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Possible Trip.png
69 KB,
What’s up /trv/,
I am an American guy in my mid-twenties. I am currently between jobs and recently moved out of my old place and back in with my parents; which could be a bad thing, but I am making the best of it. I have a decent amount of money saved up and I think I am going to go and spend 90 days travelling around Europe. I feel like I am at a pivotal point in my life and I have an opportunity to go do this now, I may not have this opportunity again for many years. This is a hair brained idea I just came up with and there will be a lot more planning before I go. Please...
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6.Am I missing any places on my itinerary or are any of the places I am going a waste of time?

I have already been to Northern France, Great Britain, and Ireland. I would like to go again someday, but I am leaving them off the list for now so I can see new places.

7.Any other advice?
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286 KB, 753x695
>2.How much does it cost to stay in a hostel for a night?
>I know this will hugely vary depending on where I am. Also would it be cheaper to find a hostel outside of a major city and take the train around or should I just find a place in the city?
I don't think that you can find a lot of hostels out of the major cities.
I found a nice hostel in Florence just for 9€/night.

ps. pic with my green suggestions.

Why do you recommend Sardinia? I am assuming this would be a boat ride from either Nice or Rome?

What was the dot you added in Italy? Is it supposed to be Florence? Because that is what my other dot was supposed to be. May have been a little off placing my dots.

Does anyone here have experience with stealth camping?

Planning a motorcycle trip and motels would blow my budget. I'll probably stay at campgrounds if possible but I'd rather just find a wooded area to set a tent up for just a quick rest.

pic not me but related
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interested in this

pic semi related but mine
For some reason a rice rocket takes the majestic and adventurous feeling out of a stealth camping picture.
what kind of bike is that?

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0 B,
So my family has charged me with planning our vacation this summer. Four people, $12k max. Gotta be on the North American continent, only one week. Anyone has suggestions?
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what is North america for you?
Mexico, US, Canada
what is your main intereste in traveling?
food? hystory? nature?
alsoo what language do you speak?

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2 KB,
HI guys im new here and id like to know witch country is the best for living because i dont like the country i live and i im planning to gtfo of here .So witch country u prefeer or if u have another best country to live
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usa always #1
usa no. 1
I m scared bout usa because i think it would start a third ww i dunno men

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10 KB,
In San Diego tonight. What bars/clubs do you recommend. Pls
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Fucking niggers you were all useless. Did not help me for shit
Gaslamp quarter son. Everyone knows this. /trv/ is a slow board nigger. I know it's hard for your nog brain to plan in advance, but post a few days earlier so that we can help your dumbass who can't run a google search.
Glad you got ignored, faggot. Don't come back.

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170 KB,
Currently looking into taking my kids to Disneyland Paris. youngest is 10 so now seems about the right time.

Bare in mind that the last time I went was when I was 18 in 1990. Anyone know when the cheapest time of year to go is? I was thinking October. Unfortunately, my google-fu fails me today.

Also, any advice for lodging?
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Omg they opened that in 1990? I remember reading mickey mouse magazine at that time and going nuts on my parents that I want to go there when they had some articles about a new Disneyland in Paris...

I went there with my 7th grades a year ago, so I just remember:
Lowest frequentation of the park is in the second half of september.
They have zero discounts worth mentioning beside M-F on selected dates is about 15€ off.

Lodging: stay in the center of paris, Disneyland is just 30mins away by train...
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You are correct, it was 1992. I knew I went there the year it opened.

Anyway, thanks for the advice.
Oh 1992, then I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, so that makes more sense but shit that was a long time ago lol.

Anyway no problem bro, if you need any more infos about disneyland or paris let me know.

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43 KB,
Is TSA pre-check worth it?
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Pre-check? I don't what that is. Do you mean TSA Pre®?

If you travel frequently in the U.S. you may consider it. While $85 for five years isn't that bad, the thought of giving the TSA more money doesn't appeal to me. For general traveling, I've never had to wait more than 30 minutes in the security line to get to my gate (though I don't keep track). You'd have to fly a lot for it to matter... My point is I never felt I needed something like this and it's more slated towards pompous rich folks who couldn't stand to be in a line...
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Aw what the fuck 4chan doesn't recognize the check mark

if you travel at all then you know well enough to not go at super busy times, the longest wait at security I've ever had has been 20 minutes tops

plus they've been better about wait times in the past few years I've noticed

File: new york city.jpg (833 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
new york city.jpg
833 KB,
might be going to new york (nyc) soon for vacation or for some potential job internships ( business related ) I was there a couple years ago and Loved it, i've always loved big cities and new york is like the city of the world the megacities of megacities and the crossroads of the world, please help me /trv/ what are the best sights and the must see places and attractions in new york and how to maximize time and make the most of the things and places and times I have there I want to get the full new york experience and know and be ready for whats its really like if I live...
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Ground zero.
Metropolitan museum of Art
Empire State building
Central Park
Bronx zoo.
Get the Time Out guide for other things to do.
Take the subways and buses. Go to mta.info.


don't rush it
not the museum of sex
never times square
coney island if there for the summer <-- this is the great equalizer of new yorkers. there are neighborhoods that consist of specific economic classes and cultures but EVERYONE goes to coney island on a hot saturday. it's beautiful. if you swim in the water you might grow extra limbs tho
thursdays in chelsea walk into a gallery that's showing shit art...
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File: 1455941141301.jpg (660 KB, 1024x683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
660 KB, 1024x683
Check out some of the neighborhoods between the financial district and midtown. People always spend way to much fucking time dicking around in midtown. Greenwich Village and shit like that are honestly must-sees for me. Especially considering within the next few years all the nice colonial-revival and historic architecture that gives the neighborhood its cool "bohemian" (if that's what you want to call it) vibe will probably be demolished and replaced by high-rise glass box luxury condos marketed to chinks and Russian oligarchs.

File: Berlin.jpg (291 KB, 1280x853) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
291 KB,
Going to Berlin in August for two weeks with my brother and girlfriend.

He's going there for a conference, and after that we're pretty much free to do whatever we want.

Since we're in Europe, we figured it would be a waste to just stay in Berlin, so we were wondering what other areas are near Berlin that we can reach via train or something and air bnb around? We're big on the food and nature aspects.

My brother was mentioning going to Amsterdam, but we need more ideas.

Any suggestions would be seriously considered as this is our...
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Hamburg, Lübeck, Schwerin, Dresden, Prague
all easily accessible by train from Berlin
Potsdam is basically Berlin suburbs

Amsterdam is good idea, although it's already like 6 hours away by train.

We don't mind taking the train out to other areas. We've got 2 weeks after all. Spending it all in Berlin seems like a waste.

Is there any other locations that are farther out like Amsterdam? Taking a train is no problem.
This are good cities to visit. I'd also add Munich and Bremen.

If you're more into nature, give the Sächsische Schweiz or the Mecklenburg Lake District a try.

File: Curaçao.jpg (7 KB, 317x159) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB,
I'll probably be going to Curaçao this summer, and will be there for a little less than 2 weeks.

Are there things I should definitely see? I mean the island is like 500 square kilometers, but it's easy to miss things on such a small island. Missed a lot in Liechtenstein as well.

Stories about Curaçao would be really nice to hear as well.
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Its expensive as fuck.
i don't have problem with lizards but there's a lot.
What's expensive? I live in NL so things already aren't very cheap
USD 45 in the beginning.
Every time (in taxi aprox) is USD 20 or 30.
Some beaches are not public (that means more money).
Caracao have a cute center.

File: IMG_0673.jpg (3 MB, 4032x3024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
I just moved from the US to a 2nd-tier French city for work. I moved into a town where I don't know anyone, and I don't speak any French.

How does /trv/ meet people when dropping into a new place completely foreign and completely alone? Or is this just the traveling lifestyle? I won't have the advantage of a hostel social scene since I'm actually living here and not just passing through.
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Nice picture. Very comfy.

Can't actually help you.
Maybe try a social media app? You could meet people who speak English to show you around and introduce you to more people.
Why are you moving to that city? Work? Study? Other reason?
If it's work or study, you'll inevitably meet with people regularly, unless you're a freelancer or studying online.
Coming from the US, only social media app used for meeting strangers is Tinder. Could give it a shot, just need to hide it from the GF. Any popular social media apps for Europe?

Moved for work. The field office I am working out of is very small - only a handful of people - and they're all much older. Not the type of people I would normally hang out with.

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In a few weeks I'll be taking a 4 day trip to Chicago with my girlfriend. What are some essential things to do/eat while there according to /trv/?

As an example of stuff we're into, some of the things we have planned so far include:
-Chinatown food tour
-Surgical Science Museum
-Barcade (undecided on location)
-Cheesie's Pub and Grub
-Obligatory Bean picture (pic related)

Any and all suggestions welcome.
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I'd 100% look into the dining and night life scenes. We have tons of amazing restaurants for all different kinds of palates and bars with really unique atmospheres. I'd recommend some, but everyone has their own taste. A quick yelp search will give you a ton to look for.

I'd recommend
-Checking out the Sear's (Willis) Tower sky deck. You can also have some drinks in the signature room for a great view.
-See a game at Wrigley. Even if you don't like baseball, it's a great...
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>You can also have some drinks in the signature room for a great view.
Definitely essential and pretty romantic, and can be squeezed onto the tail end of any night, just ride the elevator, buy a cocktail and take some pictures (tell her the ladies bathroom view is possibly the best).
Since you might be a foodie...Might enjoy the original brownie and a drink at the lovely tiffany decorated Palmer House, as well as their tour.
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If you're going to Chicaaago, you need to get a deep dish pizza.
Look up Lou Malnati's.

And you need to get yourself a beef (a beef sandwich with that Giardiniera).
Al's is pretty good for that.

Do not fuck this up, anon. It's important!

As for stuff to do. This anon >>1107321 is on point but I want to add that the science museum is not just good but in fact unmissable. They have a WW2 German U Boat and the space...
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File: drive.png (139 KB, 945x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'll be making this drive soon, what's there to see/do on the way? Also anything else I should know?
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Are you the anon from before?

Some things to do in Pensacola including vising the National Museum of Naval Aviation (cool aeronautics museum with old war planes, simulators and IMAX documentaries), visiting the white, sandy beaches (traffic can be bad and there's a $1 toll) and visiting the Historic District, just to name a few. My personal favorite food downtown is McQuire's Irish Pub. They have great $10 burgers (I've never actually tried the Irish food but I have tried the 10 cent soup and...
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How long of a detour is it to go to New Orleans? One of my favorite cities in the US

No I'm not the anon from before.

But thanks.

File: carry-on-1-096-b.jpg (13 KB, 355x303) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm going for a 40-day trip to SEA in August. 10 days in Laos then 30 in the Philippines.

I can't decide whether to take check-in luggage or just a carry-on. I travel qutie a lot and always take carry-on only, so I know what's it about, but I don't remember going on such a long trip before so I don't really know.

Any ideas of what I have to give up on if I don't bring check-in luggage on this trip?

also, general Laos thread, as there's already one for the Flips.

why carry-on:

- flying out, I have just...
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Just take carry on, if you buy a bag at the size limit (never had to check mine in btw) you should have more than enough space, you can wash clothes as you go so you don't need many at all, and they're the biggest space stealer. All of the negatives so outweigh being able to take a few things you don't really need that it completely isn't worth it imo.
another thing I probably won't be able to fit into carry-on is shoes, so I'll just have to get by with sandals.

is it too bad? Like, is Manila too dirty to just go in sandals?

I can probably pass by all those clubs that don't let you in in sandals
>another thing I probably won't be able to fit into carry-on is shoes,

Again I manage just fine, and this isn't some RealTraveller shit where I'm trying to prove how thrifty I am, because I really don't think that's the case, but in my 44L backpack for carry on I have space for shoes, everything else and then some left over.

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20 KB,
Does anyone here have any experience with freighthopping?
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Oh God here we go again.

Look i'll save you some time and maybe you'll delete your thread before it goes the same way it always does. Its basically impossible to do this if you live in the USA and one anon will claim he has done it and it was the best thing ever.

But remember, he is lying. Everyone telling you it can't be done are telling you the truth.
>Its basically impossible to do this if you live in the USA
That is patently false, though. It is still fairly common. I'd be surprised if you ever got empty freight cars like that though. You'll be holding on to the open bars arranged at the end of a tanker or flat bed loaded with girders or some shit.

Also, trying to catch a running train is suicide. You need to learn their schedules so you can get on before it starts moving.
Not really. Trainhopping and finding out where you're going is easier than ever. The whole get caught go to jail is the only downside desu.
Just got back from 6 days riding up to Oakland CA. :)

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