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>67km of track
>4 lines
>24 stations (potential 5 more)
>5.5 Billion cost estimation

This is the biggest public transportation infrastructure project in Montreal since the last major Metro extensions (Orange line extension, blue line construction)

This is an automated light rail network that will exclusively serve the suburbs. Rather than expand the network of commuter trains and increase service, they are building light rail into the...
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When will this progressivism meme end?
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AMT map.jpg
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They will be constructing a hard link between the Montreal Trudeau airport and downtown Montreal. The very successful 747 shuttle bus operated by the STM has roughly 1.3 million passengers a year, more than the Toronto-Pearson UP, but the operational costs are negligent (its a bus) and the capital costs are non-existent, naturally. For this line to actually travel from the Saint-Laurent Technoparc to the airport, it would have to travel under hundreds of metres of tarmac. The construction cost of this tunnel will drive...
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File: Kirkland.png (2 MB, 1357x662) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Kirkland, Quebec.

Not actually part of the municipality of Montreal, this sleeper community is one of the communities that will be served by the new train.
Pic related is a street 5 minutes from the proposed train station.

You can't even make this shit up. You can even tell from the construction that this is your typical North American boomer/cager/urban sprawl 1950s development.

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Where's the MTBers at? Post pictures of yourselves riding! Transporting your bodies across the landscape, whatever it may be.

This one was my biggest adventure yet! Silly bushwhack to access, but so worth it... even with the 5 ticks I acquired...
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wew lad that ride looks a bit advanced for the likes of me. i'll stick to my woodland single-tracks for this season!
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lookout mt. peak.png
2 MB, 1440x705
I don't have very many friends so it's hard to get pictures of myself.
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Greetings from across the valley

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What is /n/'s opinion on titanium bicycles?
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Over priced. Heavy. Pretty. Would own if I had dentist money.
Costs a LOT, welding is critical (ie some factories will build chamber filled with inert gas to weld the frames in as slightest contamination will ruin frame), still have to use carbon forks, never have to paint it so it will always look nice even if abused
Aluminum is lighter.

what is with this whole downtube shit? have you morons finally hit rockbottom and gone full autismo?

slow board indeed
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forced meme

ignore it and don't use it in your posts
ok, then some mod, kindly delete this thread

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What site should I buy new wheels for my trek 7.2 fx? I'm assuming Amazon doesn't carry that kind of stuff...
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These are on backorder but worth the wait
tiagra hubs
sapim(or DT swiss)14-15-14G (2,0-1,8-2,0mm) DB spokes
Mavic open pro or if you're a cheap-ass a Ryde chrina
Schwalbe Proffesional bike tires(Durano)

All laced up by bill cosby using ground up datereap pills as spoke prep

Amazon is actually a great place to buy wheels.

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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

Last thread: >>946053

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Does anyone besides Nashbar make very small panniers? I want roughly 5L (300 cubic inches) per pannier (so 10L/600in total). I am aware that there are other options like frame bags, handlebar bags, trunk bags, etc. but I'm specifically looking for panniers. And something better quality than Nashbar.
Basically something just like the Nashbar Daytrekker but a different brand.
My second largest cog on my cassette makes clicking noises. I have a 11-32 so it's the 30T. I have a tiagra 10 speed, couple years old.
As far as I can tell everything is adjusted ok. All the gears are working although I've never been able to get the shifts perfect in both directions. The little derailleur wheel is directly in line with the cog so I don't think this is something I can fix by adjusting the index. I can't tell where the noise is coming from. Just really confused why it's only happening in that one gear.
First thing I would check is whether your derailer hanger is bent.

Look at the Thule Shield, and the XLC Expedition (but this one's Chinese, like the Nashbar one).

what is the point of a slack head angle if you dont have a front suspension?
sure, some trailing of the front wheel gives a less nervous feel (that is why all modern road bikes have some + less wheelbase) but on rigid CX and MTB bikes of today just seems too much...

is it there to ease the counter-steering when cornering because that much trail sure doesnt help when going fast on a straight line.
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I think toe strike is one reason

If you can get a slack ht angle and compensate on the fork rake, you can keep the front wheel from hitting your toes, especially with extra long cranks, fenders, fat tires, etc.

I've got a too-long bike that I actually like because I can ride with toe clips and fenders and have no toe strike. I'd rather have a bike with a swallow HT angle and a proper sized top tube but oh well

It sounds like you don't realize fork rake can compensate for various ht angles though, friend. Are you aware of that?

Here's a trail calculator you can fool around with

>I think toe strike is one reason

no way that is the rason.
they deliberatly keep the rake down on road bikes to have a shorter wheelbase. specilized for instance keeps the trail around 5 cm but it could have go to 0 if they wanted to.

>It sounds like you don't realize fork rake can compensate for various ht angles though, friend. Are you aware of that?

Smartass detected....
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My comfyness needs have not been satisfied, /n/.
Post comfy transportation images.
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File: Seattle-PS-tunnel.jpg (90 KB, 858x573) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: inside-tb4194.jpg (430 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Most comfy.
None of these are 'comfy', how could you even think such a thing?
>not private
Your own personal car? With just you in it? The doors locked, climate perfectly adjusted, stereo playing music you like? That's comfy.

Any advice for me for some average priced wheels? I am not looking for high end 300€ wheels. Got a sportif 2.3 very cheap from a relative but i have to change the wheels because they are broken.
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Ah yeah right, size 28 i think.
I had a pair of RS31 before buildning my dream wheels. Good wheels. Flattened spokes give off a weird whistling howl above 45km/h (30mph). Heavy hubs, but cup and cone design and offset rear rim for stiffness. Not for the WW.
Good wheels. Would recommend.
mmh, ty looks good, but since the bike is like 600€ and the wheels 160€ its still a sligthly over what i would pay, im just looking for wheels to repair the bike then i would buy myself a better one someday.

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Hey /n/ I like to commute everywhere on my bike and I do so in my normal clothes. Problem is it's been getting into the 90 degree temperature zone and when I get some place I got a big sweat stain on my ass. Can anybody recommend a pair of cycling pants that will repel moisture or offer better breathability than regular jeans and not look like some dick hugging spandex capris?
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You can always, you know...wear Surf and Turf shorts like Volcom V4S as an example...if it doesn't interfere with your social awkwardness.
You live in a hot climate and you've never heard of shorts? Get some baggy shorts (you can wear lycra underneath btw) and change into pants at your destination if necessary.
I haven't tried either of these but Kuhl makes some pants that are gusseted at the knees and have a few vent locations. IIRC you can get browns, greens and grey?

Hello, /n/,

I will be coming across a large sum of money (around $1000) in the coming week. My last bike got stolen last year (a shitty 7200 Trek hybrid) and it is now time to get a new bicycle.

I would like a bike that I can use on trails, gravel, and roads. Thus, I will probably end up getting a cyclocross bike.

Here's the main features I'm looking for:

Here is what I'm looking for:

Under $1000
Endurance geometry
Carbon fork
Wide clearance for bigger tires
Able to change gears on the left handlebar easy
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My advice, get a bike fit beforehand so you know exactly what geometry and size to get. That way you'll know for sure that you got the right kind of bike for your body.
You arent going to have many options at only $1000. A quick look on performance bikes even with sale only puts 2-3 bikes under your spending limit... then again I found an awesome deal on my road bike so you can maybe find one.

I will be doing this and going to my lbs. I don't want to get a trek or a specialized though cause they are expensive as balls. I might be able to find another lbs that sells other brands.

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What do you listen to when riding that makes you go fast?
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this is why you morons wear helmets isnt it, listening to shit while riding, and going fast

ps, if you like kavinsky, give big black delta a try, much better

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I'm laughing and crying at the same time.

>Now selling my sparingly used fitness bike because of lost girlfriend, and the interest with her.
>Very nice and quick. Easy to maintain and weighs almost nothing.
>Yes. I'm speaking about the bike here.
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I don't really speak Klingon, what does that have to do with the picture?
That's why i translated it for you.
Shouldn't this be in bike questions general?

File: cateye-bike-lights[1].jpg (8 KB, 282x179) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Which bike lights to you guys use? I'd like to get ones that take either AA or AAA batteries and have flashing options to conserve battery
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I have a cygolite taillight that has a built-in, non-replaceable rechargeable battery. In flashing mode it's good for like 35 hours and it recharges in like 2 hours. I also have a B&M taillight which is not flashing, the one AA cell I have in there now has been in there for like 3 months with an hour a day and it's still going strong.

In short, I don't know what kind of conditions you're expecting to ride in, but the headlights are going to be more of a concern, when it comes to battery...
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Don't waste your time and money on cheap lights that use replaceable batteries, get USB rechargeable lights instead, it's worth the money and will pay for itself.
not if you have rechargeable batteries

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Such as the SuperX 105. This runs about $2k. Is that the price at which I can get a good carbon bike or is it entry level garbage?

I need a bike for fast, sporty riding (but not athlete level, just regular exercise) and have good income so I plan to spend a penny. Hoping to stay under $3k though.

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Don't spend that much. Limit yourself to 1K and buy from bikesdirect or craigslist. Basically you want something that if you lock it up the culturally enriched African American isn't going to bother to go home to get his axel grinder to cut off your d-lock.
But for that price, I won't get a carbon bike, right?

FWIW I never leave my bike unattended, I literally just go riding for hours and then go home. It's not a utility bike or method of transportation to me.

105 from £799 (1150 dollars)

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