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Hello /n/ I been looking around for an inexpensive "fitness" bike like the Giant Escape and Norco VFR are there other alternatives i should consider? My budget is $300-400
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>My budget is $300-400
Used craigslist bike, otherwise you'll end up with a piece of shit that will fall apart in less than a year and won't be worth repairing. /thread
You can get a custom titanium bike with full di2 and custom deep aerogarbon wheels with gokiso hubs for under $300 if your not a retardo like most of this consumer sheeple board. I myself commissioned a design from the Vatican, welded by the pope and with a seatpost made of fragments of the True Cross, for $299. If you disagree with me you don't know SHIT about bicycles and probably ride a BSO with DUI bars and it's a fixie to.

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>and not a single fuck was given that day

all of my kek
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lost it

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hey, /n/ I need a bike to get back and forth from work

I know how to ride one, I'm 6'2 and about 200lb

any advice for a good bike? I like this guy, it's well priced but I don't really knwo what to look for in a good bike

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>Takara Kabuto
It's not a very good bike, and the large size will be just barely big enough for someone of your height, but it will work tolerably well for a commuting bike if you live somewhere flat. If you do buy this, it would be worth having a bike shop do a basic tuneup (to make sure there's adequate grease in place, wheels are tensioned, bolts tight, etc.) on it before you ride it very far - half the problem with most cheap bikes is that they're not put together properly, greatly increasing the chances that you'll experience...
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okay, thanks for the reply

there are a few bike shops not too far from me, I guess I should go in and talk to the guy huh
1. Go to bike shop, get a lower-priced hybrid or road bike that can take racks. For USA, figure this will cost ~$400. It will be built and assembled much better tho.

2. get Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires for it. This will cost ~$100 more (you may need to order them online) but it makes getting flat tires far more unlikely
2a. If you get a bike that has 26".559mm wheels then there is a china copy of the Schwalbe MP that is cheaper, called the Salvo ($20 on Amazon) but it only comes in 26" x 1.75. It...
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So, one of my rear tyres popped yesterday. Before I get ripped off, I was wondering if you guys can help. I'm no petrol head but plan to change this to at least some extent. Anyways, can I change just one tyre, should I get both rear ones done, or is it far better to get all four done?
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Only two wheelers here u fag
You mean for your velomobile, right?

Also >>>/o/
Cheers guys - sorry! MODS! DELETE THIS SHIT!

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Are Brooks meme saddles?
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They are amazing if you get the angle, height and setback exactly right. The short rails don't provide much adjustment range, so you might need a new seatpost to get it in the right spot. Then they start sagging and the sides flare out, which messes everything up. So you have to lace them, which most people don't.

Many people sit far too forward on them, particularly when they start sagging. If I were to buy another Brooks I'd go with one of the "Select" models which use extra thick leather.
I have a B17, a Pro, and a Swallow and they're all great, not memes at all.

I wish the rails were a bit longer, too. I have one of my seatposts in backwards because of this. Not worried about seatpost failure because it's an old Sakae that's so overbuilt it could be used as a mace in case I ever need to stave in the heads of invading Saracens. When they start sagging, turn the adjustment bolt a bit. Lacing them is a good idea if the bolt...
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Yes. They are shit. The only people that like them are people that have never ridden with a good saddle.

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post >yfw you read this
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why is the frame size a feature lmao
how did this happen
What's hucking?

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What do you want for christmas, /n/?
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I'd like Santa to bring me a set of 10-sp Campy shifters, a pair of lobster gloves to replace the ones I can't find, a bottle of nice bourbon, and a couple pounds of good single-estate Assam tea. Will I get (or even ask for) any of this? Nope.

More realistically, I will be very happy if my family members bring better deserts to contribute to the annual Christmas dinner I host than they did to this past Thanksgiving.
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>everyone else in the world is sitting by the fireplace looking out the window at snowflakes sipping hot cocoa
a truing stand pls

what does /n/ think of the slate?
Does it really offer anything over CX bikes? Is it a niche too narrow to be worthwhile? Is it just a hamfisted attempt at making one bike do the job of two?

interesting geo and lefty fork anyhow
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Meme bike
>"This new bike by Cannondale combines two worlds that usually have little to do with one another. It echoes elements of a mountain bike and interprets these for road use. As a result, it taps into a bigger target group of cyclists."

that was from their page, but at $4500 the people that can afford those prices also can afford to own multiple bikes built to their specific types of riding. Really even on a cx I rarely hit anything worth having any suspension, but it might be nice on the hands for rough gravel roads. I think they...
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hey nigger, fuck off with the anti new thread shit already or I am gonna make 10 more threads just for you.

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I've been using my parents car to go to work but I intend to switch to a bike. The only problem - winter/rain. Are there any viable and efficient means of making your bike rides weather proof?

pic is the first thing that appeared when I typed bike rain protection on google images
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Wear a jacket

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Im surprised to see that bamboo is a wood that is replacing Maple in skateboards
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hardshell seat.jpg
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I think that with heat therapy you can shape one of these boards to a nice recumbent seat

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Old one maxed out.
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Been a hot minute.

build info:
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the rando.jpg
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Delicious metal fenders.

When you gonna bring back the drops?
HA! I just posted after you in the Functional Thread on LFGSS.

No plans to bring back the drops anytime soon. The guys from my shop that used to do longer rides with have moved on to DH and Freeride, so I'm mostly just scooting around town now.

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I have a quick question which I'm hoping /n/ might be able to help with, no one else seems to!

What would be the best way to launch a helicopter from a modern airship? I'm trying to get "realistic" or "believable" ideas, such as side ramps/hatches or possible a top section on the airship - I don't know how modern construction methods would work with this.

Basically, I'm writing a novel set in a slightly alternate now where airships and helicopters are the norm for reasons, and if you developed a helicopter carrier, how it...
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>How to launch
Yeah, you don't even know what a helicopter is
Sorry, I meant ramps that would fold down/slide out from the airship so the helicopter could taxi out and take off.
Helicopters take off and land vertically OP, there's no need for anything beyond a landing pad and hanger that the machine can be towed into.

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Any why are they roller cams?
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u fukt up
ho ho ho disc brakes pleb

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What do you think of biopace/non-circular chainrings /n/? I have biopace on my main bike yet I can't tell the difference.
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Based Sheldon was a fan of them: http://www.sheldonbrown.com/biopace.html

I had some Biopace rings on one of my bikes for a few years; never really noticed a difference compared to my other bikes.
I've had a Biopace Crankset on my first Steelbike, and the only thing i notice about it is that its pretty much Solid and Bulletproof, though i can't really notice any difference compared to my current Shimano 105 Crankset
I feel a bit of difference when climbing. It's a little like trying to lift during upstroke. I haven't done an A/B test between my Biopace bike and one of my other bikes, although even if I did it wouldn't be terribly accurate due to tire size and geometry differences.

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