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Anybody /trv/elers going to Europe for Summer that are into music festivals? The ones that play good electronic music, not the mainstream shitty EDM.

Anybody wanna join this solo anon at Dimensions in Croatia?

Some videos to entice you:

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Oh, and the line up for this year:
Im going to Boom in Portugal. Drug user heaven.
Ahh, lovely! I love psy festivals, been to a few here in Australia (Psyfari and Dragon Dreaming). But this time around I'm going for different genres that I also love :)

I only have enough budget for Dimensions. You should also check out OZORA in Hungary and Tree of Life in Turkey.

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I'll make this a double thread because /trv/ is such a slow board and I don't need to make two.

1. How do you guys find the money to travel?

I just finished paying off my car. Now I'm paying off my school loans. Next I'll probably get lasik eye surgery. Then maybe my teeth straightened. etc.

I want to travel real bad, but I keep finding higher priorities.

2. Traveling alone. Who here does it? What kind of mindset do you need to enjoy yourself?
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>1. How do you guys find the money to travel?
I work in retail and earn between A$900-1200 a fortnight. Around this time last year, I opened a savings account dedicated just for travel, and chucked in A$200 every payday, leaving me with a comfortable amount of cash* to spend on necessities** and other things. Sometimes I will put in more than $200, even up to $500, and now accumulated around A$7000 for travel. (I recently lost shifts at work because I'm only a casual employee, and I still want to be able to put in as much as I can for travel because I leave in about 4 months)

My advice is open up a savings account solely for travel, put in X amount of money*** from each paycheck, and DO NOT ever touch that money. Don't even think it's yours anymore, think of it as Future You's money.

>2. Traveling alone. Who here does it? What kind of mindset do you need to enjoy yourself?
I've somewhat done it 4 years ago. Did a Eurotrip with TopDeck before, but then about a week or so of solo time in London and Paris. Being a very reserved and introverted type, it was a bit hard, but staying at hostels help, especially if you meet like-minded travelers as well. It can be a bit lonely wandering around by yourself at times, but you can get through that by just being amazed with new things/cultures/experiences.

I will be going solo again for my next time, but hope to enjoy myself even more this time; adapt and mingle better in social situations.

*I grew up in a third world country, so I can cope better with not having many luxuries that westerners are used to here.
**I live with my aunt, so rent is much cheaper, which helps a lot. To all students/young people living with family, I would suggest saving as much as you can while rent is cheap/free.
***The more value you assign to X, the faster you reach your travel goals or the more allowance you have to spend. I regret not putting more in earlier last year when I had more money.
Do you *really* need a car? Can't you get around using public transport and/or cycling and/or walking instead?

School loans... well, fair enough, they do need to get paid.

Laser eye surgery: How impaired is your vision? Does it stop you from doing your tasks that you need to get done? Does it cause you constant, unbearable physical discomfort?

Straightening your teeth: how fucked are your teeth? Does it stop you from eating? Does it cause you constant, unbearable physical discomfort? Does it scare off every living creature you encounter?

I suppose there are just two ways I look at saving:
1. Stuff I want to spend on for a nice, comfortable, secure, repetitive life as another functioning normal member of society
2. To have different and unique experiences in different parts of the world, create memories and connections with things and people you can't find back home
I have like 800€ per month.
Living for my own costs me atm like 550€ per month, including flat,internet, party etc. I don't have a car so I can save enough money for travel. I need a maximum of 3000€ for a "luxury" 4 month travel, starting with 1k, when I'm flying somewhere.
Well,but keep in mind: I'm not saving for anything else , like a house or something - only travel and a little bit of extra like new clothes and stuff.
Never got into debt at first place

File: seattle_kerry_park.png (445 KB, 700x393) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm going to Seattle to visit a friend. However, this is my first time travelling alone and I would like to know my options around town in case my friend isn't available at the moment. Do you guys have any recommendations? From Toronto btw.
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File: Cherries.jpg (565 KB, 1024x626) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What day are you arriving? The University of Washington is a nice place to poke your head around for an hour or two. Pic related.
The white horse is a cool spot to spend some time. Gaswerks park is good. Take a tour of the Underground Seattle. Eat good foods, use yelp and shit.
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Get an Orca card so that you can travel across the city.

File: E9QVIPw.png (959 KB, 1714x756) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Planning a roadtrip through the US with (roughly) this route. Got a few things planned along the route, like visiting the countryside, but could use some suggestions on places nearby to swing off to.

We have a healthy travel budget and lots of time planned out to take our time, see the countryside, things both big and small. We're mostly on an exploration trip so we can go pretty much anywhere.

Any suggestions of things to stop by this route?
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Why would you choose that route? If I was to choose the most boring route in the entire US, that would be up there in the top 5. The only suggestion I have is maybe spend some time on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoah Valley. The Blue Mountains are kinda cool and maybe the Ozarks...but, expect to run into lots of meth labs.

Otherwise, Nashville is worth a visit. You don't have DC in there, and I would definitely include that.

Know some friends along the way, was thinking of visiting. But we could go faster at some places and skip over parts of TN, Kentucky, Ohio. We could probably swing up towards Niagra Falls, and head into Massachusetts, although I'm unsure what there is to visit there aside from Boston.

Could also swing West Virginia if there is something worth seeing there. Great nature is good suggestions, I'll def look it up. I'm also a bit of a history nut so would love to find some good civil war sites,...
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Another possible route. I had to apply for the ESTA program to ente the US, do I need some kind of visa to enter Canada from the US? From what I have been able to see, Canada seems fairly chill about this kind of thing.

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American here going to be going to Europe soon for anywhere from 3-6 months for my job.
I've got Verizon cell phone service but I've heard that T-mobile is a European based company and has full coverage in most of Europe. Specifically I'll be in Germany and Poland and maybe the Baltics.

Does anyone have any experience using T-mobile in Europe? I don't even need calling, just data
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Vodafone sims are like 10 euros with credit as well
When I was in Germany I got a Vodafone CallYa SIM for $22.50/mo with unlimited talk and text, and 1GB of LTE data. That was a good deal for my two week trip. I used the Rebtel app to get calling back to the US (connected via local phone) for less than two cents a minute.

Bitch is that the entire registration and activation occurs in German with no english translation but with google translate built into Chrome registering to get the SIM mailed to you isn't hard, and topping it off with a credit card is easy doing the same.

T-Mobile works great in Europe, but if you just need data seriously consider just picking up a local SIM for your phone. You'll just get, at best, 3G speeds instead of 4G speeds.

I'm planning on giving up everything and leaving for a Buddhist monastery somewhere in Asia. I have nothing to lose but the only thing I can offer them in return for my staying is my artistic skills, is it worth it? Also, post any experiences you might have of monasteries.
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You will be incomprehensible to the monks and they wont really except you if you're not they're type of buddhist. Like... Western Buddhism ("Oh man I am so into meditation and zen and weeabooery/koreabooery and japanese food so zen is like the perfect religon for me") is different from Asian Buddhism(" Have the Theravadas and Mahayanas convert to Zen or die! ").
It's not all Zen/Dalai Lama sexual fantasies and Sushi
I've taken some meditation and dhamma courses at monasteries in Thailand, including two that are very well acquainted with foreign students (Wat Pa Nanachat, in Ubon Ratchathani, in the Northeast, which is aimed entirely at foreigners [name means international forest monastery], and Wat Suan Mokkh, down south), and one that is less so (a local temple in Mae Rim, outside of Chiang Mai--this one was not conducted in English). I found them worthwhile. But these were courses; I paid for them.

Wat Pah Nanachat...
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Fuck your art skills, can you clean a toilet? That's probably your most useful ability, especially if you can't read or write or understand anything anyone is saying

File: Los-Angeles-Skyline.jpg (444 KB, 1920x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey /trv/. This is my first time here, and to be honest I feel like this is probably a fairly common theme for new threads, so if it is I apologize. I'm considering moving to LA in the near future. I live in Boston right now and I'm just straight up unhappy with my life and I desperately need a change of scenery. I have a fair amount of money saved up right now, and I have family (a brother) and friends out there. I guess I'm just looking for you guys to try to either talk me out of it or convince me I should go.

>tl:dr Should I move...
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I'll get some shit out of the way first:

>I'm 25
>Working in AV
>$15k in the bank
>I have a reliable car
Sure why not the cost of living isn't all that more outrageous than Boston. Coach surf of your bro and friends for as long as you can swing it until you get a job bagging groceries or some shit and then you can be a little more financially stable to have a studio of your own. Los Angeles on the surface seems like an amazing place to live, but sooner or later the place gets to you and you realize it any all that.
I don't think I'll have any problem snagging a part time job right off the bat. I've been able to keep a job consistently for a long time and I'm fairly confident in myself.

Why do you say that the place gets to you? Can you give me some examples/stories or anything like that? I mean I've heard that everyone kinda sucks and it's hard to really connect with people...but other than that?

File: sweden-07.jpg (828 KB, 2560x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
828 KB,
I am aware that most people here are either American or British, so I understand if it's a bit slow, regarding my question.

I'm looking into European countries to go live in. I don't want to go to America because it's too far away and I don't think I'd fit with the culture. South America is also off of the map.

In terms of Asia, Japan might be a possibility, but the language is a great barrier, and I don't think I'm prepared for the commitment of learning japanese. So, just Europe.

I'm sick of living in the...
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For some reason I'm guessing you're from Australia or new Zealand. I think Canada has an under 30 visa shit, same with UK. With the Eu I think you need to be sponsored by a company or business to work there. In terms of integration you're gonna have to tell us where you're from and skin colour
>I work with web development and have 3 years of experience under my belt, so I don't think I'll have great difficulties finding a job.


just go to Poland or Romania or some shit, western Europe is fucked.
I'm caucasian, from Portugal.

I've been to Poland, fuck no. Romania, maybe... but I don't know much about it.

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I've got 4 days over Easter break to spend in Netherlands, have been to Amsterdam and not interested in visiting on this trip.

Recommendations of where else to see? I'll be driving, interests include: cycling/running, architecture, beaches and cultural cities.

Also, staying in one place, vs staying in a couple of places over the 4 days.
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If you like modern architecture I recomend Almere, however anytime longer then one hour might end in depression...
(take it from a native)
Almere, previously voted the ugliest city in The Netherlands. Seriously man, don't go there.

Go to places like Utrecht, Groningen, The Hague Leiden or Rotterdam.

The Hague might be a good move for you as it's 15 minutes by tram to Scheveningen beach.

I'm not a big fan of Rotterdam myself, but it is modern and I do love the harbor.

Groningen is a personal favorite.
>staying in one place, vs staying in a couple of places over the 4 days.

Honestly, the country is small and compact enough that you can just stay in one place and head out from there to the everywhere else early in the mornings, and then drive back at night.

File: B Man.jpg (38 KB, 673x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
B Man.jpg
38 KB,
Is it dangerous to visit Batman?

Batman is very close to ISIL territory, once word gets around I don't want jihadist showing up at my hotel to kill me.
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>spending money on a meme
I thought /trv/ knew better.

Its not dangerous really, the territory at the Syrian boarder is actually held by the Kurds and Al Quamishhli by the Syrian government, both western friendly. Probably the most dangerous thing possibly is a Turkish crackdown on Kurds in the area, just because its mainly a Kurdish town, but even then it would be very unlikley.

Batman itself has very little to do in it, as its an oil city and its a bit old and industrial. Not much information on it except there's some ruins in the outskirts of city (although...
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I traveled to Fucking, Austria. I even posted a picture of it on /trv/.

So, fiancee and I are going abroad in June. We will be spending a month in Romania participating in a museology/archeology program. We plan on spending some time before and after around Europe, and have weekends free. Along with any general advice, I have some specific questions...

- what is the best way for us to have cell phone with data service while we travel? I know i can get a sim with data cheap in Romania, but we will be in other countries (see itinerary below) do I have to get a new sim in every country? Does orange not work in neighboring countries?

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File: P8164208.jpg (2 MB, 3024x4032) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3024x4032
>June 3/4 - Take Euronight Train from Budapest to Sibiu (seems like if we book in advance we can get a private 2 bunk sleeper for $85 per person each way.)
Make sure you have the 2 bunk sleeper, it's quite unpleasant otherwise, which my friends and I found out the hard way - I was the only one who was able to get some sleep. If the bunk's not possible, opt for a bus, but be sure to book in advance.

>Sibiu weekend activities and night time stuff.
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thanks for the input!
we definitely found the 2 bunk sleeper. i plan on even seeing if they have any private bathroom ones available because i know they exist.

i have to say we will be doing a lot of physical labor during the program, so our prefered activities will likely involve music, art, theatre, architecture, sight seeing, etc.
File: P8204363.jpg (2 MB, 3024x4032) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3024x4032
In that case, look into the Siebenbürgen, all seven of them being
>Bistritz (Bistrița)
>Hermannstadt (Sibiu)
>Sächsisch Regen (Reghin)
>Kronstadt (Brașov)
>Mediasch (Mediaș)
>Mühlbach (Sebeș)
>Schässburg (Sighișoara)
All right in history and architecture, the bigger ones will...
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File: Northern-Iraq-Syria.png (81 KB, 622x293) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm gonna be going around Iraqi and Syrian Kurdistan for a while to write articles about the Kurds 'n shit. Has anyone ever been there? How is it? What do they wear? What's not to do?
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>how do I google and research my own shit
What kind of writer are you, senpai. We are supposed to be the ones receiving this info from you.
I did not choose my appointment sadly.
What do you guys wear there?

File: 373446-san-marco.jpg (300 KB, 2240x1488) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Heading for Venice for 3 days on saturday, any tips? Should i spend a day in neighbouring Padua?
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Nope, you won't have time to properly visit Venice with 3 days, let alone 2.
If you want to eat, don't eat in the most obvious places. Look around, go through alleyways. The food is gonna be significantly cheaper, and probably better tasting. Same goes for coffee shops. Also try to explore it as much as you can. Those main attractions are cool and all, but the you will get the most of your trip if you go there without a plan.
File: nice_foto.jpg (281 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Go here senpai.
>only 2000s kids will understand the reference

File: frutas y verduras.jpg (69 KB, 375x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
frutas y verduras.jpg
69 KB,
I will attend an interview organised by my uni soon. They use this as a criteria to select people to go on a Spanish language exchange trip. What kind of questions should I expect them to ask?
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>Tell me about yourself.
>Why do you want to go to Spain?
>Why do you think you're the right candidate and not the other student(s)?
>What do you hope to learn in Spain that you couldn't learn here?
>[presuming this is uni]Which courses will you take, and how will they contribute to your degree back home?

There's probably a shitton of other questions I can't come up with right now.
Should I reveal the fact that I did a lot of self-learning by myself? I only took a beginner course at uni (I'm a freshman), but I did a lot of self-learning by myself. My Spanish friend can understand my text messages although my Spanish probably looks weird as hell to him. I also learned to roll my Rs. I am thinking about minoring in Spanish just for fun (it is unrelated to my major).
>lot of self-learning
Sure. Use that as an argument for how ambitious & self-driven you are.
I'm not American so I have no idea how the major-minor system works. Do you believe you are currently at a level where you could follow university level conversations?

File: Chisasibi.jpg (126 KB, 960x717) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hello /trv/ I'm sure this thread has been done to death already but I am in something of a bind.

My friend wants me to go to Bangkok with him from may to june. naturally I am not averse to the idea, but I would like to save as much money as possible, which of course means I am interested to know where I can get the cheapest possible airfare without being scammed.

My friend is adamant about using flighthub. I've heard it's a shit site known for fucking its customers over with extra fees and "mistakes". I really don't know any ticket...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's one of a million third party sites. They are ok until you are in a bindor need to change flights and they often cancel flights then ask you to pay an increased amount

Stick to the big names like Expedia or Priceline or buy from the airline. I use momondo or kayak to see the playing field

How would you rank redtag?
Never used that specific site but i've generally had bad luck with 3rd party sites. My friends and I actually signed up for a flight deal notifier and we just share the email which eliminates all the work! Too many scam sites.

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