weather, scenery, cost of living like? Any advice or stories?
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be sure to have a money belt and microdot with your travel documents shoved up your ass
i know this isn't int but why do Romanians look like leftovers?
Careful there... remember to watch for vampires

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Hey /trv/, I'm planning on going on a trip from Nevada to NY and need some advice on which routes to take, which cities/locations I should visit and what I should keep in mind.
I'm starting in Las Vegas and from there to the Grand Canyon. After that, I'm driving either directly to Yellowstone or take a detour through Colorado for some weed and then go to Yellowstone. After that, I'm pretty clueless on where I should go next. Montana seems too cold and I don't know anything about Dakota or Nebraska.
I don't really want to visit the southern...
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I was a truck driver for 2.5 years and midway through my career is when the new marijuana laws in CO took effect. Nebarska, Wyoming and especially Kansas are VERY aware of people buying weed in CO and bringing it across state lines. My truck was searched numerous times coming into all those states. I dont have the same rights as regular people because my truck is FMCSA regulated, but they can still pull you over for just about anything and bring the dog to sniff you out. You OOS plates are a dead giveaway coming...
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What if you smoked weed like 3 days ago and then go to other states? Or is it that you're fucked if you've smoked within the last 3 months? Also what if I go from CO back to NV and then to other states?
They dont care if you pee hot they just care if you have weed in your car. Dont have weed in your car.

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I need people to tell me if these places are worth traveling to:

Svalbard (Longyearbyen), north of Norwegian mainland

Franz Josef Land, north of Russian mainland

Auckland and Enderby Island, south of New Zealander mainland

Pearly Land, that peninsula on the tip of northern Greenland

Severnaya Zemlya, north of Russian mainland, if there is somehow some insanely restricted tourism to that place

Jan Mayen, northwest of Norwegian mainland

Anzhu Islands, north of Russian mainland
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You should add Spitzbergan to your list, it's easy to get to, has tourist facilities, the long night and occasional polar bear attacks. How much more polar could you want?

Auckland isn't polar by any definition, it's a city in New Zealand, I guess you mean the Auckland Islands which still aren't polar because they're above the Antarctic region, they're technically sub-antarctic which just means 'near the antarctic region but not in it' and they're not going to be...
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I'm personally interested in going snowmobiling in Svalbard, it's a trip i've always wanted to do
>Svalbard (Longyearbyen), north of Norwegian mainland

>You should add Spitzbergan to your list

It's time for you to stop posting

I'm going to Hawaii for 10 days for my b-day. I'm going alone and will stay in hostels. Right now my flight is booked in/out from Oahu but I'm wondering if I should take an inter-island flight and see another Island for 3 days, 10 days seems like too much for one island.

I'm not into beaches and beach activities much but I am into the outdoors and nature. I want to do some hiking there, eat some island food, maybe find one of those lakes under a waterfall where I can swim. If I go to the big island for a few days I'd like to see the lava fields.

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There's so much awesome hiking to do on Oahu you could do a different hike every day for a month. Apart from that, it all depends on your budget. If you don't mind dropping a couple hundred on seeing another island, it's definitely worth it. But I promise you won't get bored in Oahu.
Well I don't mind spending the $200 to go to another island but I'm just unsure whether it's worth it or not. You're saying that Oahu will have me occupied for a long time? I guess I could split it where I spend some time on the north shore.

The real reason I wanted to go to another island is mainly to see the lava fields on the big island. I guess I could see lava fields in Indonesia when I make it there at some point.
Kualoa Ranch was hands down the best place O'ahu that I went to. They own absolutely priceless land and there is a lot of fun stuff to do there.

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Portuguese here (and new to the board), will travel to Berlin in a couple of days and I wanted to know what should I expect, what to visit and where to start. Will be there for a week
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Berlin fag here

Avoid Kottbusser Tor/Görlitzer Tor at night time. There is a very high chance that you get robbed. Unfortunately both stations are located in a 'in' district.

If you want to go out you could check out the bars at Warschauer Straße, but as far as I know criminal bands start to take over, so the chance you get robbed is pretty high as well (especially when alone and/or drunk).
dont worry that much about getting robbed. its not THAT dangerous. allthough you should keep an eye out for pickpockets and never have more than 30-50 euros in your pockets.
what to expect? man! what a question. you can do a LOT. go boulder in one of the many gyms (theyre quite cheap when you come before a certain time) and perfect to make connections to locals. go to museums, berlin has a lot of them. check on berlin.de for events, clubs, entertainment, getting around, etc...
you dont really want to stay around...
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>very high chance that you get robbed.

"criminal bands start to take over,"
1/10 bait. It is Berlin, not Joburg.

>ExBerliner out

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Have to move 3 months to a little town close (work). Which is better to live?
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2 MB, 2592x1936
I have lived in both. Now currently in Leicester.
Nottingham wins hands down really. It has pretty much everything Leicester has but more or better.

Better- shops, music scene, night life, restaurants, the city is bigger so there is more going on. Nottingham has a better vibe to it.

Nottingham has a more 'northan' feel to it. Leicester is more culturally diverse.

Any questions an I'm happy to help.
Visit Leicester, don't live here.
Better Indian food in Leicester
Better world cuisine in Leicester.

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i am thinking of uprooting my life. I am a typical shiftless manchild and I think maybe the only hope for me to do anything with my life is to relocate far away from my family. I am just trying to work out the candidate destinations and also what to do immediately once I get there to start laying a foundation for my life.
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alright? did you have a question or just looking to find people in a similar situation. I am like you as well, have had extreme attention problems my entire life. tried everything and hoping that somehow getting out there will change things
well as I said, I want advice on which place would be best to go and what I can do to start lliving independently once I get there.
Depends on how much money you have to spend and how long you're planning on staying (if it's "long" or "forever" then it depends heavily on where you're from and where you want to go and what your life situation is like due to visas etc).

File: 2001spaceodyssey128.jpg (61 KB, 854x403) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Looking for advice for traveling to visit the Netherlands!

I want to begin planning a trip to the Netherlands (perhaps elsewhere in Europe too). The purpose of the trip will be to attend the Enter the Rabbit Hole music festival in 2017 for my 20th birthday. No clue how to go about this though and looking for some advice on how I can save money, mostly on transportation and food.

I will be coming from Dallas, TX and flight booking data isn't available that far in advance but I anticipate spending anywhere between $600-800 round trip.

The festival is...
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oops, got some dates wrong. Campsites open up and guests can start arriving on the 23rd, so I assume I will want to arrive on that day and then leave the coming monday or tuesday (26th or 27th).

I'm unsure when I should book my flights, since I want to arrive at a time that would grant me the ability to just sleep at the campsite and not have to get a separate hotel room or anything.
Another damn mistake. We can arrive on THURSDAY the 22nd, not the 23rd. Not that it matters that much.

Anything else in the country I should look for or try to do while I'm there?
You didn't even specify the month

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