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If you were traveling for two weeks with your girlfriend and her best friend, would you go to Berlin or Tokyo?
All three of us are travel noobs, and none of us speak German or Japanese fluently (I took one semester of German, girlfriend took one semester of Japanese).
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Tokyo if it was for two weeks.
But these threads are a lot more helpful if you tell us where you're from, what your budget is and why you're only going to a single city on completely different sides of the earth.
You're a cuck and a beta male

Hi! It's time my first time on this board actually so please don't be mean to me like /b/. So in 1 month i will leave for Vietnam, i'm going to stay there for about 3-6 months. I'm going to work as a English teacher down there to support myself. I'm going to live in Hanoi the main capital of Vietnam. I'm 19 and i currently live in sweden (I'm from Iceland). Just wondering if you have any survival tips and what to do and not to do in vietnam and what should i expect?
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nobody gives a fuck about your retarded blog you faggot. next time take ten seconds to look through the catalog and you will find about fifteen different pre-existing threads about southeast asia and teaching english. read them and if then you're still to dense to know the answers to your questions you're probably too dense to teach anyone anything, so you should probably go kill yourself.

tl:dr-fuck off and die
Shit son, seem like a mad fucking basement dweller has arrived. Does being a total fucking dick online satisfy your needs of feeling superior while carrying a two inch dick? I didn't read the catalog so i'm sorry about that but i'll turn my attention to it now and read it.
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you're a lazy fucking cocksucker who wants to been spoonfed everything and i'm the dick? i don't think so. go back to shitting up /b/, faggot.

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I currently live in Toronto, Canada as a student with my mother and I am currently debating if I should stay here or move to San Jose, California.

Apparently, the job that I'm going for here in Toronto starts off at 58k CAD which is 44k USD. If I were to get hired as the same job in San Jose, they start off at 84k USD which is 110k CAD.

It would take me literally 6 years to get up to that salary in Toronto when I start at 100k CAD in San Jose.

Though after a little bit of comparing, the cost of living in San Jose is a little bit (27%) more expensive...
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I'd take it for that money.

But the city itself is a bit boring. Not sure what race you are but there are a lot of mexicans and some asians (mostly SEA like viets and flips). it's a bit ghetto in some areas
If you live in central Toronto and enjoy big city life, moving may not be your best choice--although San Jose is technically the biggest city in the Bay Area, and there is a downtown core that is supposedly improving (Apple is building a massive new campus, larger than the mothership in Cupertino, and the city anticipates a lot of new residents and housing), the city is quite spread out and feels very suburban. Single family homes, strip malls, driving everywhere, etc. Weather's good, though... warmer and sunnier...
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That's what I'm thinking, also in terms of property, you get space for your buck. Plus the weather is a plus.

I do enjoy the big city life but it does get pricey! I don't mind living in the suburbans, the homes there seems nice and you're getting better quality for your dollar compare here in Toronto. I don't mind the drives as I love cars. But I would stick to San Jose because I can make the most money there instead of San...
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ladda ned (1).jpg
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Currently visiting New York.

I'm an animal lover so I'd like to see the zoo in Bronx, however I heard Bronx is a complete shit hole where people stab you for glancing at them while you walk by.

How do I get to the zoo from Manhattan the safest without getting stabbed by some crackhead?
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were you watching 80's films or something

jew york is safe as fuck

it's the southern cities you've got to watch out for

>safe as fuck

Bruh: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1eB3cfuq2tEUpHgHZ6mKzV1UjrU8&hl=en_US

OP, you'll be fine. The zoo is in one of few areas not covered in shit.

that's the pussiest fucking map I've ever seen

the bronx is safe, whoever made that is probably some weenie ass brooklyn hipster

As long as you aren't buying or selling drugs you'll be perfectly fine, no one wants to fuck with white people, it never turns out well

honestly the bronx is a fucking paradise compared to some parts of this country

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Hi /trv/

One of my inifinite travel plans is going to Scandinavia, and this would be my route:
Copenhagen/Malmö - 7d
Gotemburg - 3d
Oslo - 5d
Stockholm - 5d
Turku - 3d
Helsinhi - 5d
Here is the problem: would it br feasible to get a two-day ferry from Helsinki to Copenhagen? Also, would my trip be any good?
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You're missing out on the unique landscapes and beauty of Norway. You should stick that it in if you possible can.
Helsinkifag here
>would it br feasible to get a two-day ferry from Helsinki to Copenhagen?
Unfortunately no. U'll have to go to stockholm and through sweden.
to add: Imo 8 days in Finland is too long. Maybe go further west in norway rather.

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As a thought experiment, let's say you are confined to stay in a single city for the rest of your life, and can't leave the metro area.

Which city would you choose, and why?
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def not your pic related. Working away the best yeats of yourlufe just to be able to pay rent? No way jose!
Probably San Diego

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Ive been married for about 2 years and my wifes passport has her Maiden name on it still. We have traveled to Europe (We are US Citizens) with her passport since marriage, and everything was fine because I booked all of the tickets in her maiden name. However I just booked some tickets to Russia and I wasnt thinking about the Visa process with her maiden name. I went through and filled out the Visa application like she is single and unmarried, using the name on the passport.

>Do you think this will be a problem when it comes to getting a visa?
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It's not worth the risk. Two years is a long time not to either decide to stick with the maiden name, or get IDs, a new drivers license and passport (and voters reg and social security card). Passports can be gotten with tickets with some urgency...two weeks?

Maybe you should just eat the ticket, buy a single new one, or get them changed with whatever tour you bought. US is an enemy of Russia, so any trouble you have would be the wrong kind of forgiveness. They're serious in their reciprocation of the visa process and every visitor from the US is a possible spy, so you know :P
Lol what? This is fear mongering at its finest
>Lol what? This is fear mongering at its finest
Russian media propaganda at its finest, alive and well!

OP, they're notorious for cancelling visas and creating issues for travelers, mistakes that cost you time and money to fix. Don't risk a thing. Have everything in order. This is really advice for every country. I've traveled If your spouse has a driver's license with both names listed, might be okay, but some jackass immigration official or even airline...
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Hi travellers!

Here goes a little about me:
I'm 24, grew up in Denmark and went travelling as a 19 year old. First I lived in a city park in Montpellier for 3 months during the occupy movement in 2011.

Afterwards my life have been in turmoil and I've lived for several years in a christian community called The Twelve Tribes in Germany, France, England and also twice been in the US with same said community.

In october I had to leave the community and did a trip hitchhiking to Sahara in November and then again in January I had a month hiking...
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Hil, broder.

Hvor befinder du dig henne i landet? Er selv 23, fra Kobenhavn, og leder efter en vej ud af rotteræset. Overvejer enten WWOOF eller at undervise i engelsk på en skole i Kina eller noget.
Cool nok, jeg bor i ostjylland.
Har du rejst for eller er det forste gang?
Har rejst hele mit liv, dog aldrig som en vagabond. Hvad har du i tankerne ift. at tage ud igen?

Have anyone here done WWOOF?

Is it possible to sign up, go somewhere, and basically just stay there for an undetermined amount of time until I save up enough money for my next ticket somewhere?
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>Until I save up enough money for my next ticket somewhere
How are you going to do that when you don't get paid for wwoofing?
Bitcoin trading. Selling shit I make in my own time on the farm.
it took a big hit here in australia when it was excluded from a special agriculture/backpacking visa

you never save any money doing them from what I hear
basically it's just accommodation for people on driving-type holidays

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Alright /trv/ I'm currently backpacking around Europe and am heading to Bruges tomorrow. The problem is I've been forced to book 4 nights instead of 2 as the hostel in Amsterdam (where I'm going next) was overbooked.

So, my question is, how should I fill up my extra two days in Bruges?
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go to Ghent
go to Antwerp

each can be done as a day-trip by train or car sharing.
Yeah day trip to Ghent. Bruges is overrated af and can be easily explored in a day

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ctrl-f no airport thread

Where are you anons at and where are you going?

Pic related is me in Stockholm headed for Taipei
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As long as we're having an airport thread, can we discuss airports to avoid?
>needing to take a bus between terminals
>terribly inefficient and unfriendly staff
>constant construction
Never going back through there again if I can avoid it.
Having had layovers in Manila on two different occasions, it's def my least favorite airport. AC barely works and there's like 3 vendors in the whole airport.

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What does /trv/ think of Ethiopian Airlines? I'm looking for a way to travel from Japan to Brazil cheap, and it seems like the best option involves a connection from Addis Abeba to Sao Paulo with Ethiopian. Forgive my ignorance, but should I really fly Ethiopian for such a long route? Even if there are no accidents it seems like just a generally messy airline. Thanks. Pic unrelated and all that
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I personally don't go to sub-Saharan Africa desu.
Alright. Should mention my layover in ADD is only 2 hrs, so it's not like I have to be there long. Just worried about them losing my baggage, anyone have experience with the Addis Ababa airport?
Gonna bump for more input.

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First time visiting NYC. What are the "musts"? I've never been in the US in the first place, so everything here is kinda new.

So far I've taken a picnic at central park, eaten pretty good pizza, visited a shake shack, taken the subway everywhere. I checked out natural history museum and transit museum as well earlier, intrepid is in the schedule next week.

I wanted to visit a costco, but apparently they're a member only place. I guess I'm going to check out Macy's and oakley store at least tomorrow.

I like your city and...
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Have you checked out places like the East and/or Greenwich Village, and SoHo? Have you been to Queens or Brooklyn yet? I typically just enjoy going for after breakfast walks around some neighborhoods around the city.
Sounds like you've already done some musuems, but maybe the MoMa? iirc it's pay-what-you-want to get in.
I've walked quite a bit this week around queens, brooklyn and manhattan. In fact I even got some blisters :) I've walked along manhattan bridge and I'm going to walk the brooklyn bridge as well too.


Thanks, gonna check it out. Website says $25, though.

Anything special on staten island?

This is my first vacation in three years and flights+accommodation costing me $11000 I'd like to see all the things I've read about
on 4chan

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Would anyone mind giving me some advice?

I'm a Britfag about to turn 22 and am planning to quit my job in a few months time to travel this alluring region.

The one core part of my trip will be a 2 month stint volunteering with a charity in Cusco, Peru; no fixed date yet but I imagine between July and September.

Time isn't a particular issue for me, but money is. I'd absolutely love to add Cuba to my trip - feeling like it's a now or never kinda deal - but the extra two flights throw a spanner in the works re. budget.

I have two...
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bump for interest
I have no advice for you mate just stopping by the say I might see ya there. Gonna be doing a chunk of South America over 3 months with my fiancé.
Sweet mate, what's your travel plan looking like?

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Who had done the tran Siberian railway? I'm making my way up to Russia slowly and want to do this badly, any advice? I want to go all the way to Beijing,I met someone on the road who said you can plan it so you have a few days in each country which is what I want to do.
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>I met someone on the road who said you can plan it so you have a few days in each country

What? You have few days in which countries and how is this connected to traveling the transsib?

Oh and Transsib is...well...not that amusing as it might sound. You're basically trapped 7 days inside mediocre train with strangers. Very boring.
It was a guy at a bar, I was kinda drunk but he was saying in countries like Mongolia you can stop off for a few days. So instead of buying one long ticket you just buy it in sections
There are scenic trains, and then there are historic trains, and then there are historic trains that aren't scenic at all. It's the latter.

So, to understand this rightly, you need to be immersed in the historical nature of it all in your head to find some kind of cool train romance going on in your mind, because the reality is that you are basically riding with people who chose not to fly, at the cheapest time in history for air travel. Why is that? They are a special class of people, that's...
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