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DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ASIAN NIGHTLIFE AND WESTERN NIGHTLIFE IN YOUR EXPERIENCE (clubs, dance festivals etc) shit like how physical these girls are with strangers etc, what can you do and not do as a comparison
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There really is no difference. Nightlife is the same everywhere you go.
well for me its really really different. I'm not sure were you have been but western girls are much much more chill. and I have never pulled a girl in asia who isnt obviously a hooker. In western countries i have taken so many girls home. Plus in Asia (Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Japan) its really hard if you are not white in clubs...thoughts?
The people throwing up at 2 am look a bit different.
Feels the same otherwise...

Why doesn't everyone in America live in LA or Miami. I know rent is expensive but it's affordable even on minimum wage,and you have a chance of earning a higher wage there. Are people just retarded?
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The wage is higher but the rent and other costs are higher too, so there isn't much difference to other places. It all depends on what you like, if you're into surfing, then LA is the choice, but if you like skiing, you'd probably prefer Seattle or something.
>Living in high-crime cities over-populated with welfare breeders and illegals while costs are ridculously high and one city is prone to hurricanes while the other is prone to droughts and fires


That ridiculous rent is not worth getting my ass kicked by a cat-5 storm or paying more for water than electricity
Yeah but, perfect weather. It's as hot as the south without ever really going past 100 because you're next the coast.

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Just for fun. It's interesting to see how people around the world live.

Pick a picture that is taken within 0-2 minutes walking distance of your home. Kinda lame if someone who lives in the outer parts of paris posts a picture of the Eiffel tower.

So this is where I live, it's a part of central Stockholm (Which is the capital of Sweden for those who didnt know) called Hornsbergs strand.

The area is a bit sleepy but we have like a 30 second walk down to the water from our house entrance so that's great. We have a little mini-gym made out of...
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I live in a villa, outside the city (also in Sweden). It's all villa houses and the river flows across the garden. It's surrounded by allotments.
North Carolina reporting in. I'm in Charlotte, the largest cit in the state, but there is a system of "green ways" and creeks that provide forage and corridors for getting around for various critters.

Picture is in my back yard, it's been sort of fun having the deer come by, but the numbers are starting to get really high and they are on the point of becoming a nuisance. Will be interested in seeing how the city copes with it.

In addition to the deer, I've had several sorts of hawks, some racoons, possums and once a wild turkey (which is...
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Reunion Island here.
I live a short distance outside of the most touristic town of the island.

Best beaches (with the island's coral reef) are a 3mn drive.
Local nightlife is much more alive than most other towns (tropical islands tend to be super quiet after nightfall).
Weather like pic related 300days+ /year (between the coral reef and the mountain as a backdrop, we have a microclimate when some other parts of the island are under pouring rain 9 months/year).
Neighborhood is quite new, so infrastructures are better than most parts of the island...
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Hey /trv/ what are your experiences with staying at Hostels? Also Is it frowned upon to crash at night and leave in the morning and do I need reservations to stay at one? Sorry for being retarted.
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First stay for me coming up, but i've researched a bit.

Yeah, you'll need to reserve, I did my reservation online but this hostel doesn't charge until check-in, so I assume they ask to reserve so they don't overbook. And yeah don't see why a single night would be frowned upon.

Also, be sure to check reviews.
Single nights are fine. Reservations are likely needed during busier seasons. Best to send an email or call ahead if you're unsure about your plans.
That's exactly what hostels are for. A place to sleep. Most guests are one night only. You can check in at 11pm and check out at 3am for all we care. Your roommates will probably hate you and you're not getting a refund. But it's basically just like a hotel. Reservations are sometimes necessary, weekends and summer especially. Just call or email. I work in a hostel.

General hostel thread?

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Hey /trv/,

I made this thread a couple of times before. Although some friendly posters helped me keep it bumped for a short while, I wasn't able to post often after my laptop's motherboard got fried. Now that I've bought a new computer, I figure I'll give this another go, despite the fact that /trv/ has way more shit-posters than I remember.

So yeah, here I am again: ask a guy who hitchhiked around Iceland and from London to Istanbul before spending three-and-a-half months living in New Delhi anything. I'll post pictures in roughly chronological...
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Time? Costs? Any troubles? Age? Best experience/memory?
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I was gone for almost five months on my last trip. I left at the very beginning of May and returned closer to October than not. I spent a week and a half in Iceland and mid-May until mid-June hitchhiking from London to Istanbul. I did cheat once or twice (I was hitchhiking because I was broke, not just because I thought the idea was cool), like when I took a paid car from Sarajevo to Belgrade in order to ensure my arrival in Istanbul in time to catch a flight to Dubai.

I saved $2900 or so for this trip and...
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Oh, and I turned 21 in August. I afford traveling by way of two part-time jobs. I don't think I'm going to go anywhere overseas again until I finish getting my BS in Neuroscience, but I might take a trip down to South or Central America this coming summer or next winter break. I'm going to India again for a month and a half, starting in three weeks, but I think I'm going to take it easy on traveling until I graduate. As much of an addiction as I feel like I'm starting to develop, I'm...
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>Bangkok-Phuket - Thailand General
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Hey guys, I'll spending a night in Phuket, second week of Jan, and possibly a day (0800-1700) in Bangkok.
I plan on taking the train+bus from Bangkok to Phuket and staying at a semi decent hostel/hotel for the night there.
any advice on what to do/how to make the most of it also what not to do/avoid would be appreciated..
Haven't been to phucket but I've been to bangkok, Kanchanaburi and pattaya. I've been here for a month and I'm currently living in pattaya if anyone has questions.

Spill all your knowledge, going Phuket for first solo trip soon. Ive been before but with family

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The neverending Japan General thread still goes on...

As always, feel free to ask about:
>places to visit / do in Japan
>stuff to do for weeaboos
>Teaching English in Japan
>How to become Yakuza?

Info on prostitution in Japan, so please don't ask.

The previous thread is here: >>910669
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There was a red light district with whores sitting on display like 5mins from my hotel back when I visited Osaka. Anyone have any personal experience with Japanese prices etc? I'm heading back in December
That place is called Tobita Shinchi and there's no other place like it in Japan. I'm not usually into paid sex but I also wanna go there next year.

Some badass old dude Japanese shop keeper told me about it, said to go there and experience it because the Japanese government are most likely shutting it down within the next few years. I didn't go though, and regret it now. But expect to be paying at least $100 for any kind of service
thats reasonable. do they have any of those blonde tanned super whorish looking ones? that is my fetish

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>be me
>fly to cape town
>start traveling by hitching and public transport
>fast forward 2 years and 7 months
>fly out of dakar

Ask me anything, also pic requests.
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How much did it cost? you worked in between?
On average maybe $1,000 a month, but obviously that fluctuates depending on the region. No working except for a couple of weeks in Malawi in return for food/beer/tent.
Why the fuck are you in West Africa now? When is your expected time of death?

But on a serious note, where are you from originally? Age? What job did you do before leaving for this trip? How much longer are you planning on traveling and what do you want to do after you finish?

I've heard that Americans are considered rockstars in poor countries and I really want to take this to the next level.

I just got fired from my job so I plan on selling my car for about 5k and heading flying off to a poor country. I have decent enough vocals and I figure I can hire a band to back me up. I plan on being shamelessly fake about my image and trying to play off the idea that Americans are rebellious badasses that play by their own rules.

I've come here to see if any of the travel gurus can offer me advice on which country to select. I don't...
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Interesting. Have you heard about this invention called the internet? Everybody's doing it. You can look up things on it, and people can look up things about you.
Yeah I have actually, you could even say I'm using the internet right now to research an idea that I have. Isn't that wild? That I am using the internet to gather information and it's so subtle that you don't even realize it?

Asking 4chan for "advice" isn't doing research

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Which country that you've traveled to has the best prostitutes?

Why do you think this? How much did you pay for her services and what did she do for you?

Appreciated, I'm planning a sex holiday with my mates
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great hookers in south america, thailand. argentina
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>sex holiday with my mates

c-can I come?..
Dominican Republic, $60 for the best blowjob I've ever had in my entire life. Thailand is pretty great too, if you're into asian chicks.

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So... my US company got bought by a Japanese Company a year ago. And now they plan to copy part of the engineering department there and they are asking for people to go there and start things. They already sent people from there here to get trained but they need more people with experience and since I'm the only one from the engineering department that actually knows Japanese (well, got a JLPT Level 4 approved and thinking on taking the level 3) they asked me if i wanted to move there for good.
In the beginning i was like "where do i sign?" but then it hit...
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r u fukkin serious.jpg
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have studied abroad in japan, so only from what I've heard:

> it's shit if you are at the lower end of the food chain
> you have to get to work really early
> you have to stay until your boss goes home

but since you start there in a higher position maybe you won't have those problems

I'd say go for it. I want to move to japan again too. Going for JLPT 3 this december. Good Luck!
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(part 1)

> How is the office work environment in Japan?
You WILL work overtime, unpaid, every-fucking-day. That means you have to show up at least 20 minutes early, stay for your normal 8-9 hours, then stay until around 9 at night. Yes, that mean you'll get home around 10. Yes, that means you'll have almost no time for the vidya or 4chan.

> How different from the US?
I am going to assume you mean the work environment. From what...
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File: Jomjo-ji Temple in Kamakura.jpg (3 MB, 4000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Jomjo-ji Temple in Kamakura.jpg
3 MB,
New Japan General since the old one hit the bump limit

As always, feel free to ask about:
>places to visit / do in Japan
>stuff to do for weeaboos
>Teaching english in Japan
>How to become Yakuza?

Also, info on Prostitution in Japan http://rockitreports.com/topics/foreigner-friendly-pinsaros/
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Heading to Fukuoka for 2 months on a study trip Dec-Jan. Anyone got recommendations for must see/do things in the area at that time of year?

During my time off over Christmas/New Year I'm also hoping to go to Tokyo for Winter Comiket. Would the rail pass be the best option for travel?
Head to Dazaifu for the New Year's celebration on the morning of January 1st.
i'm thinking of studying in Japan. I can take care of housing language and stuff for myself. But can you guys enlighten me about the pro's and con's of japan ?

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What are some of the items you always have in your backpack when traveling?
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Camera, lenses, tripod.

I guess I have some clothes too.

Don't need anything else.
how about a passport

In my money belt.

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Do any of you like to take a novel with you on your travels? Say, when you're waiting at a train station or at the beach, just having a nice read always brings joy to me on my trips-- even if it's just to kill some time :)
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>always pack a book or to two to kill time if needed
>never find the moment to open it
>2kg wasted
Yeah and sometimes pick them specially for the places I am going to be travelling, like Rayuela when I went to Paris or Dubliners when I went to Ireland. I find that I always have time for reading when I'm travelling because all of the trains/buses/flights or the hours spent just chilling
Same here, took 3 books with me on my last trip (2 of them were very light), ended up reading about 15 pages.

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travelling stories thread?
>be inter-railing back to england from prague with my travelling partner ollie
>decide to visit my german friend along the way
>turns out she got kicked out and lives with her boyfriend and his parents
>luckyly they're sound and let us stay for a couple nights
>never met her boyfriend before, turns out he's a huge punk
>Mohawk, dreads at the back, dreads...
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Classic Ollie
>In Norway
>Me and couple of friends trying to hitchhike our way from countryside to Bergen
>Wait at some gas station
>Rainy as fuck and no one stops
>After like 3 hours waiting there someone finally gives us a ride
>Cant take us all the way to Bergen but can shorten the distance for us
>Lithuanian guy
>bad ass looking, too serious
>uncomfortable ride the first 10 minutes
>Eventually got pulled over by an officer for speeding
>Mad as fuck
>Officer has to change from Norwegian to English because he is not following
>Receives his fine
>Tells us he has to pay 8000KR
>nearly 1000 euros
>Awkward silence
>"I am not telling my wife about this"
>We all lol'd
>All of a sudden guy becomes super talkative and trip turns out to be very chill afterwards

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