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Could I take my motorcycle with me abroad?
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Nope. Never been done. Absolutely impossible.
Sure you can. You'd have to buy an extra seat for it, though. 2 if it's a big one. Absolutely no way they're going to put it in the cargo hold.
Yes, but only 125 cc or smaller.

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Going to be going soon, and am supremely unaware of the area
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Go to Malibu.
Go to the giant Mexican in Malibu.
Get the fish taco.
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Check out the courthouse, the mission, the botanic garden, the museum of natural history if you want. Check out some hiking trails if you're into it. Walk along the beach and the pier. Rent one of those bikes with four wheels and multiple seats and ride along the beach. Walk along state street and shop/ eat at restaurants. Eat at La Super Rica.

Basically just explore and walk around. Enjoy the beach and the mountains and the landmarks. Wine tasting exists but I don't know anything about it. Check out Freebirds if you're in Goleta.

You're welcome.
>Santa Barbara

I think you know what to do, Supreme Gentleman.

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Hello I'm new to /trv/ I'm looking to go in spring break with my girl. Where should I go for 1000USD. Currently in Michigan
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Eastern Tennessee. Epic mountain scenery, plus tons of touristy stuff to do (Dollywood has grown in recent years and has several huge roller coasters now), and it's cheaper than other vacation destinations, so you'll live like kings.
To fully experience the unique atmosphere of Michigan City go for a walk through the city streets. After admiring the monuments and major historic sites, visit the famous museums of the city, and in the evening be sure to dine in one of the best restaurants.
Explore the city even closer professional guides will help you. They are happy to show you all the fun on an individual or group tours in Michigan City.
Do you want to visit not only the Michigan City and other US cities? Discover the fascinating tours of local guides and use the opportunity to make an unforgettable trip.

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Hey fellow travelers,

I'm going to Japan again for 12 days. From there, I'm in a situation - I want to go to either Austria or Switzerland for 10 days. From all the reviews and recommendations I have read, they are basically on par with each other - Switzerland being more expensive but beautiful, and Austria cheaper and friendlier to tourists.

Which nation would you recommend I try out (for a first time Europe visitor), and what do you recommend I do in said nation?
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Sorry - I should have mentioned that the dates I will go to one of the two will be 22 June 2016 until 02 July 2016.
Tbh they are both very interchangeable in many ways and since you don't need anything additional to visit both I suggest you pick the best parts overall.

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Hey guys, doing this trip in August, flying into LA and driving round. Planning on doing the usual touristy stuff (Hollywood, Universal Studios, gambling in Vegas, San Diego Zoo) but does anyone have any recommendations for anything that may be a bit less known?
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Personally, I'd skip San Diego & Palm Springs (although if you stick with Palm Springs you should visit Joshua Tree NP nearby). I'd use the extra time to go up to Lassen NP in northern California. If you go to Death Valley, be prepared for extreme, extreme heat -- carry plenty of water and make sure your car is in good shape.
>death valley and palm springs in august.

yosemite's gonna be hot as fuck, too, but not absolute death like those two. if you're planning on camping in yosemite expect to get your reservations in 6 months early, or be prepared to camp 40-60 minutes outside the park.
San Diego is comfy as fuck though. It's a good contrast to the dirty LA and the sleazy Vegas.

Check out Hearst Castle, Solvang, and Big Sur OP. Central coast is probably the most underrated part of California.

Is it possible to travel from Interlaken to Zermatt by car?

Google Maps is confusing me with that darn dashed line. What does it mean?
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Perhaps a car shuttle train?
You can't actually. Zermatt is a car free village. So basically you have to drive to Täsch and then take a shuttle that is 12min long, and there is one every 20 minutes. You can also take a cab from there. You won't be able to drive to Zermatt but that is not a problem

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>sleeping soundly in bed in small dorm
>two Chinese guys come in
>wu Ching Ching chinga long chong dong Wong shu sho
>turn on all the lights
>start crinkling plastic bags and taking out shit they bought at the market
>cracking peanuts
>one of them just went into the shower

Now I remember why I fucking...
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Oh, now the other one went in. Despite the fact there is literally the same fucking shower in the hallway.

I fucking hate Asians, I'm never coming back to this shithole again. Fucking disrespectful bastards, I've been to so many third world countries and never been this consistently annoyed by a demographic
You could tell them to shut up if they bother you that much. Or invest in ear plugs.

That shit doesn't bother me too much actually. I realize it's bound to happen and I specifically go to hostels that look like they're not part oriented plus never go for dorm rooms bigger than 8 beds but usually try to stay in ones with 6 beds or fewer.

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Has any1 of you ever been to Latvia or is from Latvia? Thinking about going backpacking there, but don't really know what to excpect.

I speak neither latvian or russian, all the languages im fluent in will not help me there.
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Do you plan to go in winter?
I've been in Latvia for 10 days, Riga is very intersting, be sure to visit the outskirts to see not only the touristy parts. In clubs and bars most staff will speak English, young people will know English, although in Jurmala or Tukums I was lucky to know even a little bit of Russian to communicate. Especially scenic are the castles around Sigulda and Turaida, if you like to hike.

>tfw you taught english abroad for a year and travelled all over europe and north africa and posted and participated in /trv/ all the time and took megabus trips around the U.S. in college then came back to America got a real job and now never travel because you only get 3 weeks off a year and it seems so horribly expensive

Did this happen to anyone else? Back then I didn't mind having only a couple g in the bank and spending it all traveling, but now even though I have like 50k, dropping 1k to go to europe for a week just doesn't...
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Travel like a normal fag and use your 3 weeks.

I wish I saved the pic, but there is a meme floating around FB that equates purchases of an iphone, another item, and a hoverboard to plane tickets to Europe, and places in the USA. I think maybe the Carribean/S. America, too. And it closes with collect memories not things, or something like that.
Yeah here in America we're fuct when it comes to vacation time.
Explore the states. Travel in your own country.

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two minute check.jpg
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ewww, bed bugs in NYC. Bell hop we have a problem. Bell hop we have a problem.


always search your room prior to settling in. A cursory check under the sheets would have prevented this.
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>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkOj7Hn3EbI [Embed]
I just looked into this they paid $85 a night for a room on NYE weekend lol in manhattan


Serious do people not expect the rates of a hotel to reflect the property and its condition

I would expect to pay $300-400 a night for decent hotel in NYC and $400 and up for luxury property
I would expect that any hotel that is discovered to have infestations would be shut down by the government until it can show the infestation is gone. If it puts the place out of business, so be it.

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I'm getting conflicting info about US credit cards and European chip and pin card readers.

My credit cards (Capital One and Citi) have a pin, but from what I gather they're chip and signature cards. Will these work in, for example, a train ticket kiosk in The Netherlands?

Does anyone with either of those companies cards (or US chip cards in general) have experience with using them in Europe recently?
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If you have a pin and can withdraw money from ATMs in the US it will work everywhere in europe the same way. insert the card, enter your pin, done.
If you have a newer card it will have paypass where you can pay up to 40€ by just putting your card on the reader without entering a pin (great to quickly buy tickets or other small stuff.)

Some older machines in restaurants will print the signature receipt.
American here traveling through the UK right now. I have had no problems using my credit cards with a chip at all (I have chase and as well as a west coast credit union). I do have some cards without a smart chip, and although most cashier's are confused by the old act of swiping, since America is lagging in this technology, it has worked in every single instance I have used it.
Hope that helps some.
Make sure you have a longer PIN, not just the 4 digit kind in the US.

The swiping still works, of course, as does imprinting and reading the numbers manually into a machine. So, though an unmanned ATM or train station machine could conceivably have an issue, you can still go into your bank (Citi), and get money. Having 2 cards is great of course, gives you a backup when one is having an issue. And, in my experience, issues do happen and they're unavoidable, from temporary zip code alerts even if you told...
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hello travllers! i know among us there are olso travel videomakers..why don't we share our works and discuss about our destination?

here one of my last trip to Canterbury, england

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Looks good. What camera do you use?

How does that Xiaomi work for you? I was about to buy one but stumbled across a good deal on a gopro 3+ silver and went with that instead.
You are very good at considering your FOV as well as pivoting speed and you work well within your boundaries.
Very nice music selection too, really helped with the vibe of the location and whatnot and is much better than the electronica trash that so many european video makes use in their stuff regardless of subject matter.
My only suggestion as that you not let the blackness at the end linger so much
>On a personal note, did you help the ducky?
Hi...I usuali use a Pentax k30 as main Camera

The xiaomi works great, I'm really happy with it..looking forward ti use it as a proper action cam this winter

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Hey all, I live in (well JUST outside) Paris, and if you have any questions regarding culture, things to see, misconceptions, traditions, norms, stereotypes, or anything else feel free to ask away
(pic related as fuck because I can't be bothered to drop down to reddit)
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What is there to do in your region in March?

Which banlieue has the best bulls? My wife prefers Morrocans but I'm a sucker for hung Senegalese bucks.
I'm an overweight American and I want to travel to Paris. How often will I be physically and verbally spit on?

Nicest towns./suburbs in Seine-Saint-Denis/le 93?

and conversely

Most horrible towns/suburbs in Seine-Saint-Denis/le 93?

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You ever travel with your dog /trv/?
I'm wanting to spend about a month to two months in one location (maybe vancouver), and I want to take my dog with me. i'm not sure how to work it out.
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I board them in a kennel when I travel.

Honestly, having pets isn't a great idea if you like to travel. It's expensive to house them and it's not very fair to your beloved pet.

Pets are good to have when you're just starting a family and are planning on basically staying near your home for the next 10 years.

However, there's plenty of hotels around the country/world that allow pets. You just have to do a lot of research ahead of time.
Moving around with animals can be hell.

A lot of regulation that change from country to country, some even have forced quarantine time of 14 days up to 3 months, other force you to fill out a shitload of paperwork, need of a special insurance for the time your pet is in the country etc...

Unless you're traveling with a service animal or it's a invitational sport competition (show jumping, dog agility, polo...) where you get special permissions it really sucks.
A dog that goes under the seat in front of you in the cabin is one thing (less than 20lbs). Checking a dog is russian roulette with their life. Even the most frequent flier dogs (show dogs) are hurt, lost and killed far more than you'd know. Airlines don't advertise that, because it wouldn't make sense to talk about it. If you can declare your dog a "therapy" or guide dog officially, you can buy them a seat in the cabin. Could have some other special exceptions crossing borders with this type...
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IMG_1143 [71003].jpg
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I purchased this print in Japan and my dogs ended up ripping it to pieces. #1 Does anyone know what it is called. #2 Anyone in Japan willing to help me out and somehow get me a new one? Not only would I be stoked but so would my wife.
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Probably won't be able to find any information if you think it's in any way historical. Looks like a contemporary take on the traditional woodblock style.
It's a modern imitation of Yamato-e.

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