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I'll search forever for you

Second choice is meta kimono print/ fancy kimono, any cut so long as there is no front shirring
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Oh shit forgot to link the old thread sorry >>8751124
looking for btssb x koitsukihime love moon princess 2006 stained glass angel seraphim print jsk in black only
(sorry, that was a mouthful)

can pay right away
PM me at http://lacemarket.us/author/empire
Why do you keep posting this weird washed out version of the stock photo?

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>post your favorite original character cosplay
>post your own of character
>post your og character cosplay
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My dream is to have someone cosplay my character someday. I doubt it'll ever happen but I daydream about it from time to time
I get tempted to cosplay people's characters sometimes, but I always chicken out.
>that feel when pretty much all cosplay is cosplay of an OC that's now popular enough now not to be considered an OC anymore.

Do you believe in this?
Can love really bloom on the convention floor?
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Obviously partners who shares common interests are going to stay together longer than those who don't.
If you're both interested in cosplay then I think it's a fun way to bond as a couple. You just have to figure out how to split the work up on the cosplay so that one of you isn't overwhelmed while the other sits back and does nothing.

But overall it's pretty fun. I taught my SO how to sew and make props and now we have a bunch of cosplays we're going to work on together.
My past partner and I pretty much only had cosplay in common. Not a reciepe for success, I'm telling you.

Current GF and I met at a con and we've cosplayed together a few times and I love it. OPs pic is kind of goals if we stay together during the year; Morticia is gorgeous and she'd be super hot as her. I'm not so sure about me and moustaches, though, lmao.

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Since someone brought it up in the Akiba Expo thread... does anyone actually know what state Newcon is in right now?

Last I heard all the staff had jumped ship once they found out the con head was either a crook or maybe just incompetent? The website seems like it is still going to happen but if there's no staff what should those of us who pre-registered expect?
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>inb4 "lol why would you go to this shit con"

Haven't prereg'd yet, but I'm also curious.
Same here
I heard another exec jumped ship because there is no way this con can financially happen. So I guess we'll see in January. Barely anyone has been going to the general meetings

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DSC_0010 Watermarked.jpg
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Hi, everyone! I'll be frank; I'd really like to start up a lifestyle blog or Youtube channel. I think deep down a lot of us would like to have someplace that we can share our outfit collections or merch. However I'm not really sure where to start.

Let's have a discussion about kawaii bloggers and Youtubers! I'd like to use kawaii as an umbrella term, so anything /cgl/ related really. What do you look for when you subscribe to blogger? What do you find entertaining? Who are your favorite bloggers and Youtubers?
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*hugs* finally an anon who gets me. I'm totally there with you but I find it difficult to really get motivated. You need to be constantly finding and thinking of new things, buying new crap and of course have a kawaii blogger room.
> no money for that shit.

Feel free to include other Texas cities too!

Basicially I want to take a trip to Houston in April for my Birthday to see the Shop in Wonderland store, GLW store, and the FIT store (since there is no daiso). Just wondering people's opinions on these things, and if there are any other things that I should look into seeing while there(other alternative fashion/weeb shops)

Inb4 don't support shitty businesses, I know, but I can't afford the trip to New York or San Francisco right now.
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>Inb4 don't support shitty businesses, I know, but I can't afford the trip to New York or San Francisco right now.
... and this is how AM keeps on kicking.
If people who have seen the store first hand honestly don't think it's worth it (super overpriced and no variety, etc) then I probably won't but there's not a lot of information online about it. Probably because of the drama but still.
Honestly? I went to the store, it's actually....really good, which rustles my jimmies a lot. Everything is priced around retail, the decor is lovely, and the store is right in the middle of a nice Chinatown plaza, a few stores away from FIT.

It seriously assblasts me that it's the only store in the US that sells Meta. Honestly, if I had a little less morals, I'd buy from it immediately.

I've heard of photographers trying to sabotage the photo shoots of other cosplay photographers by delaying cosplayers from going to their shoots by continue to talk to them or taking them away from locations, but now to offer a discount? Fuck up!
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His photos are shit.
stop self posting
This ad is shit, that photo is shit and his business plan is the shittiest shit wtf

What's the deal with LM lately? A lot of people have been having trouble accessing the site, they're completely unresponsive on their FB page, mods seem to be ignoring a lot of sales that go against the rules, is the site even being modded anymore?

Air your grievances, gripes, or praises.
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My listings just finished last night, and I made a couple of sales, but couldn't even access the pages long enough to get PP addresses. Cached versions of the page are from before the sales finished, so the addresses aren't listed there, nor are the usernames of the people who bought items.

Really aggravated by that part especially. Going to keep refreshing until I can get emails, and then just change to contacting people that way instead of by PM. Not re-listing on LM for a while either. Even if I wanted to, the site is too unreliable to access the pages to do it.
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I love Lace Market but it's a pain in the ass in it's current state.
Alice should either get her ass up and fix a lot of issues that she promised us ages ago or should finally let LM go, there are people out there who are willing to update the site.
It's so fucking frustrating to see her or her whiteknights show up every so often claiming that nobody ever wants to help her ever and then she/they flounce, continuing to be bad at running the site.

I just want to sell some goddamn brand socks, I'm actually writing up a post for egl-comm-sales as we speak and posting in fb groups.

Where did the last thread go? I'm not done with this fashion yet!

>Warning: Aspects of gurokawa may include vomiting, self-loathing, abortion, and general self-harm.

Discuss, post inspo, self post, ask question, share links.
Please no long discussions about how edgy it is, nobody cares
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Old thread is autosaging

Ask your stupid Lolita/Cosplay/Jfash questions that don't belong anywhere else.
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I think I fucked up my ClosetChild order.
I did the thing but paid with a card. Somehow I missed the PLEASE USE PAYPAL sign. I already contacted CC but haven't heard from them yet.

I ordered 2 days ago and haven't gotten my confirmation email yet. Are they just checking stock before pulling the money from my account? All the items I purchased are in my bought section and there is an order number and everything.
Are the items you bought marked as "sold" on the site? I'm not sure what you can do other than keep trying to get in touch with them, sorry anon! Best of luck.
Yes, everything is marked as sold. I have checked back regularly and nothing have been put back in stock.

Old one at over 300 >>8686675

Some questions left open from the last one:
>Is there any real way to fade stretch marks?
>Epiduo replacements?
>handcream recommendations
>correct asian skincare order
- see pic related

General links
reddit.com/r/asianbeauty or /r/skincareaddiction
skinandtonics.com for asian product reviews, ingredients to avoid and (a heavy and expensive) routine
any more link tips?
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another routine order infograph
skincare myths infograph
last point is interesting - seen a lot of "drink more water is a myth" posts in the last few months. I can personally say that everything seems to work better when i drink at least 2-3l of pure tea or water a day. from digestion to guaranteed no stinky breath, and i don't look as sad and crumpled when i wake up.

but yeah if your cleanser makes your skin feel dry it's wrong for you, no amount of water can help with that.
Hey fellow fine-line/undereyes/dark circles anons (I know there's at least two of you)

-how's it going? Seen any improvement?
>>I have matching single fine laugh lines that entend past my undereyes and touch the very tops of my cheeks (I know that sounds haggard and terrible but they're verrrry fine and unnoticeable) I swear it looks like they're getting shorter, I think the continued retinol is paying off. And being more hydrated and rested..

-found your go-to retinol product yet?
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Didn't see one in the catalog.

How was your 2015 Canadian seagulls? Best/worst con experiences of the year? Planning out your cons and costumes for 2016 yet? Gonna buy any cosplay related stuff with your X-mas/holiday money? How many cons in Canada are you actually going to?
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>Worst con experience
Fan expo in Toronto. Not AT con persay but I was getting ready to leave when I hear a wail from the other room. Both my grandparents died and I stayed with my mother for the day instead. I was trying to resell my tickets on Kijiji with only one rude low baller offering.

Yeah I'm planning one big armour cosplay for next year with a couple of easy ones. For AN, Conbravo and Fan expo so far.

I only get weird smelly fruit cakes for Christmas and no money =_=
Ya didn't miss much at FanExpo. Lines slightly more organized but really the usual giant vaguely geeky shopping mall.
Any cos events happening in early January?

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images (8).jpg
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images (10).jpg
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I really hate how most cosplayers stylize their wigs for Phoenix and Edgeworth. Is it really that hard?

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I don't watch anime anymore but I still go every year; I'm a sucker for dressing up. I'm new here, is anyone who uses this website going?
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Usually my favorite con. Last year's re-routing around the Pru was a trainwreck, though, and totally fucked over a photoshoot I ran on top of a million other things. I hope they handle it better this time.
By the way, suggestions for huge group meetup locations? Preferably not outside.
This'll be like, my 9th consecutive year going. I'm definitely going to go, but I have yet to buy a ticket, and am pretty undecided on cosplay plans. I'm looking forward to meeting other Bostonian anime fans again, though!

Preferably not outside, like not outside the con center/Pru? Or just not outdoors in general?
I'll be there this year It's more fun to just be in Dealers and Artist Alley for me.

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sewing thread, post your tutorials, ask questions, and get help!
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My parents want to get me a sewing machine for Christmas but I know pretty much nothing about them.

What brand/model and new or used? My dad is looking at some kind of used Viking for around $200 right now.
Cheap supermarket sew machines like for 100€ are pretty well.
I would go for new with a warranty if you don't know anything about machines, old ones are usually reliable and easy to fix - but only if you already know a bit about sewing! I had an entry level janome which was fine, singers are a bit crap these days and brother is variable but if you have a comprehensive warranty you should be ok

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