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Old one

Found this posted to an anime BST group.
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This guy is a serious fucking creep.
Yeah I'm throwing some salt but seriously
It's just three fucking red lines on the face with a smokey winged liner and black lips.. oh yea cat ears. Real original. Real fucking Kitten looking
She has a really fucking hard time putting in those lenses. I remember her posting about it because the diameter was huge compared to what she had been wearing before. I like Mary. No amount of salt will make me not like her.

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damsel in distress.jpg
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New larp thread, previous one is in autosage ( >>9001709 ), standard procedure.

Now with 10% less HEMA/HMB/SCA/etc bullshit AND gluten free
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Fuck that, you ain't taking my gluten you fucking slav!
>$80 burgerbucks
>I'm with ---- Thats a rip.

In case you did not know, things cost more in Europe. Even if you shop overpriced stuff from abroad it can still be cheaper than buying stuff domestically.
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Since there is no re enactment thread ill just ask it here.

What is a good company for re enactment weapons, ive heard kovex ars and jiri krondak(fabri armorum) are very good.

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I'm bored and so therefore hence commence the hot dude cosplay pls ty
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Is that motherfucking Stripper Vash? God damn that was a long time ago.

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MegaCon is slowly creeping up upon us. Anyone feeling the MegaCrunch? Also, OUTCon is this weekend. Anyone going?
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Megacon roll call!

>What days are you going?
>What events are you doing?
>Where are you staying?
>What costumes/what days?
>Biggest relief/Biggest gripe
>What days are you going?
All 4
>What events are you doing?
Got photo ops with the HP guests, HP cast Q&A, wanna hit the AA hard. Other than that I mostly Jung hang around, people watch and see friends
>Where are you staying?
Rosen Plaza, next door. I miss when the con was in Feb/March so I could stay at a better hotel and just walk over. But this late May heat? Hell nah.
>What costumes/what...
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>What days are you going?
4, hope the pass comes in on time
>What events are you doing?
No idea, I like to wing it
>Where are you staying?
Hilton, like I give a fuck about heat
>What costumes/what days?
May do my plague doctor though it is an old cosplay so it is pretty beat up.
>Biggest relief/Biggest gripe
Wristband mailed to me, holy shit...
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I'm going to be generalizing a bit based on my anecdotal observations but would it be appropriate to say that in terms of east coast vs west coast:

West coast:
- People put on more of a front / fake image on average
- Are generally friendlier and warmer but it may be less sincere
- More of a party culture

East Coast:
- More cosplay centric
- Reserved and a bit more socially conservative
- More cases of passive aggressiveness
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East coast Photographers charge...west do not. East has more drama too with cosplay
Reading east coast cosplay/photog drama is possibly one of my favorite pastimes.
>west coast is boring

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za warudo.jpg
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How this is gonna work:

Feel free to ask any questions about American conventions and I or other anons will try to answer your question to the best of our abilities.

If any anons have questions about conventions in countries that are not their own, other anons from said countries can answer.
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OP here,

One thing I've noticed after going to Comiket is that American conventions seem to be unique in that after we cosplay, we go to room parties or raves and we get hammered. I know this also happens in the UK but does this happen in your country as well?

If it doesn't why not?
Nice idea for a thread, OP. Germanfag here. I noticed american cons usually take place in big hotels, is that right? (I always wonder why there's carpet in american con photos, but if the con is at a hotel...) German/european cons usually take place in fair halls or other suitably big enough event halls, but not hotels.
There are also usually no rules about constantly having to have your con badge visibly on you.

Room parties are common too. People usually either go to a nice restaurant with their friends...
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Sweden reporting in I guess?

Swedish con culture is really... Specific. Swedish cons were for a long time pretty dependent on cultural grant money, and in the requirements for this it was often stated that the con be a safe area for youth. As in, no alcohol or drugs. So alcohol and bars and whatnot just... Isn't really part of Swedish con culture at large? Of course, people still go out drinking and they'll still host private parties, but it doesn't occur at-con and it's not part of con culture.

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wake up guys i know yall out here
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so cute wings.png
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I'm here to dump stuff!
inb4 someone says something isn't fairy kei!!
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pastel hair dyed.jpg
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Back when i first knew lolita, there was a "lifestyle" aspect to the fashion that isnt as present now but i really enjoyed it. On a forum i frequented we used to have a thread about our "lolita moments of the day". It could be anything making us feel cute,princessy,like a true lady,... And i thought it would be a cute idea to make a thread about it.

>studying well from the beginning of the session
Idk why but i feel like a studious (is that even a word? I am french so..) victorian maiden

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this idea is lovely! i often get these little moments myself and i feel so silly and frivolous, but lolita is for me a form of escapism. nothing wrong ith making your day a bit brighter by looking down and see my favorite print on my dress or intricate lace on my sleeves.

for me lolita moments of the day are the ones that are personal, only little moments i notice, like

>waking up from the sunshine instead of my alarm clock ( i feel like a disney princess, lol)
>putting my hair up in a scarf, putting on a...
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This is such a cute idea! OK, here are a few of my recent moments.
>getting new pieces and being to see all the details for the first time
>arranging my porcelain and Ever After High dolls in cute poses
>reorganizing my shelves of cute stuff
>putting on a pearl necklace and feeling more ladylike
>baking cookies, no matter how gross they turn out to be (because I was an idiot and used rolled oats instead of instant ones)
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>Watching The Great War and making it to the halfway point
>Reading Hornblower, marveling at attention to detail and correctness and adorable manly friendships
>Picking up the Master and Commander film and find it just as amazing as Hornblower

Hallo I ama millitary lolita and I like history

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Old thread (>>9024497) is autosaging

Is this photo from 2016? No, it's 2013, but it might as well be from this year too.

What have you been doing?
What are you wearing?
How long did you stand in line?

You guys post a lot.

I'm not at home anymore so I'm doing this in paint.
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- Pickup from Clockwork Alchemy is much faster but you have their badge
- Someone on facebook said you can do on-site reg and pick up pre-reg at the same time (on-site for Friday is incredibly fast, may not be true for Saturday)
- Temps in the 80s-90s
- Da-ICE concert at 7pm today, doors at 615
- They were walking around the dealer's hall
- Someone recruited people for a BDSM party in the last thread
- /cgl/ meetup had a bunch of people

Keeping it short. Have to wake up early.
Two things:
- What was the deal with the underage drinking?
- What time should I head over to the con tomorrow (already have my badge)
The cops busted parties. Fairmont is kill for that. This con is taking a hard stance on parties after what happened last night. Con confirmed for baby state.

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Last thread is just about dead so who is excited for tomorrow night?
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I'll be there for sure. Hopefully I can go to the normal 10pm /cgl/ meet up, then migrate to the midnight meeting.

Gonna have a GOOD time.

Also, anyone doing anything fun tonight/ tomorrow at the Fairview hotel? My roomies are going to sleep, but I'm still wide awake and looking for something to do. Anything going down?
What about straight dudes? I just want to chill and smoke
I've got a shoot at 9 but hopefully I can finish up early and come to the meetup. Getting real fed up with my con group already.

Old one is auto-saging.

Also, fuck the north.
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This is something that is not new.
Fuck its rain and cold.

Then again, fuck the south for its endless amount of weebs.

The midlands are just in no land's land.
I wouldn't wanna be in n.ireland right now though ngl.
Bombscares? In my meetup? Do Angelic Pretty even do balaclavas? Fuck the UK, let's move to Spain or something where it's warm.
putos inmigrantes robando nuestros trabajos

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Old one on autosage
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Let's have a serious discussion of the quality of various brands. All Japanese brands (and taobao/indie brands) are welcome, this is not limited to lolita but keep the discussion relevant to J-.fashion.
Inspired by a brand quality discussion in the larme thread.
Maybe you own several pieces from this brand, or you've visited one of their shops.
I'll start by saying that I own a few indie brand blouses (Surface Spell and Infanta mostly) and I'm not a fan of the material (usually chiffon or a polyester). Also one of my Surface Spell blouses has a...
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So far, in my experience newer angelic pretty had the best quality in terms of fabric and construction. Their blouses offer more removable bows.
Innocent World is nice, but it sometimes doesn't come with lining, and some bows are not made, but simple ribbons that you have to bite yourself every time.
Metamorphose has good quality, the skirts are more comfy, the shirring is very good, but the fabric is rough. Skirts don't come with extra bows. Perhaps more sturdy than AP.
I tried some of their blouses and I find them awkward to wear and not comfy

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
One of my Meta dresses is made out of a really weird material. It feels sturdy but also weirdly stretchy? The construction itself is good but the material choice is weird. It feels a bit like a crossover between cotton and jersey knit.
I only buy taobao blouses and by far my favorites been my Dear Celine one. Its really soft and the lace is fantastic. The buttons were actual metal instead of plastic

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Post examples for posing in pictures (lolita, mori-kei, nanchatte etc).
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Post coords with dresses that aren't prints!
Dresses can still be textured, i.e. AP Chocolate dresses. Please no embroidery either.
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