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Was garbon a mistake tho?

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An abomination unto the world?
This never should have happened?
Scary stuff

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8 Downtown Saint Paul.jpg
3 MB,
/pybt/ - Post Your Bike Thread
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>To be frank, I'm not sure if such a thing would even go here.

I don't think this needs to be explained.
Just post whatever "Railroad-related" memes and shit which have appealed as amusing to you.
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Don't have much, since I'm not autistic.
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Ask a guy that just had the only thing he owns get stolen outside walmart when I was buying groceries anything

RIP matilda... :(

Surr I had to get new tire tubes for you weekly and surr 3rd gear didnt work but you were the only thing I have and I loved you for taking me places so swiftly... now you're probably in some chop shop across state lines....
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>had to get new tire tubes for you weekly
This is why poor people are poor.
If you loved it you would have taken care of it

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>The Effects of Mountain Biking on Wildlife and People -- Why Off-Road Bicycling Should be Prohibited (1997)
tl;dr mountain bikes directly and indirectly kill animals, annoy hikers and generally destroy nature
Extrapolate your opinions.
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>we should be working to reduce all human access to wildlife habitat

The author is mostly on an anti-human rant and especially likes mountain biking, I don't really see anything to discuss.
Get fucked
>implying there's anything wrong with conservationism
There isn't. I particularly agree with this point "Parks are supposed to be a refuge from the crush of humanity and the noise, danger, and artificiality of urban areas"

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Sup /n/

Ever had saddle sores?

I've just noticed a lump under the skin, sort of halfway between my taint and the sit bone on the left. It doesn't exactly hurt unless I prod it real hard, and doesn't seem particularly tender or inflamed. I've noticed very rare shooting pains from that area, but that's about it.

Doctor seems to think it's some misc. lymph node swelling, but I'm wondering if it could be saddle related - too narrow a saddle for my wide-for-a-guy hips? I've always thought of saddle sores as chafing of...
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I have them, same as you I can feel little lumps. they hurt for like 5 minutes when I start riding, but the pain goes away and I don't notice it unless I go over ~150km. Just deal with it, not that big a deal
Yeah I got them once when I did 4 races over 2 days, and I had just shaved the insides of my thighs, also I regretfully didn't wear ass padded bibs so my ass had both sores and was legit raw.
After the two days it was really sore but if you like riding that much you'll keep doing it and it will go away really quickly, not that hard really, just don't let them bother you
is wiggle for cucks?

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Bike tour thread

I am planing on doing a 200km road trip with my bike.
I am driving my bike every day but usually don't go further than 40km.

So I am concerned with with water and food.
Should I eat anything at all, or just fruits?
With the water I am taking about 3L of water, 1L of fruit juice, BCAA and some Boosters (in case I get tired)

Your recommendations?

(pic related)
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nobody wants to reply?

just to clarify I am driving 200km on that one day.
Eat 30 bananas and spin your gears at 80 rpm.

Now, seriously, just take your time, it's easy, just eat something 2h before the ride, take some rests, drink something, wait a bit and keep pedaling. Find a comfortable speed for you and calculate the time it will take. I have never ride more than 110km, but I did it without resting and 3 bottles of water averaging 25-27km/h.
I am splitting the ride into 3 parts the first 80km should go fine. Then have a 30-60min rest, take the next 40km easy take another long break and do the last 80km.

I did the previous 40km without breaks (exept for hydration) and had no problems, was still loaded with energy.

I am eating a big breakfast and then take fruit juce, fruits and enerybars with me. About at km 100 I am going to visit a tourist attraction where I might eat some salad.

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UGH, even when I'm not on the bicycle motorists are cunts. I was crossing the road on a residential street and then a car came around the corner speeding and sat on the horn. Nearly fucking killed me.

We need automated vehicles...
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>not being ready to die to prove a point
pls leave /n/ for ever
I'm used to it when I'm on the bike but when I'm in suburbia with hardly any traffic being a pedestrian it's a bit much.
I wish it worked that way, motordom would have lost in the early 1900's so many times over.

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Record Hubs.jpg
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Can you recommend hubs for a road bike? Not Chris King-type of overpriced, but good quality, smooth and preferably quiet.
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Should be some nice sales next weekend (Memorial Day).
I'm seriously confused and have no clue what to buy. What is 'good'? What is just marketing? What is a reasonable price? It's not easy to pick a hub set when every manufacturer has like 3 different models on the market.
These days there's not a whole lot of difference between road hubs, unless you buy really cheap Chinese stuff you'll be getting good bearings/cartridge bearings, the advantage to the fancier hubs is marginal weight savings.

Shimano hubs are always a reasonable default choice.

I'm looking for a new wheel set for a single speed road bike build with steel frame. It shouldn't be too expensive and I personally dislike the huge hideous letters/logos they all seem to have these days. Recommendations appreciated.

Also /wheels/ general I guess.
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>coaster brake or freewheel wheels OP?

Yeah, I'm also thinking to build wheels, but maybe there's something nice I haven't laid eyes on yet. I'm more looking for a retro kind of look, since it's an old Italian steel frame with chrome fork, which reduces my options a lot in today's aesthetics.
File: dfbg.jpg (188 KB, 1600x988) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks a lot. I think I'll stick to my original plan of going with some old Campagnolo hubs and Mavic rims.

Pic related is the frame. Just bought it on evilBay. It's an old Olmo with SLX tubing. Good enough to ride back and forth between university and my shit hole.
File: large_Pinarello1a.jpg (273 KB, 1024x681) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks. It looks very good condition in pics. Will see in person.

I went to a local shop yesterday which had a Pinarello Montello in deep blue and even with fancy chromed lugs, kinda like pic related. I had never seen one in person until that point. However, it was very rusted on the lugs, bottom bracket and had some rusty spots here and there. The guy still wanted 220 € for it and I didn't want to take chances since I'm just a studentfag and that's a lot of money for playing Russian roulette.

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Post some truck ppl. Bicycles won't deliver your food.
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And trucks won't build America.
My pizza deliver boy says otherwise.
Who's gonna pay for all those tracks? Who's gonna pay for the land to put them on? How u gonna get it from the railyard to their store?

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Looks like shit, if you used it anywhere but what the vid shows.
Bicycle does not need 'improvements' that make it more like a car.
The windshield in my car fogs / ices over immediately when it is below freezing. That thing will be even worse since you would be breathing harder and sweating.
seems winter practical

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So I want to start tracking some data and have it all work with strava... google really isnt revealing the info I would like.

I want speed, cadence, heart rate and power all recorded.

After looking around the garmin edge 520 will do all these things with some add-ons.

I am trying to find the cheapest way of doing all this.. So that brings me here, as I figure someone here is probably already running a similar setup.

Thanks in advance
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520 is a good choice.

Though the most expensive of those "add-ons" will be the power meter. The handlebar mounted Powerpod is $300 and they go up from there depending whether you want one built into a wheel, single leg / both leg crank based. Most power meters are effectively tied to a single bike.
yeah I am still looking. The 520 "bundle" will handle speed, cadence, and heart rate for about $400.

I dont really understand how a power meter can work from the handle bars... got any info on this?
It pairs with your cadence / speed sensors and has its own air pressure and accelerometers. So it can determine ground speed vs air speed, how much bike is rocking side to side, forward / back, rate of climbing. Then it does a bunch of calculations on that data to come up with a power number.

There are limitations, its meant for road use so going mountain biking with it probably wouldn't provide reliable data. It even has trouble with cobbled roads. Gravel roads might also throw it off. But you can move...
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Are we seeing a changing of the guard? Western Europeans are getting BTFO. Don't get me started on Colombians too...
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Just out of curiosity, how do rooskys train without becoming the next trending dashcam video on LiveLeak?

Who you've listed are all good cyclists (where is Majka??) but it doesn't change the fact that the:
>Giro won by Nibali (ITA)
>Tour of Cali won by Alaphilippe (FRA)
>Paris-Nice won by Thomas (GBR)
>Paris-Roubaix wony by Hayman (AUS)

the only somewhat renound UCI event that this year has been won by a Eastern European was the Tour of Flanders by Sagan, who heaps of people...
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Like everyone else. They most likely don't train on the busy streets where they're more likely to be hit by a cage. Also if they're any good they're going to spend a lot of time on Mallorca, Canary Islands, or wherever their team happens to go for training camps.

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The longest tunnel in the world has been opened today in Switzerland. It;s 57 kms long and connects Switzerland with Italy. Maximum speed for passenger trains will be 250 km/h and for cargo trains 160 km/h.
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File: Schemat_tunelu.png (142 KB, 458x885) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Construction took 17 years
There's another one under construction, due for opening in 2026: the Brenner Base Tunnel.

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