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They have cheap flights from ATL for Songkran. Sub $800. Probably even cheaper from EWR, where I'd transfer. Question is are they any good? Safe? I have never flown with them or recall seein them mentioned here.
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I only fly Malaysian.
wtf is songkran

anyway they're a shit airlines and at 800 you're probably not going to survive lol
Thai new year. I could fly Delta and their partners, but it'd be about $500 more dollars, and from my regional airport, which would be better

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My girlfriend and I are thinking about going to Switzerland. It's supposed to be beautiful and from Holland an easy one day drive. We've already been to Geneva when we were staying in the French Alps.

Anyhow. We love the outdoors, mountains, lakes, hiking, cable cars etc. We'll probably visit a city or two if it's close, but we're mostly there for the amazing nature.

What would be a good place to stay that is both beautiful and within reasonable driving distance of some of the best things Switzerland has to offer. We're not opposed...
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Just a heads up, Switzerland is expensive. Maybe you should just visit the Austrian Alps instead.
Germany pls leave

Okay, guys. It's official, I've decided, I'm going to Thailand, it's going to be 2-3 weeks of eating food, culture, sea and a good time.

I want everyone who has ever been to share all the info and make this the best and official Thailand thread for the rest of /trv/.


Hotels in Bangkok
-How much? Which are the best to cheap ratio? Closest to the city? What to watch out for and avoid? Do you have to book hotels before you arrive?

-Where to go? What signs tell you to avoid street food? What to try?...
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You can expect around 500 baht a night for somewhere with a refrigerator and bathroom. I'd advise spending a little extra just to get a good neighbourhood. Avoid Asok/Nana.
Hotels are common and cheap, so you don't necessarily need to book. It would make your arrival much easier, though, if you knew exactly where you had to go.

>-Where to go?
7/11 or Aeon for organic yoghurt. It combats Delhi Belly.

>-Is it useful to do this instead?...
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Hello I'm from france give me your snap for discover your culture, life, etc...(I know it feel freaky like that)
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I'd give you mine but I'm French too
Don't have a snap, but you could use this very forum to post questions, answer questions, etc. Might be fun...

I've been to France a few times, but only really spent time up in Berck sur Mer. If I get back, other than Paris, what is the one place in France I should be sure not to miss?
>only really spent time up in Berck sur Mer

I guess that's your photo then ? >>1071746

I'm not OP I'm the other French, what kind of things do you like most ? Castles, hiking, wine, food, History in general ? I'd be happy to give you some place to go but there are so many things to do I'm asking for more precisions first

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Really want to start traveling and having seen then world. and just get a new appreciation for life, something i really need atm. so please come in and share your experiences and places you have been.!!!
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Your thread is very vague and won't get many replies. Start reading the other threads on /trv/, often people post about their experiences when traveling.

If you have specific questions about travel then ask away otherwise just post in other threads. This board is very slow.
thank u for the advice!
Once you get some ideas you'd like to discuss, get feedback on etc., start a thread -- folks here are pretty helpful if you have something interesting to start a conversation with.

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Hey there /trv/ hope you guys are having a good day. I don't frequent this board but I know it's the best place to go for information. So here is my question,

I'm an 18 year old, white, male. I have a 20 year old multiple year girlfriend of Hawaiian decent. We are looking for a place to live in America where right now we are in Kansas. She doesn't like it here and I could use a fresh start. So where for us is the best place to live?

I am a construction worker with experience in landscaping, electrician work, and am planing on taking a course...
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Anywhere here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northeast_megalopolis
If ur in Kansas. Drive to stl cheapest cost of living u will find in a cool city. Like 500$ for an apartment. U can't fin that in places like Chicago, east or west coast. Good art scene, check out Cherokee street. And if she truly wants to be an artist go to a place with density and culture. It's a pet peeve of mine when ppl wanna Perdue art and live in the middle of nowhere. It's like trying to be a professional snowboarder and living in Phoenix az
No shit? St. Louis? She's got family there! That's great news!

Hi /trv/. Polish 20 y.o here. I would like to start some journey around May, but i don't know where to go, i just want to go far away from here, for ex.on 2-3 months. Can you give me some advice, where to go if i don't have a lot of money, what to see, where meet some interesting people, or something? Mainly, i think about Central-Eastern Europe, but if you know some cheap ways to get to for ex Asians countries, feel free to share the idea.I have a valid passport but i don't have any visas.
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What are your interests?
Are you looking for cities or nature?
Do you want to stay in one place or move around?
What do consider central eastern?
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>What are your interests?
vidya, history, music (create and listen), politics, philosophy, military, writing, anime (i want to start learing how to draw)
>Are you looking for cities or nature?
I want to get to know new cultures, and travell across the countries, doesn't matter is that city or nature area if it's interesting place. Generally all my foreign travels was to western Ukraine because they have cheaper petrol, so I suspect that a lot of places may seem interesting to me.
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I can give you a few suggestions. I personally visited Slovakia and CZ and loved both countries. I think they're slightly cheaper than Poland (except Prague which was geared towards tourists). There's so much to see there, a lot of historical sites. Kutna Hora is my recommendation, you must go there if you're in CZ.

My cousins recently went to Serbia, Macedonia and Albania. They said that Macedonia has a lot to see (nature...
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I'm visiting Portugal for a week with my GF, flying an out of Lisbon, in February.

What are some must-see or must-do things besides Portugal? We won't be able to rent a car so we'll have to take buses/trains/blablacar or hitchhike. We're open to suggestions but nature/parks/beatiful towns are on the top of our list
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I loved the Algarve. Lagos, ponta di pidade, Praia da rocha, fort sagres.. Beautiful environment! Monchique was a nice mountain village near there. We also loved the Santa Bernarda ship, took a day trip on it with swimming, sailing, caves, bbq on the beach... Great stuff!

Thanks! What that be something nice to visit now in February as well? Anyone else?
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Pic related is the Santa Bernarda. It leaves from Portimao.


We were there in high summer though. No idea how Feb is.

From Lagos you can also book dolphin watching trips. We loved that!

If you're into history there's an old Moorish fort in Silvas as well.

Great views from Cabo de st. Vicente as well. It's the most Western point of the European mainland. I think. It has a little lighthouse. And just before the lighthouse there's...
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I'm looking to work as a volunteer abroad for zoology work. Anyone here know some great organizations in:




W.A.R/ either of the Congos?
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A lot of places are now trying to get you to pay for this shit.
Are you undergrad or grad? Looking for research opportunities or?
Look for PHD candidates who need helpers. I had the chance to help out an amphibian research project in Thailand, but it conflicted with my student teaching.

I'd be just out of highschool. While the amphibian thing sounds awesome, I most some place with mammals.

* mostly looking for

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We post offensive stupid scams that should be illegal.
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Travel for non-remunerative purposes.
nice try south africa government
The {Tourist Attraction} is closed, oh my yes! but do not be of bad cheer, foreign friend, for I shall take you to the shop of my cousin wherein bargains may be procured in bounteous plenty, and bring you back here later when the{Tourist Attraction}is once again open for being enjoyment by you.

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Hey guys and gals!

This is the year I have decided to hit Japan with my better half, looking at 3 weeks, flying from the UK.... Just after some advice from people who have been or go regular on places to stay and what to see etc and getting around?

We'd like to move around the country as much as possible over the 3 weeks. We're not doing it on a budget nor looking to use hostels (those days are over) but at the same time we're not looking to blow cash on Raddisons and Holiday inns.... We're not fussy but obviously would prefer more traditional...
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Just found the Japan thread and gathering info there, but still appreciate any info from the anons if they are willing.

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Canadian planning on visiting Phnom Penh for a week. What are some things I have to eat/check out/know/etc?
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If you're not on a budget staying at the Raffles is amazing. If it is out of the price range, at least check out the elephant bar. The city has some beautiful avenues, recommend taking a Tuk Tuk everywhere. It's the best way to absorb the Khmer architecture whilst traveling around town. Seeing the killing fields was heavy but good to see.
>Seeing the killing fields was heavy but good to see.

Ditto Tuol Sleng prison

As for cuisine?

Bought my ticket to france with the ultimate goal of joining the french foreign legion. Flying into paris and only concrete plan is to get to aubange and the recruitment center within a month of arrival. Any advice about things to do in france and neighboring countries? Also french general thread didn't see one in catalog
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I've thought about this, but unfortunately I thought too long because now I'm too old.

What is your plan for getting from Paris to Aubange?
>things to do in france

It depends, what do you like, how much can you spend on transportation or a car, and how much free time will you have ?
Im willing to spend max a couple grand. I am very cheap plan on staying in hostel/possibly camping. Flying into paris andtrying to decide if i should promptly leave to Marseille (close to aubange ) or spend time in france. Want to interact with people and have chance to practice my french. I am 24 and open to any suggestions looking to broaden my horizons.

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Hello /trv/, I wanted to know if someone has any tips for me how to get to Gdansk from Riga. I have an offer to work there and I have some things i would like to bring with me besides clothing so what i would prefer is to travel by buss since flight will be expensive as hell.

I have tried to search the Latvian buss company pages for Riga-Gdansk and as far i can see there is direct buss connection. Maybe someone here can share something that i might be missing. Thanks
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I couldn't find anything direct from LuxExpress etc. Looks like you'll have to go to Poland and change - http://www.rome2rio.com/s/Riga/Gda%C5%84sk

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Hi /trv/
Im looking at doing a month long snowboarding holiday 12 months from now and am interested in Colorado.
2 years ago I did Canada, specifically Whistler and Banff. I'm looking for an experience closer to Banff. Main town with busses that shuttle you to and from mountains via all the lodges. Anyone have any experience in Colorado?
Initial searching suggested Telluride as being a little quieter with nice beginner and intermediate slopes. Other suggested spots were Vail and Breckenridge.
Any and all info/advice welcome. Where is busiest, has the best...
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I think a lot depends on your budget. Telluride and (especially) Vail are rather expensive. If this is OK with you, I'd suggest either (in Telluride you don't need shuttle buses as trails end in the middle of town). Vail probably has the edge in nightlife but is more expensive. If cost is a consideration I'd suggest Sun Valley in Idaho -- the mountain is really nice, there's a beginner mountain nearby (Dollar Mountain), and the main town (Ketchum) has a lot to do at night.

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