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>Tutorials Edition

Are there usually a bunch of links and shit in the OP like the skincare threads? I can't recall.

What kind of makeup would you recommend for dark mori? I want to go fairly goth-y with it but I'm not sure if that's just my inner Hot Topic kid trying to escape or it's actually appropriate.
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This tutorial thpugh
>what is blending
>what is drawing a straight line

For mori people usually go for neutrals, so darker neutrals and natural shades like forest green, ash, dark brown etc might be good. Maybe using a cooler neutral for the lips like some cold pink tones ?

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Old thread: >>8915279

Any gulls who are full time lolitas? I'm interested in hearing about it.
>which style(s) do you wear?
>how does your direct environment (school, work, town) react?
>how do you conquer heat, cold, rain?
>how many main pieces do you own?
>general tips and tricks to pull it off?
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>>which style(s) do you wear?
Very simple sweet and oldschool mostly
>>how does your direct environment (school, work, town) react?
I left college a few months ago but I studied digital design, most people were weirdos so nobody really cared. Who'd look at the girl in a frilly skirt when there's people walking around in dinosaur kigurumis?
>>how do you conquer heat, cold, rain?
Heat by wearing thin OPs and flats, cold by wearing velvet, lots of layers...
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>which style(s) do you wear?
Classic bordering on gothic sometimes
>how does your direct environment (school, work, town) react?
Mormons love lolita because it's modest so I don't get too much negative attention.
>how do you conquer heat, cold, rain?
It's pretty much always cold here so I have to layer.
>how many main pieces do you own?
three jsk's, two skirts, 1 op
>general tips and tricks...
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You're a full time lolita with 6 main pieces?

Post trends and stuff that need to die down.
I begin with these goddamn wigs in lolita or anything for that matter
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People still wear these?! This is a fad that died tok slowly imo.

This goddamn dress needs to be burned.
These wigs only look good in deco or more OTT outfits desu. And even then it really depends on the overall execution of the outfit
Cosplay prints.

I will always see it as making a profit off someone else's intellectual property and tacky to boot.

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'togs of all kinds, post your photos and experiences here. Let's kick it off with some q&a;
>what gear are you using, how do you like/dislike it?
>when did you start photographing/videoing cosplayers? what do you love the most about it?
>any advice for newbies or people looking to get into cosplay photography?
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a t1i. I had no clue what I was doing so it was cool
was doing non-cosplay stuff til around 2012 or so
practice. read. practice. read. practice also means "try new stuff"

is that roger? that looks like roger
that's sakuracon, right?
why the fuck do I recognize that
I've only been there once
also gear can often be the answer but it is not always the answer. won't magically make you good but if you use it right then you'll end up with good photos. just because you see a bunch of white lenses, red rings, or gold rings on people's gear doesn't mean they are good because of it. if they're good it's because they're good. maybe they were good already, maybe they became good later after buying it. maybe they're still not good but have expensive gear.
Keeping it real:

Don't do cosplay photography for any reason other than fun. You won't make money, and unless you're with a clique, you won't get any kind of recognition from it. You can't use cosplay shots in any kind of professional portfolio unless your subject's costumes are excellent, so 95% of the people you work with will not be good enough. And no matter how much you bust your ass on photos, no cosplayer will appreciate it.

Don't hit on cosplayers. They'll...
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as usual, previous thread is in autosage

larpers larping at larps and more in this thread
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Any tips for making my own garb? I found some patterns I really like on pintrest.
start with something easy and build up stuff from there
HEMA, with a focus on I.33, various rapier plays, and German armoured manuals. I have also studied Gatka, and Kendo/Kumdo. I also wrestled in middle abd highschool (folkstyle and greco-roman) and studied Mu duk kwon.

I got into it all of it because I am a total geek, and my dad was into it. Obviously, its helped with my larping, SCA baton, SCA rapier and ACL.

I reenact several periods.

Find someone who can sew already to teach you in exchange for...
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old in sage >>8893850

unanswered questions:
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I faced a boob panel, and even with understitching and top stitching the edges curl up and won't lie flat. Will I just have to live with it and use double sided tape, or is there some other technique I can use to make it lie flat?
a friend wants to cosplay Hotaru from Dagashi Kashi, but is kinda stuck with finding a shirt. she came up with the idea of finding a similar lolita shirt but the the problem is, she's got pretty big titters and isn't exactly tiny japanese girl size all over. so - looking for shirts that look like pic related, lolita or not, that come in custom sizes or larger Western sizes. I'll update with exact sizes later, but she's nowhere near hamplanet, not above 42 inch underbust iirc.

I realise how retarded my request sounds without exact sizes, sorry, I'll...
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Anyone know of any good prop making youtube channels? Nothing specific. It's more for keeping something on in the background while I work on my stuff.

I watch Tested for Adam Savage's prop and costume videos so if there's something similar to that it would be cool.

for this years's ACEN i'm planning on going as Ruby from RWBY, but the problem is
1) chicago summers are hot as balls
2) Ruby's outfit is almost all black and long sleeve
3) i sweat like a motherfucker
how do you gulls combat the heat? how do you save yourself from heatstroke and sweaty makeup?
pic slightly related
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Wear as little clothes as possible

Swimsuit versions of characters
I go to Acen every year, and honestly the weather is really hit or miss. Some years it's super hot and other years it's freezing. My best advice is making sure to drink a lot of water and if you need to, take breaks to freshen up, reapply deodorant, etc. I don't remember if Acen did this, but I know at Midwest one of the days it was especially hot there was an ice cream truck near the loading docks, so maybe we'll get lucky with that.
If you get really sweaty, bring along some unscented wet wipes with your deodorant and use those on your pits before reapplying it. Otherwise you're just putting deodorant on top of all your sweat and that's a pretty unpleasant feeling. I sweat like a motherfucker too, so I know this pain.

As for sweaty makeup, I carry those little makeup pads that keep you from getting oily (forget what they're called).

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Anyone else gonna attend? Would love to meet up with some people!

I'd also like to ask what I should cosplay as.
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I am. I'm excited to see what kind of crowd is going to be there. I can imagine a whole bunch of your basic Brian-type, especially with a location that easily accessible from the inner city.
Anyone else?
I'm thinking about going but I'll wait around and see if they'll book any interesting guests or panels before I buy a ticket. So far the Scandinavian comic cons have been pretty terrible at the "comic" part and that's really all I want to deal with ATM.

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Alright, so I know Comic Cons don't get as much exposure as anime ones here, and I don't think Bay Area /cgl/ers didn't really attend them (this is what Big Wow used to be and they're trying to move this a month before Fanime next year), but there's reports this con shot up to 30K, as much as Fanime's. Not bad for a first time con - way more attendance than Wizard World and Heroes and Villains Fan Fest last year.

Who went, and thoughts on the costume contest?
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I was there on Sat/Sun, mostly selling in the AA. Sales were really good. I had little to no expectations for this con and sold as well as I do at Fanime, if not better. Based on the pics, looks like I missed out on a lot of the quality cosplays there.

Didn't stick around for the costume contest.

General rundown, based on my experience and word of mouth from friends:
-Panels were cool/interesting
-Dealers had a lot of variety including some obscure and hard-to-find stuff for super cheap
-"Museum" stuff was cool
-Generally a chill...
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They kinda rushed through the costume contest, but it was way better handled than Fanime's Masquerade since 2012. Even though Masq in 2015 seemed to have gone to normal, it didn't drag a big crowd like it used to.

It kinda sucks most of the celebs were stuck to autograph signing instead of cool shit like panels, but Jeremy Renner and Nathan Fillion's were more than great.

I think part of the issue with on-site reg is that they weren't expecting so many on-site stuff - I got my...
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I get it was a first year, but this con was incredibly poorly run. There was so much money poured into it yet no planning

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J-fash for chill daily wear.
Last thread got archived.
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I'm sorry I don't have much to post.

Old thread >>8821205

I'll start by dumping some of the best (and worst) of Katsucon's Steven Universe cosplayers.
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File: donald-trump-1.jpg (1 MB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB,
I want to go to ComicCon as Donald Trump.
Anybody recommend some good gear? I'm a Brit, so it's a bit tricky at times to get proper Trumpite kit.
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Get a dead squirrel, put it on your head.
sadly, trying to get the hair will leave a dent in ya savings
wont get much change out of £100k for hair that glorious

apart from that, maybe build a wall prop?

File: 1401106179633.jpg (510 KB, 903x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Any tips on making a giant paper mache head, how to keep it mounted on you, and how to see through it? I'm planning on doing a Spooky Tsukasa crossplay for Anime Central. I think my body type will work well for this, as I am a lanky and tall, at 6'5". I'll do the school uniform as it was sized to fit a normal sized Japanese school girl, increasing the lanky horror.

Here are some reference photos:
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File: 1434949586050.jpg (115 KB, 569x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115 KB, 569x700

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Will you be cosplaying? How many minors will outnumber us? Will you be attending the three and a half hour Homefuck panel?
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I found out about thia con 4 years ago. I've never gone because something always came up, so i'm actually excited to finally see it for myself this year.
I've gone every year since 2009. I couldn't make it last year so I'm excited to see some familiar faces again.
will be going, should be fun

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I need some help in looking for qt surgical style mouth masks. started a job at a lash extension studio and we're supposed to wear them, but I don't really feel like wearing the boring blue ones if I don't have to. And I don't have to!

Had a look through amazon and ebay and saw a couple I might pull the trigger on, but there isn't a terribly large selection. Any recs? Better search terms than "cute/character mouth/surgical/dust mask", or terms in relevant languages that I should search on other sites?

reusable or disposable doesn't...
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Swimmer has a few cute ones but you need a shopping service to order from them.

Quick question about shopping services, as I haven't used them before. Will they work with you on ordering from multiple sites? I'd assume that they do, but just checking.

Either way I imagine there's a minimum $ amount for an order, I'll have to order a bunch so I'll add these to my list to get a little later on(first paycheck ayyy)
Yeah, there also isnt a minimum amount to spend but you will have to pay shipping for each to them..

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