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project 33-1.jpg
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So you may have heard of the Project 333 thing. If you had to go three months with 33 items of lolita clothing, what would they be? The original project includes jewellery in your 33 items, but I think that's a bit impossible with lolita and same with petticoats.

But still, what would you pick? Post a theoretical collage or pics from your actual wardrobe and maybe explain your choices a little.

I made a chocolate themed sweet lolita collection in mostly mint and brown with pink and white accents. I only picked one bag, because it matched everything, and only...
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What a fun challenge!
I'm going to attempt this now with a mixed classic/sweet/old school wardrobe.
I only have 19 items currently, plan to add another 2 skirts, an op, another print jsk, 2 purses and many more accessories.
This is much harder than I expected it to be!
I'm a little bit too lazy to make a collage, so I'll just write it out. I'd pick 2 colors for the main pieces, an accent color, and a neutral color that goes with the palette (like black/brown, or white if it's super pastel).

* 5 main pieces
- 1 solid color JSK
- 1 patterned JSK (stripes/polkadots/tartan)
- 1 print JSK
- 1 patterned Skirt
- 1 printed skirt

* 5 tops
- 2 plain white blouses, one short and long sleeved
- 2 "fancier" white blouses, short and long sleeved
- 1 blouse in an accent color

* 5...
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Unpopular cosplay/J fashion opinions that you have.

>Be me, 20 pounds or so overweight
>Going to gym everyday and dieting because I think body acceptance in cosplay is bullshit
>Fully aware if I want to do this as a hobby I should look the part
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That's not an unpopular opinion.
starve yourself so you can cosplay papyrus too
On it!

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Show us what you're working on!
Previous thread: >>8679216
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Combat Cross from Castlevania I threw together in 2 days for a friend. Made entirely from scrap parts and leftover paint I had lying around.
Abel Nightroad crusnik wings. Realized I fucked up the proportions after looking at a better (non-cropped) reference image, first try on the right and somewhat amended one on the left. Still hate them.

gdi Temjin why is everything you make perfection
>2 posters
>2 replies
Lol one of you is samefagging.

Con's in a week and change. Anyone going? I know there was a thread last year though it didn't get a lot of interest. I'm really excited about the venue change

inb4 "Anime North is coming to Texas!?" Wrong con, bucko.
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Glad you made a thread, anon!

I'm local so I'm planning to day trip on Saturday, should be interesting at least.

I went the first year, didn't buy a badge, said my hellos to several con-friends and then left after an hour or so.

Considering buying a badge this year just to see Quantum Destiny's panels and maybe enter the costume contest.
I have a bunch of friends going, even some co-workers. They're all excited about Asuna from Sword Art being there.
What is everyone wearing?

I know ANT posted about all the pretty photo locations so we should at least get some good photography out of this, I hope.

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Post jfashion or cosplay Instagram accounts that you like. Of course feel free to share your own.

Also some questions for added discussion.
>what do you look for in an Instagram account when following?
>what do you hate when people post?
>what do you wish people posted more of?
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Is anyone else sick of seeing GLW and Lockshop shit in the eglcommunity tag? I had really hoped they'd stick to the obvious lolitafashion and lolita ones, and eglcommunity could be just for non-commercial stuff, but GLW tag all their non-lolita shit with the same tags and it's really annoying.
Yup it's super annoying. Honestly every tag seems to end up with so much commercial spam. It's frustrating to say the least.
I sort of wish you could report tag spam or something, it's really stupid. I just want to see people post cute shit and outfits.

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Old one saging
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Wrong thread link...sorry gulls
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Bike is arriving tomorrow.
Had to borrow a toolkit from my lecturer so I can put it back together.
Rest from AliExpress from the 11/11 sale - all pretty generic, apart from the oxblood satchel - from Zatchel UK
File: MailStuff.jpg (212 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Items with hearts are in the mail, everything else is pre-ordered or being made

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How did you discover lolita fashion? How did you get into lolita fashion?
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The fucking G-LOL set on Gaia made me look into it. I didn't get into lolita for years though. I got exposed to it more after picking up cosplaying and being in that scene.
I used to do pixel art way back when, and there was a girl (liveloveburndie) who did a lot of lolita pixels. I admired her work and had no idea what lolita was and looked into it from there.
I discovered it in middle school online and I spent hours on Milanoo's site. But my parents were divorcing, so I put it on the back burner.

Once I moved cross country, I went to a convention and saw that there was a lolita panel, and I attended. A year after attending that panel, I purchased my first coord. And I'm apart of that comm now.

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Last thread in auto sage.

FAQ/Brands/Models List (WIP):

Partial Scans List:

Video about Larme Magazine:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPx5HuTSiHQ [Embed]
(Watch this if you're new to Larme)

Posting properly this time.
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2 MB, 1920x2560
>What is Larme Kei?

"I would like to explain what a 'girly' fashion is from my perspective. I will also include some keywords that is used in the magazine [LARME]. As an introduction, I will state what a girly fashion is. According to Japan's 'girly fashion', being 'Dolly' is an important element, and essential. For example, making the legs look long by using a high waist bottoms, and a balance of exposure.*
There will be a contrast of style using frills and flares to show the clear bodyline as...
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File: 1440374085242.jpg (309 KB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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From the video

File: ff.jpg (261 KB, 983x736) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Women doing cosplay of male characters and men doing cosplay of female characters.
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So I'm planning on making an as accurate version / model of the sniper rifle in pic related for a cosplay, however the con I'm going to says "no metal/funtional/explosive/heavy wooden weapons". How far can you go without compromising the look of the item, and assuming I still want to machine parts from metal, what problems will this logically cause at a con?

>inb4 just foam it

Rather not, planning to keep it later; the more realistic the better.

All opinions here are helpful.
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Most cons will say no "heavy wooden weapons" but all my guns are wood and I've never once been flagged for it. At most some cons will make you keep it strapped to your back or something so that other people can't grab it. Just email them in advance about it.
You made that with Sketchup?? That's fucking awesome man, I can barely build a retarded looking library
File: rifle_se.png (211 KB, 1366x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sadly I didn't make this, I pulled it from the game files of PlanetSide 2. To be quite honest it's a pain in the ass because nothing is in detail, it's just bulky and even the barrel is an extruded decagon. I'm just in the process of measuring everything, and making individual pieces that can be machined/carved/printed.

I've seen cosplayers do events at hospitals in children's wards with great sucess, everybody has fun and the kids really enjoy it.

Does anybody have any advice for how to set something like this up? I'm in a lolita group, but some of them also cosplay. My husband works at a hospital with a fairly large children's ward and I'd love to set something like this up. I won't get anything set up in time for Christmas, but valentines might be cute handing out candy in baskets to the kids in pretty pink dresses.

I just would love some advice...
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I've heard of some Star Wars cosplayers doing charity events and I think cosplaying other characters would be cool, but I don't think lolita would work, personally. It's a fashion, not a costume. If you want to dress up like a princess and have tea with some sick kids, why not just pick a Disney princess they'll recognize? Going in lolita would be like going in goth clothes or even just street clothes. It's another fashion, not a costume.
(As cringy as it sounds) My schools Anime Club is actually scheduling a toy drive and visitation to a local hospital. I'm the vice president and we plan to visit in kid friendly cosplat to play board games, crafting, and do small performances. As for the process to have it scheduled, it has been very easy. You do have to stay in contact and read all the rules and regulations. Right now, especially since its flu season, most hospitals ask for 18+ participants with a small group size of 5-10 people. Also, expect to not always be scheduled on a weekend, especially this close...
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There was a group of itas that started a crowd funder to try to buy burando so they could 'visit sicks kids like princesses' or something.
It's in the archives, unsurprisingly it wasn't well received and didn't fly.

I can see why cosplaying as mainstream characters like The Avengers would be a nice thing to do for the kids, but there needs to be a way of keeping the batshit insane types away from that sort of thing. Can you imagine a rabid Erin Jager getting distraught that a child...
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please help me
i love all
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There's a help thread for this. Use the catalog.
Thread murderer.

There's a help thread. >>8701853
Do picture related OP. Dress up as Kon from Superboy/Teen Titans.

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so me and my bf want to try cosplay lewd stuff and he wanted me dressed as tretij rebenok and him as big boss, he already has big boss's stuff so I need help with tretji, anyone knows what exactly he wears and where to find it? I already know the straight jacket but not sure about pants and mask. dumping some pics for reference
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File: 23456765.jpg (23 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1448193516041.jpg (6 KB, 274x184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I guess the mask is somewhat based on the uk ww2 one, and I cant find any other one that looks similar

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Opinions on this group calling themselves a "meido cafe"? They appear at small anime conventionss in Indiana.. and serve instant maruchan ramen

Pic related- it's them

second part of fb link to their page:
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op here- saying meido was the only way I could get the system to believe I wasn't spam
the link is for their fb page; I can't seem to post the first half because system thinks it's spammu
I don't really understand your question? Convention maid cafes are everywhere, they're not anything revolutionary or new.

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For the longest time, Novala was the default name (for lolitas anyway) when it came to frilly fru-fru reading material. Now? Not so much.

Anyone have a favorite poem or story by him? I've been trying to find his novel Emily but that's been tough shit
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I have a Chinese translation of Shimotsuma Monogatari's sequel that I'm about 1/3 into, and it's kind of a dull read. The prose style gets tiresome after a while and there's still a lot of Isobe dicksucking. Momoko's as much of a bitch as before though, which is great.

>becomes Ichigo's manager for modeling gigs
>handles her money, secretly takes 90% of it
>buys more brand
I had no idea there was a sequel. What is it called? I can't find much information.
>crossing fingers for a korean translation
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God, I love how much of a cunt Momoko is.

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