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Hi /diy/ I need a bit of help.

I had recently got into an accident in my 2006 kia Spectra 5. Instead of spending a shit ton of money for someone else to fix it my father decided I should do it. I wasn't going to object because I enjoy doing these sorts of things and my dad was going to pay for all of it. I fixed my car as well as upgraded a few parts here and there and painted it, all in all I had a ton of fun with it and picked up car repair and tuning as a bit of a hobby.

After this adventure, if you can call it that, I have decided I want to put together...
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I fully support you can't have no in your heart, life's a garden dig it.
Was asking which way I should go, I'm definitely doing it either way haha
File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (124 KB, 1440x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124 KB, 1440x960
if you're in US, you won't find a skyline. Since you seem to be inclined to Asian market vehicles, here's my picks if I had money to throw around:
If what you want is to learn and constantly upgrade, improve, maintain, dismantle and reassemble may I suggest a GTO/3000GT/Dodge Stealth or a Mazda RX7/Rx8. All can be picked up for cheap when not running and have new things you may not have found in your Kia. They will not be cheap to get running, but fun.
However, my best and most reasonable advice...
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File: drink the bleach.jpg (134 KB, 600x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
drink the bleach.jpg
134 KB,
Hey there /diy/
I decided I wanted to start learning about Blacksmithing and Metallurgy. I plan on taking a shop or basic welding class, but I figure the best way to learn would be to actually practice out in the backyard whenever I'm feeling creative.

I saw a great video on how to build a powerful forge out of simple homemade parts, it looks it'd be a great starting point.


Is anyone on here familiar with working on a forge, or putting one together? It looks like a lot of fun, and it has the potential...
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I use this because i hate propane and haven't had a piece of metal i couldn't heat up enough..
This looks great. It looks a lot less expensive than the propane furnace. What kind of metals are you working with? I'm just planning on working with Aluminum first.
All kinds spikes, leaf springs, rebar, I've done 01 and a little stainless. And stainless only gave me trouble when I would use charcoal but when I threw in actual coal it didn't give me any trouble.
And down here it cost me 40 to make.

File: 20151228_205739[1].jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
ITT: Post tools, objects, whatever /diy/ items you don't know are and get answered. Threads for simply identifying things get started so often and aren't needed

pic related, found it in my garage likely left by the previous owner. What is it? Would it be useful for a homeowner + hobbyist woodworker?
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this is a digital multimeter. the average homeowner could use this to check electrical outlets to verify function, test batteries, probe rectal temperature, ect. if at all possible, kill yourself with it. would be an excellent news story
More specifically, a cheap (around $20) multimeter with a temp probe currently plugged in instead of voltage probes. Might be useful. If there are some other probes around for it a common useful function would be the audible continuity function (red setting, lower right of knob) as it simply means the meter will beep when it sends a trickle of power all the way through something. Use for diagnosing broken power cords and the like.

File: aa.jpg (96 KB, 1003x739) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB,
I built a TV stand some time ago and it's served me alright, but I need to build a new one a little smaller (height requirements) and a bit sturdier (first one was mostly melamine mdf and L brackets, it's pretty sleek though if I do say so myself.)

I want to do something similar to this image, with a heavy/solid kind of wood. It looks kind of hilarious, but sort of practical, and simple enough to build. I don't know anything about wood though. I don't want to spend too much time talking to people at the hardware store, so I'd like an idea of what...
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Use pine boards

Glue and screw is plenty strong enough and what you should use because it doesnt need to prep any joint

Paint or stain really is a personal choice, just a cosmetic thing
I'm going to need at least two inches thick or so, looks like. I'm not seeing too many of those though, mostly 2x4s and 2x8s, and this stand is more like a foot deep at least.

Assuming I don't find more stock at the actual store, would I just be glueing two boards side by side?
>glueing two boards side by side

That is one way of doing it

Get a scraper or just razor blades to scrape/level out the surface if you want

File: DSC_7729.jpg (2 MB, 4608x3072) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB,
Hello and Happy New year /diy/

How should I correctly remove this corrosion from my cordless drills terminals and battery? I've tried scraping it off with a knife in the past but the blue-green stuff eventually comes back and causes contact problems.

I don't really know anything about chemistry but is there some kind of baking soda solution I can try? The battery's are nickel–cadmium (NiCd) if that helps.

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File: DSC_7735.jpg (687 KB, 3075x2047) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
687 KB, 3075x2047
Another gore close up.
A light film of silicone dielectric grease will help prevent this corrosion.

Just scrape the bulk of the funk off, and give it a light coat.
Thanks anon, I will be sure to pick some up next time I venture into the hardware store.

Are there any chemical ways to remove the stuff that is already on there or at least soften it up ready for scraping? As it's quite hard and tough at the surface level.

Inherited a house in Macon, Georgia.
Staying there this week to fix it up.
Flooding is getting really bad in the area.
Water in my basement seems to be coming from this thing.

What is this thing? It doesn't seem to open in any way I can find, I think it's welded shut.
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Sump pump cover?

and/or a sewage pump if you're below the drain line or septic line.

does it smell unholy?
Get it inspected

File: 11.jpg (442 KB, 1200x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
442 KB,
made this knife from old saw... do you like it?
can you recomend some more material for knife making
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File: 03.jpg (356 KB, 1920x2560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 04.jpg (328 KB, 1920x2560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
328 KB, 1920x2560

File: muh room.png (28 KB, 843x996) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
muh room.png
28 KB,
Hey /diy/

My friend and I rented an apartment but my gf can sometimes be a little loud. I'm looking for a way to soundproof my room. The only noise will be my gf, normal volume music playing and me raging in video games (no shouting). Below's a rough sketch of the two rooms. beds are probably for certain, there are also two narrow wardrobes and a large L desk i havent placed yet.

I was thinking about getting large wood/plastic panels (light) and stick pyramid shaped acoustic foams on it, then screw the panel to the walls. What do you think?

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Just let him watch you two fuck
I think it would be easier to put the acoustic foam in her mouth.
Forgot my image.

File: image.jpg (3 MB, 2446x2531) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
My grandma had this tv since the 60s. When the tube died she took out the electronics and used it as a kind of bookshelf. The unit is still in good shape and sturdy so I want to put in an LCD screen for fun. My question is, if it doesn't fit exactly ( which it probably won't) what's a good "mat" material to put over the gap? Should it be something like shiny black plastic to match the TV material? Or a stained piece of wood to match the console material
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I'd say wood to match. Trimmin shit with wood is classic.

Trying to match the veneer will be tough for a newb and your picture doesn't help. Some hardware stores or wood working or furniture stores will have wood chips with stain/varnish combinations on them you could use like paint chips to match. It's complicated because the wood is very important, the stain is important, the finish is important, and so is the technique. They can all significantly change the look. where as paint just looks like paint unless your primer is shit tier..
Sorry I don't have a good picture of it but I'll get one next time I'm there. It's one of those pressboard types with either veneer or printed wood grain adhesive, so my custom piece will probably stand out a bit
I have the exact situation with a 60's cabinet. Was originally intending to put in an LCD, but also toyed with the thought of a lighted fish tank, but ultimately it is a bookshelf

File: Coilgun.jpg (86 KB, 851x434) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB,
So /diy/, due to watching a few videos I've decided to make a coilgun over winter break. Only problem is, I know next to nothing about electronics.

Now, I'm a decently good with my hands; I can take shit apart and put it back together, I can design bits and pieces and print them out, and I can solder. I just know next to nothing about electronics. I've only taken one class in university, and that was just pretty much "what is ohm's law and how do I resistors and capacitors". We did briefly cover inductors and transformers, but I've largely...
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Buy a couple 555 timers, google up "555 timer projects" and do every single one of them. I'm sure something will start to sink in.
Ok well yes you need a lot of wire.
Current in a wire creates a magnetic field. The strength of the field is proportional to the amount of current.
To create an electromagnet you need a large magnetic field. To increase the magnetic field in your wire you can increase the current or you can wrap the wire into a coil. Each turn will increase the magnetic field proportionally. This uses more wire which has resistance so you need to increase the voltage for the same amount of current. The problem is that a coil of...
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To get the projectile up to your target muzzle velocity.
If you are switching huge amounts of power then hv spark gaps might be a good idea or else some fat mosfet or something. You could use it open loop with just the calculated timing or go closed loop and put a few detectors to switch the coils at the right times.
Relays might work but remember the magnetic field will take time to dissipate when you remove power just like it took time to grow.
The other thing is that if you put too much power through the...
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File: IMG_3249.jpg (103 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB,
I wanted to make a simple constellation in a jar project as a gift. But I want to paint the jar black, and not paint the "star" parts, if you get what I mean. How would you go about making removable "stars" (sort of stencil, if you will)? What to use as a shield for the glass on those spots, that I can remove after spray painting the jar? I was thinking corrector pen, then I scrape it with my nail after the pain dries?
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Masking tape?
Yeah actually, I went for masking tape. Just seemed like too much work. :D
Maybe mark the outside with a clear crayon like what you get in easter egg dye kits and paint over. Or layer masking tape over wax paper and make pin holes.

File: Genos.jpg (83 KB, 700x933) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB,
Hey /diy/
Wanting to do a Genos cosplay but I've never attempted something like this before

I'm basically going to copy the picture and am wondering how to make the arms (first thought was foam or drainpipes) and the lights on the arms and the chest - oh and how to power them as well

Pic related
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File: el wire 3.jpg (96 KB, 607x608) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
el wire 3.jpg
96 KB, 607x608
you could use LED strips with a 12Vdc battery pack, or EL wire using an inverter that provides 160Vac, also powered by batteries.
Check out how they made the outfits for Tron Legacy.

Armor go EVA foam and heat gun it into shape. You can wrap yourself in plastic wrap and tape to draw out a shape to cute the foam. Krylon black base coat and add detail from there.

Aliexpress is full of lights, sparkfun is helpful as well.

If its suppose to have dotted lights get a premade LED strip, if its something like Tron its EL Tape. Depending on how much lights you have either battery back or Inverter if its a fuck load of lights. (The Tron...
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Does EL wire only work in the dark?

This piece of shit DLINK DIR-615 keeps overheating and causes the admin panel to freeze for several minutes. I'm planning to throw some raspberry pi heatspreders on it.

What parts of the router do the actual work and need the heatspreaders the most?

>Pic related
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>turn it on
>see what gets hot
you are a silly guy op

File: Rough-Cut-Sheds-4.jpg (375 KB, 980x735) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
375 KB,
I'm thinking about building a shed that looks something like the pic, but not as complicated (it will be smaller, and only have one floor).

I have never built anything remarkable before, but I do feel capable of building a simple shed like this. I have a few questions though:

1. I want the wood to be of darker type to give that comfy lumber house look. What wood is good for this? I'm talking price and quality here (don't want anything that's going to rot in a year or two).

2. I want the shed to be comfy to hang out in during the winter...
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What kind of budget do you have?

Keep in mind that using any type of wood other than pine becomes very expensive, very quickly.

Personally I'd frame it with whatever studs you can find for cheap in the walls, use 2x6 yellow pine for the ceiling and floor joists and insulate the walls/ceiling/floor. R13 insulation in the walls, R19 bare minimum in the floors/ceiling. 2x4 studs costs like 2.50 at Lowes for an 8 footer.

Use something like wood beadboard panelling on the inside, maybe some rough-sawn...
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>What kind of budget do you have?
I am willing to buy raw material for ~$600, perhaps more if I need to buy a door. I am not sure if I will install a window yet.

>Keep in mind that using any type of wood other than pine becomes very expensive, very quickly.
Will keep that in mind.

>go get a solid wooden door and frame it yourself. If you feel super intimidated by that, go spend the 100-ish dollars to go get a regular...
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Same poster, with a little more input.

Since you want to do a wooden door, you might want to get an idea of what kind of door you want.

Solid wooden doors are also pretty expensive, so you could make a wood door out of boards like pic related but it would have near zero insulation value. Plus, framing a door to where it has a decent fit and wouldn't leak air all around it is very difficult unless you're a really competent carpenter.

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File: Transformer3d_col3.svg.png (154 KB, 1280x961) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154 KB,
So I need a foam cutter. I managed to tune my aluminium foundry so that it works like a charm, and now I want to lost foam cast!
The thing is that I need to scavenge a transformer from somewhere. People on different forums on the internets say that you can "find the transformers in various appliances" but don't specify!
I am stuck home tomorrow with the kids so I might get wifey talked into getrting a dimmer for me, but the transformer might be too much, there is no shops that sell electronics like that on her route tomorrow.
I have lots of shit that...
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A microwave should have one, but you should learn what you are doing before you go kill yourself. Please don't kill your self, OP.
anything new won't have a useful transformer, more likely switch mode psu.
what do you need one for anyway?
smash up a 110v hairdryer and use 2/10 to 3/10 of the nichrome wire inside, connect to 12v car battery. adjust length of nichrome to suit.
Allrighty. I do have a few MOTs lying around. And my stick welder never worked anyway. I believe I got them rewound down to 6-7V? The microwave transformer seems a bit overkill but if there is no other options.
I don't have a spare hairdryer. I might have some nichrome wire though from dismantling a few toasters last year? And yea, sometimes 110 sounds good, for example when rewinding some transformers.

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