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This year for xmas I have a fever... and the only thing that will cure it... is a collectible bike.
Pls guys I have been at this for months and still no bike.
Any leads or bike finding tips would be greatly appreciated.
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>I posted it again!
>le collectible meme xDDD
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If its not becoming collectible , they why is it impossible to find one at any price in the USA?
Checkmate atheists.

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Hey guys, does anybody have a lot of knowledge of 6/7 speed era wheel components? I've got a couple bikes I want to build wheelsets for and I was thinking about sinking a wad of cash into some nice NOS 80's gear.

Should I go sealed system or cup and cone? I don't mind doing maintenance, the key thing is that if I'm going to buy NOS, I'm hoping to get something that will last a LONG time, which isn't often the case with sealed. Opinions?

What kind of spokes should I get? At what point does the cost outweigh the benefit?

Also if you guys have any recommendations in terms of brands, for both hubs and rims that would be awesome, would like to keep it period, but open to suggestions for new rims as well. I have a set of Araya red label rims I quite like right now so I was thinking maybe them? Would love to hear some opinions on 80's Wolber, Mavic, Campy clinchers. As for hubs I hear good things about Sansin, and SunTour's Superbe Pro. Phil Wood's probably a little more than I want to spend, really like all the high flange stuff from the 70's like Campy Record but it's not exactly period, and looks heavy. In the interest of keeping a complete groupo, wouldn't mind some Shimano 600 hubs from back in the day, anyone have experience with those?

Would SunTour's "XC" hubs be suitable for road applications?

Also heard the names Miche, Nuovo Tipo, Maxi Car, Hi-E and Bullseye for hubs,
Campy Sigma, Rigida, Ambrosia, clement, Benotto I've seen mentioned for rims
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Is it difficult to build a wheel?
Just takes a lot of time and patience the first few times from what I've heard. Haven't actually built one from scratch yet myself, planning to do some volunteering down at the community shop to gain some experience before I blow a stack on nice components to build with. I have done some pretty major overhauls on rims before though, changing a lot of spokes, etc. So I think I'm up to it.
Araya rims are pretty great

That's all I wanted to say

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moot's bike.jpg
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What is the longest bike ride you have ever done, and what bike were you on? For demographic comparisons, what are your gender, age, and country?

A single ride, for the purposes of this thread, can be done with breaks, but not with sleep. It has to be all done in one waking period. If you do a multi-day tour and sleep throughout that's great, but not what this thread is about.
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I rode about 85km home for thanksgiving in 3 hours, it was gruelling

Some parts were fun but mostly it was complete misery. I woke up running late with a bourbon hangover and had to haul ass to get to turkey dinner on time, I didn't plan a route ahead of time so I kept missing turns and google maps took me over 4km of gravel on my slicks, followed by the most insane hill i've ever had to climb in my life
On top of that my rear derailleur was fucked so I couldn't shift properly or use 3 of my 8 rear cogs. I made it though!

Pic is bike

Male, 22, Canada
Is that English bay?
60km, Had some errands to run and was visiting family.

25, Australia

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feel wooed.jpg
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>tfw you cop a $130 Phil Wood BB for 30 dollarydoos but nowhere in town has the tool to install it
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>not using hollowtech
bottom brackets are the fucking worst for tools. When I was swapping out the one on my 80's bike I had to buy 3 tools to get the one in there out, and then another tool to install the new one.
>imblyign a BB is ever worth 130

who is the best gcn presenter and why is it tom?
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it's obvisously matt
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Top Gent.

GCN needs more qt grills though
your definition of qt girls needs work

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I'm a low time, naive, starry eyed 19 yearold student pilot looking for some knowledge and experiences. Anyone have any interesting stories?
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I work for an airline flying the 737 what do you want to know
Anything really, emergencies, interesting happenings. Things like that
Never had any emergencies per say.
Had to divert twice. Once because there was a thunderstorm over our destination, the other time we had to divert because our destination was fogged out. We were supposed to land at our home base at 23:00, we actually got back at 4:00am the next morning .Longest and most tiring day ever.
Had a few people faint on board.
Had a drunk woman who wasn't aggressive, but she was totally incapable of walking and because she was large we had to call the police who got her a wheelchair.
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Normally I'd have a giggle, but this is LM Skunkworks shit, and the P-791 works, so yeah...that three lobe design is still weird as hell. How does it deal with strong winds?
I think the 3 bag design must be to shorten it so it fits in places better, shorter should mean better handing in crosswinds, maybe, but it seems lime it would increase aerodynamic drag?

Or maybe lateral stability for landing?

I could see flat design making sense if it was a hybrid airship, and it formed an airfoil shape
Great news, I think airships should be given a second chance since we improved drastically in materials and technology over Hindenburg era. Also they are aesthetic as fuck.

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Trek 820.jpg
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Is there any significant difference between the 2016 and 2013 Trek 820 models, besides the new colorings?
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Don't know but I love that paint job
I don't know but it's a shitty as fuck bike, don't get one. Any bike under $700 or so new will be pure shit, and if it has suspension, it will be pure shit even at the $700 range (because good suspension is expensive). If you want a mountain bike with suspension and can't afford to pay a few thousand, buy used at pinkbike.com/buysell
If you want a new bike for under 1k, spend at least 700 and don't get suspension
If you want a mountain bike for only a few hundred dollars, get a rigid 90s mountain bike on Craigslist. Any other mountain bike at that...
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Enjoy cars you fat bitch I rode a 2013 and that was smooth as fuck I can only imagine what this one will feel like. Go back to your fucking jap trains

Well that's an incredibly clever idea. I wonder what could possibly go wrong. Why do people even have brakes anymore? I mean come on, it's 2015. I don't see why I should be discriminated against in traffic simply because there are no brakes on my vehicle, that is pure prejudice, all vehicles are equal. Safety is a social construct which caused the needless introduction of brakes, something the corporate giants that are big brakes has been cashing in on (Shimano, etc). Liberate yourself from physics and don't be discriminated against on the road, brakes are...
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but there are brakes, they operate on torque as opposed to friction
What if the chain comes off? And I'm pretty sure I've seen the douches who ride these braking by placing their foot on the rim.
well the chain doesn't just "come off" because single speed casettes and chainrings are much more secure, the only thing that could happen is the chain breaking which is a catastrophic failure no matter what type of bike you're on (again, less likely to happen on a fixed/ss)

you might see bmxers doing that but I can assure you nobody riding a fixie would do that when they could simply resist the movement of the pedals. people who ride road bikes can do that too, that doesn't mean it's...
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Post your nicest long haul trucks here?
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fuckkkk i want to finish my touring bike already and go on some goddamn adventures and shit
goat rig
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image (2).jpg
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actually this is the GOAT rig

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I slammed my stem on my OTS. Do you guys like it?

Post pictures of your OTS ITT.
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This is what we have the PYBT for OP.
Why? its a touring bike. uhhh, such a fag!
>it has a rack
>It must be a touring bike!

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Lads, it's time for a /n/ Skype group.

Send this link to your pals on Skype


You'll have to send it in a message to someone so you can click the hyperlink on Skype itself
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I joined. See you on the group ride this weekend, nigger?
[6:23:32 PM] *** Paul Prodan joined. ***
[6:24:00 PM] *** Paul Prodan has left ***
Holy shit. This is the best place for chatting about TRANSPORTATION E V E R!!!!!

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How does riding a bicycle make someone impotent?
greentext your story.
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>hairy legs
modz plz.

could a talented rider on a cyclocross bike keep up with a bunch of freds on front or full suspension 29ers? not on intense downhill courses, but on moderately technical trails?

if not, as I've heard some people say no before, what exactly is it that keeps them from being able to keep up? does the suspension allow for more weight to be carried across bumps? will mountain bikes be able to reach speeds and take falls that would destroy the frame or wheels of a cx bike? does the geometry of a cx bike prevent them from going around corners or something effectively?

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It depends on just how poor those freds are (technical skill, physical performance, balls, etc). and the exact terrain. There are cases where a guy on a CX bike could beat another on a mountain bike, but it's unlikely to happen in the real world.

Why exactly are you asking this? If it's just a purely theoretical question then that's probably the best answer you're going to get, but if there's a deeper meaning behind the question then I can elaborate on certain points.
if the trail is rough enough to need full suspension then no probably not. If the trail is rough enough to need front suspension then unlikely. If the trail is nice enough for a cx bike then only if the cx rider is exceptionally skilled and the mtn bikers really suck.

Use the right tool for the job, would you try to hammer with a phillips head screw driver?
well I currently just have a road bike and a comically undersized rigid 26er and I'd like to ride with my lads on trails, but I don't want to get a proper mountain bike while I do want to get a cx bike (in order to one day fred in cx)

obviously I wouldn't be able to keep up with them from day one, but I wouldn't be able to do that with a mtb either. I live in a somewhat hilly, rural area, meaning that there are decently hilly trails, but there aren't a huge amount of technical trails and...
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A device which will inevitably lead to running over its drivers legs at some point.
Or getting run over by a car because they can't see you.
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