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Hi there im from Bolivia, and lately I've been thinking about studying for my college degree in Australia. Actually im searching for a career related to cattle breeding and i heard that Australia breeds are similar in my country.Can someone help me answering some of this questions and giving me some advice?
- Is life there expensive?
- Which university can you advice to me?
- It'd difficult to make friends?
- How's night life?
- Which state should i live?
And finally if you can give me any advice that would be fantastic.
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Can't answer your questions, but you may want to ask /int/. A lot of Australians are on around this time, and they're usually pretty helpful when it comes to this kind of stuff.
Fuck off we're full!
not even

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planning a trip and i want to use hostels (to meet people, and it's recommended by so many people), but I have been known to snore loudly.

what do?
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get a private room at the hostel
none available

Then go ahead and book your hostel anyway. And proceed to have everyone hate you right off the bat. Wtf were you expecting to get out of making this thread?

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so, I'm from mexico, and i'm moving to vancouver for a master degree at UBC.
any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
i mean about cell phone carriers (someone told me mexican plans are even cheaper than canadain's), where to rent, where to NOT rent, and stuff like that.

thank you in advance.
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In Canada you can't shoot anyone or start a cartel. So don't do that.
oh well.. how should i spend my blood money?
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What are you studying, and what is your budget?

Vancouver is the most expensive city in NA. Like Manhattan is more expensive, but it's not an actual city itself. I grew up around the red circle, new houses there sell for 3 million +.

There's only 3 big carriers in Canada, they're all kind of shitty, bring your own phone and local calling for $40. Not much of a difference between prices and quality. You're best off using whatsapp and skype a lot on wifi. If you can, get shaw cable...
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Has anyone here tried WWOOFing before?

Thinking it could be a good way to travel while saving money. What does it involve? And what are the areas you're in generally like?
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Bump for interest/ someone educate me
Not personally but I have a friend that did it in Israel and she said it was a great time. Her experience was waking up before dawn and working until early afternoon than had the rest of the day to herself. Free bed and food, really nice set up if you dont mind putting your back into it.
I'm not big on slave labour mate

how do I get into traveling? I want to solo travel somewhere in Europe for a few weeks (I was thinking about starting in the Netherlands and move on from there), but I don't really know how to start approaching this.
For example, how much money should I prepare? Are there any shots I'm supposed to take or something? Should I worried about something like Insurance? I have zero knowledge in any of this.
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>pick a country or series of counties
>pick a route with the help of rometorio, Google maps, etc.
>decide how long you want to spend at each stop and what you want to do/see.
>research lodging and make reservations if you're traveling at a peak time, or like to have everything planned in advance.
>research the cost and logistics of inter city and intra city transit.
>Add up all costs and...
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Damn. you make it sound so simple.
Even the most complex projects or endeavors can be simple if you break them down into their most simple parts anon. Also, Europe is basically easy mode for traveling, the infrastructure is so good. Just be prepared for everything to be insanely expensive unless you're in E. Europe.

I'm almost done planning a 5 month trip around Asia starting in late July and easily the most difficult/frustrating factor has been the level of indecision from my travel companions.

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passport control.jpg
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Hey /trv/, I am looking for advice from anyone who has experience with name discrepancies on different documents in regards to immigration procedures.

I am from the UK, I have a French father and British mother. I have a French first name which is spelled with an e with an accute accent (é). On my British passport, I was unable to have the é in my name, so instead had to spell my name with a standard e. On my French passport I obviously have the é, likewise on my French record of overseas birth. Strangely I also have the é on my British birth certificate as well.

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>>However I am worried as apparently immigration authorities often want the name on your diploma to directly match the name on your passport.

Then use your French passport for that?
I can't as I want to teach English abroad. Many countries, like South Korea where I want to go, require that you apply for the visa using a passport from a native English speaking country.

I eventually plan on settling in Canada, but even though my conversational French is pretty good, I wouldn't feel comfortable doing a visa application in French.
Never had this problem so I can't help.
My suggestion is to get in touch with the immigration office of the country you want to apply, explain your situation and ask how to proceed. Probably better than getting advice from /trv/
Or check if you really can't get a UK passport with your name written with é

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Norway flag.png
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I'm going to Norway with family in the summer, specifically a sojourn in Oslo followed by a couple of weeks in the western fjords.

What can I expect? Any tips for getting the best out of Norway?
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If you want to get the best out of the country, you should visit the north as well.

Also, there's no need to spend any more than a day in Oslo. There's really not much to see except for the Vigeland park, the royal palace and maybe the opera.

You can also expect very unpredictable weather. Especially on the west coast. Don't be surprised if it rains the whole time. That's why I'm glad I live in Norway, as I can travel whenever the weather is nice.
Oslo is a expensive city. I was there for two days and spent over $150 USD on 4 meals (no alcohol).
TusenFryd is the only legit amusement park in Norway and is in the Oslo area. I'd check that out if I was there.

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I am looking for people who already traveled to France.
I would like to know what business or concept you discovered and really liked in France that doesn't exist yet in the US ?
Thanks in advance
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Why should I give you my business ideas for free? Such as they are, it's smarter for me to hang onto them.

Good luck though.
The Minitel is a fantastic French invention that will make a fortune for the lucky person who brings it to the US.
I'm a French who travelled to the US, if you'r interested ?

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hey, visiting the highlands in Scotland next week, what's not to miss? just taking the car so can go anywhere
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If you can get to the Isle of Skye it is very beautiful. There is a bridge leading to it from the mainland in the west of Scotland, so you can drive there.
Amazing mountains, cliffs and coasts. Nice drives and hikes.
Other than that there is loads of stuff to see in the Highlands but that's all I know really!
Good luck with the weather anon, hope you enjoy.
Great thanks, I'll check it out. Going to isle of mull too. Yeah hopefully the weather improves!

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I want to live in a place where I can walk/take transit most of everywhere, where rent is under $1500 a month, and you won't get shot at night. Where can I live in the USA that fits this criteria? I'm graduating with a computer science degree at the end of the summer, and going to look for programming positions, but from what I've seen every city has some jobs.

My last summer internship was in Detroit (and so was where I was living) and I loved it--I walked or bussed 5 miles to work and back every day and had a blast. It was probably the best summer of...
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Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Portland (Maine), Providence, Philly, Burlington
If you are looking to stay in b- or c-list cheap rustbelt cities like Detroit with a lot of young people, art, restaurants.
St. Louis
Dense walkable cheap as fuck like 600$ one bedroom in an awesome eighborhood awesome city

Central corridor and south side are safe. North side has high crime. Don't listen to the meia stl crime data is skewed and it is not as dangerous as ppl say. Also only idiots become victims

Is there a few middle ground areas in baltimore? I thought it was either browntown with the vacants or rich honkies

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Has anybody lived in New Mexico? I live in Chicago, and I am interested in moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have only been there once for a hiking trip, and I thought it was beautiful.

I've also heard it's pretty depressing from others though. I do a lot of /out/ stuff, so I find it interesting in that way. Anybody have any experiences they can share?
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Well, obviously living in Phoenix is going to feel a lot different than living somewhere in rural NM.

If you like /out/ activities, it may be a nice place for you to live. I would take a two or three week trip and "test the waters."
Search for threads on city-data. From what i understand it's beautiful but very isolated and full of obese white tourists half the year.
Phoenix is in Arizona

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Hi guys, I'm planning on going to Florida last week of March/first week of April.
It's been a while since I've been and prices have gone up so much.
What's the cheapest and best place to get tickets for Disney from?
I'm booking individually so not through travel agents.
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If you can't afford the sky-high Orlando theme park tickets at their regular price, I recommend not going. The heavyweight theme park resorts here are very slowly turning into places reserved for the rich, through pricing out the middle class. If you're going to be on a budget, you'll be miserable.
Na I've done it all before anyway, it's just since the last time I went tickets have gone up and I've heard they are strict with ticket resellers. Not going on a budget just trying to save where I can.
The only real way to save money without dealing with shady 3rd-party park ticket sellers is to stay at a hotel not on resort property. Even those are still expensive, but at least you'll be able to afford it. Don't go too cheap with the hotel, though. We did that once and we were the only guests that spoke English.

what the title says
during holy week I visited some cities in spain
started in san sebastian, went to burgos, madrid, barcelona and then back to san sebastian, all in a week
when I arrived to the cities I would visit all the touristic places by feet, walking from one place to another, by the end of the week I had these huge blisters on my feet, especially on my pinkies, the blisters were the same size as my pinky, the first day in madrid I had to rest because I just couldnt take it anymore and in the days I was in barcelona I was just walking with a limp everywere
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Get comfy in the GOOD quality shoes you plan to walk in.
Have good socks
Carry blister pads
Man the fuck up
coincidentally just heard something on the radio about this yesterday
use the flimsy paper athletic tape. Somebody tested super-marathon runners something like 90% didn't get blisters with the athletic tape
what do you mean by good socks?
I'll make sure to buy some, thkns

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Hello guys, I just saw that there's now cheap flights from my location to the island of MALTA - I'm considering to go for a week.

Has anyone been? What did you think of the place?

I'm mostly interested in places that have a strong local culture, maybe some interesting nature, not TOO touristy (not Venice/Ibiza/Magaluf-level). I'm interested in good local food, churches and a historical/archaeological backdrop.

Would you recommend MALTA to me? I'm mostly concerned that it might be some hyper-touristy resort-town place (see pic)
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I was there last year july/august and it was superb. Just mind the weather, its super hot in there that time, rest of the year should be warm and sunny too.

Its perfect place to visit for you if you like that kind of things and im sure you wont be dissapointed. Cant reccomend much about the food cause i had all inclusive option bought and mosty i ate in hotel.

what you HAVE to see in Malta/Gozo :

Mdina - I reccomend going during the day and in the evening, yopu will see why.

Plenty to see in Valletta only, barraka gardens, harbour, grandmasters palace.....
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oh, and dont forget to take your snorkel while going to lagoon :-)

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Let's get another one of these going.
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Here's the blank template.
Why the hate for Michigan? The areas near Lake Michigan are beautiful and fun. Mackinac is a nice place, and the U. P. is gorgeous.

I'm from Indiana, and it is a definite 'skip' state unless you like the bar scene, in which case Indianapolis is cool.
What did you do in Delaware?

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