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How do you /n/erds feel about the weird direction China and friends have been taking ebikes? Do you think it's going to spread or effect the west?

It's kinda funny seeing people building this shit with useless shitty pedals just so they can say it's just an assisted pedal bike that means I can ride in bike lanes and don't need a license!
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That particular bike is stupid, but I think in general electric bikes are great for getting more people into riding their bikes for commuting. I love seeing the shit people put on bikes, too, like that one anon on here that modded the shit out of his bike to look like some kind of Batman bike.
Gas scooters with vestigial pedals for legal reasons are nothing new. It's a crap idea, but the legislators are to blame rather than the engineers. Now that batteries are better electric versions make more sense.
If you have one of these you are bad and should feel bad, and just get a real motorcycle already.
Fun fact: In many jurisdictions removing the pedals is illegal as you would be required to register and plate the thing. Even though that type of e-bike isn't intended to be pedaled, most of them being single speed.

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what the fuck kind of pants do I wear when I'm commuting?

>jeans are uncomfortable
>the lycra bandit starter pack looks absurd
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As long as I'm wearing breathable underwear I've always found jeans fine for commuting. I know some people use mtb baggies, that's all I've got.
I just wear sweats (not cotton) over my bike shorts in winter (so-cal). I carry a change of clothes and have a shower at work, so I don't mind the few minutes that my coworkers see me in my commuting gear.
Your saddle will wear holes in jeans if you use them regularly. Just wear lycra with some kind of shorts over them if you're self conscious.

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what bike is this?

Next time you complain about your morning commute, spare a thought for Dr Steven Fabes who has cycled 53,285 miles over the last six years on his mission to help and empower people.

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Fuck doctors
>36 spokes front
>32 spokes rear

He's just a rich fuck throwing money at problems.

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bike surfin.png
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/n/, Do you guys ever ride around town with your homies and cause a ruckus?

If so, whats your group name?
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I try to ride standing on the toptube when i check out secondhand bikes. If i have to jump clear/ bail then the bike doesn't track straight and it has been crashed before.

>tfw owner gets mad at me for scratching his bike that has already been crashed and is trash

ill biff it in the lagoon for u mate if u want
That's a nigger thing.

And yes i did many times, however i was like the last guy in OP's pic. I've enjoyed the ride and the (many times false) sensation of being safe. They kept doing tricks and shit around the town and with people, i just enjoyed at my own pace.

Last time, we gone to a waterfall with bmx bikes and almost died at the trails. It was the best day of them, and the last one as few of the bro's got jobs, two are living in another city and the trail broke one bike. The guy never fixed it and abandoned us.

It was 4 years ago,and...
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As a young lad we used to ride side by side taking up the whole road in our quiet suburban streets. We'd call ourselves "The Road Hogs" because we hogged the road.

Pic not us but kind of related.

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Will fixies ever die?
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Who cares, people do stupid things all the time. People are riding bikes and that's good enough for me, even if they have to walk them up hills.
What's wrong with walking up hills?
It means you chose the wrong tool for the task at hand.

Or perhaps need to HTFU. I don't know.

How much do you guys think this bicycle should sell?
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Tree fiddy

Take the train they said.


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That's what you get when you let the french run your trains
statistically travelling by train is about 100 times safer then travelling by car
I'll bet your stats don't include violence crimes on trains.

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The £15 myth (1631.16 KGS for the Kyrgystani autist)

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Also some of you may recognize the last rider interviewed.
File: homer10.jpg (26 KB, 293x313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>1631.16 KGS
Yes, and?

File: 1446655009727.jpg (342 KB, 1280x896) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want a mini-velo but I don't want to spend $800.

So, I found a $80 Walmart kids bmx bike with 7 gears and 20" tires. I thought I was in luck (just swap the handlebars and stem and call it a day) but then I realized the geometry of the frame and the angle of the seat wouldn't work.

So... I looked around some more and saw a similar kids mountain bike, and I think if I swapped out the suspension fork for a bmx rigid, it would adjust the seat post angle juuuust enough to be almost upright. However, then I'm worrying about the pedals slapping the...
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Even if you got the shortest possible crank arms you'd still clear like 1cm, which wouldn't help a lot.
How about 300$

I was trying to stay under $200, and I don't like the gear shifters on those.

This is just gonna be a fun project, not my main bike.

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What is the best entry level road bike under 300 USD?

Would it be better to buy second hand and upgrade as necessary?

Which make/models does /n/ recommend?
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Just buy a vintage steel frame road bike off craigslist.
For that price you could maybe get a set of decent wheels, without tires.

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Where do you keep your bike?
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File: image.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Garage. It's empty since I sold my cage
in my room on a mat engaged to a stand
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Some in the basement hallway, others in the garage.

File: IMG_0049.jpg (2 MB, 2448x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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new automated tram timetables in Melbourne
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That's cool.

In London (England), they recently implemented timetables that uses e-ink.

In my city, they hang up (paper) timetables at busier stops. If not, you call a number and enter in your bus stop number and it will give you the next arrivals.

Though, they want to install LED timetables inside bus shelters in the future.
Why is it so low tech?

Did they put it in the request for proposals that it has to last 30 years without maintenance _AND_ be abbo-proof?
useless if they are out of whack. In victoria, BC, they have paper printed ones and they are always on time, within 30 secs. In my city, calgary, even real time GPS information is off sometimes by 5 minutes.

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What could be the cause of my rear wheel not spinning freely it sticks and doesn't go 1 full revolution
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-brakes rubbing
-wheel not centered in frame

i circled on your pic where it looks like the wheel is rubbing against the frame?

does it take a lot of effort to spin the whole way around or is it only in certain parts?

post more pics
File: rub a dub dub.png (710 KB, 749x426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
rub a dub dub.png
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fuck, forgot pic
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No rubbing on either side

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We've all heard about cycling causing ED (erectile dysfunction)

But I also read that cycling reduces testosterone levels, and increases oestrogen in men

Is this true? If so fuck cycling and I'm never touching a bike again in my life
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lmao, it's not true. Don't be such a fucking pansy m8y

Regular exercise boosts testosterone levels, being in the sun increases vitamin D levels which in turn boost testosterone levels. You'll only get ED if you have a piss poor bike setup

So maybe next time, stop being a little bitch???
Both are false. Take your /o/ propaganda somewhere else.

Mate I'm a cyclist, it's a genuine question

I know that over-training reduces testosterone, that's a given. Does that mean if I just don't over-train then I'll be fine?

Honestly, from experience, I reckon cycling boosts my testosterone levels if I don't completely exhaust myself (e.g. shorter, faster rides). After doing that sort of cycling I feel better, stronger, more aggressive, etc., so I reckon that sort of riding is good for testosterone.

So I'm hoping...
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I have a Specialized Allez Compact.
Should I buy these for 190 euros?
160 for the shoes.
30 for the pedals [SHIMANO PD-R540].

I've never owned or used road bike shoes and pedals before.
Are they worth their money?
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Invest more in pedals and less in shoes
unfortunately, these are the only shoes that I have found that fit.
great starting point.
go for it.

you'll eventually upgrade to better shoes and pedals.

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