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Throughout the next few years I intend to travel to a great number of places. Im in need of a quality bag for a fair price. Preferably under 60 dollars. Could you recommend any? What do you travel with?

Tldr; what is a good cheap bag to trave with?
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> good
> cheap
Pick one

$60 won't buy you a pack that'll last a few years of rugged abuse so you can either buy a cheap piece of shit and replace it a few times or you can spend a couple hundred and have it last. Some features you want:

Hip/sternum strap
Internal frame
Buckle closure (not zips)
Rain cover (can buy one separate but best to have it included)
Large size (70-80 liters depending what you'll pack)
Decent back ventilation
Plenty of tension straps
Adjustable back length
Relatively lightweight

Check an /out/ pack thread for specific recommendations
LOL, what?!

I bought a $40 bag from Kmart five years ago and have taken it to more countries than I can think of.

I also use it every day for work.

What kind of bag did you get? Some shitty high school kid's backpack or a travel bag meant to carry a week or two worth of clothing?

File: Location_South_America.png (1 MB, 3354x3357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi /trv/ I'm planning a trip with me gf to South America early next year from 3 to 4 weeks.
Which places/countries should i go? and which ones should i avoid?
We enjoy bohemian cities and cultural stuff.
Since i'm a working nomad i will need use my computer and internet connection once in a while.
Any source, tip, link, dos and don'ts, hostels, restaurants, would be grand.
(we loved to travel lowbudget as possible)
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Most of south america is pretty cheap and you can even eat out on a $40 budget in nicer restaurants.

That said if you like in unconventional two must do stops are Montevideo and Valparaiso.

Montevideo is like bizarro town. It has a mix of the charm of soviet tier commie blocks, top tier skyscrapers, endless richness and quarters where you would say "if someone would throw a few bombs into it, it would upgrade the neighborhood". I would call it bi-polar central. Absolutely awesome city and pretty...
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the south of Chile is just awesome, cheap/secure/ nice people :)
Frutillar and "lago todos los santos"

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Thinking of moving to NYC from PA. More specifically Manhattan.
I already consulted google, but i'd like some first experiences!
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I moved from PA to NYC upper east side/spanish harlem neighborhood in 1998. lived there until 2005. In my opinion there is absolutely no reason to move to NYC. Why would you?
Just seems like there's so much more opportunity there, than here. I live in a small town near Harrisburg, so there's not much for me here (besides family of course). Why did you move to NYC?
Also, what made you decide to leave?

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Where are you going in 2016, /trv/? Have you already booked your flights and thought of an itinerary?


>flying to India in two and a half weeks, staying for a month (ticket is booked)
>three weeks in and around Mexico City in March (ticket is booked)
>will be gone all summer traveling around somewhere or doing an internship overseas (no ticket booked but I have $1200 in Delta flight vouchers so I don't really have to worry about it)

Pic not really related,...
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File: Summer 2015 2.png (3 MB, 1438x705) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Summer 2015 2.png
3 MB, 1438x705
this, might substitute Oman for more time in India.
sounds pretty good. Mexico City is since a long time on my list, I should finally book a flight.

I have till now:
>New Years Eve in NYC (can't get more meme tier but it's my GF's wish so.)
>February 6 days in Havanna
>my solo luxury RTW trip starting in March I have saved up for this year. 3months unpaid vacations from work ok, all tickets booked, all hotels booked. Oh I'm excited.
I am going to spend a month in the Philippines in February - March. Manila - Angeles - Cebu and something something.

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I'm a Law student in the UK. I know that everyone wants to secure a job after graduation, but I'm pretty much the opposite.
My dream is to be a backpacker and to see the world. Working as an ESL teacher really appeals to me. I know that if I managed to secure a job after graduation, I will be too scared to give it up/the sacrifice of giving up a law job is too big. Nobody will give up a law job and doing so will only make me look like an idiot.
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If it's your dream... Why are you even asking us? Go be happy, you don't owe anyone explanations.
>Working as an ESL teacher really appeals to me.

OP, the problem is this -- it can be difficult to find ESL work when English is not your native language. You need to consider this.
>Is it really that obvious!?

Sorry, but yes. Anyway, being an ESL teacher is hardly anything to aspire to -- pay, hours, and long-term prospects are all bad. Why not specialize in some area of law that pays well and affords an opportunity of international business travel? It's the smarter thing to do and, if you end up hating it, you can always quit and become the backpacking bum of your dreams.

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American here. I've never ridden Amtrak. What are your thoughts on it?

I'm thinking about using two or three weeks this summer to travel around the US. I'm from Cincinnati and I think I would go across to San Diego, then up to the Pacific Northwest, then back around in some fashion, stopping and staying in various cities as I see fit. Is this financially feasible compared to flying? Will a good portion of the rides be scenic or will I just be staring at bushes and power lines?

TL;DR Is Amtrak good for a scenic, haphazard trip around the US?
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Can you even get from one coast to the other and back in three weeks on Amtrak?
>looks it up
Cincinnati has 3 trains a week, all of which leave for Chicago at 1:45 AM.
>fucking Amtrak, man
File: amtrak.gif (150 KB, 1041x902) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150 KB, 1041x902
Might want to check out this.


You probably would want the 30 days option. Even if you aren't going that long, you will want more segments.

I just rode from Colorado-Sacramento-Vancouver. Really scenic, only real problem was a federal agent searched me in Reno, but I set off some flags (I'm Canadian, was riding it internationally and had bought my ticket the day of departure).

You could take the California Zephyr...
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>Can you even get from one coast to the other and back in three weeks on Amtrak?
>Cincinnati has 3 trains a week, all of which leave for Chicago at 1:45 AM.
>fucking Amtrak, man

The line goes from New York to Chicago. Cincinnati isn't that big a city, and the schedule is designed to be repeated and not set for you.

In general busing is better for short distance traveling.

File: allegiant-spirit.jpg (1 MB, 2619x738) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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does /trv/ fly low cost carriers? I don't mean shit like jetblue, southwest, or germanwings, I'm talking shit like spirit, allegiant, and ryanair.

i travel a lot for work so I have some disposable miles but even when I fly on airlines other than my primary for leisure I wouldn't fly those, not for the few dollars it saves. take allegiant for instance:
>carry on bag is $25; more if the fee for it is paid at the airport
>seat pitch is 30 inches on allegiant; 28 inches on some spirit planes. 31 inches...
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>grin and bear the shitty seats, it's only a few hours you pussy
>take a bottle of water onto the plane

It's that simple
For 15 quid from Dublin to Paris or 10 quid from Dublin to London, I don't mind the discomfort for 2 hours to be honest m8. Also nobody's forcing you to buy alcoholic drinks on board really
17 quid from Manchester to Belgium.. Like fuck. I'm trying hard not to book this ticket.

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I like Youtube for information on certain topics but it's hard to imaging that there could be a real, informative, useful travel channel on Youtube unless they were just uploading clips from travel shows.

Travel shows are expensive to produce and don't pull as big of an audience as other topics so it's hard to imagine it working on Youtube.
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There are a lot of travel vloggers but I doubt any of them make enough just through youtube to sustain their lifestyles. But there are many who make money through multiple online sources including youtube to keep traveling.

I find most travel vloggers to be shitty travelers.
>I find most travel vloggers to be shitty travelers.

I guess that's what I was really looking for. Are there any Youtube travelers who are interesting or informative?
The kind of people who are interested in travel generally arent the kind of people who sit around all day watching youtube.

As a result, it'd be hard for a youtuber to make enough cash from views to fund it as a job. Especially since travelling is so much more expensive than... say... doing lets plays.

Theoretically, if you gave in to that itch late at night to just get in your car and start driving, just to see what happens, where would you go?

I'm in the American South so I guess the cliche thing to do would be to go west until I hit the Pacific Coast, and then live like a hobo for a bit in LA or San Francisco until I came to my senses. Or maybe break down in the desert and die?

Does Europe have anything like that?

Does anyone know where they would go if they just packed their shit and left their life behind one day?
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I'm 29 and I never owned a car. I don't know this feel...

It's too cold to get on my bike now, maybe next year I'll buy some winter riding gear.

I think everyone has to know that feel.

You ever been doing something boring and the thought just strikes you of wondering what it would be like to just pack your shit and move somewhere without telling anyone? A whole new life just to see what it would be like?
I already live along the pacific coast not to far away from where that photo was taken, so I'm not sure where I'd go.

File: hitch_ait.jpg (58 KB, 375x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone here hitchiked/vagabonded in Australia before? Thinking of that Into The Wild lifestyle (before he goes to the woods and dies) but in the Australian outback and eastern coast.

I've done something somewhat similar in Europe, but was thinking of doing it with more train-hopping/camping.

Anyone info would be sweet.
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My mum hitched around Australia back in the 80's so I'll get some tips for you tomorrow when she's awake.
Carry PLENTY PLENTY PLENTY WATER, Because a fuckton of people don't realise how far it is between cities.

Plan your trip, pack accordingly, know what sort of roads you're going to be on, tell people where you're going.

Invest in a satellite phone.

She suggests don't go into the outback and stick to the cities unless you're doing some sort of tour.

Get some sort of personal protection. Keep a knife on your person and learn how to use.

Pack light, don't...
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Singaporefag with UK citizenship here. I am thinking about finding a job in the English countryside. It really appeals to me as it's very different from where I am now. I've lived in homestay hotels in the European countryside and I loved it. I don't know if I am romanticising life in the countryside too much and I am wondering if I will get bored of it in the future.
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Youll get bored fast.
short answer - it varies greatly from place to place., depending on local character, traditions, activities, social makeup, and so on. Probably different countryside places in England differ from one another to a far greater extent (precisely because of their relative isolation and distinct histories) than do large cities.

I'd say: go for it - but do your research first
It's pleasant, though of course you're very dependent on your car. It really depends what you want from your life. Just remember that the weather in the UK is pretty bad most of the time; it can get a bit grim in the countryside.

My parents live in the middle of nowhere (in Ireland), if you have any questions about country living you can ask me I guess... Personally it drives me fucking crazy having to plan everything, not being able to just walk out to the shop or to meet people at whatever time I want, but I do appreciate the peace and quiet.

File: trans-siberian-train.jpg (66 KB, 450x341) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is it a good idea?
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fucking best episode. And Karl sums up the railroad nicely. Merchant says it's great because it's the longest railroad on earth and Karl retorts something like "they just took the worst thing about it and called it a feature."
There was an InTransit series on it

File: Airplane-sunset.jpg (3 MB, 3506x1402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hey so Im canadian but i travel to america and stay for just under 6 months each time (180 days Im allowed to stay) this is the second 6 month period ive been here but Im wondering if thats okay to do-legally- because the first time i returned to my country i was just "stepping out" so i could come back in (I had no trouble coming back but I literally started a new life here) so as long as I'm not working in the US I should be fine to travel back without questioning or immigration shit?
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You can be questioned for any reason, not even a good reason. Legally speaking, you can do as much time as you want in the US, it's Canada that is holding you back.

I think the biggest issue for you as a Canadian is loss of your ability to have your socialized medicine. I know it's what keeps the Florida snowbirds from living here year round. It's too big of a loss to lose one's insurance. Be careful about that.
I'm Canadian too and I fucking hate how Canada and USA are two separate countries.

If I want to live and work in NYC or LA I should be able to
How do you even pull this off? Do you just save up a bunch of money in Canada and then stay in America until the money runs out?

I live in Montreal. I've been wanting to live in Miami forever now, but I can't figure out how to afford it since Canadians can't work in the USA.

File: san antonio-new orleans.jpg (469 KB, 1020x898) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
san antonio-new orleans.jpg
469 KB,
Hi, I’m from Chile and I’m traveling to the US with my GF for the first time. After So Cal and Las Vegas we have to pick between San Antonio or New Orleans for a 5 day stay before going to Florida.

Which one would you choose and why? Which one would give us a better glimpse of Murrica?
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Better glimpse of what life is like for most Americans: San Antonio

Better city to visit: New Orleans.

Would go to NOLA imo. Higher crime and risk than San Antonio but you will have much more to do imo and is a lot more fun. I wouldn't let the crime or poverty in NOLA scare you away. Trust me, their are much scarier areas in latin america than NOLA.
Also don't spend more than one night in Vegas, it really is overrated as fuck. Also care telling us where in Cali and Florida you're visiting, and are you road tripping?
We'll be visiting San Diego, LA and San Francisco, then in Florida we're going to the parks in Orlando and then Miami and leave. We're moving on bus for the "closer" cities and plane for Vegas to NOLA/SA to Orlando.

booked a flight to Budapest on a whim. leaving tomorrow.

what should i do when i get there?
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I don't know. What do you like?
>booked a flight to Budapest on a whim. leaving tomorrow.
Make a reservation at Spinoza to dine for the awesome music, a reservation for one evening at the Hospital in the Rock tour and maybe a restaurant there in the Castle, plan for 4 hours at Terror House, have a pastry at the cafe of your choice, book the reservation for a massage at one of the spas (fills up a couple days in advance) and pack something to make the spas easier (water shoes, beach towel, gym bag, padlock).

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