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If you think a magic foam hat will protect you if you get hit by a car, you are an idiot. There is literally no reason to wear a helmet. A helmet just acts as something to get snagged if you crash and will probably just get you more injured. And if you crash for any reason other than getting hit by a car you obviously don't know how to ride a bicycle and should use training wheels instead of a helmet.

Prove to me that there is any legitimate reason to wear a magic foam hat.

Protip: You can't.
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It's magic.

You lose.

I used to think these looked douchey but I'm thinking maybe I need one

Anyone else wear one under a helmet? Are they really good for keeping the rain out of your eyes? I hate the feeling of rain pellets hitting my eyeballs, but wearing goggles is not an option when it's that wet.

Also bike hats general.
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They're honestly pretty nice under a helmet, or just on its own. I've got pic related and I feel it makes me look like more dorky than douchey. I also don't have a beard and tattoos, and look dorky regardless.
I know that guy. He lives in the same province as I do. He´s an avid recumbent cyclist and rowing biker.
Yep, I always wear a cap when I get on a bike, they're really good for protecting your eyes from sun, and keep water and sweat out of your eyes. Plus, you can wash a sweaty cap a lot easier than a sweat-soaked helmet.

For rain you still need eyewear, no cap is going to keep water from being blown/splashed into your face.

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What were his last words /n/?
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"My Doge!,,, Its,, Fullof Stars!

Left or right?

And why do you choose right?
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The left one arrives half a day too late
For all the shit the SNCF gets at least the TGV gets better on-time performance than ICE trains.
Each on their specific network, since that's where they reach full power.
ICE accelerates better, but TGV doesn't have noisy motors under the cars (not sure how much can be heard inside, be the older ICE3 units make a horrible noise when accelerating or decelerating in stations. The TGV doesnt.
Also fun fact: The TGV-locos have buffer-and-chain couplingers in the back and scharfenberg-couplers in the front.

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Name a sexier-looking tram than the Dubai tram.

Pro-tip: you can't
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looks really noice but what do they need a tram for?
and where does it go? from nowhere to nowhere?
They opened a tram line because the traffic in the Dubai Marina area was unbearable. According to Wikipedia "it runs for 14.5 kilometers (9.0 mi) along Al Sufouh Road from Dubai Marina to the Burj Al Arab and the Mall of the Emirates"

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>a citadis tram with an ugly edgy cab
If you're going to to go for an angular look then do it right (and kill a couple of pedestrians in the process).

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Thinking about upgrading my bike to 11 speed. Would it be worth it to spend an extra $100 on Campy Chorus shifters or should I save the cash and just get 105? The "ultrashift" appeals to me a lot but generally I've been happy with my shimano sti levers in the past.

How do they stack up? Also curious about comfort and the difference in operation of the levers
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also, this is hilarious for being the bicycle equivalent of the hicks on facebook who share stupid macro images saying how much better chevy is than ford
>mixing campy shifters with shimano
>Can't downshift underbraking
That's all you need to know about Campagnolo.

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Hey /n/ rate my bikes!
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Looking good but those huge stacks of spacers look out of place. (Even though I accept the fact that bike fit is a personal thing.)
this, haveing 2 expensive bikes and with bad fit.

ayy lmao


give me one reason I shouldn't buy this
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I cannot

purchase it
Would you ride it more than 3 times a year?

That's what has stopped me from buying one myself, I imagine it would be a lot of fun to ride around for a few weeks, but after that it would only get used a few times per year, not really something worth owning.

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What do you think of our bikes /n/?
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aventon needs an aero seatpost. state bike needs to flip that stem around.

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ITT: All transport maps bus/rail/tram etc

Pic: London Underground map
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Why is the Overground a single colour? That's really confusing.
Why did you ask if you already knew the answer?
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Post bus stops. They don't have to be beautiful. Even the gloomy ones are preferred.

>pic related

A bus stop from USSR. I saw it on /int/. Don't know the exact location sadly.
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Found the set this is from, OP, helps narrow it down a little (translated):

>Here are pictures of French photojournalist Jean-Paul Pierre Guyotat he made in 1990-1995 gody.Na photo several cities: Moscow, Norilsk, Grozny, Port of Providence, Krasnoyarsk.

File: norilsk[1].jpg (42 KB, 585x403) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Also, judging by the industrial and barren landscape, I would guess the OP pic is from Norilsk, famous for its nickel mines and smelters.
>random industrial Russian city
>"It must be Norilsk! I saw on Reddit!"

how does this make you feel /n/?

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At the very least the bikes should have gone to a metal recycler instead of the land fill.
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Not too bad.
>Bicycles eating garbing truck

The grammar is pissing me off more than the bikes.

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config (2).png
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config (3).png
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File: config.png (421 KB, 900x562) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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2015 is nearly over and I have failed to collect even on valuable bicycle. I am the worst collector ever.
Is this just a lost cause?
Does anyone know how many of these bikes were made in the first place?
How does one go about finding information like this?
I am feeling pretty down about the whole venture at this point tbqh with your guys ;_;
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They only made 700 of that particular bike but thats because its shit. The main fork is made out of poorly recycled diet coca cola cans(which are structurally less sound from the aspartame) and dropping more than 8 inches(slightly more than the average curb) . The standard brake cables and shifters were made of twine while the pedals those wooden sandals that japanese monks wear. The tires that came out of the were actually pretty good and had very few issues going out of true or with broken spokes(assuming you weigh less than 130 pounds).

If it was in like new condition,...
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>2015 is nearly over and I have failed to collect even on valuable bicycle.
What? You need to check your English grammar.

>I am the worst collector ever.
I don't think you are in the upper 99%.

>Is this just a lost cause?
If your goal is to sell that bike for $150-$300 then maybe you will succeed.

Have you ascertained the model year of this bike and what parts were originally on it?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>What makes it special compared to the Cannondale Delta V1500 or Delta V 2000 or the Super V 3000?

It is special because it existed before those did.
In fact, in 1991 this was the worlds first mass production (if you can call >700 units mass production) full suspension mountain bike.
This is the bike that started it all and it was the most expensive offering cannondale put forth up to that moment.

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/BQG/ - Bike Questions General - Hiduminium Edition

Previous Thread: >>899098
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when a motorist cuts me off, what should I use as a blunt object to break his brake light?
I have a U lock and that does the trick, but Ive lost one before because it fell out of my hands.
Would a wrench be a good substitute? Also handy to have a wrench on you, but that also raises the issue of having to pull a wrench out quickly, where the U lock I can get off in an instant
File: munchkins.jpg (739 KB, 1437x1078) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>902706 (OP)
>a U lock
you need, a cable lock, togo withit.
No way this is the real bacon.

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