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Old thread >>8724093

What is otome-kei?
>Japanese for 'maiden'
>Focuses on a feminine and quirky look
>No set rules
>Outfits often use colour popping, interesting print combinations, and contrasting materials
>Generally has a kitsch or twee vibe
>Sometimes overlaps with casual lolita but is still a separate style

Main otome brands:
>Emily Temple Cute/Shirley Temple Cute
>Jane Marple
>Leur Getter

Other Suitable Brands*:

>Ank Rogue
>Axes Femme
>Candy Stripper
>Franche Lippee
>Lois Crayon
>Lolita brands (accessories, legwear, bags, mini skirts, cardigans/boleros)
>Melantrick Hemlighet
>Merlot Camp
>Wonder Rocket

Suitable Non-Japanese Brands*:
>Alannah Hill
>Cath Kidston
>Hello Bones Jones (Indie)
>Miss Patina
>Mulberry Chronicles (Indie)
>Peppermint Fox (Indie)

Non-japanese Socks/Shoes*:
>Sock Dreams, Teja Jamilla
>Melissa Shoes, Bait Footwear, Dkode Shoes, Neosen, Fleuvog

*NB: these brands are not all specifically otome, but sometimes produce suitable items
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Appreciation Blogs:


Individual Blogs**:

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How rare is it for Peppermint Fox/Mulberry Chronicles collections to come up for resale or rerelease? I am smitten with a few that are long gone.

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the bad.jpg
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Every time I've been to a convention I've stuck to the videgame room/arcade, artist alley, and dealer's room, but this year I want to start going to panels. So I want to hear all stories: the good, the bad, and the ugly.all
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>Really like Dangit Ron Paul, but have 0 interaction with the fanbase
>Go to a panel sbout it at a con
>Panel is a bunch of teenage girls in bad cosplay acting out their fanfiction
>sit through the whole thing because I felt it would be rude to leave and morbid curiosity

My rule now is guest only panels or bust.
>>sit through the whole thing because I felt it would be rude to leave
pffft... grow some balls and walk out. Just stare at the door and bee line your way out, nobody cares, everybody has a life.

If you want to be rude though, rather blatantly, as you pick up your things and leave put your cellphone up like you have to meet someone and say "yeah I'm on my way, this panel is <insert comment>" I've seen people do that too, only ones who will hear it...
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The only really scary panels are the ones where the hosts don't show up or with audience feedback.
Then every autistic schmuck hogs the mic and talks about that experience they think is really funny but isn't at all.

best and worst you've seen and how the fuck do you cell shade?
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I hate cell shading personally. It can look okay when smoothed out in photoshop but in person the cosplayer just looks dirty.

Jessica Nigri's contouring for Tiny Tina is also horrifying.
There is something about the lips on her that ages her like fucking milk. I just started a Handsome Jack costume, but instead of trying to work with my round face I'm full sculpting a mask which ain't think might look better with cel-shading.
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I personally like when people cell shade for borderlands cosplay. There is a good and bad for it though, because not everyone does it well. Like for instance I like that handsome jack, but I feel like that's too much makeup/face photoshop.

I know for most of us it's winter time, but can we have a floral dress/clothes thread? Lolita, Natural Kei, Cult Party Kei, Mori Girl, or whatever. As long as flowers are the main part of the print or design.
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Want to see worn coords? Post requests here.
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Looking for Chocolate Rosette JSK in Navy and Ivory. I know tons of coords exist out there. Looking for nicely balanced examples.
Not terribly specific, but I'd appreciate any worn coords of any underbust cut JSKs. Thanks in advance!
I would like to see Fantastic Dolly JSK in pink, preferably the non high-waisted one.

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OC reaction image thread go! Caption the image before yours, and then post an uncaptioned image. Jfash/cosplay both welcome.
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Uncaptioned image to start us off

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Post cosplays that are meant to be a joke or parody.
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haven't had one of these in a while

i'll do a dump to get the thread going
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Post your favorite classic coords.

I haven't worn lolita in years and also sold most of my dresses. But I found the cutest fabric today and I really want to make a new lolita dress out of it. So I could use some inspiration.
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Does this girl sell her designs?

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What's made your blood boil lately, /cgl/? What's made you want to rip the hairs out of your painstakingly-ventilated wig? What sort of asshattery did you see at your last convention or meetup?
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Just saw this in my local cosplay group. She also posted a few days ago asking if anyone was interested in making cosplay videos with her, as she was a "pretty good Levi Ackerman" cosplayer.
>paying for a con
>no money
>cant just use a plainclothes cosplay with maybe a sign or name tag

Good shit, i mad 8/10
Does she not comprehend that people require compensation for goods or services? She's asking for charity for cosplay. Jfc.

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How do you guys deal with unsupportive parents/guardians/family members?

Personally I just turned 23 but I'm living with my parents again before pursuing graduate school in the fall because money and it can get frustrating to feel like I still have to ask for permission to go to conventions and stuff. Even talking about it just seems like I'm pulling teeth when this is a hobby I've had since I was 14. My dad's whole thing is that as long as I'm in his house I'm still his kid and still have to answer to my folks which I can understand (I've...
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lie about what you're doing. even if they find out good luck having hunt u down in a crowd of thousands kek
My dad encouraged me a lot, and helped me with power tools and sanding some props for costumes.
My mom helps with sewing and patterns and things like that.

Both my parents love that it makes me so happy.
When I was really depressed about a year ago, I made halfhearted plans to go to a small, local con and didn't want to cosplay. My mom surprised me by buying all the pieces for a Raven (teen titans) cosplay and helping me get the rest of the stuff I needed.
I'm still losing interest in the cosplay scene in general, but my parents have always been really...
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Sometimes it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. In the grand scheme of things, when given the choice of "Kicking them out and never seeing them again" or "They sneak out sometimes but at least they're home with me," your parents are going to choose the latter.

Old Thread >>8838931

Discuss AA stuff. Out of pic related what are you as when it comes to displays or products? To answer/help keep the ball going, I'm considered a Cubist cause of all the plushies I sell and can be multi-functioned to hang art badges and hang prices
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Girls and guys please tell me about your experience with other metchants on the Alibaba google docs list apart from Vograce!
First for Metrocon being shit at AA.

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Since there isn't an active one, post progress
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I threw together some progress on Yamato no Kami Yasusada today. It turned out a lot better than I had expected it to for being all put together in a day. For the most part it was just a lot of practice getting used to my new serger. I know I am probably going to nix the Hakama, just because they were just an attempted made from some left over twill I had. But maybe they're salvageable.

Hopefully I can finish all the fabric stuff and start some armor work tomorrow.
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1 MB, 461x832
Your sleeves are completely wrong.
Sorry Anon, but that's terribly inaccurate.
Did you even look at the character when you made this cosplay?

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Only one week to go.

/cgl/ Meet up is on Friday @ 8:30pm by the atrium coffee hut. Save the date, and be there or else.

Old thread >>8825330
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So the schedule is finally out. Apparently incomplete, but it's out.
>The ship has sailed on the Slash high Seas
>OBJECTION! Krystal LaPorte: Attorney At Lawl.
>Kill The Vampires!!!! Yuu's Guide to surviving the Apocalypse
>Make Your Own Kandi Bracelet
>Dressforms for Dummies
>Sweat Out Your Burando: Lolita & J-Fashion Dance Party
>Me! Me!...
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This is why im not upset that i scheduled shoots through the whole con.

Who the hell would pass up shooting with pretty girls to go to these shitty panels?

Except for the Me!Me!Me! one. Ill probably be there for that one. ;)

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Why does the East Coast treat cosplay related events so much better than West Coast? West Coast has some good cosplay related panels but cons always just stick them in panel rooms and do little to promote them. Meanwhile the West Coast just treats these events like a giant free for all where they'll take anyone.

Meanwhile cons like Anime Boston or Tora-con actually feature these events. Boston puts cosplay chess and cosplay death match on the main stage, they get hyped crowds


Hell Anime Boston goes as far as to...
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East and West coast con culture is just incredibly different in a LOT of ways. It's still possible to get free photos on the west coast, meanwhile greenbox newbies are charging 150$ for three photos at Katsu. AB and Ota both focus a lot on getting asses in chairs due to space constraints, so any big draw event gets hyped, but the weather out West is always nice and people can wander around outside doing shoots instead. Lots of factors culturally.

But probably the answer has to do with how incestuous most con staff is. A lot of people work for multiple cons in their...
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Toracon's cosplay chess only works because it's a college club that gets to work on it all year. Outside of a condensed community like that it's hard to pull off something like that and also it took them years to refine the process and is only helped by the fact some graduates are still around. Previous years were awful and gave 10 minutes of stage time to terrible gags. With a regular con taking community volunteers you would have too much turnover and flakes.

Also west coast has a lot of game shows and it's own unique panels like Banzai Arcade....
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>katsucon masq

Lol nope, try again

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