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Am off to Bali.have been there maybe 6 times through out the years living close and cheaps flights etc.
Wondering if any fellows who have been there have any places they stayed they could recommend.
Am due to go there for next hoilday (overdue honeymoon)
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I've been there once for about 10 days. I'm from Australia so it's cheap as fuck to go.
Stayed a few nights in ubud up in the forestry mountains place, it was super quiet there, good for relaxing and shit. I went with the Mrs, it would be a good honeymoon place if you just want personal time.
We also stayed in Seminyak at an all inclusive resort, which was pretty expensive but was "all inclusive", food was amazing and felt pretty pimp swimming up to the swim-up bar and getting a few beers and a mojito for the misso, and not having to pay.
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Get out of kuta/legian
Head north, lovina , amed , candidasa are all good for a honeymoon destination.
Sorry, got that wrong, we stayed in Nusa Dua for the all inclusive. Seminyak we just stayed at a nice hotel and got drunk at bars and shit.

I'll be in Montreal for the first week of May. Looking for the best places to consume food, coffee, booze, art, architecture and the like. Other fun things are welcome.

I'm pumped. Any residents around? How's it to live in? I'd like to uproot from Victoria some day and Montreal's close to the top.
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>excited about visiting a French-speaking Cleveland

Go to NYC
>How's it to live in?
It's alright.
I liked Quebec City more.
Wondering about this too, im going the second week of august

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0 B,
Dominican republic or jamacia? im planning on visiting the carribean but cant decide between the two
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DR has better scene, as far as women, regular chicks and whores, but knowing some passable Spanish helps for the regular chicks.
Ive known immigrant women from both countries here in burgerland and i think they are both qt as fuck. Prices, safety, access to weed, and friendliness of the locals is more my concern. and yeah i know basic spanish

Why do people on /trv/ always assume that people want sex tourism information? Fuck off to RooshV or whatever, you faggot.

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IIRC this proposal has been making the rounds for decades. So: yes, but it's never going to happen.
>The highway would then cross the Bering Strait to Alaska's Seward Peninsula, connecting to the tiny town of Nome. The plan doesn’t offer any details on how drivers will travel 55 miles across the ocean. Unfortunately, there is also no road connecting Nome any major expressway, so you might be better off using a dog sled.
you'd have to drill and fill concrete supports fucking deep to make it work. it'd cost trillions. never gonna happen

but it doesn't matter, it's never going to happen. it wouldn't get enough use to make the cost worth it (though the "trillions of dollars" quoted in the article is a joke-interstates average $20m per mile, and this would be smaller, but through rougher terrain, plus some of it's presumable already constructed, so $20-40b seems more accurate, but still too expensive).

bering straight engineering is a bigger problem than cost, though-50 miles of storm-blasted, ice-coated, earthquake-rocked ocean. how do you bridge that? and now that...
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I will be in Krakow later this year, and from there I'd like to visit
and I suppose that order would be the most efficient

Anybody have done something like this before? Are there any tour companies one would recommend?

Or any ideas what the most cost and time efficient way would be to get from Krakow to Prague to Vienna to Budapest?

If anybody would like to give ideas what to do in each cities I would also love to hear it too!
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wizzair (ryanair?) to fly from krakow to prague, then from budapest to krakow.
i never ever used tour companies before, and i cannot imagine a situation where i would do that unless i suddenly woke up as a chinese upper middle class woman one day, so can't advise on that. i would just take the train between vienna and budapest for sure (railjet from westbahnhof to keleti), prague to vienna either train or bus.

i've visited all three of the cities dozens of times, ad so i could give you advice on what to do, but you didn't really give away your preferences,...
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Bratislava is only an hour away from Vienna, you should check it out if you have the time; it's ok not the best of cities but at least you can say you've visited Slovakia as well
Prague airport is kind of farther out of the main city, train will be right there near old town. Budapest, same deal. Vienna, same deal. So, whether it is the most economical, it eases ground transfers somewhat to do a train. If you do fly, I'd fly into Budapest from Poland and do a reverse plan.

Your 3-city route is highly popular as a 10day itinerary trip, giving 3 days in each city, plus or minus the half travel days there. For my next trip, I'd suggest the following:
2 days, 2 nights Prague
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For al the ops traveling, backpacking, fucking, eating, tindering, exploring, hiking.
Through vietnam, cambodia, thailand, malaysia, whatever

Share stories, epic pictures, tips, do's, dont's.

Im on a 12 month traveling binge, eating everything i can find and fucking locals or travelers in every city ive been so far. Hiked through jungles alone. And couch surferd all along the way not a single dollar spent on hostels.
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I'm going to Thailand tomorrow, any tips? I'm trying to learn a few phrases but the language seems hard as fuck. I'm hoping there'll be a decent number of people that speak some english. Also, is it safe to drink tap water?
And any tips for surviving the 16 hour flight?
No only bottled water. Everyone speaks english and every one sees u like a walking money bagg. Dont be the stupid tourist who gets mugged and fucked over. Oh and everyone tries to fuck u over. Thailand got raped by white people. They only returning the favour while smiling. The country has gone to shit. South especially. And suck it up its only a flight pussy. Fuck i hate thailand oh so many traps
I'm gonna be mostly in the south (bangkok area, phuket) so I'm assuming it'll be pretty touristy. Are traps really that bad there? I was wondering how easy it is to hook up with locals.
How do you find places to stay? You must be doing it super cheap since you're not spending money on hostels.

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I'm interested in going to Russia, especially Moscow and Saint Petersburg. I'm also looking for a smaller Russian city (Stavropol or Volgograd?) and maybe a town to experience the tundra. Is this a good idea? Any recommendations?

I'm European if that makes a difference.
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I know some people that really love Russia and some that really hate it, but I think you would have a great time.

I heard something about the visa and you have to do something with that every time you go somewhere new and sometimes its a little annoying to visit multiple cities. Maybe somebody can clarify that for me
Ah thanks. I've heard about visa issues before. Definitely have to check it out.

What did people seem to like the most about Russia?
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Volgograd, while having an amazing (and I mean amazing) museum, Rodina-Mat' zovyot, Pavlov's House, and the biggest statue of Lenin, doesn't have too much more too offer after that. Don't get me wrong, if you love history, it's a great city but once you exhaust those options it's pretty dull. I went during Den' Pobedy and it was great though. Niznhy Novgorod is beautiful. I lived in Samara, so I love it. That said, it's not the most exciting, but it's still very Russian...
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Anyone ever try living out of a van?

I'm tired of spending shit loads of money on apartments when I don't need 90% of what they offer and I was thinking about cashing my security deposit and getting a van.

I live in a foresty city, have a couple jobs, and go to university. Since the city is mostly forest, I figure it wouldn't be too hard to find places to park and I can get a bike so I'm not driving a lot. I get access to a lot of free stuff by going to a university (gym, shower, restrooms, Internet, computers, microwaves).

I found...
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Oh and I know the guy in the picture died but I don't plan on being isolated in the wilderness and eating random shit I find growing around me. For food I'd probably have an ice chest and a hot plate or fire area
Maybe you can find it in the 4plebs archive buy there was an anon who loved out of a van who had excellent advice and stories
I'll look it up, thanks.

Also, there's only two of them, but here's the pictures of the van to give a better idea of what I'd be living in

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So, which is the greatest city?

London or New York?
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Tokyo squashes both, easily.

But if I had to rank them, it would be a very close London over New York.
New York is the most superlative city in the word.
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Hey /trv/. I posted a thread a while back asking for info on Suriname and the other Guianas. Some anons asked to post a thread when I got back, which I'm doing now. I'll be uploading pics for a bit, then if anyone's got questions I'll be happy to answer.
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File: DSCN0559.jpg (3 MB, 4608x3456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh, the pic in the OP is an abandoned sugarcane plantation. It stopped working 20 years ago and it's already on the verge of collapsing.
File: DSCN0587.jpg (3 MB, 4608x3456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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About 95% of what I had. Surinamese food is good but it's often the same.
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Hey eurofag here.

Going on a roadtrip on the west coast in Juli/August. Originally booked a car for 690€, pick up in San Diego drop off 3 weeks later in Seattle.

But yesterday they called me and said that there was an extra 500 dollar fee because of the difference in pick up and drop off points.

Is there any way to circumvent this, or are there cheaper options?

Open to all suggestions.
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1)Say you're picking up and dropping at the same place.
2)Pay with cash.
3)Drop off in another city.
You always need to have a credit card. Nice try.
Use prepaid cards.

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Hi, /trv/! I was at Hong Kong Gentleman's Club a few weeks back. Yes, it's a strip club/brothel. It's also the greatest paradise in the Western Hemisphere. Ask me anything.
I'm normally on /pol/ but this is post is inappropriate for there.
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How many times were you the bottom bitch?
Zero. I'm not into that. I like women.
in this day and age they count as women OP

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Is LA worth visiting if you don't drive?
Was thinking about doing 7 days in California (NYC-> SF, SF-> LA (train), LA->NYC). How accessible is the city by foot/bus? Is it even worth going to or should I just stay in the San Francisco area for 5-6 days?

Going in June (if it matters)
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>Is LA worth visiting if you don't drive?

You need...NEED...a car to travel around LA, just like the majority of the country. Everything in LA is incredibly spread out and its swarming with street gangs. Buses? Only the poor who can't afford a car are going to use it. Enjoy having homeless people bother you.
When you say you're visiting LA you mean the tourist trifecta of Hollywood/Venice/Santa Monica. There is nothing in downtown LA except office buildings and homeless people. Even LA natives have no reason to go downtown except to see the occasional basketball game.

Yes, that "trifecta". Now that you mention it, I don't think there's much to do there. Maybe I should just stay in SF and explore the vicinity.

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I'm considering going to England in a week or two. I was thinking it would be fun to spend about 3 days in London, then 4 days in smaller towns--i'm not much of a big city guy and also would like to see the quainter, more old school aspects of England. Stonehenge, thatch cottages, shit like that.

is this feasible? How easy/fast is it to get from London to smaller towns around England, and if its reasonable any suggestions for places to go?

When I went to Tokyo I also spent a day in Kamakura and a day in some lil town near Fuji-san. Took a bus to one...
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Personally I think the south of England is shit (im from north). However, it depends how far you travel. My best advice is that public transport is expensive anywhere here as well to smaller towns it's pretty bad and inconsistent.

London is good for touristy stuff, but I never find it a fun place to go, it feels stressed a lot of the time. The more scenic areas are like, the peak district, lake district and the pennines (for mountains/hills and stuff).
Op here. I keep hearing the English live ti go to the cotswolds and to Cornwall. Why?
Where are you from? This is important to know what you consider a "small town".

My home town has what I would consider small, but if you're American you'd probably think my entire town was a " small group of houses".

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Anyone got any stories?
Funny or scary experiences?
Interesting travel destinations?
Food to try?
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I was in Thailand for a while this year. Never went but had a lot of friends who spent a few weeks there or more. They said stuff about how i needed to visit the highlands there or something. There are some great remote areas for sure, otherwise its pretty safe in most areas
I spent 1.5 days riding my bicycle over Mount Lawu (Between Madiun and Solo) on the way down I was going 65 kph which turned out to be too fast for a turn. I slowed down a lot before I crashed into a pile of rocks and flipped over the handlebars. I was a bit cut up and bruised, but OK. There were 4 kids across the street, that just laughed, offered no help, and were just annoying. A bit down the hill people seemed more concerned about why the white guy was covered in dirt and blood. But not those kids.

Pic of...
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I was travelling with some friends, back in our early 20's, and one of us gets shaken down for a bribe at the immigration counter for Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Somesuch horseshit made up about 'irregularities' in his passport that would go away for $20.

First time I'd ever seen that sort of thing. We ribbed him a bit about it for a while.

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