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I've been considering buying a road bike just as a means for short trips to the grocery and general exercise. I would probably ride it here around town (Hawaii), and already have a route in mind. I would primarily ride in the early morning or evenings on my off days.

I'm just wondering what all I would need to go along with the bike, I know headlight/taillight and lock but what kind of cloths would I need, obviously I can't ride in jeans but from seeing other people riding I don't know if I would get into the whole spandex thing, also what about shoes...
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If you're just doing low-effort rides like grocery runs, you can get by in normal clothing. Padded liner shorts are a good way to make jeans & trousers more comfortable without going full lycra mode.

That said, you will be a LOT more comfortable in clothing that is very light, breathable, and quick-drying. Avoid cotton.

Shoes don't matter much until you want to get into more "serious" riding. They can make a big impact in comfort and performance when you are pushing your limits, but for casual rides you will probably be comfortable in whatever you normally wear. Good socks are a bit more important. Again, avoid cotton.
Thanks for the input. Reading some reviews online and about various bikes I figured it would be best to go to the local shop and talk to the people there versus shooting from the hip and end up with something I don't like.
>short trips to the grocery
wear literally anything
>general exercise
shorts that don't restrict your movement and literally anything else

Not worth thinking further until you're more into it.


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>the "good samaritan" that passes you way too far into the other lane and comes 2 inches from taking out an entire family in an oncoming minivan
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Better them than me.
They have airbags and insurance for that shit.
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>be courteous to someone
>they take it as an insult
>aint no man gonna help me i aint owin no one
>riding with someone in car
>at last second they scream and jerk the wheel
>everything in car shifts, if there hadn't have been a field of yellow strips widening the road for a turn lane we would have been in oncoming traffic 100%
>"what the fuck?"
>there was a bicyclist, I didnt see him until the last minute!!

its day time? like open your eyes lmao

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pic rel is a 28mm, and peloton is now running 25mm as a standard, as oposed to 2000s trend of 23mm, and in the 90s it was 19mm and 20mm tires.

In many of the gimmick new trends in road bikes (im looking at you 10-12 speed casettes and discs), going bigger tires is a positive move. Personally I run 20mm on a road bike, and 30mm on my commute and the difference is offcourse huge (20mm sucks btw but im stuck with them for now).

Tires on road will probably go to 28mm as a standard soon. Question is will the standard tires in the peloton go to 30mm? 32 seem to be the...
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They probably won't go over 28 mm. Above that you start running into Aero and weight issues with the tires.

I ride 25 mm tires on 25 mm wide rims. Makes for really easy wheelchanges when there's no need to touch the brakes at all when changing tires. I feel like 25 mm is around the ideal width when in normal roads. If you're riding in cobbles or shitty roads then 28 mm or even 30 mm is probably the better choice. Good quality 25 mm tires already feel smooth as fuck so there's not much need to go wider for comfort.

Also since pros ride tubs...
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Hard to say what will get adopted and what won't. everyone's always eager to provide the next standard or tech to sell.

Having said that, as for now I've only seen 28s on endurance style, and 32 on gravel bikes like the diverge. I doubt they'll go over 28, especially on "le tour" type shit where everyone's riding super aero bikes.
>32 on gravel bikes like the diverge

32 definatly seems like a complete overkill for a road bike, but going 30 might be possible.

>I ride 25 mm tires on 25 mm wide rims.

Nice combo, i bet they ride nicely. 25 seem so huge compared to my 20mm, however the jump from 25 to 28s doesnt seem that big.

>Also since pros ride tubs the tire profile issue which...
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Hey guys, I'm looking to buy an entry level mountain bike under $450 and I've looked at the Specialized Hardrock, Giant ATX, Cannondale Catalyst 4, Trek 3500, and a few others. However, I read some bike forums and they suggested that Diamondback was a better buy since most of the components are the same brand (sram/shimano) and the frames are probably built in the same place.

I'm new to mountain biking so I'm hesitant to buy Diamondback mainly because they aren't sold at my local bike shops, although I've read that I'm basically paying...
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I have a hardrock. It is now 10 years old and still running like new on the trails. Not the best because entry level hardtail, but it still rocks.
> most of the components are the same brand (sram/shimano) and the frames are probably built in the same place.
This is the key to buying bike. The name brand doesn't really matter. The components do. Research the components on the bikes you're looking at. Learn whats decent and what's shit.
>Research the components on the bikes you're looking at
what bike components specifically should I research?

My /n/iggelets, I finally broke 20 miles within 1 hour (personal goal). Have I joined the elite, yet? Granted, the first leg of the ride was done in only 14 mph winds.
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Come back when you can average >=20mph into a 14mph HEADWIND.
That blonde is so excited about that guy's quads. It's like she's measuring his dick with her mouth watering.
It's too bad IRL chicks don't give a shit about my quads, only if I'm making at least $200k

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/bbg/ - Bike Buying General
Old ones dead
Post bikes you're looking at, help others find a bike, general bike buying fun.

Currently looking at this centurion ironman, it's in very nice condition but I feel like 250 is a bit steep. What do you guys think?
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Considering you'd have to get new brake hood rubbers and tires, I'd offer $200. But judging from the ad I don't think he'll go any lower. Guy seems to think it's some sort of holy grail. Plus those pedals are supposed to be used with clips, straps and special shoes.
Yeah I was going to try and get it for $200 but I'm willing to bet he won't go any lower. Everything's in nice condition but the price of swapping out the pedals and getting new tubes+pads just makes it way more than it's worth.
Check out this beauty

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IMG_0474 .jpg
1 MB,
Share your cool pics! Saw this frame last fall in Toronto, anyone know what it is?
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Never understood this frame
Are you supposed to stick something into the top tube ?
Maybe the batteries for the electric engine of the rear Wheel.

Hello /n/, I need a cheapish bike for college that can also go on trails and such. Any suggestions?
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I suggest you ask for help in the bike buy general, specifying your height, budget, projected use and location.
Will do m8, sorry for the shitpost.
you aren't going on any trails so get a full rigid.

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why are they all dykes
That guy's nose.

that white european woman in a hijab

Just nuke the city and let nature reclaim the land.
Waze needs a protest Icon. So we can avoid them.

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Please help out a fatty NEET poorfag pleb to get in shape and do something with his life.

Im going to buy a bike and try to go outside.

I never owned a bike and i dont know anything about them so im gonna post 2 bikes and can you please tell me which one to get.

Gonna post the first one here, and the second one in the next post.
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And this is the second one.

What parts are better because the price is the same for both of them.
Both are BSOs.
The hybrid has younger generation derailers, not that probably matters much.
Conventional wisdom has it that no front suspension is better that shitty front suspension.
Both are trash. What is your budget and are there a lot of roads near you? what bike shops are near you?
I was in your shoes and learned the hard way... so if u let me know above I will tell u what I can.

>Surly Disc Trucker.

700c or 26"?
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Doesn't matter, but I ride 26ers on my touring bike.

In general 26" wheels and tires are heavier than 700c wheels and tires. They're also more durable IMO, although that is debatable.

it usually 700c for first world countries and 26" for third world countries.

it's about part's availability mostly.

I wouldn't get a disc trucker tough.
>5'10 700c
<5'8 26"

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How does /n/ feel about Bike Share programs?

I've tried the one in my city (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), and I've liked it. The system works fine and the city has enough bike paths for it to be not completely suicidal to try. But it has enough downside - the questionable maintenance of the bikes, the charges after 30/45 mins and the fact all the paths are along metro lines - that I don't think I'll get the season pass.


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Seattle's is absolute shit.
>Seattle's is absolute shit.

What's wrong with it?
It costs $8 to rent a bike for 30 minutes. The stations are far apart and the bikes are clunky. The city has bought it but there is no free transfer between transit and bikeshare. Helmets are required by law and cost another $2 to rent. There is no electric assist for Seattle's steep hills to entice the casual rider. $10 for 1 bike ride is far too much.

Pic related: Our literal faggot mayor on one.

/bqg/ - Bike Questions General


If you want help picking out a bicycle, post in >>>/n/bbg , not here.

Old thread: >>969388

I have 50mm carbon clinchers on my cross bike right now for use on the road. I'm building a dedicated road bike and I'm trying to decide whether or not to get carbon wheels for it or save some money and get alloys. I don't like how much I...
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First I must ask; did you pay $3,000 for these on credit?
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Rate my workshop
needs more work surfaces and storage containers, less unlabeled boxes.

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'sup /n/. Out driving to the beach today and I found this guy in someone's trash.


This is 1930s vintage, right? The tires and seat are probably from the '70s but the rest of the bike is in pretty good shape.
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sweet find OP

As for age, the easiest way to figure that out will be to find the date stamp on the hub.

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REKT Thread /n/ - Transportation Edition
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This there a video?
File: AIDScasualty.webm (426 KB, 854x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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