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trams, buses or metro
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lets make it a bit more interesting, from now on you have to guess the city

London, I'm a genius
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Ever since I switched to a camelbak from a screw top oxo water bottle, I've been worried about drinking germs. I figure maybe it's a fashion from people who only ride in immaculately groomed sterile conditions.

Where I ride I constantly ride over pancaked dried up rats, live rats, partially squashed fresh rats with guts everywhere, mummfied pigeons, heaps of bird shit, occasional human shit, garbage juice gushing out of overfilled steaming dumpsters, and in the autumn, piles of putrifying leaves. Last month there was even a dead body, although the city took...
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If your streets are that dirty you should use fenders anyway. And those should protect your bottle too.

The normal street dust that collects on the valve isnĀ“t that dangerous and just the same stuff you breathe in anyway. Just clean it after every ride. You know you can disassemble the valve, right?
Of course I use fenders, that's a given for anyone who rides for transport. This is /n/ - Transportation, isn't it?
>Just clean it after every ride
That doesn't really make sense to me, first of all it's a given that you'd clean your bottle every day, but second, who drinks from a camelbak bottle when not riding a bike? The problem is the shit that gets in there when you're on the bike. Which can happen from road spray (from cars and other bikes), among...
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Cover the nozzle with plastic bag and seal with a rubber band? Not the most elegant but it should work.

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anyone have experience with Linus?
I saw some in person and they look well built
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fucking disgusting
>faux vintage
If you are just rolling around town or cruising to work there is nothing wrong with a Linus.

Are they a super good deal? No
Are they light and fast with the best parts? No

They are pretty stylish though and solid

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Not sure if it is a /fa/ or /n/ subject, but my bike is literally eating my jeans. Do you know good pants for cycling-commuting (except the levis 511 one) ?
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Proper cycling shorts.
Wouldn't recommend any trousers desu, wear cycling shorts.
Leave the APCs at home and try some proper kit for once

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You guys have any opinions on crank length? I've recently started riding a different bike and I'm finding myself experiencing a lot of hip discomfort and don't feel as efficient. Just noticed it has 175mm cranks whereas my other bike had 170mm cranks. Could that be the problem? What length do you run normally?
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1. Yes, that difference in crank length could certainly account for your discomfort, especially if you have shorter legs.
2. Ideal crank length depends mostly on leg length and rider preference - using longer cranks gives a slight advantage in producing torque, shorter cranks will encourage efficient spinning.
3. If you want a data point to compare to, I have a 33" inseam and find 172.5 to be optimal
Mostly what I've read suggests crank length problems usually cause knee discomfort, which is kinda why I was confused. Not actually sure what my inseam is, but based on my height it's probably around 31", and that would make a lot of sense based on your preference because I like the feel of 170.
I'm 5'6" so crank length is important to me. Unfortunately most manufacturers only make 170-175cm cranks, and sometimes 172.5cm ones, just to cut costs.

The only ones doing a really large variety of sizes with reasonable prices and availability are Touring crank manufacturers like Sugino and Stronglight, but those are all old designs with square taper BBs and the like. Not so good for modern road bikes.

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Typical Norwegian Family.jpg
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So /n/, why aren't you combining the worlds 2 greatest hobbies, cycling and plane flying, together?




Would you buy one of these for 2500 euro's?
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Now I want to attach a velomobile to a wing pylon.
I did at one point. I used to work for an airline and at one point I sold my vile murdercage for a crabbon gofast trektrektrek. I would ride to work at the airport on my work days, but on days off, I would still ride to the office, leave my bike there, and take the employee shuttle to the terminal and get on whatever plane had the most empty first class seats going somewhere interesting. Then I'd fly back that evening and ride my bike home from the airport.

Those were good times.
Give it some foldable wings to the side and a parachute and then drop it off from a plane,

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How do I into motorcycles?

I'm a 25 year old male living in Los Angeles, and bikes just seem like a more efficient form of transportation out here. Not to mention they look fun as hell. I rode small dirt bikes when I was much younger, in my early teens, but haven't been on one since. How do I go about learning bike laws and getting a class M license, etc? What would be a good bike to start on for a 6'2 180 lb man?
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you'll probably want a honda 350 of some sort. try not to get anything earlier than '85

My first bike was a nighthawk 250.
You'll want something a little bigger, just so you'll have some pick up and go when you need it.
LA freeways are hell, but a motorcycle makes them fun.
Be defensive all the time.
oh and if you want to learn about moto safety laws, get the handbook from the DMV and read it.
The permit test is super easy, you can fail it twice, and still have a chance to pass it.
The CHP motorcycle safety class is worth it, it will usually make your insurance payments cheaper and will pay off in the long run.
A moto permit doesn't allow you to ride with a passenger, on the freeway, or at night.

Good to know. Should I find someone with a bike to ride and practice a bit before actually taking the test or riding in traffic? Is it anything like the driver's test when you get your DL?

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Airbus did nothing wrong
Sadly /n/ is full of bicylists who are interested by crappy 1990s mountain bikes and racing people who are cycling to work.
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The pilots and mechanics are here. They're just very slow, which is ironic for a place for transportation.

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Post your City/State and see if you can find a riding bro!
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Aberdeen, Scotland
Perth, Western Australia
denver, colorado

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General Aviation General.png
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Cardinal Edition.

Cardinal owners, CFO members and Cardinal fans - share your Cardinal stories, pictures and love.

Pilots, share aircraft you've broken. Mechanics, share how you fixed their broken aircraft. Students, share your progress.
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nice trips

Commercial single student, already Single Engine Land/Instrument rated.

Progress is slow, motivation is slightly low. More aviation-related YouTube recommended for morale boost...
I posted this in the last thread, but it died

What aircraft do you want to fly, but haven't yet?

>UH-1/Bell 205/212/412
I'd love to get me some time in a Huey, they're so damn neat, and if their pilots' word (and DCS World) is anything to go by they're supremely flyable

I'm holding out hope I'll get out of the Nasty Girl infantry and into one of these.

>Robinson R66
I've been putting around...
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Also, chopper student with big aspirations, about to wrap up my PPL training

Unless the National Guard sends me right to WOCS/Ft. Rucker, it's on to instrument training after this

Clipped by a car today, went 15 feet across the road, slammed my shoulder into the curb. Torn rotator cuff, torn skin off elbow.

What was your worst spill?
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I only mountain bike. One time I needed stitches on a small wound, but other than that, nothing serious. Road biking is way too dangerous.
toss up between breaking my collar bone and knocking myself out for a few minutes and then losing memory for a few hours after, and breaking my elbow and spraining my wrists saving my neck on an sudden accidental unintentional front flip.
oh and dont feel bad anon, I have hit 3 parked cars so far haha.

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what is your coolest bike trick /n/?
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silly rabbit tricks are for whores
Going fast
I guess just riding no hands, and then getting off no-hands, swinging my leg over the top tube, rather than over the seat.
Grew up with a step-through frame, so it's just natural.

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Do you wear sunglasses while cycling, what kind do you wear?
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Normally no, but it's bug season and I've already had a couple of ones inside my eye when going downhill, so I'll probably get some clear safety glasses or something
In the summer, sure

It's dark now and my morning ride and evening ride are both unaffected by Mr. Sun

So I just wear clear safety goggles

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ITT: Post a pic of you riding your bike (or standing with your bike).
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Why should they when you didn't even post yours?

Also >>>/soc/
File: image.jpg (261 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Me after I got to work. Best I can do. No one takes pictures of me on my bike.

Also >>>/soc/
>tfw the first page of Google Images for a search of my name was all me on my bike, apart from the first image
Now it's almost entirely full of normies.

I think it might be fun to share some songs related to /n
I'll start obviously with

But I am almost certain you know some songs about trains, boats and planes.
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lol I totally forgot about this garbage

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