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Would you support legislation on bicycles that had these provisions:

- Bicycles must be built to a minimum standard of quality

- Bicycles must only be sold in retail if they are either second hand or sold by a bicycle retailer.

- If you sell a model of bicycle that is deemed to be under the aforementioned minimum quality your business will be fined.

Basically this legislation although loosely defined would aim to prevent the sales of BSO's (bike shaped objects) which are dangerous,...
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This is stupid. It would not hurt the large chains shitting out crap bikes, it would hurt the guy with a small operation. It just adds more red tape and increases costs.
Wrong, the bill could be written in such a way that it does not unfairly stigmatize the small operations. The small operations aren't selling shit bikes anyway and any increase in cost would easily be offset by the large chains having to exit the market.
Large chains would not exit the market but simply start complying with your standards

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Old one is kaput.

I used clinchers for 'cross this season and pinch flatted a couple times.

For next season, I'm contemplating whether to go tubeless (my rims are WTB tubeless-ready) or tubular.

I live in a ~1000 sqft. condo, carpeted throughout, with no garage or anything. If I get my LBS to put them together for me, is there a chance that tubeless wheels could make a mess if they're just sitting on my bike, in my condo? If I need to add/remove air, could sealant escape somehow?
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Theyre not just going to explode sitting around. Yes, they may seep a bit through the valve stem if you try to let air out.

I'm not sure how effective sealant is at higher pressures for flats. I used some in tubs years ago to fix some flats, but I'm cautious of them sealing under high pressure while riding.
Only need them to be effective at low pressure, like <30PSI.

They won't damage anything just sitting. Worst case, the sealant dries out in there so you have to pull the tire off and peel off the goo.

If you're letting air out, do not have the valve at the bottom or you'll probably get sprayed by sealant and possibly seal your valve shut.

This video is proof Dutch people are incapable of using a bicycle.

How can people say the Dutch have the most bike friendly culture?

They can not even ride properly.

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"bike friendly" != "friendly".
When you do it more then they do, then you can tell them how to do it properly. Perhaps you should just rent a car: happy parking!
> GTFO of the goddamn bike lane kanker!
Did ou really delete the thread then make a new one? How much of a fag are you?

no i did not delete

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LBS bike fit.gif
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ITT: I answer questions and give advice on bike fitting, I'll be around for a couple of hours today so lay it on me.

Fitting is a broscience-filled field so I'll do my very best to cut through some of the "tradition" of bike fitting, especially regarding saddle tilt, knee angle, torso angle and medial/lateral tibial position etc.
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>implying youre any better
You aren't.
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post pics of your bike fit/ask a question or git out anon.
Vaguely related, but any recommendations for someone who gets knee discomfort (stiffness, twingy feelings - but no pain) when riding in cold weather? I hate riding with tights on, on a long ride I can feel the tights 'gripping' my kneecaps and it's just as bad as riding cold.

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Hey /n/

Need some help, I bought a Merida Big 7-20md a while back and the crankset is pic related. I took them off to clean them and saw the bottom bracket is Shimano and not Suntour. What do I need to do to do a single speed conversion? I can install parts fine but it's the compatibility I don't get. The crankset specifically is the SR XCC 42-34-24 CG. Can I just buy a new crankset w/ chainring or do i have to get a new bottom bracket aswell? If so what do you recommend.
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>single speed
>single speed
Don't touch your shifters.
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Wow that was a quick conversion!

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I just got my old Razor scooter back. I'm pretty hyped to use it.
Got any advice or tips?
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Sell it for scrap and buy a better scooter.
I know it's not the best quality, but I'm happy to have any scooter right now. I don't have much money.
What's even the point of this

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Discussion about the engine idea that was way ahead of its time.

Now that we see a future need for lower fuel consumption, is the idea of bringing the propfan back on the table? IIRC the only con was the cabin noise, but that can easily be fixed a la the Q400.
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Not just cabin noise, but noise in general. They're loud as shit.

Also more complex maintenance.
Do you have a video where the noise can be heard? I can't seem to find one.
Wouldn't matter anyways. Video doesn't capture the magnitude of the sound.

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Interested in an entry level bike ~$500

What do you guys think of the Trek Marlin 5 29er?
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Edit: I'm mostly going to use it for smooth trails and some road.

Please reloc8 to /bbg/ >>898150 the friendly fellows there will be happy to help.
If you want a mountain bike for $500, buy used. A new mountain bike that price is going to be pure shit. pinkbike.com/buysell is a good place to buy. Possibly Craigslist too, but pinkbike is generally better for mountain bikes (unless you want a really old mountain bike without suspension).
Post in >>>/n/bbg

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Electric bike thread

I am looking to buy one or a conversion kit.

What do you guys think of this?

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Ya, sure. Looks OK for a thousand bucks. They will have made harsh compromises to get the price down that far, do not expect the forks, drivetrain, etc to last or perform. For a modest (250w) amount of power I think front wheel drive makes way more sense; enhances traction and stability, simplifies maintenance and design. Front light is nice but a real cut-off reflector light would be more polite and you need something on the back too. Big li-ion battery represents a big part of the total price here, they work great but don't last long. Can you get replacements that will...
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At this price and power, you're better off converting your existing bike with an electric kit. Front Wheel drive with torque sensor will give you an all wheel drive bike great for loose stuff.

Get a cheap front motor hub from eBay, a downtube battery that attaches to the bottle bosses from aliexpress, and torque sensor, cycle analyst and controller from ebikes.ca

It'll set you back 1000$, but you'll know the kit is quality and the bike is quality (or you can later migrate the kit to a better bike)
>e-bike user
pick one

Concorde thread.

What do you think of the Concorde?

What do you think the future for the Concorde will be?
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Great aircraft killed by the 2000 crash caused by a DC-10 and resulting scare campaign.

It was entirely profitable too, in the 90s it brought in over 25% of British Airways revenue by itself. And this was only a first generation SST, successive models could have had even greater profits.
SSTs need to be able to do supersonic flight over land before they can be attempted again.
Lies, damn lies, things made up on 4chan

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When I was 9 years old (late 90s), I read a children's "country guide" book about Japan that included a photo of platform pushers squeezing passengers into a train. Later in life I saw a video of the practice, and traced it to Lyle Hiroshi Saxon's channel, it was the Seibu Ikebukuro Line from 1991. I've also seen a video of pushing on the Tokyu Toyoko Line in 2006, at Naka-Meguro.

I would like to ask, in the year 2015, if "pushing" passengers onto trains is still common in Tokyo, either on JR, private or subway lines. I've been...
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They don't forcefully shove you in. The person who gets pushed wants desperately to catch that train instead of waiting for the next one. The pusher is just helping you fit in the door so the train can leave.

That's why there's no problem, they're not bullying you, they're helping you.
how much do they pay these platform pushers?
It certainly seems like a cheaper alternative then buying longer trains or running more of them.

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Russia delivers again.
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From google translate:

Good evening everyone. Here we have tried to show that now can craft, made of modern materials and the effective mass of 50-70 kilograms per conditioned passenger trains is about one ton per passenger, as they say, feel the difference. And not fly high, also has some very serious advantages. First - we can feed an electric current from a steel trestle over which we fly, and it allows us to not have to aircraft such mandatory for autonomous aircrafts things as fuel, cooling, batteries, gears,...
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So I was looking for airport videos on YouTube and came across the most unusual transport community: Lift enthusiasts!


At first I didn't quite understand why someone would film themselves riding several lifts up and down, then I checked the comments and there's a whole bunch of people commenting on the brand, speed, finishing and even the accent on the voice of the lift announcement. They're so excited about the new "Schindler 5500" as if they just saw a Concorde fly by.

What other less...
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I have never understood lift enthusiasts, it is mental to me. Also I fucking hate that Beno guy, fucking annoying piece of shit. Videos are fucking trash.
>lift enthusiasts

someone for everything I guess
The best part about Japanese lifts is how unforgiving they are. When you press the door close button, they *immediately* close and many of them lack optical sensors so they'll munch the fuck out of your legs if you even think to try and hold them open

Also, these

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anyone have any information about subway car keys? apparently on some lines you get to be locked in for the duration of your ride for your own protection.

my sister who through her own mistaken life choices finds herself commuting on such trains to the manhattan financial district daily, does not necessarily want to be imprisoned with the other commuters.

what are her options?
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What are you even talking about? Subway cars are not locked during operations, the doors are merely closed but they can very easily be forced open in case of emergencies.
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did this resolution pass?

i've been reading about it all day, my sources may not have caught up with reality but i think there are still cars that are locked. the side doors probably can be forced open, but not by my tiny sister.
File: amd-subway-key-jpg.jpg (144 KB, 970x1225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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wrong board i guess, hmmm, i'll have to look for a shiftier place to ask.

or ask mootwo for a lockbreaking board.

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I am literally just wearing bicycle shorts for no reason. Hell, I think I might wear them to bed in a little bit. I didn't even cycle today.

Anyone else here slowly becoming a fag?
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Didn't you just post this in /mtfg/?
They are fucking comfy aren't they?
>Implying my shitposting knows boundaries

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