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is this site legit?
it seems too good to be true that i can get a round trip from amsterdam to NYC for fucking 300 euros.

Anyone ever used the deals from here?
pls respond, this could change my life.
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Never booked any of the error fares but used the site to find and book promo flights around Asia for around 3 USD each way
I went on there. It looks like any other blog that just posts deals. Or am I missing something and you can actually book stuff through them too?
It's more or a less a blog that posts deals with instructions on how to book some of the certain flights,

I found about the cheap Asia flights on the site and then booked them on airasia.

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There's no Africa thread at the moment...
So where has /trv been in africa. Opinions?
Anyone come across any trouble or danger when visiting?

Also which countries/cities are the safest and best for visiting on a budget. I've hear Lesotho is pretty safe.
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Torn whether to go to Kenya or Tanzania

Kenya has Maasai Mara and Amboseli (good view of Kilimanjaro apparently)

Tanzania has Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater (high concentration of animals apparently)

Anyone vouch for these 4 parks? I'm sure theyre all good
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I'd rather go to South Africa. They have the two best theme parks in Sub-Saharan Africa: Gold Reef City Theme Park and Ratanga Junction. One of the attractions at Gold Reef City is a roller coaster named Tower of Terror, which goes straight down through an old gold mineshaft headframe. I believe Gold Reef City also has a big casino on the property.
Why not both?

But seriously if you can only do one, make sure it is the right season for the migration. i.e. a sea of zerbas, wildebeest and thompson gazelles in the park

It's a pretty amazing spectacle and you can't go wrong, plus predators are easier to find because of it

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Hey /trv/

My girlfriend is going to going to travel around Europe in the summer and will be away for about 5 months.

How worried should I be right now?
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How long you been together???
5 months is a really long time for her to travel without you. She might not be planning it now, but women are far more promiscuous when they travel.

Honestly, you need to have a fuckton of faith in her.
Europe... I live there! *Don't worry anon I'll take good care of her..... In all seriousness what part of Europe is she going to? As culture varies enormously from country to country, Italian and Spanish guys are relentless when chasing a woman whilst I find the more Northern Europeans are a bit more respectful of her having a by etc (always exceptions to the rule though).

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>Dat Rainbow Gathering feel
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how does one get into rainbow gatherings, they always seemed interesting as someone who isn't a smelly hippy but doesnt mind smelly hippies.
Just go camping with some good friends.

It's exactly the same, just without the kitsch hippie merchandise and designs.

You also enjoy the nature without having to tell every fives minutes that you enjoy being there unlike those capitalists who can't appreciate the feeling of grass on their feets.

If you really want the psychedelic aesthetics just find a psytrance party, they're everywhere, easy to find and accept anyone.
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>DAT Rainbow Gathering smell

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I pretty much stay in my car, so renting a hotel room is a little pricey. Any ideas where I can get a cheap shower? I've heard truck stops have public showers, but they can be expensive.
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I don't by it. Recently got homeless?
Anyways public beach showers if truck drivers resting place showers is to expensive.
If you're so poor that you can't even afford a truck stop shower maybe you should save a little more money before traveling
If you're in the US, no idea.
If you're in the UK or Europe - major railway terminuses usually have cheap showers, and would probably be your best bet in most big cities

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Hey trv

In June I'm traveling to the States for a month. I was planning to start from San Fransisco and travel by Greyhound to Jacksonville. I have family living in San Fransisco, Las Vegas, Austin, Nashville and Jacksonville, so I'll have a place to stay there.
Can you give me any advice on what to do, what to beware of on my route, what I should add on my route? I'm thinking about fitting New Orleans in there if I have some time left.

Is it possible to visit Yosemite and Sequoia without a car?

Any advice would be more than welcome
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I really love the american south. I was planning to visit the Hank Williams museum in Montgomery and Graceland and Sun Records in Memphis
What book(s) should I read before I visit and while visiting?
Is that scene in Love Actually true where American girls find British accents attractive?

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I'm traveling alone to Waikiki for a month. I've been there before, but never for this long. Any recommendations for what to do with my time? Under 21.

inb4 not a RealTravelerâ„¢ because Hawaii
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go visit the other islands if your staying for a month.
Assuming I'm not, any ideas, or is Waikiki pretty much a lying on the beach vacation?

Also, I don't mind touristy areas (or I wouldn't be going to Waikiki), but ARE there any good relaxing beaches there that aren't filled with tourists?
I am currently stationed in on Oahu, so I might be able to help you out. What is your spending budget?

Are there any travelers here that have been to Morroco? I'd love to hear your stories.
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Check the tanneries at Fez. Do not do it in Marrakech. They are uglier and the keeper is an asshole that tried to hit us
The owner of the big shop above the Fes tanneries is a cool guy; used to represent Morocco in Olympic kayaking and lives half the year in new Jersey. He treated me to lunch on his rooftop wheni told him i was american.
He'll also jew you out of every penny you have, but jesus he sells nice stuff.

OP I've been to Morocco every year since 2009. Mostly I stick to the mountains and about tourist stuff but i can probably answer any questions you have. Been to every big city more than once.
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I've spent 4 months there so ask me anything.

I bought such a sick leather jacket there, unfortuanetly lost it though

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Under 21, Going on solo trip to New Orleans for spring break. Any recommendations?
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I think that 4chan should allow you to post the same thread on more than one board. That way your /biz/ input and your /trv/ input will be in the SAME THREAD. So yeas /biz/ and /trv will be in the same thread

Differen't boards, same thread.
I am going to New Orleans this weekend, OP. How about you?
Saturday the 12

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Any black people on here?

What are some of the places you've experienced racism? Was thinking of visiting Eastern Europe - Slovakia - but not sure of what to expect. Anyone have experiences they'd like to share?
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Most Asian countries.
Interesting, I've never experienced racism in east Asia as a black person. It seemed to me that the people in that region are too polite and "beta" to be racist toward you.
Eastern Europe has the potential to be worse than the states - something I imagine a lot of Black Americans are not aware of.

You can be flat out rejected if you try to get into certain clubs.

You don't need to be black to know this stuff. Also, while this is a generalization it is a fairly good mindset to have when looking to travel - the more liberal a place, the less they are likely to give a shit

Dutchfag going to London, any Londonfags with pet peeves or advice?
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Where in London?

Keep to the right hand side of the escalators
Let people get of the train/lift before you get on
Look right when crossing the road
Public transport does not accept cash. Get an Oyster card. It just might save you from relentless tutting and strong looks of disapproval.
You can buy tickets or travel cards with cash but it's generally more expensive. Get an oyster card or use a contactless card, which is exactly the same rate with less hassle.

Don't stop walking in busy areas, be aware of your personal belongings and open pockets. Use Citymapper for planning any public transport.

Do the typical tourist shit, get fast track tickets if it's a thing. Don't eat near any major tourist attraction because as usual the prices will be jacked.

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Hello guys! It is New Year soon which means that you should travel around. Where to go and how to spend your vacation? Or, if you don't work, what fun can you do this winter?
I strongly suggest you to visit Ukraine. I will post here the reasons why should you go there. I was Ukraine in winter 2014-2015, in Crimea in summer 2014, in Russia (all my life :DD) so I know what I am talking about. Pro-tips on how to visit Chernobyl (or to be more precisely Pripyat, a place where a nuclear accident happened in 1986) and how to get a Ukrainian gf included below.
You can also...
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Renting an apartment? 300 UAH/day for a center nice and cozy apartment in Lviv with double bed. Fucking 12 EUR a day! One night in hostel is just 4-5 EUR in Lviv. Kyiv is slightly more expencive but this is still amazingly cheap. Don't forget to use websites like https://www.airbnb.com/ and https://www.booking.com/ where you can find anything: from a shitty room in a commieblock to a whole house (just 40 EUR a day) or a very nice apartment.
Pizza delivery in Kiev - 150 UAH, 1350 grams. Fucking 5 euro for more than 1 kilo of pizza. "You gotta be kiddin me, Russiaball"...
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3) Ukraine is diverse.
It has an average-tier slav places like Kyiv with commieblocks. A student town with loads of young people (and grills too) like Kharkiv. It has e/b/in Lviv which I personally just love (IT IS AMAZING DURING WINTER AND NY THERE), it looks very European and cozy, it has loads of restaurants, beerplaces, bars etc. There are other smaller places like Uzhgorod where you can see some old castles. There is also Odessa where you can swim in the sea during the summer (that is what I will do this summer, I will go to Odessa or a place around it). You can also...
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6) You will be able to help Ukrainians by doing some currency exchange :DD Gibe your euros or dollars, they need it now X--DD
I spent 1000 USD in Ukraine during the winter and I don't regret it at all.

7) Ukraine has good looking girls who are also not spoiled with money. Cutes picrelated (my personal selection).
Now, [b]I want you to go to Ukraine and meet a girl there[/b]. I am not kidding.
Ukrainian girls are much more extraverts and emotional (somewhat similar to Spanish type) than Russians. They're much more friendly and easy going. And you don't...
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How many states have you guys been to?
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Have been hitchhiking around the US for about 2 months now, heading west to cali now, then north towards alaska
what the fuck is wrong with your template op?

it fills in like shit (had to click fl 15 times just to get that), and pa and de aren't even separated.

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So I'm planning to move to a different country but haven't started yet, I have a lot of shit I would like to pack into a container and move to the place I want to relocate to, have any anons done this?

Usually what I hear people doing is just selling their shit and then buying the equivalent in their new country. No idea what to do but I have some pretty big items that I would like to keep, like my 32" TV and my bicycle.

Have a high test chink female as payment
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It's going to take a TON of time, on the order of months before your stuff will arrive. I've not done it, but I have a veeery distant uncle that works on a long-haul freight ship.
Any reason why you want to keep that TV and bike?
Are you moving to a poorer country where you can't find a similar one?
Yeah something like that

I wouldn't actually mind too much if it took a couple of months as long as it did arrive and some thieving fucker didn't decide they want to keep it instead of delivering
Is it usually a reliable thing to get a container delivered? Or does it depend on the countries and shit like that?

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Going for the first time to Cusco with my gf. We'll be there for a week, and mostly want to see beautiful views and eat amazing food. It'll be mostly a chill trip (it's out only vacation week this year), so besides the obligatory day trip to Machu Pichu, we don't plan to be moving too far from Cusco itself.

Still, I'm interested on getting tips from anyone who's been there, specially if they're different than what most tourist offices would tell you. Any particular must-see place, must-try food, must-anything?

Any tip would be appreciated.
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Bumpity bump
>bumping after seven minutes
Relax dude, /trv/ is a slow board. Don't need to bump more than once every few days, honestly. Wish I could help you but I've never been. Sounds exciting, OP. I hope you have a safe and fun trip!
Funny... I'm OP and it wasn't me who made the bump.

Thanks for the good wishes.

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