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Can bike tourers tell me about their experience with stealth camping?

I've done some tours and I'm sick and tired of paying $100 to pay for a motel room everynight. I want to try to camp with a tent from here on out, but I have no clue about how to go about stealth camping
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I haven't done it, but from what I've read online:

1. Nice guy routine

Don't even stealth camp. Just look presentable and talk to people at a church or police office. Explain you are on a multi-day bike ride and are looking for a safe place to set up your small tent. Cops might direct you to a nearby park, and even tell a night patrol car to keep an eye out on you for safety. A church will probably tell you you can sleep on their lawn and maybe use their bathroom.

2. Typical stealth camping

Just hop off the bike somewhere that isn't near homes, walk 15 feet into the woods, and set up camp. Nobody is looking for you, and the chances of someone walking by are slim.

But, if you do it in a public park or nature preserve, there's a chance you'll be woken up by a pissed park ranger. Worst case is a small fine that is less than a hotel. Nobody is going to haul you away in a cop car, so who gives a shit? Just act apologetic and leave.

3. My primary concern about stealth camping

Ticks and lyme disease. Unlike a dedicated camp site, you might walk into a spot swarming with ticks (after dark), and wake up totally f**ked. Lyme disease has exploded in the last two decades, it's worse than people realize. If you are touring in tick country, be very afraid.

If I was going to stealth camp, I would spray the tent, my shoes, socks, pants with permethrin. And, yes, I wouldn't walk into the woods without shirt tucked into pants tucked into socks in shoes all sprayed with the nasty shit. Then I'd get into an enclosed bivvy, also sprayed with the shit, and sweat myself to death overnight. lol

Seriously watch out for lyme. It's not even the disease that's so bad, but the cure - powerful antibiotics that will permanently fuck you up

hmm I hadn't thought about ticks. I'm in Southern Ontario, I don't hear about it much but I know there are ticks out here.

I think the church idea is a good one.
Ticks like wet areas with lots of Deciduous trees. The ticks live under the fallen leaves and lay eggs under them. Ticks do not like evergreen forests, forests where the ground is covered in pine needles, because they can't hide and survive under pine needles as well as leaves.

So to avoid ticks, camp in a spot that is on a hill in a pine forested area with lots of pine needles, rocks or dirt as ground.

I'd also advise you to buy some...
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Is throwing up or feeling naseous after a long ride or a ride during a hot day normal for you guys?

I just did my normal commute ride today where I go up a big hill to get home. It's work to get up it, but I usually have no issue

Today it was 85 degrees and i had gotten a free taco bell taco like an hour and a half before, and i got halfway up the hill and had to stop because i thought i was going to throw up, and had to walk part of the way back up
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You are weak and or fat. Keep pedaling fatso
It's pretty common when you're unfit
Could be dehydration, so make sure to drink some water. Don't gulp huge amounts in one go, it's more effective to take small sips regularly.

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I got this beaut' for $100. Exactly the same model but with 9spd Dura-Ace and a CK headset. How'd I do /n/?
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Without pics your story is of dubious coolness, bro.

Pretty sweet man but is that lugged carbon frame or what? I would flip it or part it out on ebay b/c I don't want to die
Good score for 100 bucks

Hows it ride?

People go bonkers for Colnago C40s which are carbon lug

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I come to /n/ for fun and to answer questions. When I have a question of my own I don't usually ask because I don't want to get trolled. So I went to BikeForums.net to ask a question and got way more trolling than I expected.

So here's your chance. Troll me as much as you can. Seriously, it's OK I really do want you to.

I'm predicting this thread will be mostly ignored.

(Also, Riding Troll looks like a pretty good idea for an app.)
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best solution is to upgrade form a shitty suntour to a fox fork.
Wd-40 stops disc brake squeal
bikes with saddles above handlebars aren't usable bikes

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What do you wish you had known before you bought your first mountain bike?
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that 29ers are harder to manual than 26 and 27.5 due to the longer chainstay and generally longer stock stems making it more difficult to position your weight correctly over the back wheel.
There really is a reason for having a dual suspension xc mtb.
You can always case your rim and pinch straight through your tire(even tubeless). Getting stranded with one shredded tire doesn't seem like it could happen with a heady tubeless tire but it can. It always can
My first mountain bike is still kicking (kinda) 18 yrs later so I guess I didn't do too bad.

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Anyone here in the cali area thinking about starting to drive for uber?
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Uber pay is shit once you substract for mileage.
I make 1500 a week with it.

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Am I the only one who can only ride bikes when I'm high as fuck?
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I feel weak when riding while high. I'm also too paranoid.

Riding drunk though.. now that's fun.

if your not high do you just fall off or something?

What does /n/ think of 27.5+ bikes? I'll be getting pic related in about a week.
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>fatbike with suspension fork

into the garbage it goes.

Fatbikes were interesting when they were an alternative to XC skis for backcountry winter touring.

These days people seem to regard them as a "lifestyle choice". Some kind of bizarre fashion statement. "Look at me, I'm so RANDOM and DIFFERENT XD"

Okay m9. If that's what girds your giggles.
But it's fucking stupid.
It's not a fatbike you nog, it's a thickbike
I find that people that tend to buy fatbikes are just dudes browsing through a random sporting goods store and like the big wheels then slap a padded seat on it

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So I just found this beauty but I am quite skeptical about the price. Thoughts?

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I'm not clicking your virus, but /n/ hats Ti because we believe useful and good are mutually exclusive. If you buy something better than gaspipe BSO it needs to be loud crackle crabbon, why would anyone with money be on a bike at all? The only reason is cosplay as team movistar and they use crackenpop crabbon. As you can hear from my loud ass frame I definitely am not trying to use my bike for transport
Go meme somewhere else, kid.

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Looking for a good race bike, used and under 1k CAD. Thoughts?

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That's the ugliest frame I've ever seen. Also that looks like 10 speed ultegra, going by the five arm crank. But then again for canadian monies I dont know if it's a lot or a little.
FD/RD are 11sp Ultegra, crank is 10sp 105. You're right, ugly as fuark though.
No it's a 11 speed and I don't care about the frame, as long as it is aluminum.

That's around 760 USD

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>be me
>be on first good road bike
>having a good time.jpg
>be going 45kmph on the descent
>see some leaves in a small pile
>intend to go through them
>front wheel dives
>flip over bike into air
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mountain biking is much safer than road biking. give mountain biking a shot again.
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Looking for an entry level track bike. NO "FIXIES".
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Are you retarded? a decent fixed gear bike is track ready just use high gear ratio.

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Is it just me, or is this dude a total fucking sham? I know he's a cycling "connoisseur," but fuck man, he literally gets all of his recognition for not doing shit. He doesn't do any of the huge, long ass gravel rides in California, he probably isn't in fucking shape at all. tl;dr casting the image of some well versed, well trained cyclist but is just a total richfag, and a dick to boot. This is the cancer that is killing cycling.
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I have no idea who the fuck that is.
Just go out and ride your bike.
He is the owner of the radavist.com, a total hipster shit cycling blog where people who can't really ride take pictures of their overly expensive gear.
And why do we care?

>people who can't really ride

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Share your best bike story with the board, /n/.

This one happened last night.

>agree to attend group "ride" which is not really a ride at all but more of a rolling music-festival style party/nighttime critical mass thing
>live in the next town over, decide to bike in for it
>rally point is 22 km away
>I'm loaded for bear in terms of supplies, my bag is full of tubes, CO2, camelback, tools, etc
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>on my way up I take a lot of shit for wearing a helmet and looking like a racefag with my backpack
>ham it up, talk about how my bike weighs less than my underpants
>make some grills laugh
>match with them on tinder later, but I digress
>i make it to the front of the parade
>this is where shit gets ridiculous
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did u git ur dik wet bby
not yet cause i was sweaty as fuck but we're hanging out this week


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Motor cycle rate thread
09 street bob
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>burning the hydrocarbon jew

Fuck off.

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