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New Japan General since the old one is past the bump limit:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza

Also info on prostitution http://rockitreports.com/category/sex-in-tokyo/

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refrain to the old thread while...
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Who the hell would go to Japan if they can't speak Japanese? ;)
uhhh, drink coffee/eat a snack? It is a cafe, dude.
I'm currently going through the sticky but i figured im just gonna drop the question anyway.

So a few buddies and I are planning on going to Japan.
Now, we are still orientating but the idea is to visit Tokyo and Kyoto for 7 - 10 days.
Imo 7 days is too short and we should 10 days. I'm getting a lot of different opinions about life in Japan and how expensive it is. (Hotels/food/nightlife)
I'm kinda looking for someone who knows more about the subject and can suggest a game plan for lets say a 10 day trip. It doesnt have to be super specific, some...
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Hi /trv/ I don't lurk often here but Ive been having this idea stuck in my mind for a while and this seems like the right forum to discuss it.
I would like to start a trip to different countries in order to learn different martial arts from around the world, something like that show that used to air in History channel, I live in Mexico so I was thinking into going all the way to the south to Brazil, learn some bjj and then travel from Europe all the way to Japan doing the same, this seems like a wild dream for me but this seems to be the best era to travel/back packing/road...
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Thanks for the bamp amigo, one of my main concerns is getting money on the road, I have some little barber skills so I was thinking about getting my gear with me and cut hair on the streets I also have some musical training so I was also thinking into getting an ukulele with me to play in the streets, I also have some travel experience visiting Germany and hungary but I was traveling in plane and have a host there, again any advice is appreciated
Why don't you go to Thailand? It's cheap and Muay-thai is effective on a fight.
I spent 5 months in Chiang Mai, Thailand training Muay Thai. Lost 50lbs and fought twice (2-0 1 win by KO, other by points).

It's awesome. I had planned to go to Brazil this year to train BJJ for a couple months but got my fiancé pregnant so that's bring delayed.

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Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out whether im gonna visit London or not. I don't really have a good reason other than the fact that I haven't been there yet. If I go i'll probably only stay a few days there so i'm not really sure if its worth it.

London for 4 nights, mostly because I'm bored. yay or nay?
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And of course... What to do in London?
Firstly, where are you coming from?
Sweden, so it wont cost me too much to get there

I'm from the city that take the name of the forest.
"amazon" is where i live, if someone whishes to travel to brazil (more especifically the amazon forest) you guys can ask for advices here :)
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Going to Manaus soon. What places should I avoid and is it generally safe baring in mind I've never been outside Europe.
Sorry for taking this long, had forggoten about this aahahha, i'm from Manaus, you can hit me up when you get here, maybe i can tell you which places you should fo etc.
well... Brazil is not a safe country, Manaus is a great a beautiful city, but is not THAT safe. The thing is: walk with your thins always hidden, don't have your camera always showing, put your phone on your pocket, the money on your pocket as well, or your bag maybe, don't go around showing off, people can literally put a knife on...
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im from germany, never been to south america, always wanted to see the rainforrest. i thought manaus is perfect because its right in the forrest but still a big city with great architecture. since my gf works for an airline now, we are able to do the trip soon. what options do i have too see the forrest? of course i wouldnt want to go alone but dont want to go with group of 20 other tourrist as well. also how are the risks of getting hurt by animals? is there safe areas in manaus or do i take a high risk of getiing...
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I'm going to be solo travelling for 10 days in the Rockies/mid-west during summer. My final destination is Boston where I am meeting a friend to continue travelling. Any recommendations on places to visit in the mid-west or the Rockies (if I have time) bearing in mind that I must end up in Boston? I'm interested in Chicago and Kansas city, but I don't know much about the region so I'm hoping to get some recommendations
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kc strip.jpg
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Kansas City:
Watch a Royals baseball game
see the World War I memorial
Go to the Jazz Museum
Great BBQ Tour (Do not go to KC Masterpiece, it sucks)
If you enjoy the outfoors, the UP of Michigan is lovely in the summer. I'm also a fan of Wisconsin. Check out some of the towns along the great lakes.
zChicago is de best. You wont be bored, and in the summer women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

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Where is a good destination to go if your girlfriend of 3 years just left you for some douchebag and you need to escape this hell for a month or two?
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Thailand in general. Pattaya is fine, A lot of people focus on the whores there, whether as a pro or con. But what they neglect to realize is their presence makes the normal chicks that much easier do to relativism.

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All right so I'm looking for cities with a very specific type of climate, and I'm looking with the intent of actually settling down and living there so keep that in mind.

Anyways, the climate I'm looking for is a climate where summers rarely go above 30C (86F) and winters rarely below 20C (68F), although some slight deviation from this would be acceptable. Ideally it should be coastal/by the sea, including islands. Lastly, it should be as dry as possible. The closer to 0mm precipitation per year the better, and the highest I will settle for is 150mm / year.

So in other words, some type of moderately warm coastal dry desert climate with relatively little yearly variation in temperature is what I'm looking for. The Canary Islands fit the bill almost perfectly in terms of temperature, and Antofagasta (Chile) is very much ideal in terms of precipitation, however I don't speak a fucking lick of spanish (Norwegianfag here) but I would be willing to learn it. If it's in the middle east / anywhere muslim don't bother, but beyond that I'm open to pretty much anything (again, I'll be wanting to settle down there, not get beheaded).

If anyone would bother to suggest some cities I would greatly appreciate it.
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Here's a pic containing climate data for Antofagasta, Chile. Close to ideal in terms of what I'm looking for although winters could be a bit warmer. Also, not trying to offend anyone, but I've heard Antofagasta is a somewhat gritty-looking city.
Southern California. San Diego, L.A. I think even San Francisco qualifies
I've thought about SoCal and the english-speaking bit is very tempting, in addition to temperature being close to perfect, but I feel like there would be just a little bit too much precipitation for me to accept with LA being at 300-400mm / year, SF at a whopping 600mm / year and San Diego at a more acceptable 250mm / year.

Let me put my situation into context: I grew up on the norwegian west coast, where there's about 3000 - 4000 mm of rain / year, in addition to horrible temperatures at around 0 - 15C year round. I hate the rain so god damn much it literally gives me severe depression and anxiety. The less the better.

That being said, I'm not completely against the idea of San Diego. Do you have any other, drier suggestions? If not, thanks for your reply anyways, really appreciate it.

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Any recommendations for visiting Russia/Ukraine? Ill probably take a contiki tour or similar. I plan on having sex with as many locals as possible and maybe doing one of those 'meet and greet' nights to find a wife. Im in good shape with a high 5 figure salary in electronics, so it shouldnt be an issue.

Im also considering the Philippines as another alternative.
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Not trolling, 100% srs.
This is a meme thread, isn't it.

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Hey /trv/, I'm visiting Poland soon. I'm going alone (This is the first time I've ever traveled solo) and I was wondering if any of you could recommend something decent to do or see in either Wroclaw or Warsaw?
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I recommend you start with Wikitravel if you haven't already.

There will be plenty of ideas there, and you won't have to wait for replies.

Not giving you the cold shoulder (I've never been to Poland), just directing you toward a helpful resource.

Have fun! Let us know how it goes. I'm interested in getting there someday.
Thanks anon. I wasn't aware of Wikitravel actually, I'll look into it.

I'll be sure to post the occasional update when I'm there.
I went to wascraw, heard warsaw was packed with drunk ourists

lots of uni kinds in wascraw, a few churches and museums; not sure I saw much else

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Hey, I'm an Oregonian heading to New Zealand in February. I'm gonna be on the north island, spending time in the cities and the country. I have a couple questions:

How easy/hard is it for a foreigner to get laid in NZ? Will women flock to my boring ass accent? Do ya'll have tindr?

I wear a black levi's denim jacket a lot. I'm planning on taking it but read something somewhere (I think a lonely planet page) that there's gangs in NZ that use black jackets as their uniform. Should I leave my favorite jacket at home?

Lastly, are...
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Pic related for typical gang member. If it doesnt resemble that, youre fine.

Yes we have Tinder. Should be easy enough to get laid with a noticeable accent.

Keas are restricted to Alpine areas mostly in the South Island. If you want to see them, Go to the Homer Tunnel in Fiordland National Park and watch them rip apart cars.
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Not OP
Im going in a few day to Auckland and I can't find a bus (intercity?) that drives to Cape Reinga. Only Oneway! I searched on their website (http://www.intercity.co.nz/travel-info/timetable/) but dont know the name of the station. Its not Cape Reinga. Or the nearest.
Can a kiwi help me?
I live in auck. stay in your own country. we already have more foreigners than white people. if you do come you'll think you've just stepped into Indian nigger city or gook town. stay out of the white areas. we don't want you

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Hello, fellow /trv/alers.
I am going to Istanbul for five days in two weeks. What should I do there? I'm into culture and history mostly, although I also like to meet locals and go to bars.
I also enjoy good food. The thing is, I don't have alot of money to spend. Tell me about some cool places to go to, without becoming absolutely broke. Also, how is public transport between Ataturk airport and Sultanahmet?
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public transport is fine (not brilliant. but tolerable). the metro will take you most of the way, then change for a tram (get a smart card and top it up before you get on the metro)
Great time to go. 1 USD euals 3.92 Lira (TRY) stay in a hostel cheap. To get to Sultanahmet from the ataturk airport: - go to the metro stop in the basement of the airport - ride the only subway there (the red m1 line) get off at Zeytinburnu the 6th stop. walk to the blue t1 tram line and get on . take tram T1 toward Eminonu. Get off at Sultanahmet (the 16th stop). 1 or 2 day do all the touristy shit. sulanahmanet (hiya sofia, blue mosque, basillica systern, topkapi palace), check out grand bazar(i believe cloased sunday). check out galata bridge and walk accross. New mosque...
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it should only cost you like 4 lira to ride the metro 1 line and transfer to Tram 1 line to sluthanamet. Eat tuvuk durum, chicken wraps... sooo fire omg. yum. there like 6 to 8 lira. You can eat like a king, like 4 meals a day for like 30 lira. $7.7 usd a day. try the aryan dairy drink. google best tukish meals they are the real ones. meet fellow travels are ur hostel orw whever ur stayin.

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I'm visiting this meme in a few months... what should I check out??

Canadafag, btw
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is the dream alive, pdx?
Sure. You'll get to leave and won't be trying to pay rent by being cooler, underground and skilled at making coffee than everyone else.
Food: Pine State Biscuits
Giant biscuit sandwiches filled with fried chicken and other things.

Museums: Oregon Rail Heritage Center
Home to a couple huge steam locomotives, some of which still run. One of them is the Southern Pacific 4449, one of the prettiest surviving locomotives in the US from the end of the steam era.

If I were visiting this town, these are some places I would go.

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Hey, /trv/. I'm a 26 year old American guy. I have a 4 year university degree, no university debt and about $20,000 in savings. Recently I've been interested in looking into doing some further studies in Europe. I don't have a set plan but am leaning toward a Master's in something Social Science-y. I am also open to to doing like a technical/trade qualification, though I don't know how viable and transferable the credential would be going back to the US when I finish?

I am most interested in going to: The UK, Nordic Countries/Scandinavia, Germany,...
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Thank you very much. I appreciate it. What would you say qualifies as "shit tier degree?"

As I said, I am interested in doing something in Social Sciences/Law/Public Policy/International Relations. Would you consider these shit tier? Or else a technical/trade thing if it's viable.

Or are you talking about like... fine arts or women's studies or something?

I am flexible about the location, but I am most interested in Northern Europe,...
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Thanks again. Social work and special ed. Are those two year programs? I've did ESL teaching in Asia to pay off my loans so I have some teaching experience, at least in some capacity.

What country are you from?
OP, do your research on the universities and countries they're based in. Some countries in Europe have free education for all students but this is mostly for bachelor's degree. I think only Germany has free master's degree education for foreigners. In Sweden for example it's free for EU nationals but those outside have to pay. Now the prices are still much lower than what you'd pay in the US. The programs I looked at around 15-25k and the programs last 1 year only so if compared to the $50-100k masters degrees in the US, it's cheap and you'll...
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I'm visiting family in Indianapolis for 2-3 weeks. I've never been. What is there to do?
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There's aa cool park there with some water. You can meet a girl there, get her number and push her in the water.
INfag here, it depends on what you want to do.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is actually pretty great, typically has some excellent exhibits.

The zoo is pretty nice, if you're with kids the Children's Museum is fun.

You can go to Mass Ave, Broadripple or Fountain Square if youre into more "hip" areas with cool clothing/record stores, bars, restaurants, etc.

If you have specific interests tell me and I'll see if I can recommend anything more narrowly tailored.

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I'm going to Turkey for a minor cosmetic procedure and I'll pay more for business class so that there's less chance of another passenger accidentally bumping into me.

Anyway is there any reason to choose one airline over the other? Turkish Airlines is slightly cheaper. I'm aware their safety record historically isn't great.

Also, any tips for Istanbul? I'll have 2 days to sightsee.
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Go see
>Haghia Sophia
>Blue Mosque
>Topkapi Palace
Those three are all near each other, and can be seen easily in one day. On a main street south of these you can a place where you can go down to a cistern that was used by the Greeks/Romans to hold water. Turks don't use it cause Islam says non-running water is unclean. There's an Archaeological History Museum nearby I think, but I'm not sure

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Turkish delight is pretty great.
I took a turkist airlines flight from istanbul to CDG economy class, can't say it was anything special

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