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>didn't ride for like a decade
>want to ride again
>get cheapish but decent mtb
>realize I have nice park near my home
>ride more
>loving it
>three months in I know bikes a little and realize I could have got so much more for a little bit more cash
>tempted to sell current bike to get...
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Buy a second nicer bike.

When you stop riding your old bike, sell it.
Nah I'll stick to this until at least the end of the year. I'm sure I'll find people getting rid of their older bikes when new ones come around the corner/christmas gifts/etc so I might find some great deals. I'll also have more time to figure out what I REALLY want, which ain't bad.

I mean, I've been riding for only like three months, there's time for a new bike.

Am I the only one that went through this kind of thing?
I don't understand what's the problem.

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So, /n/erds, the City of Atlanta is getting to vote on increasing its own sales tax .5% until 2057 (to a total of 8.5%), with the additional .5% going to fund MARTA expansions in the city proper. We're looking at $2.5 Billion in revenue plus federal matching, and what ever the city /MARTA throws in on top of that from their respective surpluses.

The draft of the project list just came out yesterday and I'm pretty fucking excited:

- 20+ miles Light Rail / streetcar expansion

- 11 miles Bus rapid Transit

- 2 miles Heavy Rail extension

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File: potentialFulton.jpg (129 KB, 751x1094) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here was the plan back before the fucks in the county decided they'd rather try to tax for roads instead of trains and buses.

This was before CoA had gotten its specific project list. You can see that a few of the ART routes overlap from this plan into the CoA specific plan.

We'll have to see what the county cucks say in 4-5 years when their road tax ends.

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Image 869 869.png
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my canadian brethren

i hate dealing with fucking sport kek but they better than walmart

>buy bike from them
>get about 4 months use out of it
>rear tire is worn all the way down and need new tire
>already needs a "minor tune up"
>tell the "technician" theres grinding sounds coming from back
>makes note of it
>pick bike up...
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Here in Toronto you can get a used bike from a store and there is a 14 day warranty where they'll fix everything on it.
>spending more than you would at LBS and not have it done right
baka desu senpai
>14 days

it lasted longer than 14 days so that is out of the question

the only LBS close to me looks sketchy as fuck everything in there looks 20 years old

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>Fulfill your dreams and buy awesome road bike
>Decide to take it to some soft forest paths
>Rear derailleur jams in to spokes
>Frame hook broken, wheel bent beyond fixability
>No money for repairs
>No profit
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wheel back to performance bike

"i am unhappy with my road bikes ability to ride mountain trails, i would like to get a new one free of charge please"
what are you even talking abou,t on the photo you can see that these "mtb trails" are probably even better enviroment for a road bike than most cities are
Shouldn't have taken the dork disc off if you're such a dork

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class 70.jpg
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What's the deal with these? they literally make no noise at all, and they don't look like they could even haul a car, nevermind tons of freight, how the fuck do they do it?
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>Tractive effort 534 kN (120,000 lbf)



going fast is cool, but having skills is awesome. wheres the bmx love?
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wheres my bmx maniacs?
i see you like to follow laws, thats not the bmx way brooooo

File: jamis_citizen2_blue_z.jpg (332 KB, 2100x1363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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is there anything wrong with riding one of these? a friend of mine gave me one for free. why is this bike so hated ?
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Because it's a piece of shit for ultra casuals.

Still better than no bike at all, so ride it and have fun, then stop by >>>/n/bbg when you decide you want a real bike.

Actually, stick a rigid fork and seat post on it, and a better saddle, and that could almost make a decent townbike. I mean, it would still have shit tier components, but... you know.
All that cushioning is, somewhat counter-intuitively, making the bike more uncomfortable for anything but the shortest of rides.
Alternatively, one could leave the fork and get a new stem and handle bars instead, for a more aggressive ride that actually might motivate front suspension somewhat.

Sunscreen - are you more afraid of melanomas, or incurring the wrath of the velominati for not having perfect tanlines?
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I don't really have a choice - I'm not albino but pretty damn close, so the alternative to wearing sunscreen is having a really painful sunburn. Skin cancer is a long-term concern, avoiding pain is an immediate one.
Sunscreen does not affect tanning
Sunscreen, long sleeve jerseys and tights all summer. After a while I got sick of applying sunscreen to my arms and legs before a ride to the point where I just wouldn't ride. Also bugs and dirt stick to the sunscreen.

So I wear arm and leg coverings all summer. Some times I use sunsleeves and lower leg coverings with regular jerseys / bibs. The leg ones can come loose.

Is SRAM really pronounced "shramm", or is that just the GNC guys having a giggle?
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You realize this shit is going to be on the front page for like a month now?
Sram is dum
Threads usually last a week unless they are bumped. If it would make you unhappy, we can fix that problem.

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Injury thread

I just fell on a sidewalk
How bad is this? Doctor needed? It feels just a tad bad, I can't tell if I need bandages, open air or how to treat this at all

I cleaned it tho

With rubbing alcohol

All the skin segments sre flaps yes
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Biking injuries of course
The blackness around the edges of your skin near the deepest cut is a sign of infection. I'm guessing you continued riding for awhile before cleaning it out.

A $20 pair of gloves would've prevented this by the way
Get another pic OP but further back this time.

File: lms-sparks-735x413.jpg (76 KB, 735x413) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Assuming there wasn't a thread like this that were recently 404'd.

As the title suggests, feel free to discuss/share your stories/experiences with locomotive wheelslip.

Or Webm's/Gifs/Links.

That is fine too.

Also, this is not limited to only steam, but diesel-electrics as well, as such is usually the first thing to come into mind upon wheelslip.
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What do you want to know about wheel slip? It's normally an environmental thing (slick rail) or fault with a traction motor these days. The solution is to blow sand, apply a slight amount of independent, or cut out traction motors sequentially until you find the faulty one. It's not that impressive since modern locomotives will inform you of it in the cab and you can quickly correct it.

Still doesn't stop some morons from burning up rail and creating a lot of work for a bucket gang.

Oh, I should have been a bit more specific when I stated that, heh.

I know all there is to know about wheelslip, this were just for others to discuss, like what went wrong, what the crew did wrong if referring to steam locomotives, etc...

For example, the Blue Peter Slip of '94.

What exactly happened to the operator, as it were stated the he broke both of his arms in an effort to stop the violent spin thanks to a valve that were forced wide open by steam pressure.

So what's the deal with Philly's trolley system? How exactly did it manage to survive bustitution? Is it still being expanded or are plans still being made to expand it? And are there any plans to replace the PCC's with modern articulated LRV's?
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Wasn't the story so such that it survived intact all the way to late 80's, the it got downsized substatially and in early 90s all but the routes relying on tunnel sections were closed.

Meaning, it is a fant shadow compared to what it was only few years ago. It survived the danger years in the 50s unlike any other system and out of nothing they let it all burn.

Kind of infuriating, really.
I spent a day in Philly and didn't see one train. It's probably dead.
1. The subway portion solved a lot of problems with congestion in the streets, with the added benefit that they couldn't run buses down there.

2. SEPTA was created relatively early, so by the time that the private operators went bankrupt, the city was able to take the reigns.

3. Large portions have actually been abandoned/bustituted, it's just that the (meager?) remnants are still pretty good by North American standards.

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I'm moving to Seattle or Portland, depending on where I get a job. The public transit is adequate enough in both that I don't need a car. That being said, I'd like to leave the city once in a while, possibly take a 3-day vacation or something. I'll be living there for a year or so, and I don't want to deal with the hassle and cost of parking/traffic/gas/insurance/repairs. How do you deal with not owning a car in a West Coast city? I've thought about using Zipcar, but if there are other options I'd love to hear them.
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90s rigid MTB with slicks
old ten speed
I love you /n/

A "new" spanish brand. It costs 449 euros. Even if it is a Claris groupset I think it could be a good first road bike.

www clootbike com/bicicletas-carretera-oferta
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>Horquilla Aluminio Premium Aligerado INTEGRADO, 1-1/8"x360mm
Buy used instead.
$500 US should get you a well known and respected brand bike with a combo of Tiagra + 105 components.

When you want to sell it and upgrade, it will still be worth something.
Claris is bottom of the barrel and you'd be throwing your money away.

What a terrible fucking name.
It's pronounced cloh-oht, heathen

Hi, I'm a young folk trying to start riding a roadbike, I've been ridink MTBs all my life but I want to try something new.
I've been reading a lot to know what should I look for as my first bike.

But, I would like to know, how important is the shifter. Do I HAVE TO get at least a Shimano 105 groupset, or I'll be fine with Sora or Claris?
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The latter
The shifting is important if you like to shift, even more, if you like to shift alot. The less you shift the less you have to care about precision and speed
11 speed cassette means you need an 11 speed shifter. That's the only reason why you HAVE to get it. But regardless, get the 105 shifters. They're hella nice desu.

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