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What is a good place for a 20 year old to move to and start over; maybe from scratch? I have my reasons (hellish ones), and realize hardships, but there are so many places and opportunities in America I just don't know which path to take.
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>In America

Uncultured swine
Germany or Canada

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: >Thinking about going on holiday to Tunisia this summer..ask me anythink ..Am tunisien
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you gonna get killed
I do love harissa, so maybe I should visit Tunisia.

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I want to move to Narita airport Terminal on a permanent basis.
Is this possible? I have roughly 12 million yen in savings. I believe I can do this, and it is my life dream to do this.

First of all, I'll get this out of the way, yes, I am a weaboo. I love Japan. I don't see any issue with loving what is, essentially, the perfect society. I love anime too, yes, and the anime advertisments at the airport are one of my main considerations. My parents disallow me to have anime posters in my room so the airport would be a nice release. However, I have many reasons...
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At Narita, both in departures and in arrivals Japanese film crews film a show called 'Why did you come to Japan?' in which they interview people who have been visiting the country.

I am certain that they would soon recognise me, and make me into a celebrity on Japanese television and internet. This would ensure I would be granted permanent residence of the airport. My money would dry out but I am sure people would buy me food and drink just for being so dedicated to my cause.

Hiroo Onoda. Have you heard of him?


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>I have extensively examined previous cases of people living at airports.
Give me examples, anon.
OP! Your plan is FANTASTIC!

Ignore every single anon that reply saying that your plan is stupid, that you're an idiot, a retarded dreamer or anything negative about you or your plan! Even if they have a sound argument against you! They're just jealous!

Go for it, OP! Carve your mark in history!

Don't believe in yourself! Believe in me! Believe in the me that believes in you!

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Anyone know what became of the border checks between Hungary and Austria? I'm going on a multi-country trip this weekend which involves both countries. I would assume they have been dismantled by now, but I don't think it ever made the news, international news at least.
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>multi-country trip this weekend which involves both countries

cant trick us that easily Achmed ibn al refugee. Fuck off we are full
I would assume that you'd have to simply show your passport to the border officials, since there are no visas or any body checks in the Schengen area
I don't think they've been dismantled. But I'd also assume the police will mainly investigate suspicious Romanian trucks that could possibly hide some refugees in the back. You'll probably just have to show your passport and go on. Unless you're driving a suspicious Romanian truck.

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el terror.png
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Hi guys. I need your help. Really please. So im flying to Tokyo this july as u can see on the pic.
to meet a ldr gf actually.. long story.. but my question is.. i have to go to nagoya shi. i dont know how. could u please help me ? how much is cost and how to move from narita airport till nagoya ?i have around 150k yen for the 4 weeks stay and credit cards.. i will withdraw cash once im there. im mexican. i know how to speak english tho. Just tell me. does anyone knows how to move from narita to nagoya in a cheap way ( sorry for asking this again). I really need help. Please....
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Let me guess
You met her playing world of warcraft

Don't be catfished OPie
get shinkansen ticket to nagoya from tokyo. ggez enjoy getting catfished
>nearly 6 hours on a mid-sized Airbus

That sounds like pure horror.

Is there any chance that someone happens to know what the names are of either of these two buildings or where they are located?
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That looks like the city of Blois, in France

Yeah, cathedral Saint-Louis of Blois, and the pther building is the town hall
Thank you guys so much!!! You guys are amazing!!!!!

Whats your experiences with wwoofing in the united states? would you recommend
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I wouldn't recommend it at all -- if I want to work as a farm hand, I'd want to get paid.

To each his own though, of course, enjoy your labor.
but they feed you and give you a place to stay
Why not try it? Whats the worst that could happen, just do it for a week or so.

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I am so frustrated. I booked a flight one morning for the following morning. Then when it come to that morning, I couldn't figure out how to take my flight and check-in at the airport because it didn't say which airline I was on, and nobody would speak in English to me at Medellin airport. So I missed my flight check-in time, then refused the $100 skip the queue thing because it seemed like I should get a refund, because I actually hadn't received my e-tickets yet - I got an email saying I had to confirm my credit card details or something and only managed to...
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next time, book your flight back home in advance. even in todays modern world with internet and all, (sometimes) it still takes banks 2-3 days to transfer money, as an adult you should know that. and without a confirmed money transfer, who is going to issue you a ticket? seriously get your travel know-how straight.
also you shouldnt expect everyone to speak english, especially when youre in colombia.
dont look at things too negatively, you just have to stay a couple days longer so make it worthwhile! its easy...
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You sound like me, I always fuck something up.
>home to Australia.

latinamerican here

medelin isnt so small, im pretty sure some airport staff speaks english, just try your best to speak humm slow and clean, or should i say, the mid-atlantic english accent, or simply just a new york / american accent.

australian and some british or welsh accent is hard as fuck for me who watch movies in english all the time, imagine for some badly paid airport clerk who only had a 12-months english class

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Hi /trv/, britbong here. So I kind of have a free month of homeless/ joblessness during August, and a shitload of money to waste. Thinking of going backpacking round Europe, but no real experience. Some questions...

1) The obvious one - what are some nice places to visit/ things to do? My plan atm is to fly out east and city hop like a pleb mostly - Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam etc. but I do really have a love for nature too and I wondered if there were any 'off the beaten path' wonders of nature you might recommend? Only place I'm...
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If you are in Bavaria (near Munich) check out Chiemsee and it's islands. Also go for the castle in Neuschwanstein. It's not necessary to go inside though. Also check out Königssee if you're around. And make sure to not be in Munich during Oktoberfest or else you'll blow all of your money there for hotels and beer.
Check out some cool smaller spots like Strasbourg, Ghent, Trier, Plzn, Brno, Krakow, etc.

Skip amsterdam. It's all hype.
Thanks, but

>Skip amsterdam. It's all hype.

What makes you say this?

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Hello, I don't know if it's the most fitting board for my main question, but it won't hurt to try.
I want to travel through a few European countries in summer by nothing but bike, but the problem is, I don't know much about bikes. Let's assume I'll be riding mostly on asphalt roads - what kind of bike should I get then?

I'm open for other advice as well.
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Touring, or this new style of bike that's coming about, adventure bikes. They're a little bit cooler than touring bikes, and can in some cases fit panniers to get all of your luggage in. Some are more road oriented like the Genesis Datum, some are a little more offroad capable, like the Ridley X-Trail. It depends a lot on what you're going to be doing as to what works best for you.

Personally I'd recommend a traditional steel touring bike. While they can be kinda heavy, they're very comfortable and usually come with a very wide range of gears, and are available in drop and flat bar styles. Ridgeback make a good range of tourers with a range of pricepoints. Genesis also make a very nice tourer if flat bars is more you bag.
Alright, so touring bikes are something like road bikes but better adjusted for carrying a luggage, am I getting it right? Can it serve as a city bike as well?
Yeah, exactly. You can use them as city bikes, but then I'd say most drop bar bikes are capable of that, within reason. They wont be as well suited as a singlespped or cheap beater because the look a bit more desirable, but that's about it.

Can we get an airport terminals general?

>post a shot of a terminal / waiting area you were in recently
>what did you like about the airport / what didn't you like
>post humorous stories that may or may have not happened
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I don't have a photo of it but I was in JFK airport recently and I just have to say it wasn't a pleasurable experience. It was cramped, hot and uncomfortable. The decor was outdated and people seemed unfriendly and irritable when waiting there. I'm from Indianapolis so I guess I have the privilege of having a decent airport to fly out of and maybe that impacted my opinion a bit but seriously JFK needs some work.
Has anyone ever been to Eindhoven Airport? I am supposed to get through customs and through the gate in about twenty minutes, is this do-able? I know that it's a small airport but want to make sure.
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ibiza, was pretty empty for june, i loved it.

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Hey, /trv/

Just wondering, as a gutterpunk, is it possible to travel from one end of Canada to the other relying solely on busking and panhandling?

pic unrelated
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shameless self bump out of boredom and urgent need of an answer seeing as I am standing by a telephone pole on the highway
Met a guy in Montreal last year who had hitched there from Vancouver, Canadians are pretty friendly. Sustinence may be your problem.
>as a gutterpunk
thread dropped

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I have been in the USA for a week now, and I just found out I have been fucking up pretty badly when paying with a debit card during the entire time. For some odd reason I thought one should write how much tip, repeat the subtotal amount and sign, i.e. I never updated the total amount to account for the tip... Will the restaurants do the correct math themselves or will they charge the incorrect total amount and leave the waiters with no tip?
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Who cares? If you're not going back to the same restaurants just don't worry about it.
>actually being worried about the tip lmao
From which pussy nation are you?
Some restaurants will.
But some will only take the amount written on the final line in case the server is trying to change or add a tip amount (source formor tip worker). Anyways it was a honest mistake you can't do much about now, just move on and don't worry about it.

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Going to western Europe for a week. How do I into Germany from Spain?

Details in next post.
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Hey /trv/, I'm going to a conference on lasers in Barcelona for a week. Science talk's over on July 29th. I've never been to Europe before, so I plan to take a week, departing Barcelona on July 30th. My return flight is out of Munich really early on August 8th.

General idea: end up in Munich two days early for the biergartens. I want to get a multi-country Eurail pass and see sights along the way.
1) I'm looking for three or four key sights that don't take me too far from the train.
2) Do you recommend Airbnb or hostels?
3) Ideas:...
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Rail is super expensive.

Take EZ Jet, go anywhere in EU for dirt cheap
There's no reason for you to rail from Spain to Germany unless you make several stops on the way and take your time checking out wherever you are. Flying will be much cheaper.

Hey guys,

I am planning to goto rome alone for a week in july, by myself. I need some advice on what to do as a solo traveller specifically, would it be best for a hotel or a hostel? if so how would I meet likeminded travellers to party/see stuff. What hsotels are reccomended?

What would you reccomend me to see in the city?

I would also love to goto the beach one day and just sunbathe, is there a good beach there to goto? (i dont mind travelling a little bit).

I am a 24yo male, from the UK if that helps.
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Visit the Vatican. Book a timed ticket online beforehand so you won't have to queue in line.
Get a romapass for travel

I recently did this, except for 3 days instead of 7. Also from the UK (23)

I'd recommend 'the yellow' as a hostel to stay at. Lot's of young people looking to have a good time and make friends. Solid facilities and very affordable.

Your itenary should look to include these:
The Forum
Day trip to Pompeii

Not sure re:Beaches

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