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Hi all,

I have time off of work in the middle of Feb to the beginning of March and I would like to use this time to visit somewhere in Australia. Departing from Sydney with about a $1000AUD budget. I have been to the usual (Gold Coast, Melb, etc) so I would like to go somewhere different and remote.

Note: Island/Beach essential.

Please help !! Thanks in advance guys.
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This website has the best 25 beaches in Australia on it if that helps.
Thank you
Cairns > GBR
Alice Springs > Ayers Rock
Broome > Cable Beach
Hobart > Nature. Cleanest air in the world.

Hey everyone. For the longest time possible, I've been wanting to leave this shithole of a country (United States) and move to Saudi Arabia. I am a young Muslim with socialist and traditional values and I need some advice to live in Saudi Arabia. Any thoughts?
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its like mac tonight iight iight
Pick just about any other Muslim country but Saudi Arabia. If you insist on Saudi Arabia then move to Dammam. It's close to the border with Bahrain, so when you realized how bad you fucked up you can drive across the causeway for some respite
Move to Iran. And dont worry about visas or anything, they will accept you as one of their own due to your shared faith, just fly into Turkey and head across the border.

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If you had £600 to spend (that's $855.19 or €785.24) and ~3 weeks free time, what travel plans in Europe would you make?

Plans can be as brief or detailed as you like. I've been stuck in my uni town all year and I feel like I'm stagnating, but I'm not yet inspired by any of the tentative travel ideas I've come up with. I won't say anything about my interests or where I've been before, because I'd like to hear a wide variety of suggestions for how different people would choose to spend that budget.
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Honestly I'd just stay home and spend the weekend at the pub. If there's cash leftover, some steam credits, a tank of gas and my weeks groceries.

800 bucks is fuck all sorry to say
If German:
You'll find the best deals there. Flight hotel all in one and really cheap
Or look at momondo
You can make it with that budget but not if you move too much.

Are you euro ? If yes you can take an interrail pass but that'll be already around 300€ for 3 weeks.

Anyway you should pick 1 or 2 countries you like, weather can help you too if you plan to leave soon.

If I were you and had to leave now I'd go in south Italy and visit 3-4 cities and enjoy a quiet time.

You can also check cheap flights for SEA, with this money I could find a flight to bangkok and live decently 3 weeks there.

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Hey /trv/ in 3 days I'll be going to Europe for a month, specifically sweden, London and spain. I current have a Samsung s 6 with verizon here in the states, would I be able to use this phone in Europe, a international sim card or will I need to rent a phone?
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>rent a phone
You know, the phone rental kiosks that are found pretty much anywhere in europe.
Verizon can tell you if your phone will work there in about 10 seconds -- give them a call.

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tatil yolculuk 4 kavga.jpg
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Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

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If you kids don't shut the hell up, so help me God I'm going to pull this car over.
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>people willingly having children
MGTOW pls leave

Uber thread

What is trv opinion regarding Uber? Is uber legal in your country? Would you recommend a foreign tourist to use it in your country? How cheap is it compared to local taxis? Do drivers provide a good service? Do you support taxi drivers claims?

I'll start

In Spain uber is not legal. As far as I know, we were one if the first countries to ban it, due to the powerful taxi lobby

However i live in China, where uber is legal and works really fine. There is huge competition between uber and chinese version of uber 滴滴打車 so prices...
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What is it? I haven't heard of it in my country.
It's a taxi app, huge in the US and other countries
I live in LA, and I think uber is great. I'd rather die than use mass transit and cabs here are scarce.

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First time poster in this board.
I'm going to be spending 4 days in Granada during holy week. Aside from the Alhambra and the religious processions, what are some interesting things to do? What are the best places for drinks and tapas?
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Congrats anon, Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in spain if not europe. Only problem is that it is a little bit too small and 4 days will be plenty to visit, though that might be good being holy week and you will be able to visit without rush. More or less all the places are amazing for tapas but a rule of thumb is to get where it's the most crowded. You will rarely fail if you do like that.

The city itself is pretty chill but places that are a bit more "scenic" are Albaicin, Sacromonte,...
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Thank you anon. I'm also going to Almeria and Malaga on other days. Looking to see if we can drive to Gibraltar one day.
Book the Alhambra tickets online now if you haven't. Otherwise you will be in for a big disappointment.

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Thoughts on Shanghai?
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Don't ask Rancid
Great city. Still evolving, but it feels a bit too cosmopolitan. Feels like a global city, meaning, it could really be placed anywhere (unless you start to venture outward).
Isn't the air pollution the worst in the world (except Beijing)?

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Going to Jamaica in April. On the itinerary so far is Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and Negril. I have two weeks. What should I do?

What's fun?

What's must see?

How good is the exchange rate on the US dollar?

Is hooking up easy? Where are good places to eat?

Mostly I'm looking to do cool, outdoors stuff, see anything of cultural significance, eat good food, have some sex, and see the best beaches.
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Also I'm considering driving around the island, starting and ending in either Kingston or Montego Bay; what's the best way to go about doing this?

Also, as a fit, athletic, white American, how dangerous is Jamaica? I've heard widely varying accounts.
mobay and ocho rios are godawful cruise port tourist traps where you'll spend the entire time being harassed to buy garbage trinkets and get called a racist if you don't to try to guilt you into it. negril was chill with beautiful beach and diving when i was there a few years ago, but i hear it's moving in the direction of the northern ports. south coast doesn't have shit for beaches, but it's nice to visit because people don't rely on tourists there so you don't get harassed. drivers are fucking maniacs, but if you're in a rural area...
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I just got back from Jamaica, it is beautiful but you need to be careful. Outside of resorts it is very very ghetto. I would not personally drive around the island myself. It is not uncommon to see thugs with machetes.

Most places take USD, we did not have to exchange our money.

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I am considering emigrating to Israel as soon as I get my bachelor degree, so I have a few questions to ask. Firstly, how do people treat repatriants there? THere are lots of emigrants from all over the world so I wonder if it is hard to find yourself in the society. Secondly, will it be easy for me to find a job with a degree in economics? Also, I'd be glad to hear more about the country from those who live or have been there so that I could assess what awaits me in the immediate future.
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I officially summon jews to this thread
Are you funny-looking, as in


You'll have a tough time. Israel is very xenophobic with regards to that.

Single file, boys.
Fortunately, i just have a big nose that helps me get into society unnoticed and look quite similar to a common jew

I live in the Netherlands and I am going to Buenos Aires for 3 weeks in May.

My plan is to go from Buenos Aires to Uruguay and then back to Buenos Aires. You guys have some cool places to visit?
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Whats your plan there op?
Rent a car and drive around? Use the ferry? take flights? use the long distance buses?
Any plans for the 3 weeks beside BsAs and probably MVD like going to Iguazu or Bariloche?
3 weeks are pretty long for 1 and a half city.
i would recomen walking 8 hours a day with 2 hours of pause, sit down and rest in a bar; the drinks are cheap; also dont go out with a huge bypack , you look ridicoulos adn very easy to rob.
avoid the donw and souther districts; too much crime.
walk around every where,the same block or just a srting of blocks.
all the houses and buildings in buenos aires are differetn from one another in architectural style

I lived in Medoza (near the Chilean border) for 6 months and I had the chance to make a 1 week trip in BB.AA.
As said above, 3 weeks are quite long for a city, even for a big one as Buenos Aires so you'd better consider going to other places during your stay.
I'd be you I'll stay few days after my arrival in Buenos Aires and then head up to Iguazu because it is something worth to see according to every people I met who's been there (I did not).
I heard Bariloche is a nice place for siteseeing but it's apart from Argentinia in the way that there are a lot of tourists and rich people over there. Personally, I'd rather go to Patagonia or visit cities such as Salta and Cordoba before going to Bariloche.
If you're rich eough you could do a trip BB.AA-Cordoba-Salta-Mendoza-Bariloche-BB.AA. You might even have time for one more stop-over in Chile for example, or in the south of Argentina.

Argentinians mainly use long distance buses since they don't have trains over there. Buses are cheap and confortable, the only "problem" is the lengh of the trip but as you're there for 3 weeks that should be okay. If I remember well it took me 12 hours to travel to BB.AA and 12 hours to come back to Mendoza.

I totally agree with >>1075250 regarding the precautions for not being targeted as a tourist.
I remember going to the Bombonera in the district of La Boca...if you walk few streets away from the most frequented area you quickly enter "dangerous" places where the atmosphere is a bit gloomy: There, you can be easily spotted. That is the reason why people offered them to guide me to the bus stop on my way back because it was getting dark. North of the city tends to be safer, plus it is nice: there are places and local markets.
Don't miss Argentinian meats and ice creams, taste their wine as well!!! Would definitelly go there again!

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Headed to chicago to stay with some family.

Going out there to decide if im going to move there, or wichita KS.

Anyone visited or lived in the city or area?

Want to get the best impression i can from the city while i visit, what are things to do? And i would like to try to meet new people to hang out and smoke with... im guessing at the bar? Are people open to outsiders there?

And is it really as bad as everyone makes it seem?

Should i be afraid to walk around at night by my self?
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and how hard is it to get a entry level job there?
never been to wichita but i have been to chi abot 5 times. Chicago has an awesome down town you can spend days within the loop area, miracle mile, river front/navy peir (u will prob freeze) All types of stuff to do in downtonw area.

I like to visit the neighborhoods try taking the public transit to wicker park its an awesome neighborhood cool bars and stuff to do all day, prob a good chance of finding people to smoke with or a hook up. Check out the Revolution Brewery they also have a tap house/resturant but i liked all rev brewery beers.
i can tell you right away wichita kansas is not somewhere a human should live.

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0 B,
How do you guys fund your travel?
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That one way.
Working at a shitty department store while going to uni and living in a makeshift bedroom in some old chinese guys condo.
Travel agents hate this anon

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What country are you in now fellow /trv/elers?
I'm in Sikkim in India right now. Feeling homesick, missing my gf. Any tips on getting through these last two weeks of my trip and enjoying myself?
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your gf is fucking someone else
>tfw, no indian chicks are hot enough and easy.. ;-(
In NC, just home from a trip to BVI, getting ready for Mexico and maybe Curacao, if shit hangs together.
How was the BVI for you? I'm going to be renting a boat with 8 other people and I was planning to enjoy the full moon ritual and was wondering if you know any of the good spots to do it. RIght now I'm in florida preparing.

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So my friends and I were thinking of having a road trip through Europe (we live in the Uk) and thought about driving from England to Istanbul and back. However, one of our party is Sikh and we were wondering if he'd face any significant discrimination in the Balkans (greater than what he gets in the UK anyway).

Would it be significant or do people not give that much of a shit?
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Just do it m8
Anyone that wears headwear is going to be confusing as WTF are they. This is a known problem with Sikh's everywhere they go. I would think they are most understood and accepted in the UK, for the locals education and understanding far outweighs the rest of europe.

Leave him at home, or get him to clean up his appearance in order to enjoy the once in a lifetime trip. Understandably, he may have religious reasons not to do that, and so you'll deal with the trouble if it arises. What else could you do?...
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Bulgaria here. He's fine, just leave the sword at home.

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